SHRINKING LIPS & MOUTHS: COVID masks and their price. An indepth study…

July 22nd, 2020

It seems that after a period of five months of wearing masks, they are having a detrimental effect on users, on our voices and the shape and size of our mouths and lips.

Our mouths are shrinking and this is mainly in the region of our lips. In a new study funded by three International organizations dealing with the ears, nose, throat and mouth. Our mouths do not like to be covered and it is turning out to a problem with our genetics, mouths it seems should not be covered continually. Open and uncovered faces are needed for a more normal mouth and lip sizes, along with robust mouths, lips and healthier lungs. And the most important issue is smiles, they are great for our health.

Disorders that were extremely rare before COVID-1984 are now jumping to the forefront of medical disorder and disease. Shrinking Lip Syndrome (SLS) has gone up some 15,000% in a matter of five months in the world. Oral Cavity Collapse (OCC) has skyrocketed. Everything from tooth loss and tooth colour dulling. Tongue atrophy and fasciculation is epidemic in some places and has risen some 1400% worldwide.

New untitled lips

The terrible maiming and disfiguring result of prolonged COVID mask use…

And tiny lips might be the new in-thing in the coming years as the need to wear face masks marches on and on…

Mouth Cavity Collapse (MCC) has taken the lead in oral cavity diseases that are affecting the size and shape as well as the colour and shape of teeth. A compounded disorder that affects the opening of the mouth, even the voice and taste are affected, the tooth size and colour and sufferers are experiencing nervous twitches of the tongue as it darts out and in of the tiny lips.

Dentists have also been alerted as teeth are now becoming more cavity laden as they are covered from the healing light of the sun. The sun is important in the brightness of the teeth as this serves as a kind of natural bleaching. Dentists report a yellowing and some I have talked to have stated patients are neglecting their oral care because they wear a mask and, a pitted tawny colour is taking over the usually mainly white and gleaming colour of normal healthy smiling teeth.

In a conversation with Dr. Rictu Ostium of the Ear, Nose, Throat & Mouth Academy of Liechtenstein (ENTMAL) there has been an enormous surge in mouth disorders. From teeth dulling to lips shrinking and getting smaller. Dr. Ostium was distressed at his group’s findings of late.

Dr. Ostium spoke to me of one poor individual who had not taken his COVID-1984 face mask off in the last five months. Upon examination, Ostium had found that the poor man’s mouth had shrunk so much he was eating threw a straw. He had taken to eating very small things. Like Tic-Tacs and baby peas. His food had to be pureed and his breathing was in distress, he spoke with a whistling sound and his lack of oxygen has caused him to take on an unusual bluish-purple colour.

A chest X-ray showed his lungs had been affected and were also shrinking. And had the look of ‘ground green glass’ and very opaque. And astoundingly his mouth and lips had shrunk in size to the shape of — I have no other way of saying it. It was shaped liked a human anus. Terrible as this picture might seem. The patient’s need to have a moustache had shocked Dr. Ostium in, a preliminary examination of this young man’s mouth, nose and lips and tongue.

Dr.Ostium went on to explain that the mouth has evolved out there in open for some 50 million years, and the temperature and sunlight as well the open-air have had a great effect on the shape colour and especially size of our mouths and lips.

I asked Dr. Ostium if he had alerted authorities to these starling conclusions of his, he told me he had pleaded with WHO (World Health Organization) in a five-page letter sent to the WHO, to rein-back their advice to wear masks in public constantly. It seems masks have become a symbol.


In a conversation with the PolyVagal Society of America (PVSA) this writer found that an exposed mouth and lips are vitally important in communication in society at large it seems. Speaking to one Dr. Porgy Stephanosloklocus an expert in Polyvagalism I was surprised to find out how important open expression is — Dr. Stephanosloklocus went on to say…

” Mouths and open expression are important to our general health, although protecting oneself is important during COVID-1984. It seems the greater danger is in a covered face not allowing our confrontations to be seen as friendly banter between individuals and not aggression. Many are becoming confused by not seeing the usual smiling and open-face of the facetious other. Our fight and flight response is alerting the sympathetic nervous system and we are becoming confused as the brain tries to interpret what is on the other side of the masked face. We could be seeing a rise in more street fighting and arguing, and crimes of misunderstanding, as the expressions of the lips and mouth are important in daily conversation. We have done enormous research over the years on the psychology of the face, and its expressions. There are some twenty-two face, mouth and lip muscles that are vital to a healthy psyche and proper verbal communication. And to tell the truth, small mouths and tiny lips are not going to do it…”

Dr. Stephanosloklocus went on to say…

” …We like lips…well, men do especially, its the first thing a man looks at when he starts to speak to a woman, and so do women, so, these have always been expressions of sexuality and joy and love and friendship and so covering the mouth mutes the recognition of a loving nature in the other. I’m afraid I have had reports of confused young people dating. Young women are especially having a rough time of it as lips are as important as breasts. Tiny lips and mouths could cause smaller breasts, from a lack of oxygen to the lungs in women and they would gain bigger noses.”

Lipstick sales globally have crashed, as masks take over.

I met up with a number of Buddhist monks in the local temple over the weekend of writing this, and they tell me that the covered and masked mouth has a dark and sinister effect on the shadow side of ourselves.

Buddhism is filled with deities that are imitated in ceremonial masks of Buddhist practice.

‘Young Glock Slang’ a Buddhist rapper and transvestite — not that there is anything wrong with transvestites, at the temple stated that the mask has always been a vehicle for the shadow side of ourselves and that it has a negating effect on our thriving and wholesomeness and willingness to be social, open and highly spiritual and sexually confused and beings.

In an interview with Labia Osculans, a master and thirty-year Lip Yoga teacher — Labia went on to say to me…

…covering the face and lips is bad juju in the Lip Yoga business. We need the light, and the attention on our lips as women and ‘Lip Yoga’ teaches the right and wrong ways of our lip service. The versatility of our mouths is an important non-verbal language.


And we do service with those lips. Subtle signals and minute movements express the true spirit of our love and affection and sexuality and our emotions in general. Lip Yoga increases the size of our lips, plumps them naturally via bringing more blood into them through Yoga. Lip Yoga allows for greater versatility in movement and health. And makes us much, better kissers and whistlers.”

When I asked her about the recent phenomenon of shrinking mouths and lips she went on to say, 


I have been noticing a trend taken hold of a lot of the new people coming for lessons and classes, with teeny tiny lips and micro mouths. One woman I am teaching has been continually wearing a COVID mask to bed, in the bath, having sex with her husband — off course has stated that sex has become more exciting since he cannot see her face, not that her face was a problem. This poor woman has her dog in a mask and her cat has a little mask with eye-holes cut out. Which she said, “Phoofy doesn’t like at all!”.  She tells me her Parakeet Sam has a small mask she made for him and he lately has taken on to watching — instead of his usual TV programs on birds, he is a bit of You Tuber an TV addict. But, is now watching re-runs of the “Lone Ranger”. It is utterly astounding, the woman has the lips and mouth of a Barbie doll — I have never in my life seen a mouth and lips so small on anyone. I have had to put her in ‘Intensive Lip Yoga Therapy’ (ILYT), which involves long periods of kissing with our male instructors who go through long and rigorous training periods to get their degrees. These very professional people are handpicked and they don’t have small mouths of lips”


Dr. Ostium in our earlier interview raised concerns in the end if this continues over the years that the human mouth and lips shrinking will actually have a beneficial effect on our size and BMI (Body Mass Index). As obesity has been a growing problem, we will not be able to eat as much, but in the end, we will become smaller and smaller people with big noses and small mouths and lips.

And tragically we will be in the end utterly alone and separate in a strange “New Normal” of people with very small mouths and lips and twitchy and fasciculating tongues. Our voices lost behind muffled sounds and twitchy upward staring eyes.

All images and writing are the copyright of Michael Burns.