Operation Warp Speed: The race so far…

COVID-1984 and a year of vaccines — all those drug factories racing against time to be the first, the best the most important. To be chosen as number one.

In the west, it is ‘Operation Warp Speed’ that has broken it down to twelve contestants.

Syringe_and_hypodermicGates and company have their eye on the prize, a trillion dollars on the line, and manufacture of potentially 14 Billion doses to start with and ever year billions more in doses and dollars.

The investment potential is well, mind-boggling. The market is assured by a hoax. A billionaires’ wet dream. The return is enormous and the almost positive raiding of government coffers in every nation in the world, for monies that would be used alternatively for something more important, like the production of food or the protection of the rights of its citizens, the infrastructure of their countries, education, the day to day running of a nation in the modern sense of the new world.

But now they will have to either raise taxes or pilfer from some other government programs for the money need to pay for these expensive vaccines. And with 40 million out of work in the US, a lot less tax is being paid — but then again unlimited quantitative easing has gone exponential. It’s monopoly money time, print as much as you need, and if you stay home we will pay you to stay home — Socialism by stealth.

But nations will line up with their people’s wealth and give it unquestionably to vaccine frauds who control global markets, the World Bank and all those other outfits that will squeeze nations for their cash and into complying with the movie call COVID-1984. No jab in the arm, no mandated vaccine policy, no loans from us…

To have such global dominance it would be important to have an infrastructure built and a solid hand on the market, and the media in ones’ back pocket, a fairly well-established rapport with the professionals in the biz. And unbearable large health and welfare bureaucracies that obey the top-down control.

It would help to have some best buds, some BFF’s, high up there in World Health politics arena, maybe to have had a game of lawn bowling, or tennis and a late afternoon made-from-scratch Mojito with organic mint flown in from southern France topping an imported hand made Caribbean white rum, and hand-squeezed lime over immaculate soda water, all poured over glacier ice in a Belleek goblet, at the last Bilderberg meeting in Montreux, Switzerland. Because, believe me, this cluster fuck took some serious planning.

We’re not talking about just jumping on the media and pulling the alarm and crying fire in the movie theatre. No this is planning, years of planning. A media strategy must be well set to respond to anything trigger from the top. It would not take many in the business of epidemiology to succeed, many are already in the game already, the higher-ups in the CDC — which by the way is a military operation and a for-profit vaccine company.

Gates for sure is one of the leads if not the lead. His GAVI organization has been propagandizing lies for years. Laying the groundwork in the third world.

The Event 201 that took place just prior to the outbreak…*cough*, played out in the  Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security funded by the Open Philanthropy Project and financed by another Technocrat, a sidekick of Mark Zuckerberg.

Gates and the World Economic Forum hosted and financed Event 201 and spoke about the script to be played out, and Gates and his dumping money into Oxford university and a string of new vaccines and he knows, all the important players. Tony is his buddy and after all, Windows runs the majority of computers on the web, on this fucking planet.

“Windows was the most used operating-system family [of products] on personal computers in April 2020, with around 88% usage share.”

And overall, covering desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and game consoles, it possesses greater than 49% of the market, many are only limited to their own personal products like Apple.

Experts are worried, and so they should be, 18 months for a vaccine is a very short time period to create a vaccine, when on average it takes some ten years to normally develop a vaccine.

But godammit it is ‘Operation Warp Speed’ and so…everybody’s got to get one these in the ass. Or else…


Along with all this vaccine nonsense, is a myriad of new drugs being launched onto the market, Gilead Sciences, INC is one such release, with their new COVID drug Remdesivir, a drug that has been looking for a disease for a while now, it was first used against Ebola, but a refusal to use it by African nations because of its enormous cost– and they were finding success with a lesser costing pair of drugs they have been using for years against Ebola.

Remdesivir is a prodrug and in developed nations, it will cost $2,340 for six vials, at $390 a vial, which is a 5-day treatment course. To insurance companies in American that will rise to $520 a vial, or $3,120 for a five-day treatment…more in Canada. Gilead was that company back a spell that wanted some $84,000 for an 84-day treatment with a drug, that right a $1000 a pill. These soulless whores, make me want to vomit.

Their patent right was sold to the Chinese government, empowering the Wuhan Institute of Virology a newly constructed BSL-4 lab…wink wink, with a newfound source of wealth potential with manufacture and selling of this drug and, an unusual selling of new technology to a foreign power — the Chinese government. Of course, the patent is limited to the Chinese mainland until a generic version is pirated from the original…or Gilead ends up producing Remdesivir in China at a tenth of the price, but still gaining present-day prices.

Operation Warp Speed (OWS) is progressing with leaps and bounds… *cough*.

Syringe_and_hypodermic   Penny Heaton CEO and vaccinologist from the Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute stated that “What’s happened so far has been nothing short of amazing”. The Gates sponsored mRNA-1273 entered the race as a vaccine just 66 days into the pandemic. (May I remind the reader that 66 is two parts of the mark of the beast and Gates is satan’s little helper). But enough joking around this is far too serious to be simply mocked in jest.

Using a PEGxlated nanoparticle to carry the snippet of messenger RNA, secretly into your body, masked behind a Polyethelene glycol surround, and finally into the cells of the host, changing the genetics forever of that host and creating the first publically disclosed genetically modified human. And finally the physical entrance into Transhumanism world.

But what the hell is an old guy talking about, the kids are raised on Iron man, and Thor, and Spiderman and all the rest of the gamut of modern comic book spiritual leaders. The conditioning has been secured and intact for years.

The race is on to the finish line for ten of the candidates — normally this process would take years, if not decades as stated, but technology and OWS which has injected (excuse the pun) a huge amount of money into this global project…Syringe_and_hypodermic

“Congress has directed almost $10 billion to this effort through supplemental funding, including the CARES Act, and Congress has appropriated other flexible funding. Over $6.5 billion has been designated by Congress for countermeasure development through BARDA, along with $3 billion for NIH research.”


Years are generally needed for reasons that are sensible, professional, and care must be of an utmost priority. Side effects and adverse reactions can be dangerous, deadly. Usually, a year or a few years are needed to assure that the vaccine has a durable efficacy while the virus remains in a pandemic. Which it has never been, there are are no, bodies on the streets, and the lanes and allies of Verona have no plague carts calling for the dead.

Competition is a dangerous thing in this matter, as 12 pharmaceutical companies are competing for a vaccine to be used on human health. The reward in being number one is vast oceans of wealth.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca candidate has already been paid $1 Billion in May for 300 million does for Americans in an American market.

The Chinese are making COVID vaccines like egg rolls, everybody is in on the game. people are making fortunes on mask making, and I can hear the tinkering as lucid inventors are tinkering in their potting sheds, inventing the ultimate COVID-1984 prophylactic device.

“I have one of my own, a six plastic beachball, that one gets in and opens a small canister of laughing gas and air mixture to both fill the flexible plastic ball and keep social distancing at a precise 6 feet, and, keep COVID out. Plus the added bonus at no extra cost of a happy camper inside, laughing their way to a transhuman and technocratic hell.”

Covid has become an industry.

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) working on the WHO (World Health Organization), the blueprint of priority diseases are investing billions into COVID vaccines, and they are the Wellcome Trust and of course, the infamous BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), again, along with some 210 million English pounds, and some $760 million having been raised as of February from Australia, Canada, Belgium and the UK.

The WHO (World Health Organization) wishes to raise $1.7 billion in there cause against COVID, they are keeping their cards close to their chest but so far with celebrities like the Gaga and individual companies raising money and reaping the virtue from it — monies raised are totalling $624.5 million.


Syringe_and_hypodermic    Wow…THE PHARMA EXECS ARE SEEING NEW SAILBOATS FOR CHRISTMAS BONUS THIS YEAR, and some serious stock options.

Meanwhile, with all these lunatics racing for a finish line, Yemen is suffering for the second year in a row with a famine that has produced some 4 million internally displaced persons and 80% of the population of 24 million are in dire need of humanitarian aid. Projected deaths could reach 500,000 people.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, some 15.9 million people requiring humanitarian aid and 15.6 million are in a serious crisis, it is in the 2nd largest Ebola outbreak.

Syria is suffering and in need of food. Nigeria has 2 million displaced and, water pollution resulting in cholera as usual.

Venezuela under the dictatorship of Maduro, and 4.6 million have fled and many residing in Columbia have been forced to a dreaded return. 94% of households in Venezuela live in dire poverty. Hyper-inflation has been driving food prices up with 80% of the population in some form of food insecurities, from starvation to eating only every few days. The average Venezuelan has lost some 23 lbs — this is not good for kids. Doctors have been prohibited by law from putting starvation, as the cause of death, on the death certificates of children in Venezuela.

Afghanistan and Sudan with some 7.5 million in peril, 1.5 displaced within the country. Burkina Faso is suffering, Somalia and the Central African Republic. 35% of the population is suffering critical; food shortage, with 2.6 million needing humanitarian aid, but the race is on for a phony vaccine for a phony and fake fucking pandemic, that has collapsed an economy, and driven fear in the hearts of vast populations worldwide.


Oxford’s AstraZeneca the AZD1222 is in Phase lll trials in Brazil and South Africa, an adenovirus from a weakened common cold virus taken from chimpanzees is the substrate. AstraZeneca has promised to supply some 2 billion doses, 400 million by the end of 2020. With fewer actual doses.Syringe_and_hypodermic

BioNTech, Pfizer & Fosum Pharma are testing four vaccines all are the infamous mRNA in different combinations. some need a smart device, like a cellphone to activate.

Gate’s choice, the Moderna vaccine, launched its phase lll trial with its mRNA-1273 a PEGxylated vaccine which will undoubtedly cause adverse effects. It is guaranteed to change your genetics forever.

Sinopharm is in phase lll, the vaccine from the Wuhan Biological Products Institute in China is in phase ll with an antibody response of some 97.6% to 100%, it uses an inactive version of the COVID virus.

Sinovac Biotech is in phase lll and says it has produced anti-bodies in 90% of those who received its vaccine, it requires two injections and strangely, no side effects have been reported in phase l or phase ll. But then again, this is the Chinese government, and they will never tell…

Inovio is a DNA vaccine using a smart device to open the pores and allow the vaccine to be delivered. It had a 94% response after two doses,  Bill and Melinda Gates are involved in this one as well as Moderna mRNA-1273. We have to maximize those foundations profits, right Bill?

Johnson & Johnson has launched a phase l and lla in the U.S. and Belgium they have already been paid a $1 Billion by the US government if the FDA approves the vaccine. Well, that’s a no brainer since the FDA is a dockside whore that always says yes.

Merck is working on a COVID vaccine with two other companies.

Novavax phase l and phase ll trials have shown tolerance of their NVX-CoV2373 and the triggered antibody response. Tenderness and pain are the complaints and the vaccine uses antigens to stimulate the immune system. It is testing two different doses of a two-dose regimen, one of them has an adjuvant that will stimulate the immune system.

Sanofi-GlaxoSmithKline were added to the race on July 31 they will start phase l and phase ll trials in September using an influenza vaccine, they will bootstrap on some concoction of a COVID cure. Since a coronavirus, is a coronavirus, is ah…

But the list does not stop there… “In total, the WHO (World Health Organization) lists more than 100 candidates in preclinical development.”


Personally, I think the bus has passed, if there ever was a virus it was most likely a very bad flu season, as this has been escalating for years, at least according to Farr’s law and the theory of miasma versus such silliness as Germ theory.

It is estimated we are more than likely swimming in a sea of trillions, trillions to the 12th power of bacterium and virus. There is more microscopic life than any other lifeform on this planet, and if you think some a bleach and a squirt of hand sanitizer and a six-foot social-distance to avoid spit will work, well golly gee, I have stars for sale, they are not named yet, and you could have one with your name on it for $2999.99. And I am having a COVID special for the next three months, buy a star and get a year’s supply of toilet paper, free, yes absolutely free, and none of that cheap Chinese knock-offs… I’ll even throw in a case of premium hand sanitizer and one of our new high tech bug screen COVID masks, with the eye protector…