As ‘Dark Winter’ approaches…disobedience and Banana cream pie throwing is rising in popularity.

In an unspoken and unreported phenomenon that is rising across the planet is, banana cream pies as a vocal instrument of choice. Words into art you might say, are being used as weapons against the powers that be…yes that’s right. Pie chuckers are rising in great numbers, food fighting their way through this…this pandemic. And the point of it all is that no one is reporting this silent epidemic. This disaster has caused so much havoc that pie makers have had too up the numbers of shifts in making pies to service the demand for cream pies. This reporter spoke to one pie shop that is mailing some 300 pies a day to addresses all over the world, only to find that their most popular cream pie, the banana cream pie (BCP) is being used by run-past chuckers, that’s right! They run by some pol or authority figure and place the pie in the face of the victim, so as to smoosh the creamy contents at less half way up the nose of the victim...

Pneumonia, Influenza and COVID (PIC) conflation of the numbers is weaponized medicine.

Justin Trudeau Canada’s preaches for the Great Reset forming a new trading bloc with the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. A pillar of Commonwealth Nations in the image of the WEF (world Economic Forum).

The Great Reset, and the World Economic Forum is the main issue and not a phantom virus. The virus is a politicized medical idea, a weaponized idea, that if looked at through clear eyes and an unbiased mind will show the errors of those who purport it to be a possible world ending event.

The reverse is happening, it is being used to undermine your faith in life and living. Life has always been about risks and risk taking. It was never meant even the time before all this nonsense, to be lived in a cave hiding, or presently locked up in your house wearing a mask in the shower. teaching your children the fears of physical contact, and obsessive notions of hand cleaning and mask wearing...

What happened to the seasonal flu, the numbers for 20/21 drop as COVID-1984 numbers rise. Or, why are poor India villagers not dying of COVID?… They don’t have TV’s.

So… so you think you tell, heaven from hell, blue sky from rain.

COVID from the seasonal flu or COVID is the seasonal flu. Or COVID is an World Economic Forum mind fuck to implement a ‘Great Reset’ to…

Steal all your wealth and private property; lock you down forever and enact a technocracy of scientists, engineers and technologists and big tech entrepreneurs and a WEF selectness of Young Global Leaders for global government and corporate and Institutional positions who presently hold or working for political of corporate offices of such ideal or are instilled in shadow government cabinets all over the world. 

Thousand Talents Plan: Part 1

Thousand Talents Plan: Part 1

Thousand Talents. It sounds so much like a part of some Chinese proverb in the saying of it, it might seem to allude to a reward you get in heaven if you're good, but in reality, the Thousand Talents Plan is a very dangerous, secretive and Chinese clandestine organization, a force to be reckoned with here in the free west.

It is part of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) beta model of Global communism. Of the CCP and its constant exporting communism to the world.

Walking hand in hand with the feel-good propaganda of Confucius Institutes which breaks western democracy down through soft power, and never allows the idea of a China that is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a cruel and inhuman totalitarian organization, that is run by dark and corrupted old men and some 92 million communist party officials and followers. That violates everything good and human to achieve material success, and will do anything to achieve that success and ultimate global dictatorship.

Are We in Next Year Yet?

Are We in Next Year Yet?

2020 is heading to end: A year to remember. A year to not to remember maybe -- it never really happened, the reality was taken into the hands of dark artists. And the forever flowing and continuous narrative of day to day life was tweaked and changed to suite a blueprint. To keep you all tied up in fear and loathing about life.


Soft Power: the ability of a nation to use cultural coercion, to co-opt, to attract an adversary rather than use hard power. Political values are exploited fully, and as has been seen in the west, the CCP giving candy to babies, the exploitation advances in on younger and younger audiences. TikTok and We Chat, apps created in China use soft power to coerce very young people, slowing changing their values, prohibiting truth about human rights abuses in China, the persecution of the Falun Gong; the terrible human rights abuses in Tibet, Hong Kong, India, Xinjiang Uyghurs in the Mongolian Autonomous Region. Using the lowest common denominator to gain a vast audience and through technology gather mountains of data on their choices, their culture, their likes and dislikes, what motivates them emotionally, how is their love, their views on life and conversations so that might turn them and be used against them. And use against their government. Furthering the views of a socialist collective and the soft cheese glob of a global China Technocratic collective...

TECHNOCRACY: Technocratic Machinery

All the big box store giants are enforcing masking and hand sanitizing when entering their stores in spite of your right to refuse it. 

Amazon, one of Big Tech five would hope that the COVID lockdowns and re-lockdowns never end as they presently are, for Amazon has reaped great rewards during Covid. Like all the Big Tech five have gained immensely while the rest of the world has suffered become impoverished.

Bill Gates and his foundation for instance, the BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) promised to give away its fortune to philanthropy. In March 2020 Bill Gates stepped down from the Microsoft Board -- but he did create a new area for himself within the company where he oversees all decisions made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

He sold all his stock and owns 1% of prime share. And invested that money in mix stock and other assets. To date Bill Gates has donated $35 billion worth of Microsoft stock to the Gates foundation.