AstraZeneca Phase III trial adverse reaction, and delay as a dangerous spinal Traverse Myelitis inflammation caused by the COVID vaccine AZD1222…

As of 14.15 BST. today the 9th of September, AstraZeneca put the brakes on the phase III trials of their new COVID vaccine as part of Operation Warp Speed. There are some 30,000 people around the United States involved in these trials.

AstraZeneca published a press release on their website, claiming to a…

” […] voluntary pause of vaccination across all trials to allow an independent committee to review the safety data of a single event of an unexplained illness that occurred in the UK Phase III trial.”

That unexplained illness was suspected highly to be Traverse Myelitis, and it is fairly serious and ‘rare’ condition of a inflamed spinal cord, it effects the autonomic nervous system and can lead to high blood pressure. It has been connected to a vaccine a decade ago.

It could cause permanent damage to the nerve fibers from a loss of myelin. This is a serious inflammation involving the urethral and sphincter activity, limbs and motor skills resulting in back pain. Paralysis and sensory problems, or bladder and bowel dysfunction are also an issue with Traverse Myelitis. There is risk of all four limbs being involved in this and a close possibility of respiratory failure. It is usually associated with Lime’s disease, but other viral infections associated with it are Epstein-Barr, herpes zoster. Zika and West Nile, these all have also been associated with Transverse myelitis.

Traverse myelitis has showed up before after vaccination and a study, of which an archived copy has shown that the reaction has been around since 2009. This is one case in this trial but adverse events have a habit of showing up months if not years later, and since this is a autonomic system disruption other illnesses may occur along side, given enough time.

“A study showed that 37 cases were reported over 40 years after different vaccinations including against hepatitis B, measles-mumps-rubella and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis.” – Financial Times Sarah Neville, Hannah Kuchler, Clive Cookson and Donato Paolo Mancini

Pascal Soriot, Chief Executive Officer, said…

“At AstraZeneca we put science, safety and the interests of society at the heart of our work. This temporary pause is living proof that we follow those principles while a single event at one of our trial sites is assessed by a committee of independent experts. We will be guided by this committee as to when the trials could restart, so that we can continue our work at the earliest opportunity to provide this vaccine broadly, equitably and at [no profit] during this pandemic.”

No profit…wow, I’m impressed.

Take $1.2 Billion from Operation Warp Speed, which happens to be tax payer money and say well we won’t charge the public for the vaccine. Interesting way of thinking about it.

AZD1222 was a cooperation, co-invention of the Vaccitech and the University of Oxford.

Vaccitech a spin off company the University of founders Sarah Gilbert and Adrian V. S. Hill. Vaccitech, founded in 2016 got a huge investment from google in 2018 of some $27,000,000 to study and make vaccines.

Google is in the vaccine business, and might not be too happy with the halt of the joint venture with AstraZeneca. Vaccines being so lucrative as an investment, And profit potential for a COVID vaccine that works is well, too big a number to even count here, it is beyond any visual.

“In 2018, Google invested $27,000,000 in Vaccitech to make vaccines for flu, MERS, and prostate cancer. Vaccitech calls itself “the future of mass vaccine production.” In 2020, Vaccitech started work on a COVID vaccine. Google claims to provide politically and commercially neutral searches, but it systemically manipulates search results to suppress accurate vaccine safety and efficacy information and steers users toward deceptive and fraudulent Pharma propaganda. —Children’s Health Defense”

The Vaccitech/AstraZeneca partnership gained a whopping $1.2 Billion in an inked deal with the good ole USA for some 400 million doses of its new super duper SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

AZD1222 is a chimp adenovirus CRISPR’ed all up to take care of business, that needs two dose and the phase 1 and 2 trials showed adverse events of pain at the injection site and the headaches, muscle aches and malaise in 60% of the hosts.

I think AstraZeneca wanted to spend that money far too soon as they…

“In June 2020, AstraZeneca Plc made a preliminary approach to rival drugmaker Gilead Sciences Inc. about a potential merger, worth almost $240 billion.” -Wikipedia

Gilead Sciences invented that Ebola drug, that was refused by African countries for a cheaper solution to treatment, as Gilead has been caught a couple of times being rather greedy in pricing its drugs, profiting immensely from misery.  They wanted far too much money for the treatment.

Back, some time ago they wanted some $84,000 to $94,000 for an 84 day regiment of the drug, Sofosbuvir. A hepatitis C drug which has since be tested as a drug against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) and the Zika virus.

Remdesivir the Ebola drug that was refused by some African countries and was rebranded as a new COVID drug — you remember?

Remdesivir, that’s that very expensive drug to cure COVID that was given permission for trial during the first COVID case in America, it was a compassionate use? Yeah okay.

AstraZeneca (AZ) reconsider the merger and I wonder if they were in the notion of burying something that was competitive in the back lot of AstraZeneca for a much better and sweeter government deal.

“In August 2020, AstraZeneca agreed to provide [300] million doses to the U.S.A for $1.2 billion, implying a cost of $4 a dose. An AstraZeneca spokesman said the funding also covers development and clinical testing.” — Wikipedia

*my emphasis, it seems the number is 400 million

Now AstraZeneca is partnered up with Catalent that’s that, newly created entity that was given the contract for finishing the packaging process worth a bazillion dollar. Catalent a Blackstone Group creation is bound to do very, very well during COVID. This contract looks Trillions of dollars wide and years long as new and improved — as everyone has learned from Bill Gates — it’s all about versions.

But this phase III slip up and terrible spinal inflammation has put a halt on things. But operating at warp speed when normally these things take up to a decade to create and produce is no reason to throw sawdust into the crankcase.

Safety, safety safety.

The company has a plan to manufacture and package with Catalent’s help some 2 billion doses with 400 million dozes going to the United States and the United  Kingdom.

Now Vaccitech has numbers of partners, including CanSino Biologics — the Chinese military company that has used a two dose mRNA vaccine on their own military and was slated for Phase III trials in Canada as well as a joint effort with the National Research Council of Canada. But, they abandoned all this and now the CanSino trials will start in Russia.

It seems they have been snubbed by Canada, maybe the early summer escorting of two Chinese Canadian scientists out of BSL-4 Lab in Winnipeg by RCMP, who were alleged to have taken viral information and viral samples to Wuhan. might have inspired this balking by Canada’s National research Council. That, along with delays in China and at customs and…

Waiting for the Adverse Events on that one to manifest — the military in China will use that vaccine Ad5-nCoV for one year on their own military soldiers. Canadian dodged the proverbial bullet again.

Now if only Trudeau could be sent to slammer for his malfeasance and fraud, 2020 could start to get some back into it.