A slow creep of the socialist model has been going on now some one hundred and twenty years, since its inception with the Socialist Party of America. Lenin interpreting Karl Marx and Engels’s manifesto as the first stone laid of the Communist party. It is said that Socialism wishes to control production whereas communism aims to control production and consumption.

Socialism is the groundwork laid for the follow by communism, and it is moving through the polarity in North America like a California wildfire, through the call for revolution; the destruction of the university and the emasculation and corruption of the intelligentsia. The corruption of western leaders doing business with China, seeing nothing beyond their own lifespan. The innovators and inventors selling out to the great wealth and no hold barred of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Allowing all kinds of unethical experimentation in genetics and bio-genetics, medicine, new nano-tech drugs and especially organ transplant and life extension. And computer technology also in the area of communications and AI (artificial intelligence) technology and robotics.

The spectre of Communism always seeks their way through revolution and the pulling down of traditions and the destruction of what is sacred and historic. The first thing a communist wishes is the destruction of the past, a no way back, a giant burning of all bridges to the past, and the silencing and censorship of anyone who might remember it or utter its words. Communists re-write history.

The Chinese model of communism has been evolving for some eighty years and has been leading that evolution of communism — and this is a bit of misnomer here as evolution, one would think would signify a type of growth, a bettering of a thing. The CCP ( Chinese Communist Party) is not that, it is a devolution of humanity as a whole to a lesser state of such a great and wonderful thing as human progression, human evolution. The CCP looks for more subtle ways to dehumanize humanity as a whole. Although humanity struggles to reach a place above all the natural elements of chaos, that would pull us down, not through malice but through the fierceness of the world and nature at its worst. One does not wish to stop hurricanes, for they have their purpose, but it would be good to know when they are coming and to take shelter.

A communist is a criminal, pure and simple; a parasite that feeds on others, and has always fed on others, and who sees society as something that must be controlled strictly. Nature must be conquered and brought under control, it can never be excepted in its free state. The aim of the communist is to bring the very universe under its control.

In Chinese, the word ‘revolution’ actually means taking lives…and the CCP have excelled at this, Mao Zedong alone as a communist leader has killed some 60 million of his own people, Stalin in Soviet Russia has exterminated 20 million. The sum total of communist leaders of nations in the world reaches 100’s of millions through that outreach and negative feedback, to those who try to fight and see it as a global threat, it is not only the deaths of those within their own countries…

“These deaths occurred as a result of collectivization, famine, terror campaigns, disease, war and mortality rates in the Gulag.”

Communism exists in perpetual fear for its survival because it knows how truly evil it is, and so therefore it is concerned only for its own existence and that, that extols itself and overrides anything individual, anything that is separate and distinct from it. Anything that is more truthful or purer, or even simply different… which worries it so, that it must destroy anything like that, anything that is other than itself. It will not share and it will not create, and in that hates anyone that does create. It must steal what it needs, it must corrupt everything that it touches. It must have everything that it comes in contact with submitting to its terrible and cruel power. And power, it understands. Power it covets. Both hard and so quietly soft.

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is an anti-human, an endeavour of darkness described by the wise as a spectre, an evil introduced into the world. That fell on humanity like some kind of cancer. And communism aims to control through the use of methods to physically hurt someone, to endanger their survival, to enslave and deprive them of any chance to prosper. To destroy peace and bring war and disorder. The entrapping of the people’s mind, to mis/dis inform everything that is written; that they might learn and might just move forward in this life to something greater. To exclude them from important issues. To make them less than their potential. To make them feel bad about themselves. To purposely destroy beauty, creativity and the freedom to explore.

The China we are told about and the China that rules, are different things, two separate and distinct things — and it is ruled by cruel men who live in a state of a split personality. Their party face and their private face among themselves. These terrible men who have in the modern sense of, embracing a type of capitalism brought in by Deng Xiaoping, are becoming filthy rich, these criminals; these arch enemies of the world are amassing immense fortunes with the copious help of western technocratic billionaires and western greed; technocrats using their Chinese counterparts and western affluence in the Central Committee to keep some 800 million humans in slavery, and fear and tearing apart the economies of the western world, so that it may be the only one. And it uses terror like a surgeon uses a scalpel. And those who do this aim to bring down America and the west and rule the world forever. And will not stop until that is the goal is accomplished.

There is no modern China sharing the planet.

And now aided by technology, which has increased its ease and reaches, it rises quickly through a faked pandemic, that is no more destructive than a bad flu season.

“The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) evil ideology is that humans can conquer nature and transform the world into a giant technocracy.”

And for that fact the solar system. Communism is the destruction of the soul, it is parasitism at its worse. It is not commensal, it is a pure parasite, that will drain everything it comes in contact with for its wealth, life, power, and intellect. It must leave what it touches in waste. The CCP is a philosophy of parasitism in totality.

To bring one’s mind around to what I try to describe is difficult, imagining an organism that is so terribly evil is difficult. During the Cold War, America and western nations saw the accelerated rise of the Soviet Union after it’s the great defeat of Nazism and Hitler. And it did not do this because of altruism for humanity as a whole, no this was for survival only… The second world war along with western technocrats empowered Soviet communism and it spread in the world very quickly, and gained new powers of the nuclear and saw the vital need of new and cutting edge technology — as it rose to gain the paramount. In reality, there were two communism’s Soviet and Chinese versions. But both were the mechanisms of the International Communist Party. And the Communist party within these two regimes is separate from what governs the countries. And one was a sleeping dragon watching the other serve as an adversary to the west. Soviet communism collapsed from its own evil and poverty of spirit, from bankruptcy and corruption it fell into and became a Kleptocracy that now holds the Russian Federation in a stranglehold, a feigned federal presidential republic with a decoration of opposition which it controls.

The CCP has and is infiltrating every single institution; every belief; every religion, the orthodoxy of faith and belief, art and science and technology in the west. And they see a chance, a window in the present to finally make their move for global dominance and dictatorship and unfortunately, they are being helped greatly by vastly rich and shortsighted elites in the west who have sold out all that is a soul in themselves for greedy power and immense and vast accumulation of wealth.

These elites took their companies and corporations and exported them to China, decades ago, where labour is cheap and human rights are non-existent and heavily suppressed and punished when it tries to arise and oppose it. The CCP will even corrupt and pollute its own lands. Along with the jackboot of a communist central committee that forged ties with the Rockefellers long ago and the Nixons and Kissingers, of the world and now the twelve in the west here lead by one William Henry Gates III — Bill Gates as ‘we’ know him. A desperate autistic atheist who wishes to impose severe measures on the west, who can never receive enough money or power to fill the black hole that might have been a soul in him. Every major western corporation will bend a knee for the CCP.

Bill Gates has made some 14 billion dollars this year, for his fake foundation — the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) — since January of 2020 and the early start of COVID, and yet there are 40 million out of work here in America. How can that be, you might ask? And he is not alone, and you may ask, “How is this so, in a time of economic ruin? When so many lost their life’s work.

The pandemic is a communist thing, something only they, in their evil could have thought of…Bill Gates and his ilk — greedy beyond greed, have built their vast fortunes and technocracy on the backs of Chinese slaves and aid the communists in their destruction of the western economies. They, the technocrats see the Chinese Communist Party as the model of a New World Order, a political machine for their technocracy.  A Chinese people are beaten down and enslaved over the 99 years that the CCP has existed, using every low condition of human weakness; deceit and lies, murder and mayhem and genocide; persecution and sabotage; betrayal and bribery; robbery and thief; using fear and terror, a well-oiled tool; the immoral and dark atheism of CCP will use anything it can to gain global control for their own and for the traitorous Big Tech of the west.

As of this writing, the world has been brought to its knees in terror and fear, by an economy that has been sabotaged, and its medical dictatorship and western leaders in newly acquired power, mandating rules and more rules, of social distancing and the wearing of masks, of closed schools and community activities; sports and collecting in groups, fake PCR testing to raise the numbers of COVID — they seek greater power of the voters and pay with fiat currency those who will help bring the free world down by a virus that is said to be SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. And those wanting a free life are their most adoring fans. Those who take their cheques, paid for on the backs of hard-working tax payers. And this has allowed us to see the nature of our leadership and their true purpose.

Mike Pompeo has been asking since Oct/2019 for a sample of the actual and original SARS-CoV-2 virus as have other BSL-4 labs. They are still waiting for those samples, for the CCP is a criminal and will never give it up. Because it is a gain of function flu that was released. Something manipulated by Wuhan and Beijing. And a new and novel coronavirus does not exist.

In the race to find a lucrative vaccine, a race that many global vaccine companies have taken up — the profit to be made from this endeavour is in the trillions of dollars and probably years long. There will never be an end to it unless it is stopped.

There are presently 321 vaccine candidates in development. We need that many? Is there that much incentive? The answer is yes when they slowly move us to a global mandating of a vaccine and there is no suing a vaccine company for damages. When Gates, informed by his minions says we need control and immunity passports and schooling online, and masks and more security, and tighter and tighter controls we must be squeezed till there is nothing left of us but a technocratic machine.

The virus which originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology was either purposely released or accidentally released it is said. Many with knowledge and expertise stand up claim that at their peril. It seems knowing the extends the CCP will go to and have gone to in the past to gain the upper hand, to gain the lead in an unimaginably vast and profitable market for an antidote to the condition. If I was to take a position I would suggest the former. The CCP will stoop to the lowest levels to succeed and lead the world in the science of bio-genetics and nanotechnology. It has bribed a WHO (World Health Organization) with billions of dollars, and I believe the WHO works for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and is no longer a free and separate entity. As I believe the UN itself is in the same predicament, China dominates and has without any same taken control of the matter of Human Rights and its counsel within the UN.


The CCP using Sinopharm’s vaccine — and there are another five vaccines in development in China — they will strive to dominate the vaccine market. Sinopharm is only one of the many vaccine companies the CCP has put it’s meaning behind — the CCP controls or finances or owns outright.

Sinopharm is a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) owned enterprise to run and chaired by Guo Jianxin, the Party Committee Secretary.

Sinopharm Group is a subsidiary of the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corp (CNPGC) with revenue of some 250 billion yuan (2014) and some 4 billion yuan net income (2014).

Sinopharm Group has it’s own revenue of 230 billion yuan (2015), with an annual income of 4 billion yuan (2015). And that sum could rise exponentially in the 2020s, as it builds new complexes and factories to vaccinate a planet.

Sinopharm Group is the parent company of Sinopharm a state-owned entity, and its vaccine manufacturing. Sinopharm is…

“One of its subsidiaries is the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co Ltd. a biotechnology company based in Wuhan, specializing in vaccines. It was fined for selling 400,520 ineffective DPT vaccines in November 2017.”

But yet, it gets to jab tens of thousands with an unproven vaccine. Technology is running amuck, a global accident waiting to happen, or is that the plan?

And as you know, COVID originated in Wuhan. And the Sinopharm Group (Wuhan Institute of Biological Products) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Wuhan Institute of Virology) are in Wuhan. And that is no coincidence that Sinopharm the largest vaccine company in China has been given the go-ahead to use its new vaccine on hundreds of thousands of humans. They have had the vaccine since the beginning.

The employees of the state-owned and run oil giant PetroChina were forced to take the unproven Sinopharm vaccine.

With China-owned billions of dollars of unpaid debt by poor African countries — it’s not hard to see where this is going.  Sinopharm has been testing in UAE (United Arab Emirates), Argentine, Peru and Morocco.

“Two Phase 3 vaccines by Sinopharm were given emergency approval in the [UAE] United Arab Emirates.” – New York Times

CanSino Biologics another CCP controlled vaccine company was recently turned down from testing its COVID vaccine in Canada at Dalhousie University shortly after this summer’s controversy at the BSL-4 lab in Winnipeg suffered a breach in security, with two scientists — a husband and wife team walking out with viral material and travelling to the Wuhan BSL-4. And this is not the first time that something like this has happened at National Microbiology Laboratory, a man drove across the Manitoba/North Dakota border with vials of virus materials in his trunk, a scientist on way to a research lab, he got 17 days in jail, and civilization as we know it dodged a bullet. The Chinese acquiring Canadian goldmines and the Huawei scandal, have all added to this…

The new CanSino Biologics — another Chinese company developing a COVID vaccine is being used by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) for a one year term. And if the numbers are correct China holds a standing army of some 2 million men and women. CanSino Biologics has plans to produce 100-200 million doses a year at its new facilities to be completed in 2021.

“In China, the government is providing [low-rate loans to a vaccine developer] through its central bank, and has “quickly made land available for the company” to build production plants.[34] [As of June 2020, six of the eleven COVID‑19 vaccine candidates in early-stage human testing were developed by Chinese organizations.][35] [Three Chinese vaccine companies and research institutes are supported by the government for financing research, conducting clinical trials, and manufacturing the most promising vaccine candidates, while prioritizing rapid evidence of efficacy over safety.][45] [On 18 May, China had pledged US $2 billion to support overall efforts by the WHO for programs against COVID‑19.][46] [On 22 July, China additionally announced that it plans to provide a US$1 billion loan to make its vaccine accessible for countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.][47] [On August 24, China announced it would provide five Southeast Asian countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam priority access to the vaccine once it was fully developed.]”


…China has been amassing incredible manufacturing power at the cost to the west of a disintegrating manufacturing infrastructure, which was the largest in the world at one time. And now along with all this dollar store junk from an excess of dumping western plastic waste, re-manufactured into widgets, and gadgets; their back doors into communication tech like Huawei cellphones (who received some $75 billion from loans, credit lines and other incentives from the CCP) and the purchasing of any intellectual, property or property maker, because they stifle the creative within China and therefore have to purchase it or grow it overseas.

The case against China’s Thousand Talents Program (TTP); a multi-million dollar clandestine project seducing western scientists in numbers from Universities across the United States and Canada with millions of dollars, obedient subservient graduate students by the truckload, and their own labs in major Chinese universities, and this must be exposed for its thief and corruption of western technology and brain-draining institutions by parasitic communists — Kleptocracy, really, bound on a world dominance objective. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party), the financing and control behind the TTP, which is behind the thief and corruption of great amounts of intellectual and corporate property. Technology, innovations, and inventions, patents of those inventions stolen and paid for by a gang of thugs bound on its crime and on global criminality…