Oxford COVID-19 vaccine to begin phase II/III human trials: And are using Children as young as 5 in the study?

Might this rush, all this jumping ahead, all this production of the vaccine without knowledge of its safety beforehand, be the fly in Mr. Gates ointment be the reason for the belief that a vaccine was already available before COVID-19 became an issue/an event. His constant talk about vaccine and depopulation, and control, control, control.

When did we begin living in Nazi Germany, where behaviour like this was okay on populations was okay on Jewish children, the terrible horrible testing of so many scientific ideas and solutions tried out to the myriad of ideas from drugs to trauma, to freezing water and lack of food and water within humans, children. Until we kicked Hitler’s ass with a world of bloodletting and stopped that hell from continuing.

Oh yeah I forgot, a lot of those Nazi scientists ended up here in the west due to ‘Operation Paper Clip‘. A post-war grab by the allies of everything Nazi in areas of technology, sociology, medicine, armaments, futurism and transhumanism.

Now, children, are involved in this Oxford study. Phase II in the study of the vaccine, using children as young as five years old. Tell me, are there those that get the vaccine and those who do not get the vaccine? Are they seriously going to inject children with a live virus to see how they fare on their own? These eggheads have seriously gone off the rails. The prodigy of Nazi science; atheist, bound to the scientific method, with no other higher authority or god than science, along with its own creation myth. The Big Bang.

But then again, children seem to be the most resilient of COVID, throwing is off like it is a cold, or showing up as asymptomatic in most cases. But Bill Gates and his vaccine ilk are eugenicists and eugenicists I would say are one step away from being Nazis themselves.

Why are they in the production of billions of doses of the vaccine prior to known safety of the vaccine, and whether it works or is it the right one since the dam virus — if there is a virus and it seems to mutate so many times? Will that mean that the vaccinations for this new COVID virus will happen a few times a year for life?

“COVID-19 did not spread in the US due to a lack of a vaccine; it spread due to CDC’s botched strategy for early containment via testing and tracking: On January 16, 2020, CDC career scientists refused to adopt a validated test developed by Germany, and instead developed and shipped a flawed SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR testing kit, which led to the spread of COVID-19 due to false-negative results. This is why SARS-CoV-2 spread so fast in the US.” Children’s Health Defense

It clear that COVID did not spread in the U.S. because of a lack of a vaccine, it spread because those in control were chasing after government money as their cash flow dried up because people were staying form hospitals in droves, in millions. So a $13,000 given for every COVID case was an incentive along with a $39,000 follow up if the COVID patient was on ventilation. And many hospitals in the U.S. are not government-owned facilities. So the incentive to diagnose a case of COVID is financially lucrative.

“Mene Pangalos, Executive Vice President, BioPharmaceuticals R&D, AstraZeneca said: ‘We are so proud to be collaborating with the University of Oxford to accelerate the development and globalization of this potential new vaccine against COVID-19 infection. The speed at which this new vaccine has advanced into late-stage clinical trials is a testament to Oxford’s ground-breaking scientific research. We will do everything in our power to engage with governments, multilateral organizations and partners around the world to increase production and distribution and ensure rapid, fair and equitable distribution of a globally accessible vaccine.'” — University of Oxford

Globalization is relentless, its need to knit all these medical and pharmaceutical houses together in one global establishment is mind-boggling.

In a study of nine Rhesus monkeys, the animals got sick the P-value was nearly 25%. The study shows side effects were diarrhea, shortness of breath, Dyspnea and increased respiratory rate, Tachypnea, ruffled fur and red nose, and combinations of these, but no long term study of the animals.

Testing vaccines on children as young as five is inhumane, it is cruel to coerce these very young people into such a study, it is Nazi science, it is immoral, wrong, insane. It is guile.