Culture of Denial…proxy liars, and the wool that’s covering your eyes.

Have you noticed their is a culture of denial growing up around you, like weeds — and the unwillingness to face the truth, the lie of the mask and the proxy liars all around you compliant in that lie — it is like yellow stars are being put on people chests. These masks are a familiar symbol of fear. The Nazis forced Jews to wear yellow stars.

Is the mask you wear to protect you or protect others, that is the ambiguous part of this COVID narrative. 

I’m am sure those in control of this know of this cognitive dissonance of entire populations of people, seeing the content of the situation, the facts are there to bare witness to what actually is going on, but the androids among us and political talking heads keep yakking on about new and improved methods to fight the imagined. There is some virus out there that was created or we caught of a windows operating system…

Its like a mass delusion that has taken hold.


A friend spoke to me of a part time employee she had working for her over the period of beginning of the COVID-1984 lock down — back then when we were being force feed bullshit on a daily basis, and the present understanding of this plandemic was misunderstood and disinformation was coming out of the mouths of every fucking parrot your met.

My friend is a general manager of a business that was open during that beginning of this stage play, the small family run business did not closed and she works in is a necessary business that stayed open and ended up having to hire twice the staff and put three shifts to work, instead of the usual one shift pre-COVID.

They sell seeds for growing sprouts and micro-greens and their usual day-to-day was almost two months behind on the deluge of orders coming in on a daily basis. Go home for a weekend and come back on Monday to 400 new orders. Two steps forward and six back. People were knee-jerking in the beginning, afraid and so it seemed that toilet paper wasn’t the only thing that was being horded and stocked up on. Seeds, sprouting seeds — organic sprouting provide, in more ways than one. Easy to grow, and highly nutritious. And they are organic seeds.

Anyway, one of the people she hired on a part time basis was a school administrator at the local elementary/ high-school, shut down because of the school closures, and needing a job when so many were out of work. And now as school is going back in September, my friend had spoken to the woman. Her ex-employee — laid off to return to her career job, was astounded at what had happened over the lost time at the school since the beginning of the school year and through the short and depressed summer of 2020.

When she entered the school she found her office was changed and Plexiglas surrounds her from the student population and she will wear a mask all day and when a vaccine arrives, it will mandatory, no discussions. No exceptions, only obedience; no jab, no job.

The students are under such constraints as well, masks are being worn in classes, and social distancing measures of desks, are undertaken to control; squares are being painted/drawn on the school grounds, and in hallways. These areas are, were a masked child must stay inside of during recess and their playtime during lunch break. A small isolated prison for a child, equally distanced apart…a virtual panopticon has been built.

The school administrator had raged against the principal who spoke as if these are the best methods — handed down by the regional school board to deal with this… ‘crisis‘, and that she was overreacting to a necessary implementations of rules as protection for all.  She had stated to him that she had two relatives who worked for the maximum security prison systems in a city nearby and the school was looking more like a prison. As she speaks regularly with those relatives, and these are the methods of prisons, and that she would not sent her child to a prison.

Sidebar: there have been no cases of COVID at the school and nobody has COVID or died of COVID in the town, in fact we have some elders that over a hundred at the old folks home.

We are entering a dark time of testing our values as free humans and choices will have to be made, are you free or are you a prisoner? What are you willing to except? What is your fear going to control in you?

You were a bit neglectful, you did not pay close enough attention to the signs along the ways. I agree, your were busy, and distracted by the system. It coerced a kind of segregation; you from your children all day, working hard to provide a semblance of a quality of life; the old, separated from you, or in grey ghettos and separate from the little ones, unable to pass forward the knowledge of their lifetimes.

Each generation advanced with its own culture unique to its time. Each had and displayed it heroes and celebrities, and rock stars and music and ideas. Each had its war and and enemies and art and cultural lexicon, teachers and political leaders and notions about the world. All trusted and allowed the culture to extend it — the system to take possession of children and over those decades and decades, advancing thought-forms evolved from generation to generation, creating the spirit of its time. Each one supplanting the last with a new version, a better version hailing with a banner of “better than the last”. And advancing technology making the past obsolete. Radio became television and sound became old records and then tapes and Cd and mp3. The old fashion became quaint and unrecognized and fell away.

Walmart has mandatory masking, now Superstore also follows suite, more masked employees are being hired by such places to fill phone orders as the terrified stop at the curbside for the quick pick-up of groceries and a hasty masked exit, like criminals leaving a heist — and retreat to the cocoon of their homes.

But you cannot hide from this…there is no place to hide. Armageddon is close and the fighting will get very dirty. Not because of COVID, because of the delusion of COVID. Unless you stand up and get off your knees. Criminals have taken control of reality.

Buses, public transport are mandating masking and social distancing and new rules for riders on public transport. No talking to strangers and one might be tossed off a city bus for being to forward with a conversation with a stranger. Likely grabbed by the COVID Cheka police and checked for the virus…their temperature forcefully taken.

This feels like something Phillip K. Dick would have written, but it isn’t, it is life in the ‘new normal’. The cure is definitely greater than the disease — you would agree and their I go, giving it credence when it does not exist, it has not been sequenced and no one has seen it. It is a conflation of other things wrong with modern world. It is a rebranding and repackaging of what constantly has been ailing us for decades. It is…

Cognitive dissonance! 

Science, like nothing else among the institutions of mankind, grows like a weed every year. Art is subject to arbitrary fashion, religion is inwardly focused and driven only to sustain itself, law shuttles between freeing us and enslaving us. – Dr. Kary Mullis

‘Science grows like a weed’ — yes it does, and there are more driven in that art by the immense possibility of wealth and fame, than the artist who is creative. Science is not a bad thing, it has been hijacked by perverse artists who seek to use it as a means of global control. 

Kary Mullis was such an artist, his heart is steadfast on what is real science, but all this going on means corrupting a process of scientific inquiry and that is what we are witnessing in the present. A corruption of the scientific inquiry by the money men, and a Aspergian vagal geek who has far too much money and a racist and eugenicist soul.

The numbers are rising it is claimed, well of course they are… because they are testing. That is a logically fact, but what are they testing for, is the question to be asked? What are they inherently finding. What is the test showing — that we all have coronaviruses in our bodies that harmless colds. That our dogs, which many seem to have, instead of children now are the greatest carriers of coronaviruses? That they are looking at exosomes — material in our cells? Cellular garbage floating around waiting for our bodies take it away.

They don’t know what it is, but they have a genetic sequence of something that enables them to exclaim that the test is positive for COVID? What is COVID, but only the possibility that it could be a member of a group, a genus of coronavirus or a big fucking lie. But then again you could be looking at something that is inherent in everyone on the planet.

It has been about 15 years since SARS entered the world from a civet, supposedly, and bats, now they claim SAR-2 came from a pangolin to an open market in Wuhan, China, so a pangolin eat a bat that was housed up in cave with a civet — coincidentally a stone’s throw from a state of the art BSL-4 virus lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

I choose the latter

All those positives. Show simply that they are what –asymptomatic? These people are not sick and maybe finally herd immunity has been achieved? But add into that the case of false positives. Yeah, thousands of them… Mass productive of PCR tests that are defective, 100’s of thousands are showing up defective, across the globe.

This narrative is evolving as we watch it.

Kary Mullis went on to say about the story of the PCR test that…

 ” […] the never-ending quest for more grants and staying with established dogmas” has hurt science.[10] He believed that “science is being practiced by people who are dependent on being paid for what they are going to find out,” not for what they actually produce.”

PCR has it limitations, and it is necessary to correctly perform some 20-30 thermal cycles, used to amplify what one is looking for — and one must know exactly what they are looking for — cycles, and proper processes, must be immaculate to produce and amplify what is needed for the test, the smallest of contamination within the sample and it will be amplified also…

“One major limitation of PCR is that prior information about the target sequence is necessary in order to generate the primers that will allow its selective amplification.[36] This means that, typically, PCR users must know the precise sequence(s) upstream of the target region on each of the two single-stranded templates in order to ensure that the DNA polymerase properly binds to the primer-template hybrids and subsequently generates the entire target region during DNA synthesis.

Like all enzymes, DNA polymerases are also prone to error, which in turn causes mutations in the PCR fragments that are generated.[37]

Another limitation of PCR is that even the smallest amount of contaminating DNA can be amplified, resulting in misleading or ambiguous results. To minimize the chance of contamination, investigators should reserve separate rooms for reagent preparation, the PCR, and analysis of product. Reagents should be dispensed into single-use aliquots. Pipettors with disposable plungers and extra-long pipette tips should be routinely used.”  –Wikipedia

And now in the most recent use of that test, they have instant testing, and a new testing method for cost efficiency is being used in places like the Philippines — Pooling RT-PCR or NGS — funded by none other than BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) threatens to drive up numbers of COVID positive people exponentially, by testing many many people at the same time.

More asymptomatic cases of what?

There has never been a RNA vaccine that has been approved for human use, many experts feel adamantly that, that vaccine can never happen. Should not happen… because of the adverse effects that could elicit unknown or unintended immune reaction. Adverse reactions, dangerous reactions. Because, Corona viruses mutate so quickly and so often, among other things but curiously it would take 700 years for SARS -CoV to become SARS – CoV-2, unless… ‘Gain of Function‘ experiments. The dual use research of concern (DURC) between scientists and corporations in international labs in other countries.

In a paper discussing this subject back in Published:   in regards to bio-security and bio-safety the authors go one to say in the question asked…

*brackets and my emphasis*

“Gain-of-function experiments: time for a real debate”

[Question Asked:] “Recently, there has been extensive debate about the benefits and risks of dual use research of concern (DURC), particularly with the use of gain-of-function (GOF) experiments in potentially pandemic pathogens (PPPs). In your opinion, what are the reasons to perform GOF experiments, and are alternative approaches available?”

[Reply by the authors:] “[…]For example, we should decide whether devoting our limited resources for flu research towards PPP creation experiments — which are expensive, often underpowered, low-throughput and often poorly generalizable5, and which create pandemic risk — is better than using those resources to enhance the rest of the portfolio for flu preparedness. Similarly, it has been suggested that we need to enhance pathogenicity of coronaviruses in order to develop a valid animal model for coronaviruses. This might be true, and we need to examine that assumption, but perhaps we can modify the animal to reproduce the human disease (as has been done, for example, by developing an animal model of meningococcal disease6) rather than making a novel virus. Amazingly, these types of experiments were commenced without asking that question in quantitative terms, and no quantitative case has been made for why the unique risks are justified by unique benefits. […]”

“[…]Conversely, creating a highly pathogenic, highly transmissible organism that does not already exist in nature is unnecessarily risky and potentially irresponsible. […]”

[Question asked:] “In the debate over whether or not to allow DURC, the main concerns seem to be over biosecurity and biosafety. However, research on pathogenic organisms that are major health threats already happens worldwide and is deemed safe. Are there reasons to believe that the current requirements for biocontainment are insufficient for GOF experiments? And what is your reaction to the recent announcement of a “pause on funding” for GOF studies by the US government?”

[Reply by the authors] […] Recent inferences of the likelihood of pandemics occurring as a consequence of laboratory incidents are misleading; all laboratory incidents were interpreted as accidents with potential onward human transmission, which is incorrect. Historical evidence has shown that even when there were human transmission events after laboratory accidents (such as the cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in Beijing, China), human cases were limited. […]”

” […] Laboratory accidents happen, even in high containment settings. The recent events at the CDC in the United States, in which a strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza was accidentally shipped to another laboratory and in which a pathogen was taken out of a laboratory without proper inactivation, are just two examples. Theoretically, the CDC has some of the best biosafety protocols in the world. One can only imagine what might happen if GOF experiments are performed in laboratories with lower biosafety standards. […]”

Technocrats have turned the world into a giant lab, no borders separate these technological components of a global technocracy. These use to be property of governments, and governments are its people are they not? But through the slow creep, the corporation and technocrats they have taken over such powers, purchased such powers, bought science and scientists and it is now in their greedy hands.

They discuss in the above, the research as compared to the ethics. And accidents as the business at hand. But these are human lives they speak about. And SARS has always been a psych-op.

And so when you engage the delusions of over-population, purposely confuse the germ with the terrain, implement and radicalize the religion of climate, and finally the sleigh of hand and fakery of mega funds in the clutches of super foundations like ‘The Giving Pledge‘ that pretend philanthropy, you have elites controlling who lives and who dies, who get sick and who does not. All under the cover of a narrative.

The knowledge was available back in 2014 when the above review was published, the lack of pandemics supplies in hospitals and the deficiencies of medical institutions like Italy — was known at ‘Event 201‘ and ‘Clade X‘. Rehearsals of the stage play called SARS-CoV-2.

Did they purchase masks, medical equipment and drugs then? And ventilators?

Did they make sure we had an adequate supply of toilet paper and I’m being facetious here…?

Maybe we can find some solace in…Hell’s Printing Press’.

“Waves of Regret and Waves of Joy: Searching for the End of the World in the Blake Archive”