I took some time off, I was too focused and I was getting a new madness from the new normal. I went to Edmonton to find the city is neck deep in batshit crazy.

The need to keep the peace with my daughters and wife, and the requirements of a mandatory masked society, was a high wire act to say the least. I think it is the pretense that is the most annoying — I did experience some wearers of the device who actually have a good sense of humor. But they wear it anyway.

A black masked woman came up to me in a Save-On-Foods and looked at my mask down around my neck — they didn’t say ‘how’ to wear it? Just wear it. And besides its a $130 ticket I hear, and going back to Edmonton to challenge an unjust bylaw and the court appearance would prove a waste of my rather illustrious talents. You have to pick your battles. Anyway this nice lady looked at me and smiled from under her mask — I could tell by here eyes, and she said, “You’re a rather tall and handsome fellow, can you get something off the top shelf for me?”.

I said, “Sure I am good at that, my wife gets me to do it all the time, in fact, its quality time for us.”

I retrieved two containers of funky monkey ice cream from way back of the top shelf of the stand up freezer — glacially frozen like concrete, from being back there. We were within six feet of each other…

On the opposite side of that coin was the glare from a dragon of a women a few moments later, over her very expensive haute couture silk mask with what I presumed was her fucking initials embroidered on the right side close to where her pursed lips were. I know that her lips were pursed, because it leaves a pucker wear her mouth would be on the outside of the mask, and its the in and out as she hyperventilates at my Irish disobedience, and when she looked hard at me with those red dragon eyes, I stared back and turned my mask upside down and wore it as a hat. They said you have to wear it, they didn’t say how to wear it?

On the darker side, I met someone in Edmonton that opened my eyes to the seriousness of the human rights abuses against the Falun Gong in China. And the terrible and inhuman industry that has sprung up around the persecution, and the harvesting of organs and the needed creation of some 3000 organ transplant clinics in China. Run by party members and criminals and the Chinese military, and if you have the money, it will enable you to circumvent the long waiting lists of people waiting for organ donations in the west. But it is a terrible crime for you to do that, I would say, and, I don’t care how precious your feel your child is…

What an absurd concept — this deep rooted fear of death has always made me wonder. The atheist dilemma, what to do with that vacuum that is created in the middle of oneself when our only friend comes calling. When we live a life void of spirit, and truly believe that when we die, it is the end. We are transcending and transcendent…

“Step right up, step right up. Corneas for $30K, a kidney for $62K, a new heart from $130K-$160K. Or how about a new liver harvested today for the low, low price of $98K -$130K. Guaranteed not to rip, tear, or crease back of the knees. It’s good for cough colds and pimples on your ‘youknow’…”

The organ transplant industry is becoming a monster of technocracy, normalizing to the minds of even the most peaceful of the none believers — dark and evil; great profit on investment. Make one ashamed to be a human. When a government can sell your parts off for quick cash. 

China performs tens of thousands of transplants a year and strangely organ donation is, a very rare thing in China today. 

An initial and rudimentary investigation found the source of 41,500 transplants in these clinics were unexplained in terms of where the organs came from, who they belonged to and the medical conditions of the donor and the documented particulars of the donating individuals. The usual medical information did not exist. They simply appear when needed.

Chinese doctors and nurses have admitted, off the record to knowing they are using organs from prisoners of conscience.

Falun Gong are targeted, persecuted, imprisoned and are given medical exams as they enter the prison system to gain the knowledge of the health of their organs, while other inmates in prison for crimes are not given these medical exams. This serves two purposes; the determination of the health of the victims organs and the fear it brings to the Falun Gong community at large. The terror and mental pain one must feel knowing their organs will be harvested after much suffering. Falun Gong leadership have been persecuted so viciously and cruelly. The death camps of the Nazis are the only comparative to this terrible abuse.

China has a growing population in this belief of Falun Gong, nearly one in twelve in the country practice this belief. No dogma, no religion, just the simply practice of three tenets of the belief, of moral philosophy and the individual practice of qigong physical exercises. And the three tenets are: Truthfulness (Zhen), Compassion (Shan) and Forbearance (Ren). These three are the basis of a human, a fundamental nature in common law, the criteria of differentiating from right and from wrong. A universal truth in a social world.

This is practice like a Tai chi, and the belief is so threatening from the standpoint of the dictatorship of China, that they invest great amounts of money and manpower to dig out the believers and make them pay dearly. And to make a great deal of money from the pain inflicted, the torture and for the organs stolen to support the organ transplant business, which is a growing industry in China.

To travel to one of these clinics for a transplant with feigned ignorance is a crime in itself. The information is everywhere. Just a few minutes research of the subject alone will bring truth to the searcher mind. You have lost your humanity in such an act as receiving a organ transplant in one of these Chinese clinics. But this is a time of depreciating humanity, of fierce racism against the Chinese people as a whole. When they are blamed for COVID. The people of China are not to blame, the Chinese military and the WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) is to blame…

Falun Gong are tortured to death, they are beaten and dehumanized, their organs are taken and the cruel procedure will see a victim lying on a gurney for a week sometimes while parts of that person are taken to be placed in the bodies of paying customers.

“Ruin their reputation, bankrupt them financially, destroy them physically.” – Jiang Zemin

Some 60,000 to 100,000 transplants happen a year in China, and a cruel and blind, communist atheistic Central Committee in China fear this belief that opposes them, this ascending from the suffering state of Communist dictatorship, that wishes to eradicate completely the Falun Gong and their history, to erase them from reality and the past.

The development of ones moral character, the release of oneself from the hatred and anger to truth, compassion and tolerance and the awakening — the abandonment of desires of greed and spiritless communism; the unethical profit, lust, killing, theft, robbery deception and jealousy…those dark things that pull us to the ground and only inspire a faith in the individual, a strong spirit of the individual that endures their place on this Dharma wheel, this Dharmachakra the wheel of natural law. And does this without hurting others.

This belief is a direct threat to the nihilism of the Central Committee of the Chinese government. That does not even believe in itself, and is split into two personalities, the public and the private face of committee members, although some of those members practice the belief. It is ignored for the present, but the purge will continue or communism will be defeated for good on planet earth.

Falun Gong revives traditions of the old Chinese way, the old traditions and views of Chineseness. It retrieves the history that has slowly over eighty years suffered censorship, deletion and change and in many cases a passage down the memory hole, to be erased and forgotten. This past systematically taken apart and abandoned by the communist government, outlawed on their way towards a global technocracy, lead by a greedy technocratic elite. The emergence of the first and last global dictatorship. 

As of the 1990’s some 100 million Chinese people practice Falun Gong and revive the old ways of China before communism, the old belief of China as a great wonderful nation that give rise to some of the most cherished traditions within China and that were transported to the world at large. Of the gifts that China gave to the world. And there are many. Propaganda would have you believe that the Chinese have always stolen western technology, this is only the realm of the spiritually vapid and creatively dead Chinese socialist in the faith of communism. China, real China is the country of artisans and the creatively rich. Trying to pull itself up out of the long eighty year darkness of communism.

“If they are killed, just claim that they died of suicide.” – Jiang Zemin

Jiang Zemin is at the heart of the Falun Gong persecution, a desperate and soulless old central committee politician; a bastard that was once president of the PRC (People’s Republic of China), and once the Chairman of the Central Military Commission. A spineless insect of a man, a 94 year old hate filled heart of a atheistic technocrat who formed the 6-10 Office, and named it after it’s conception date of June 10, 1999. Well financed and given the directive by Zemin of eliminating without mercy the Falun Gong. A sort of a technocratic inquisition department with the sole purpose of erasing this precious belief by a technocracy on its rising in China, and now taking a hold of the western world.

6-10 reaches out into the Chinese society into towns and villages, schools and offices, to Chambers of Commerce and to regional government agencies, to television and online, into neighborhood committees and groups, to occupations and guilds, religion and faith to quash this growing belief. It is a direct threat to technocracy and Falun Gong is gaining favor quickly and has a growing populace of believers even here in the west. 

6-10 is that a Stalin like evil that reaches for global dominance and one world government run by those technocrats with scientism and engineers, opposing Falun Gong, a belief that all humans share of one individual practicing truth and compassion and forbearance against a global desire by world governments to use China as a model, that seeks to eliminate the individual on the path to truth and ascendance. The 6-10 and the Chinese military fear this peaceful movement more than any other.

Isis was a beginning, some 2600 BCE, the Goddess of fertility and love, the mourner and healer, wisdom and magician, the creator of life in the womb, the sky goddess, the holder of the beautiful and fullness of the feminine. Venus was the Greco-Roman version after ISIS spread so quickly, so fast through the civilizing world. A regional version of the old goddess…

Venus the symbol of a new beginning, taking the best of the old, she who gave birth, rejuvenating youth. Still a healer and filled with magic, soft and feminine, warm and loving. Born from sea-foam, essential to the balance of life, and of sexual success; the goddess of prostitutes, good fortune and the hearts of men. She turns vice to virtue and lust to love, her gifts were given after the marriage; the Roman roll was a turn of the dice as luck in ones fortune, and she in turn handed the power and her grace and charm, her tolerance and forbearance, her truth and her compassion to the Fatima. The mother of God.

Debden Memorial Park

The Fatima was stolen on Tuesday night in Debden, from the memorial park.

This little town on the edge of the empire, backed up against the great and green boreal north of Saskatchewan.

This strange fellow backed his heavy earth moving equipment up to the little park at the center of town and this drunken and mentally ill fool, who has watched far too many YouTube videos of statues falling in America, enacted what he saw, and took the Fatima statue from the little park. The main sculpture surrounded by the statues of the small children that saw her so long ago in France in the spring of 1917.

The ‘new normal’ is taking hold here as like other places, it saw the closing of schools and churches, but the ‘bar’ in this little town still sold liquor and beer. People were prohibits by law from gathering for their faith, and what you or I think about that is irrelevant. But cannabis stores were open. Those who practice Christianity have a right to their faith, and Christians are peaceful and loving, along with family and community orientated in that as a standard practice of their faith.

The propaganda machine of Scientism and the green religion of COVID-1984 and the socialist technocratic solution is of no help in the solving of the problems of the world. These measures add to the pain of life, and COVID is, a plan for the world; a trial by technocrats to push idealistic and useful idiots into the purging the world of its traditions and faiths. And now public, historic and religious sculpture.

A dual personally aristocracy, like the Chinese communists drives this agenda to kill all that is good and wholesome, they covet the Chinese model and fuels this division of us and in some cases persecute relentlessly those who believe in the spirit of man, the soul of man. The heart and soul of love and compassion and truth.

But not in this instance.

The statue of the Fatima has been found I hear, the perpetrator was a sad and desperate person who was isolated and terrified of the end of the world, the apocalypse and so stole it to save it, to find comfort in it, to find comfort in his suffering from the shit storm of evil that surrounds us all. I can only give the benefit of the doubt to this person. Born or driven into insanity, or from self abuse, without affluence and a means he was bought a piece of property where he might might find some solace in nature. He had erected the Fatima in the woods amongst nature and natural things. A tragic tale of a suffering human caused by COVID-1984 and a lot bad actors.

The hundreds and the thousands suffering from a toxic land and toxic food, heavy metals and poisons running through a corrupted civilization. The PEGxylated and genetically modified consumer items. The very soap used for bathing, the shampoo in ‘his’ hair, the plastic and poisonous BPA’s (Bisphenol A) in water bottles. The plastic around foods and the constant state of using PEG in a hand sanitizer — and now vaccines. The endocrine disruptors and its interference in the reproduction of human beings. The hypersensitivity of those who cannot deal with this level of poisoning within the environment.

Over one million pounds of BPA are release into the environment annually. This is both a pre consumer and post consumer problem of leaching the substance into the land.

It interferes with nitrogen fixation and the roots of all plants and their association to the soil biome, it interferes with small creatures like insects and frogs, salamanders and the birds that eat them…

The Fatima statue and memorial veterans park was something created by the passion of a priest of the Catholic church in Debden in 1945-1948. It was a promise made to the Fatima lady and the young men that served in World War II, that if she allowed all the community sons to come home — some 49 young men, who were blessed by the town father and left for the war in Europe. He would build the monument.

On the town altar, pictures of every single man was placed there, and masses said and prayers prayed for their safe return.

Hope springs eternal, and the chances of all the boys returning was slim to none. The numbers that left for that cruel war in the European and the Pacific theater, one could only hope and continue the prayers. The priest did and never stopped.

The war ended and peace came to a torn and bloodied world, the days grew shorter on the wait for those men to return. Tens of millions had died.

The miracle is that all 49 young men, they all did return home to Debden, not a single death, not a single wound, the chances are beyond belief when so many sacrificed their lives for freedom in Canada military. Some 42,000 men and women lost their lives in the second world war. Debden should have lost some lives of those home grown sons. Five should have died by the statistics, some should have wounds that affected them for life. But they all returned to live free lives, to marry and have children.

And so the memorial was built at the center of the town, beside the Church and the convent for the presentation of Mary, the Fatima and of St John the Baptist.