Absurdities of the absurdities. Bill Gates’s newest project — synthetic breast milk. It seems every day a new part of the agenda of the Bill Gates Foundation is released. Bill Gates does not share power, he is a predator who looks to the industry for things he can get involved with and evidently take over, or in this case after guiding the advancement of a employee, they are sent out onto the world start yet another Gates satellite of influence and control. From Bill Gates using vaccines that are using the bodies of babies to make the vaccines, he is now putting a new technology in their bodies via synthetic breast milk.

BIOMILQ a new product released on to the market, and to be assisted in their startup in the world, by none other than that super arch-villain and pain in the ass software coder and pretend scientist and vaccine pusher, Bill Gates of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

Foundations are now new and improved ways of making vast oceans of money without paying tax on it, as can be seen with the Gates foundation which has more than doubled since its conception, and certainly since 2018.

“It [Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)] had an endowment of $46.8 billion as of December 31, 2018.[3] The scale of the foundation and the way it seeks to apply business techniques to giving makes it one of the leaders in venture philanthropy,[6] though the foundation itself notes that the philanthropic role has limitations.”

Gates is now worth — as of 6/26/2020 some $108.3 Billion and rising…


Michael Burns Charcoal and graphite, Naples yellow acrylic, on gessoed canvas, 24 X 30 inches (Unfinished work)

BIOMILQ a breast milk substitute, that right substitute…because you as a new mother are not capable of producing breast milk on your own and with COVID and social distancing, you will not be able to keep the safe distance of six feet between you and your infant. But BIOMILQ offers a better way.

And I am being a bit dark and facetious here…

Bill, and his army of mad scientists and raconteurs and entrepreneurs all eager to do Bill’s bidding, because Bill is an obsessed control freak, and depopulation advocate — if that is the right term to use here. Bill’s people in BIOMILQ will tell you an anecdote about breastfeeding that is bound to confuse, and after all, $108 Billion will get anyone to stand on their head and spit nickels, as BIOMILQ is willing to do to get funded. Of course, their technology is a way into the bodies of infants and that is exactly what Bill Gates is purchasing here with funding of BIOMILQ.

Michelle Egger co-founder and CEO of BIOMILQ: ” Then, in what felt like the 10th hour, we found truly mission-aligned investors who were there for the long haul. They understood that we were not in this business just because it’s a profitable model, but because it has the potential to change the world.”

“It’s easy to be an optimist if you believe at your core, like we do, that what we’re doing can revolutionize the way we feed every single human being on this planet. 

Secondly, I like to please people and make them happy… but I also don’t think rules apply to me. So I feel like entrepreneurs and criminals probably have a lot in common.

Also, business school at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business was a catalyst, though I don’t believe that every entrepreneur necessarily needs to go to business school. I had a supportive community around me of people who believed in the power of business for good, especially through the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE).”

Social entrepreneurship as described in Wikipedia is, ” […] an approach by individuals, groups, start-up companies or entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues”.

BIOMILQ will try to do just that…BIOMILQ a substitute breast milk product will be feed to your infant because it is good and better than what you as a mother can produce in your own body. And besides, breastfeeding is such a bygone thing, old world, old human…

Egger went on to say in here Forbes interview with Julia Wuench

” I think all too often the message is that women have been disadvantaged and have to overcome that. And for some female entrepreneurs that’s 100% true, especially our black and brown female entrepreneurs. They face incredible hurdles that I will never face in my life, because of the privilege that I have.”

Yes indeed, and I presume that what Egger means when she says “ because of the privilege that I have.” She means white privilege. And so white babies are more privileged than black or brown babies. And I would guess need a different type of breast milk. Maybe they can introduce some kind of equalizing chemical in the formula to balance the privilege of the next generation of humans.

BIOMILQ the brainchild of Michelle Egger co-founder and CEO and Leila Strickland the CSO. Egger is an experienced food scientist and expert on milk fermentation or as we say in layman’s terms, she knows yogurt. Michelle is quite adept at the processing and formulation in such matters. A previous employee of none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) she worked on the BMGF’s ‘Global nutrition team‘. The BMGF has granted some $3.5 Million to Michelle’s new project. Making BIOMILQ, that’s milk with a ‘Q’ for the query, in “What the hell is it?” and they do this all without breasts.

She is assisted in this venture by Leila Strickland also a co-founder and CSO (Chief Science Officer).

Leila has a PhD. in cell biology and has conducted a decade worth of research into fundamental cellular processes. This is a passion for Leila who is developing ‘Novel Applications‘ for cell culture technology. It seems that science can grow in the lab at a greater cost and trouble what can easily be grown on land with a few dollars in seeds. Or in this case, made naturally and organically in the breast of all women. The machine is now becoming technically the ‘new mother’ in this ‘new normal’…

And then there is Shazi Visram, a wonderful woman, an entrepreneurial woman and busy busy mother, who has founded the ChairMom of Happy Family Brands, and…wait for it… Happy Family Brands is an ‘organic food company‘ that has come up with some exciting new products like lactation snacks, guaranteed to get the milk flowing. Lactation snacks as you might or might not know will/has improved lactation as the ‘Soft-baked lactation bars nourish and help support your breastfeeding journey with nutrients like fiber, choline, and Omega-3s’.

Yes, that right breastfeeding is a journey ladies, so buck up and eat your soft baked lactation snacks and enjoy the ride. Never mind that this is a private and intimate relationship between a mother and her baby.

The BIOMILQ team is rounded off with Daniel S Ruben, the only male, who is an advisor on the BIOMILQ team, a consultant to the Rockefeller Foundation Food Initiative, supporting their work in advancing a more nourishing and sustainable food system. Through the growth of food in labs an away from the natural and seemingly most logical place to grow it — the land! Daniel worked as an expert for the World Bank in Washington D.C. His expertise can give the details needed in forcing this kind of technology on poorer nations and peoples that seek the world bank’s vast resources of wealth followed by control, it can easily be attached to that growing monolith vaccine control GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization). Another BMGF project that is highly financed and at the top of the Gates depopulation plan.

Is a picture forming yet?


Michael Burns – Sliver-point Drawing on the specially prepared ground – June/2015

BIOMILQ contends that it is a sustainable option for breastfeeding babies.  “[…] a women-owned science-led and parent-centred infant nutrition company producing cultured breast.”

Now you say, aha!… Michael, and how are they doing that without breasts? Well, you see, it’s not ‘real breast milk’, it mimics breast milk, by culturing a mixed formula of ‘thousands of unique molecules‘, ingredients, through it using mammary epithelial cells in a laboratory condition. And I for one, am curious if they are feeding those cells with Shazi’s ‘Soft-baked lactation bars’. Because they, encourage lactation.

This will be a healthy and green solution to breastfeeding, I understand breastfeeding and regular baby formulas leaves a terrible carbon footprint. And so BIOMILQ lessens that carbon footprint significantly, and it naturally promotes social distancing with your baby.

BIOMILQ is a new line of food products grown in Labs, like another lab-grown product from Memphis Meats which happens to coincidentally a Gates-funded project to create lab-grown ‘muscle tissue’ from stem cells. Just what I want, muscle tissue from stem cells. And who and what kind of muscle tissue is it, starting to sound like Soylent Green to me…

Memphis Meats was able to gather through its funding round some $161 Million from Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Threshold Ventures, Tyson Foods, Cargill and Kimbel Musk.

A number of those venture capitalists and likely population control advocates have been in big doo-doo of late for their environmental mishaps. Their un-green ways of manufacturing and doing business in the world.

Tyson Foods for instance has been found guilty of polluting the air and water, it pleaded guilty of dumping wastewater from its poultry processing plant near Sedalia, Missouri. It has violations of using undocumented immigrants. Price manipulation and spreading COVID through its food plant in Columbus Junction, Iowa. It has had food recalls and its severe use of antibiotics and animal abuse violations has raised serious concerns about corporate ethics.

Tyson now wants to get into the Lab-grown meat business and has invested heavily in Memphis Meats, Beyond Meat and Future Meat technology.

Tyson is trying to become sustainable. Green is the colour of redemption. Overpopulation must be addressed. A new audience and a rebranding gained.

“Tyson Foods Inc., the world’s second-largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork, was the first major food company to fund cultured meat research in Israel, Netherlands and the USA. With overpopulation as the major motivating forces behind Tyson’s decision to pursue artificial meat.” — Wikipedia

On its website, BIOMILQ has stated in “Breakthrough: Two women producing breastmilk — outside the body” that…

Why this result matters? Breastmilk contains thousands of unique molecules blended in perfect proportions to nourish a human through crucial stages of development. To achieve this ideal blend, we believe human mammary cells are best equipped to create human milk; we’re all here because these powerhouse cells have been producing milk for millions of years. We are the first company to produce vital components of milk together within the same system using a process that is sterile from start to finish and free of all contamination. Most importantly, this innovation allows us to create the full constellation of complex components in perfect proportion.”

…yes and this process is not just about feeding a new infant. Those thousands of unique molecules are all native to the unique and individual mother and child. And cannot be imitated and replaced by synthetics.

For instance, the baby’s immunity is nourished and supported through and by its mother’s breast milk. The baby and mother connection is a bonding that happens during the process of breastfeeding. It is vital in the first year of the baby’s life. There is more going on here than simply feeding a newborn infant or a growing baby.

The question remains “Who’s mammary epithelial cells are being used in the making of BIOMILQ.”… and, are these cloned cells, have they been genetically altered, are they immortal? Will this technology open the way for what I question? Will the future hold a BIOMILQ that has been made with a vaccine in it at the different stages of the infancy to toddler’s life? Is this the next state in allergies? The next state in vaccination? Will women be coerced to take medication to stop milk lactation after birth and use synthetic breast milk.

Will BIOMILQ in the future contain a measles vaccine or pertussis or mumps or tetanus vaccines. Will it have the latest COVID vaccine or be altered to sterilize, as sterilization has been connected to vaccines released in Africa by the Gates Foundation, in the ongoing movement of Bill Gates to address his delusional vision of overpopulation on this planet.

Gates a life long eugenicist and vaccine pusher who came from a eugenicist, his father. He wishes the whole world to be vaccinated against COVID, which has turned out to be nothing more than the flu, and a murder campaign against the old weak and terribly sick humans in nursing homes.

Nursing homes and nursing babies, Gates who seek now to control what goes into an infant’s body. It a disaster in the making, it is the worst of ideas, if this continues the power that this software coder will gain is a chess piece in his game to reduce the world population and gain greater economic and physical control of humanity.

Gates who makes vaccines from the bodies, the fetal tissue of living aborted babies now wishes to interfere in the feeding of infants, he wants to get between the mother and infant bond.


All images and writing are the copyright of Michael Burns.