COVID MODELS, are far too skinny…

One of the most portent devices for propaganda; an instrument of technology that is in such a wide spread world audience use — the cellphone, with some 7.621 billion people using 7.950 billion cellphones,

This last year 1.64 million where sold.

Cellphone users, alone and looking at their screens — add to this the multiples of computers and tablets and smart devices, they are technically awed by all this as a general rule of thumb.  Granted I am extrapolating, but bear with me, it is not the point. And more will become clear as I write this.

Many are convinced by what they see online and on these tiny screens. They are enthralled to say the least by the technological titillation, the drug like fixation, and addiction with the operation of the little fondle slabs. This overt power to brag and manifest arrogance about the truthiness of what the device can bring, about what one knows or can know about the world we live in today. Is cruelly exploited by dark and greedy powers. 

And this truth they purport to have is that a new novel coronavirus manifesting the disease called COVID-19 has taken hold of society and threatens to cause a plague, equal to or greater than the Spanish Flu, if we do not listen. And whats more, is that it will continue to do this — as COVID can be acquired a second time…

Unless a vaccine is found and the global population is inoculated with a vaccine. Unless herd immunity is gained.

And this technically inspired scientific awe — received much from and by those organizations and individuals appointed, funded heavily by the very organizations and corporations online, whose information is from the seemingly benevolent. The corporations and philanthropic individuals who conflated existing health problems, age and a rather nasty influenza season, a list of cormorbidities running through a sicked population, on a local and national level.  And nothing of what they say is true at all about COVID.

One of the propaganda tools is the COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU).

A ongoing and continuous 24/7 update on the state of the world in COVID. Country by country; state by state and the cities. A project of… 


…CSSE is at the John Hopkins, Whiting School of Engineering, a part of the Technocrat’s toolbox of operation, connecting different disciplines in the COVID problem, and that, The goal of the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) is to further the development of this science of interconnection. ,using computer modeling.

The center goes on to say on it’s web-page, that…

“Housed in the Johns Hopkins Department of Civil and Systems Engineering, CSSE takes a multidisciplinary approach to modeling, understanding, and optimizing systems of local, national, and global importance. These include medicine, health care delivery, national infrastructure, information security, disaster response, and education.” 

Computer modelling of this sort, if you might understand it correctly, is the using of conflated or limited data; unproven and wrong statistics; flawed or rubbish input; Algorithmic bias and repeated errors, privileging one group or another arbitrarily. Limitations of the design and the subjectivity of those designers and their allegiance. Missing elements and parts of the hypothesis.

This is all a system science and system science is a sum of parts sort of thing, whereas a change in any one part effects the whole, but also, all the parts of a system must be known effectively, in real life, in order to calculate a final result. And these modelers they do not know, they cannot know about COVID. They are engineers, technocrats, technocrating… And that is, in this case, results are only a prediction of what is taken in, and computers cannot predict the future… 

Questions arise from this, such as, who funded this project?

The nature and the understanding of those involved in the data mining, and a majority of this information is mined data. Taken from individuals, the business sector, educational and media and social network sources.

Collaborators on the dashboard project include siam (Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics); INFORMS (The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences); E2SHI (Environment, Energy, Sustainability and Health Institute) a new interdisciplinary Center which held clout in the decision making.

E2SHI is green energy. It the green religion of scientism and draws on the subjects; the environment and its science; engineering and the sustainability of those subjects. It is climate alarmism, that blames humans for climate change and not the real science of planet earth entering into a grand solar minimum. It is fake science posing as real science.

It speaks of carbon sequestration in a carbon starved atmosphere. It also draws on public health as a non medical expert and applies that green religion even to that — COVID -19 would be its first real assignment in disease caused by climate change.

E2SHI is an EPA funded endeavor and eager to spread the word about green funding, it supplies data and manipulates understanding on climate change, through the green philosophy and it’s has stated that…

“A key goal of this project is to trace how the resulting changes in air pollution may affect the health of people who live and work in the mid-Atlantic area.” 

The problem with that statement is not that it isn’t important, it is that it seen through the green initiative and COVID is being set up as the first climate change disease.

First the groundwork is laid in such an operations, and it is a Marxist ideology that drives such an endeavor. Public health is the least on this operation, as humans are not sustainable — tying such things into its mandate is a priority. Humans are the problem.

In an article in the JHU GAZETTEEnvironment and especially green energy is among it’s focus. And real science has proved that green energy can never sustain the world we live in, it can only vastly limit and control in the strictest of ways. Finite energy, doled out the obedient.

Wind and solar are no shows in the need for vast amounts of  electricity as we can see in the roaming blackouts and brownouts of California. Imagine this on a national level if the green philosophy takes hold.

The article’s writer states…

“Drawing on faculty expertise in environmental science and engineering, public health and other areas, The Johns Hopkins University has launched its Environment, Energy, Sustainability and Health Institute to promote research and education in topics ranging from green energy practices to climate change and related health issues.

“This kind of research right now is distributed all across the university,” said Benjamin Hobbs, director of the institute. “Because of this, it’s been a challenge to put together interdisciplinary teams to study these topics, and our profile on these issues is not as high as it should be. The institute’s goal is to encourage these research and education partnerships and to promote Johns Hopkins as a world leader in these areas.”

Benjamin Hobbs is E2SHI’s green warrior and making a connection between climate, green energy and human health; making a connection to the COVID hoax is vitally important for this institute. It is the utmost importance.

This is, only another waste of money outfit, whose primary goal is green propaganda and the spreading and financing of that religion of hate, misery and socialism. It aims to exploit the COVID scare using a Rahm Emanuel catchphrase…“never let a crisis go to waste”.

E2SHI needs to be involved in the COVID Dashboard, and will draws on it’s mined data of pollution caused illnesses to conflate the numbers to COVID-19 among other things. Stochastic is the optimum word here for what E2SHI do. It results are randomly determined and it is conjecturing. It is “to aim at a mark and guess”.

“Ars Conjectandi sive Stochastice”: the art of conjecturing and stochastics.

The creator of the Dashboard is Dr. Lauren Gardner an associate professor, an engineer by trade, a technocrat by philosophy, her thesis/dissertation was Network based prediction models for coupled transportation-epidemiological systems” — disease as a travelling germ on the highways of the ‘new normal‘ world, instead of what it really is, a manifestation of the terrain, poverty, malnutrition, toxic vaccination and a toxic environment and mounting air pollution. The CO2 is not the problem, but it can be traced to human lung.

Gardner in her dissertation is playing handsomely to her lead on the PHd committee, S. Travis Waller who runs the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Australian global university, University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia.

Travis has some big money at his disposal, some $23 million and surprisingly at such a young age has authored some 300 peer reviewed paper on the brain goo of environmental engineering. Don’t let the word engineering confuse you, its meant to intimidate, but has nothing to do with the state of skillful and artful enterprise, he is more of a crafty schemer or plotter. But, 23 million is no chump change. 

Gardner is now a visiting professor from the Australian government funded, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). Now CSIRO gave us such wonderful things like the polymer (plastic) banknote that commonwealth countries seem to prefer; essential components of WiFi technology, and wonder of wonders, Myxomatosis a poxvirus released into, and to sicken and curtail the introduced European rabbit into the bunny paradise of Australia — vacant of multiple bunny predators, resulting in the exploding Australian rabbit population. And, finally rabbit Calicivirus, a cruel sort of thing that was intentionally released, and will cause a hemorrhagic disease in rabbits. A bio terrorist attack against rabbits.

What this amounts too is that Ms Gardner is a representative of an Australian bio-weapons organization, and as an Australian is taking this COVID thing a little too fucking serious.

Dr. Gardner as a engineer, should stay out of the business of epidemiological guesswork, using a phony PHd, and by creating a fantasy of numbers without any facts, allowing her to predict an outcome. As a computer modeler she plays with numbers to make them line up the way she wants them too, or as her clients would wish them too.

AI and stochastic optimization programs are slanted towards the algorithmic bias which is genetic programs; AI programs that imitative human problems and using so called, “natural selection” or cultural Darwinism to solve and finalize a solution. How do these think with all that shit in their heads.

But computers are not people, and algorithms are simply “garbage in, garbage out” of a GIGO state of computer prediction.

One thing that can be sure, the CDC’s “6% solution” was not taken into consideration in the final deaths numbers of the COVID-19 “Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)created by MS Gardner.

If we, say, applied the CDC’s 6% solution to the numbers she fictitiously creates we would find a rather nasty Influenza season, a host of cormorbidities of illnesses from heart and lung ailments and diseases,upper and lower respiratory diseases and cancer tumors, kidney diseases and smoking and vaping caused damage to lungs, asthma, COPD…the list goes on —  instead of what we have been dealt with a model driven COVID narrative. Technocratic proof of their global narrative.

Today MS Gardner’s computer model, that is used by most MSM outlets and fact checking wannabees — there are some 27,373,211 global cases as of this writing, of SARS-CoV-2, there have been 893,382 deaths purported to be caused by COVID-19. Divide that number by a one hundred, and times that by six we find that now only 53,602.92 have died because of COVID according to the CDC formula for understanding. But then they haven’t really found a novel virus yet have they? And a few hundred lines of Chinese genetic code and couple of unfamiliar specks on a photograph is no reason to cry fire in the theater.

You are less qualified Ms Gardner than that other unqualified computer modeler…what his name…oh yes, Neil Morris Ferguson the professor of mathematical biology. Now there’s a mouthful. Of course unlike you he got caught with his pants down, a cheater who would not stay indoors. But couldn’t help crying, “its the end of the world as we know it, millions will die!”.

How many times was he wrong in his disaster predicting, let me count the ways — foot and mouth in 2001 cost the death of millions of animals and billions in debt to their owners;  Swine-flu, wow! how many did that kill worldwide. He predicted 65,000 — I think more people died from paper cuts. The final result was 500 deaths globally.

Mers-CoV in 2013; Ebola in 2014; the Zika epidemic in 2016, all faulty and finally his prediction of COVID in 2020 which he claimed would kill 250,000 in England and the latest I hear they are dropping numbers of the main count, as a possible mea culpa of their sins, some 5,000 of the count. Ferguson predicted 2 million deaths in the United States, and all this closed down global economies and put millions out of work. And drove pandemic fear into the hearts of the ignorant. 

Computer models are not to be trusted, they are flawed and biased by their software; they are incorrect in their prediction and summation of mined data. They are too easily skewed by the parameters of the questioner, who seeks in this case to count cases and predict deaths according to an unfiltered and corrupt data carrying garbage into the program. They fail to objective, and an algorithm is subject thing.

There is a growing lack of faith in computer models. And the left has an increasing and undying faith in them. Genetic algorithms can not replace humans and be used as building block of a hypothesis, they do not scale very well. Climatology modeling is a failed experiment, their predictions have a continuous and consistent failure rate, because they lack a complexity of data, and missing parts effects the outcome. And lastly computers are machines, they are tools. Stop asking them things that we are incapable of answering, computers cannot predict the future.