Italy: Sold to Big Pharma

In a letter to Robert F. Kennedy, Dr. Antonietta M. Gatti lays out her concerns about her nation, Italy. As an Italian doctor, researcher and scholar and citizen of that country, an expert in Bio-materials and especially very small particles, nano-particles that can corrupt and taint vaccines. These particles are very small. One can’t simply push the vaccine through a sieve and clean out the particulate, these things are very, very small as the name implies. And contaminate at the manufacturing.

Dr. Gatti and her associate and husband Dr. Stefano Montanari have has been investigating the corruption that can very easily enter into vaccines in their manufacture and contaminate the vaccine causing seriously more harm than the mercury, aluminum and particles from the machine processing. Which has been found to cause other illnesses?

This is all and above the usual baby/fetal and animal parts that the vaccines are grown on — the genetic corruption from dirty and tainted Chinese manufacturing labs.

With the urgency to gain cheaper vaccines, China has been seen as a viable alternative for vaccine production in this Age of COVID. And cheaper vaccines mean cheaper and of lesser quality in the manufacture raising the concerns.

Dr. Gatti has been attacked for her and her colleague and husband Stefano Montanari’s research on nanoparticulate only to be vindicated of late in the knowledge of new and recent vaccines that carry nanoparticles purposely put there in the manufacture of the vaccine — polymeric nanoparticles are used as antigen delivery systems, very small nano-electronics and chips are being used to delivery devices so small that they can infiltrate at the cellular level and turn cells into miniature drug factories, or even instruments to deliver manipulated and genetically modified viruses. Messenger RNA  (mRNA) is used in the modern vaccines as in the new COVID vaccine as a way of changing the receiver of that vaccine genetically forever by adding bits of code to ones genetic makeup…

Genetic modification has made it to humans, we are well on the path to transhumanism.

Dr.Gatti’s research has been long in line for vindication, she and her colleague have been accused as anti-vaxxers and harassed because of their research which looks at the very small and have been harassed by the ignorant and paid shills of the vaccine industry.

This forced vaccination of Italians will discriminate and create an underclass, an underclass simply because they don’t agree with forcing this on people. They believe in personal choice and individual freedom. As can be seen in protesting the law which has barred 300 babies from going to kindergarten.

The importance here is the alarm sounded by Dr. Gatti on the Italian government forced vaccination policies being implemented into law, regardless of the beliefs of Italian citizens. It seems Denmark is following suit.

Will this be the final result of COVID, a world forced to comply with a for-profit vaccine industry that generates oceans of money for the pharmaceutical cartels and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and their Ilk. Forcing vaccinations, which are contaminated with genetic information from other humans and animals, nano-electronics and poor quality of vaccines.

In her letter to the Children’s Health Defense she appeals to Robert Kennedy Jr, a champion of the vaccine damaged and a giant killer as his court cases against Monsanto have shown him to be, his tireless fight against the greed and evil committed in the name of science and corporate interest…

A letter to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. by Dr. Antonietta M. Gatti

Dear Robert,

I don’t know if you are completely aware of the Italian situation. Summarizing everything in a few words, Italy was sold to Big Pharma and has become a huge laboratory where experiments are carried out on the population: adults, children, old, healthy, sick people … it makes no difference, we are all guinea pigs. Now the business, and not just an economic one, is to force 60 million Italians to get vaccinated against COVID, so much so that tens of millions of doses of a product have already been purchased, a product that, in fact, is unknown both in terms of effectiveness and, above all, in terms of side effects. In the meantime, while waiting to receive the goods, a law is being passed according to which everyone, including children, must be vaccinated against the flu (why?), and this in addition to the 10 vaccines that are already mandatory.

As if that were not enough, many personal freedoms, although guaranteed by the Constitution, have been brutally canceled.

As you know, for years we have been analyzing vaccines, finding them always dangerously polluted and we are contacted daily by families of children damaged by vaccines.

Now, in our parliament there is no longer any difference between majority and opposition and, if the situation remains that of today, we will have no escape.

For some months, a group of highly educated people has formed a political party called MOVIMENTO 3 V (Movement We Want the Truth about Vaccines). Neither Stefano nor I are members of the party but we have been asked to help them from a scientific point of view, and this is what we are doing.

We would all be very grateful if you could inform your people of what is happening in Italy and if you could write an appeal to encourage the Italians to support the party which, at the present time, is the only possibility of making a voice heard that is different from that of the regime.

Thank you very much and best regards,


P.S. During the lockdown we had no “sudden infant death Syndromes”. After the lockdown, baby vaccination started again  and we had a dead baby in Turin and another child in two twins died and the girl survived but she is an emergency therapy.


Dr. Antonietta  M. Gatti

International Fellow USBE

Visiting Professor to  Int.  Clean Water Institute (Washington, USA),

President of Health, Law and Science Association

Past-Consultant to the Governmental Commission on the depleted Uranium (XVI legislatura)

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