TECHNOCRACY: Introduction

“I was walking among the fires of Hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius; which to Angels look like torment and insanity.” — William Blake


***This will be an ongoing series of articles with the lead in the title of ‘Technocracy‘ or ‘Technocrat‘. I may subtitle long pieces with part numbers, i.e Part 1, part2 etc… This is a very important subject in the understanding of where this world is being directed to, what appears on the surface, or is propagandized as altruism — the care of everyone as in, “we are all in this together”. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a movement towards a global tyranny by Technocrats consolidating power and guided by artificial intelligence, and the final death of the individual and the movement towards collectives of brainwashed androids all at the service of a global Technocracy ruled by elite Technocrats. ***

“Better to shun the bait than struggle in the snare.” –William Blake

With COVID dominating all conversation, all news and information online, it is the first, and foremost worry of our time. It has become hyper-focus of global populations speaking, talking to each other, the only subject of context for all that ails modern civilization. All other conversations, the normal run of the mill causality of human suffering has become a subtext or stories of life have becoming sidebars of the main event — COVID.

COVID Is an arrival, a trap sprung after decades of setup, institutionalizing ideas and organizations, groups and collectives all moving towards the end goal. A Technocracy.

Those who try to reach out to friends and love ones during this crazy time, who seek through entrepreneurship to start a new business; go to school; those who are starting a career are now going to have to bootstrap their desires into this ‘new normal’ that is like a cancer taking over all human endeavor. What we will find out, or have found out, that all roads will lead to COVID.

And what is COVID?

COVID is a symbol. A frozen cold and emotionless symbol. A monolith being built in every mind to restrict human desire and power — an energy-sucking thing to limit freedom and joy, to imprison and cause suffering, fear and paranoia, to debilitate and brainwash a mob into tearing down, through Marxism the past and the old world of freedom and democracy.

This is all accomplished by mad fools, by sick and twisted artists building a new normal, a new reality out of the carcass of the old one. And that reality is made by a Reality Manufacturing Machine that works tirelessly 24/7, 365 days of the year. And has done so for a long, long time.

And this Reality Manufacturing Machine (RMM) has been creating reality in North America, and really in the west for all of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and now is coming to fruition in the twenty-first century with vast and great technologically advancements.

The main implement of this is the computer, robotics, medicine, artificial intelligence, and an economy and banking system that has moved online. The whole of buying and selling, the currency involved in this endeavor is being created as I speak. New digital currencies are being created. Rules and laws regarding transactions and the corporate undertaking has been laid decades before.

To begin with we need to know what is at the very center of this little nesting egg doll. The very idea at the epicenter of all this worldwide nonsense of masks and socialist distancing, and the “new normal’.

I would suggest the book, written on the subject of Technocracy by Patrick M. Wood. He runs the website on Technocracy, News and Trends a valuable resource for those who see the information on the ongoing process of the Technological dictatorship which is unfolding at a tremendous speed in the last decade.

Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global ...As Patrick Wood — a technocracy expert and author of the book ‘Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse Of Global Transformation“, states on his website, we are in ” […] the “Great Panic of 2020″…”.

Technocracy has been the ignored center of what the world is experiencing during COVID-19. The very epicenter of Technocracy has been at the heart of this issue, it is the heart of this issue, the voice of the machine that we are hearing. A struggle of the machine to take hold of, matter and change it and convince us of its worth. Its awesome power, its… ‘inevitability‘, as agent Smith would say in the Matrix movie.

Technocracy is a religion of billionaires, its faith is in technology and science. Run by engineers and scientists. An atheistic belief, soulless and cold worship of the numbers and formulas, and laws of nature. Based on the Scientific Method, and the Philosophy of Science, it involves the sciences of statistics, mathematics and physics; chemistry, earth science and biology; medicine, psychiatry and psychology; economics and social science. It is involved in bio-genetics, and nanotechnology and new sciences are being added to the list at breakneck speeds. As the information world becomes faster and faster, the pace is renewed every day. Vast libraries of what we knew, are being replaced with the new ones spouted the praises of the machine.

It is the belief in the dogmas of science that we have been conditioned with all of our lives. The machine’s ability to eventually become sentient, to become artificial intelligence (AI), greater than mankind, and in that become vastly more intelligent and efficient than the weak and fallible human as an single individual.

Except the technocrats.Technocracy Technate Picture Archive: Technocracy ...

After having re-read Patrick’s book, and his latest article on his website and watching a number of videos of his talks, I was brought back to something I had forgotten in the learning. It had always been there off to the side of my thinking, but not readily available, something so deeply ingrained that it did not seem abnormal. I had gotten use to it, conditioned to it… Reading Patrick Wood’s article lately brought it back into focus, and it seems he has foretold it’s arrival. Patrick might be considered a prophet of sorts, a friend of the great Anthony C. Sutton who he co-authored the book “Trilaterals Over Washington” with, back in 1979. Trilaterals over Washington dealt…“[…] the amazingly documented story of the organization and members of the Trilateral Commission, founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, with the specific purpose of creating a “New International Economic Order.

A New World Order.

And the message is: That technocracy has no need of democratic government, it despises and has no use for politicians or political ideologies, but using them as stepping stones to it’s end goal, and it has been waiting patiently for it’s time to arise. As Patrick has stated and has been stating…

“The technocrats who are pushing technocracy globally have finally succeeded in springing the trap on the entire planet.”

And in the process, they have shut down the entire global economic system. And shuffled in almost overnight, the instant and dictatorial shutting down of life as we lived it on the planet a mire seven months ago. And the rise of the voice of leadership that is tyrannical, psychopathic, if not sociopathic, who are vapid killjoys who seek only power and control.

“Around the world people in other countries are looking to America to save the world…. and it’s not going to be our government that does it, it’s the American citizens like you and me….” — Patrick Wood

In the opening of his book Patrick Wood has declared…

” The dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy.”

I was curious about that, the recent rage in the streets, the riots on a global level, the women’s marches the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protests, Antifa and the online movements by so many Socialist or Marxist driven ideologies. Progressives and their virtues, cancel culture and the ‘1619 Project’, intersectionality and the shutting down of higher institutions of thought, I wondered if possibly these were facades’ for Technocracy, distraction from what is really going on behind the scenes and so, I asked Patrick the question. And the answer came back, and was a clear and a resounding ‘YES’.

_102005679_mitYes these are all distraction from what is really going on, and that is the silent and relentless advancing of Technocracy, financed and implemented by Technocrats.

These methods of this transformation in the modern are simply paid for ruses, a subterfuge to conceal the real story. Theater, and misdirection, it is sleight of hand using propaganda and mis/disinformation to keep the public in fear and doubt. To keep them in the mindset, the programming until the endgame is achieved. Fake news and false scenarios are used to keep the individual from thinking critcally for himself, and from focusing on what should be focused on, the creation of a machine world, and  technological enslavement.

Cameras everywhere, continuous surveillance, privilege status, medical tyranny, controlled energy, cradle to grave maintenance of health, and longevity, and use of resources…the eradication of private property and of saving and monetary investments in the future. Humans seen as detriments to a stable planet. Humans seen as bio-hazards and polluters, useless eaters adding nothing to the new planetary empire.

In a previous article, I touched on the subject of philanthropy, and the gathering together of some 204 billionaires under a collective called “The Giving Pledge” With wealth in the range of some $1.2 Trillion. Founded by none other than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, this fake organization evades taxes and profits by huge returns on its investments and from scrutiny under the tax laws, as a tax-free foundation model of doing business. This is only a system of control, another type of theatrics to cover up the real purpose of the foundation.

Under the law of foundations, only a very small amount, some 5% must be given away philanthropically to enable tax free status. For instance the BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) has made vast amounts of money since founding their foundation. And with BMGF investing heavily into the gene drive, re-inventing education according to the Bill Gates method of maximizing profits as he leads that business model and has lead it for decades. Of his huge investments into vaccines and vaccine organizations and global vaccination programs; into oil, and bio-science, nanotechnology and AI, all which he invests huge amounts of money into and foresees oceans of money in profit in return for his foundation.

The same model is being used in the collective foundation called ‘The Giving Pledge‘ with its $1.2 Trillion.

With the Bill Gates’s funded vaccine produced by Moderna, it is both a vaccine and a gene drive by manipulated mRNA genetics. He aims to vaccinate a globe, some 7 billion people with his high tech means. He aims to dominate the vaccine market globally.

Bill Gates is a Globalist and Trans-humanist, a eugenicist, a Technocrat with a messiah complex, he is it seems close to the top of this Technocratic movement to change the world into a Technocracy run by Technocrats.

And who are these Technocrats; Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Elison, Larry Page and Sergey Brin and list goes on…Technocracy Technate Picture Archive: Technocracy ...

Technocracy has been defined as a “…a Soviet of technicians…”,” …a supplanter of democracy…” by  Charles E. Merriam, and he should know, he saw Democracy as…

Democracy, he believed, was “not merely a for…. but a means, through which the highest ideals of mankind may be achieved.” In countering any attack upon democracy, he joined those who sought the cure for the ills of democracy in more democracy. He countered the argument that democracy was inefficient by holding that it did not have to be efficient, that “freedom and inefficiency are not opposites.” Through scientific management, a strengthening of the executive by way of the item veto, centralized budget, and expertise, a democratically directed science could rid man of all his problems—not by creating a Marxian universal proletariat but by eliminating the oppressed proletariat if not indeed the proletariat as a class. The stronger, more efficient executive would be democratically controlled by way of initiative, referendum, and recall.”

Merriam “denied the utility of theory” and advocated instead a “practical” political science aimed at creating a more harmonious, democratic, and pluralistic society.[21][22] A corollary to this thinking was his “vision of social scientists as technical advisors to society’s political leaders.”

To be continued…


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