CORONAVIRUS: And the reality manufacturing machine — Part 1

Coronavirus: What is it?

It has been likened to the sun…


Photo Shopped image of SARS-CoV-2

This, supposed killer of the elderly. A pandemic, but is it? This small thing, maybe as suggested it is some 100 nm in size. It has closed down an economy — this thing, that has killed fewer people than the standard influenza virus in the last thirty years.

So I went looking for it, and all I could find were computer simulations, digital constructed models of electron microscope information.

The images appear like a photograph using light, but, that is not how they are gained.

An electron microscope uses a ‘beam of accelerated electrons’ blasted at what one is looking at, or should I say wants to look at…because these organisms, and even that is a wrong analogy because no one knows if a virus is a living or dead thing, but they are claimed to be very, very small.

Viruses are “organisms at the edge of life”.

The edge of life? Does, it want to be life? Is that what it’s purpose is — they claim it is somewhere between…

“The genome size of coronaviruses ranges from approximately 26 to 32 kilobases, one of the largest among RNA viruses.”

And, as stated before some 100nm, and that is not very big, even genetically…

  • bp = base pair(s)—one bp corresponds to approximately 3.4 Å (340 pm)[25] of length along the strand, and to roughly 618 or 643 daltons for DNA and RNA respectively.
  • kb (= kbp) = kilo base pairs = 1,000 bp
  • Mb (= Mbp) = mega base pairs = 1,000,000 bp
  • Gb = giga base pairs = 1,000,000,000 bp.

— Wikipedia

Corona means a crown, and the virus appears — looks like a sun with a solar corona, its corona is like all coronaviruses surrounded on the exterior with a spike protein to gain entry through the ACE2 (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2) — an enzyme that is attached to cell membranes that becomes  host and eventually changed to become virus “factories”.

Factories, a technocratic term used to scare up the potential of a coronavirus.

A virus is a submicroscopic agent that replicates inside of a living cell of an organism. It does not have sex, or does it create itself via sexual procreation or mitosis. It gets inside of a cell and then makes copies of itself endlessly until it burns itself out or is stopped by the hosting body or possibly through some artificial means that have not been discovered as yet. In that process infection and inflammation is the result.  And that point is the fly in the ointment, that has stumped modern science in its tracks. Something they cannot change, but want to gain control and change. That infection causes cold or flu-like symptoms, inflammation in respiratory systems that if not taken care of, will cause illness and possibly death.

One cannot cure a cold, and coronaviruses cause colds. And we have experienced many colds in our lives depending on our age and general health. The less healthy we are the more these coronaviruses will seem so dangerous.

“There are as yet no vaccines or antiviral drugs to prevent or treat human coronavirus infections.”

There is no cure for what viruses cause, there is no cure for a virus. Of the more than 6,000 that have been classified of the millions — and some of the world-class experts on viruses claim there are billions of viruses.

Viruses are everywhere, it has been hypothesized it seems, there is no ecological niche that they do not inhabit, and it would be a fair presumption if the science is correct they existed before everything else, and so, a ‘virus-first hypothesis‘ has been formulated by leading world scientists and if they do exist that the universe is possibly made of them. They are what makes life, they are the volumes of the books in the library of life.

In the Astrobiology, Vol. 18, No. 12 published 29 Nov 2018, “The Need for Including Virus Detection Methods in Future Mars Missions” the article states that…

“The growing scientific interest in the “virus first hypothesis” (VFH) as an early step in the origin of life has practical implications for searches and life detection on future Mars missions. The suite of life-detection methods on future missions could miss important biosignatures because instrument designs currently follow a [biased definition of life]. There is growing support for the possibility that viruses represent the oldest branch of life on Earth and are precursors of microbial cells. Therefore, future and already existing concepts for Mars sample return missions should be coordinated across disciplines to include hypotheses of virologists and evolutionary ecologists. In addition to ensuring a broader search for life on Mars, it may be the only potential way to falsify competing hypotheses of evolutionary virology.”

Aleksandar Janjic

Biased definition of life, yes, and are there things out there on the ‘edge of life’.

If this true, then virus being the oldest life form on the planet, are engaging in their ongoing changing and tweaking of organic life in their aim to be excepted eventually and come in from that edge of life and become part of whatever life form that they enter. If one see them as the enemy that is to be conquered then they are a evil trick of nature prepared by dark forces of nature.

Science has stated many times that viruses have made us, they are responsible through the millions of mutations we have gone through to this point of our evolution. Mutations that have made us stronger, more intelligent, more adapted to an ever-changing natural environment. It has been proposed that blue eyes are a mutation caused by a virus. If this is true then I do not think that we should reverse this, what the virus left inside us, or changed, it has added to the beauty of the human species.

Viruses are the most numerous and diverse of ‘biological entities’. And the coronaviruses we carry — and we may carry many as they cause cold and flu-like illnesses and can be trying if not severe in immunocompromised individuals. The elderly that are weak and the very young are fragile to them. Especially if there is comorbidity or a weakened constitution within an individual. But these coronaviruses stimulate an immune system that gains antibodies and protection against future infection. And if blue eyes are an example then possibly they add to the whole and strengthen and make us better than before the contact. And it might in hundreds if not thousands of years if given that time to add that something of value to its human host.

When they are not in cells, manufacturing copies of themselves they are just floating around somewhere as virions, single pieces of virus. In other living organisms. They are, small molecular chains of RNA or DNA in a spike protein coat with an envelope of lipid, or fat.

The very name is a threat, and has been taken as an intruder in the computer lexicon, which might just give an inkling of why Bill Gates has used the term and why he is so determined to be the COVID messiah.

This all originates from the germ theory of disease. And that has spawned a medical empire that engulfs and aims to dominate this globe, this whole planet. Politicians and governments bow to the new religion of science and technocracy and their mandates about, germs. Social distancing and lock downs, masks all are demanded, and worn by a submissive public.

Dr. Anthony Fauci head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has stated that masks are a “symbol”, “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.” he has stated publicly.

This medical tyranny, the global cartel are the blame for the recent world stopping disease called COVID-19. They have shut down air travel, and economies. They have plunged the world into chaos and confusion, they have through limited hangout. Propagandized through ‘Operation Mockingbird’ and those news affiliates have and are driving fear and frustration into the minds and hearts of the multitudes of ignorant.

A UN NEWS article of April 2020 predicted that 195 million jobs would be lost according to the International Labour Union (ILO) and that some 3.3 Billion are affected.

“More than four out of five people (81 per cent) in the global workforce of 3.3 billion are currently affected by full or partial workplace closures.”

Some 1.25 Billion workers are at risk of a permanent layoff, reduction in their pay and working hours as so many out of work represent a boon in the labour market for employers seeking employees for low-skill already insecure employment. But, we are still in the midst of this hoax.

Small business suffers because of the COVID lock down, it has devastated the small business arena where competition has been stiff in the competing markets of China and the far east. Mom and Pop stores have been closed in droves because of this medical dictatorship we are under.

Families, individuals and groups are separated by conflicting polarities of information and beliefs. Life-long friendships are strained if not broken; children are not at school.

But it seems the powers that be are exploiting the crisis as a article on the Children’s Health Defense website has stated. Bill Gates for decades has been corrupting teachers unions and educational organizations with his bottomless pockets and slanted ideas of schools online to limit expenditures of government on its people and put more money in his already extremely deep ocean of money that he possesses. And yet with so much money and so much to say, he has no money for the taxes he should pay on the billions gained from software and vaccines, GMO foods and pharmaceuticals. His endless championing of AI and the rule of the machine.

And universities already in chaos from recent years of intersectional bias, the destruction of the humanities and growing Socialism are also greatly affected by COVID-19.

With a new world of Gates invented trust passports or immunity passports as a sign of from the submissive that they will obey to the new messiah.

What is unclear to me is how Louis Pasteur the “father of microbiology” who came up with the first vaccines for diseases — came to understand the virus, when of course he was not able to test for or see what he theorized. It was not until 1931 that the electron microscope was invented. He was determined and unrelenting about Germ Theory.

Pasteur was not the inventor of germ theory, but he was the most vocal advocate of it and convinced Europe that it was true. This theory overtook the predominant theory of the day ‘the Miasma theory‘, around since the early Greeks, and it was believed that disease was the cause of “bad air”, pollution. The rotting of organic matter or the contamination of water by that rotting or some other contaminant. And that could further be extrapolated to the modern toxic effects of food, the air and the environment in general, the very consumer products that we use on a daily basis.

Cultural beliefs of cleaning up contaminated areas, getting rid of odor became a high priority in the early days before the modern era. And in many cases, the Miasma theory solved the sickness problems that pollution was responsible for, but germ theory was determined to prove that germs were the cause of disease.

It was, very much Rockefeller medicine. It is, antibiotics and drugs made from oil and it created a business of disease, and the business of disease management. And now has evolved to this insanity of vaccines and in recent days the mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccine praised by Bill Gates — to change of the very cells in the human body, a gene drive, very much in the nature of GMO foods and their genetics driving out the natural forms of organisms in nature and replacement them with counterfeits, man-made copies of the natural world.

And the reason for all this is the same old story of empiricism; control, dominance and ownership of life itself, and above all greed and avarice, there is no altruism here, although that seems to be a main point of the propaganda. If a manufactured mRNA enters your body then you are partially owned and can be conscripted to pay a license fee for that genetic material, you are changed forever, genetically modified you become eventually, as these things are hawked to you through continuous fear-driven marketing, a possession of someone and this, is a slippery slope that leads to owning humans outright. A new form of slavery resembling a fictional world of P.K. Dick and “Blade Runner” world.

Miasma was considered to be a product of neglect in favor of the ruthless exploitation; vapours of pollution from factories or night air, which tends to be still and the clandestine time for factories releasing their wastes into air, land, rivers and streams and the ocean…


(Continued in Part 2)