TECHNOCRACY: Technocratic Machinery

All the big box store giants are enforcing masking and hand sanitizing when entering their stores in spite of your right to refuse it.

Amazon, one of Big Tech five would hope that the COVID lockdowns and re-lock downs never end as they presently are, for Amazon has reaped great rewards during Covid. Like all the Big Tech five have gained immensely while the rest of the world has suffered and become impoverished.

Bill Gates and his foundation for instance, the BMGF (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) promised to give away its fortune to philanthropy. In March 2020 Bill Gates stepped down from the Microsoft Board — but he did create a new area for himself within the company where he oversees all decisions made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

He sold all his stock and owns 1% of prime share. And invested that money in mix stock and other assets. To date Bill Gates has donated $35 billion worth of Microsoft stock to the Gates foundation.

At the beginning of January of 2020, the start of COVID-1984. The BMGF was worth $104 billion, and now as of 10/21/2020, it is worth $116.9 billion. But then a foundation only has to give away 1% of its wealth each year to qualify for tax free foundation status.

I don’t think Bill is giving money away at all. It is obvious that he is making vastly more than he gives away, and pays not a single cent in tax.

These Big Tech entities, equal the power of the Technocrats that own them, to control a planet into a ‘Technocratic dictatorship’.

Bill Gates and his more important means of making money the BMGF do their part to keep you online and away from stores. Masked and sanitized and continually afraid, promoting his pet project: control, vaccines, and immunity passports and more surveillance and technocratic controls. Bill has been active in a campaign of fear that’s only other rival would be the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

Bill works away in his little workshop tinkering in his backyard thinking up new ways to contest the shit storm of human rights violations surfacing from foreign nations and soon that will keep Bill permanently occupied for his malfeasance in these matters — that is coming his way very soon.

Big Tech has five members, five horsemen and they are the dominant companies in information technology.

Amazon, Apple, Google (Alphabet), Facebook and Microsoft. Each has a market capitalization of some $500 billion to almost $1 Trillion, and rising very fast…

This list is up to date as of September 30, 2020. Indicated changes in market value are relative to the previous quarter.

Rank First quarter Second quarter Third quarter
1 United States Microsoft
United States Apple Inc.
United States Apple Inc.
2 United States Apple Inc.
United States Microsoft
United States Microsoft
3 United States
United States
United States
4 United States Alphabet Inc.
United States Alphabet Inc.
United States Alphabet Inc.
5 China Alibaba Group
United States Facebook, Inc.
China Alibaba Group
6 United States Facebook, Inc.
China Tencent
United States Facebook, Inc.
7 China Tencent
China Alibaba Group
China Tencent
8 United States Berkshire Hathaway
United States Berkshire Hathaway
United States Berkshire Hathaway
9 United States Visa
United States Visa
United States Visa Inc.
10 United States Johnson & Johnson
United States Johnson & Johnson
Taiwan TSMC


Alibaba and Tencent – Chinese Communist Party directed/influenced companies — along with Facebook hover and trade places between the fifth and seventh positions of the richest and most powerful information Technology companies on the planet.

Alibaba owned by a higher up in the Chinese Communist Party member, Jack Ma — the richest technocrat in China, was the head of a Beijing Company backed by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. He persuaded them to help him form Alibaba which has received very rich and generous injections of money — tens of millions of dollars actually —  and that has happened numerous times to aid in it very fast climb to a global level economy, which rivals Google and Facebook as a technocratic giant.

And then there is Tencent which steals all its technology from competitors, mainly American, and like all Chinese corporations are controlled directly or informed by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

“Some have speculated it may not be possible to live in the digital world day-to-day outside of the ecosystem created by these companies,[12] and concerns over monopolistic practices have led to antitrust investigations from the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission in the United States,[13][14][15] and the European Commission.[16] Commentators have questioned the impact of these companies on privacy, market power, free speech and censorship (including inappropriate content), and national security and law enforcement.”  — Wikipedia

But this is not what I want to speak about today. Today is about Google, fourth on the list of American information giants which has and continues to abuse privacy laws, censorship and the illegal gathering of personal data which it sells to companies all over the world and not to say the least, even colludes with the Chinese Communist Party. That’s right Google sell your personal data to China. You might call Google a spy for the CCP.

Google monopolizes and dictates like a communist to its users in the west.

As of this morning the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) along with some eleven state Attorneys General, has filed a civil ant-trust lawsuit against Google.

The charge includes:

“[…]maintaining monopolies through anticompetitive and exclusionary practices in the search and search advertising markets and to remedy the competitive harms. The participating state Attorneys General offices represent Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, and Texas.”

William Barr the United States Attorney general, stated…

 “Today, millions of Americans rely on the Internet and online platforms for their daily lives.  Competition in this industry is vitally important, which is why today’s challenge against Google — the gatekeeper of the Internet — for violating antitrust laws is a monumental case both for the Department of Justice and for the American people, […]”

He went on to say that…

“Since my confirmation, I have prioritized the Department’s review of online market-leading platforms to ensure that our technology industries remain competitive.  This lawsuit strikes at the heart of Google’s grip over the internet for millions of American consumers, advertisers, small businesses and entrepreneurs beholden to an unlawful monopolist.”

Jeffrey Rosen the Deputy Attorney general followed by stating for his part, that…

 “As with its historic antitrust actions against AT&T in 1974 and Microsoft in 1998, the Department is again enforcing the Sherman Act to restore the role of competition and open the door to the next wave of innovation—this time in vital digital markets, […]”

Google’s reply to Twitter was…

” Today’s lawsuit by the Department of Justice is deeply flawed. People use Google because they choose to — not because they’re forced to or because they can’t find alternatives. We will have a full statement this morning.”

This lawsuit has been long overdue, Google has been dictatorial in its pursuits of market share and how it gathers information for its search engine.

From the controlled ranking of its data to its blatant censorship of what it does not like… Google has been designing information gathering. And that process is extremely contagious and setting a wrongful precedent with smaller companies trying to rise in popularity on the Internet.

Google accounts for 90% of all search queries and it influences every area of research and business. Having a market value of close to $1 Trillion it has been called the gatekeeper of the Internet and rightly so…fetching and controlling the searches of billions of people and it influences their choices. Not only in information and what kind of information they get, but it interferes in elections, and election candidates and it is stifling conservative views worldwide. It interferes in business transactions and covets absolute control.

Google has used its power and wealth abusively to lock out other search engines by buying into the firmware of new phones and tablets, by using exclusionary agreements to lock out competitors and have Google as a pre-set default search engine on billions of electronic devices. Google possesses new devices and confused users believe they have no other choice but Google.

Google aids, and is, in cahoots with its brothers in Big Tech and a foreign superpower — entering into long term agreements with Apple on its Safari browser and other search tools, forbidding any per-installation of competing search engines.

It’s relationship with Microsoft is as it should be, with space big enough for both, and I sure their relationship will tighten and become even closer as Google fines itself in the same situation Microsoft did in 1998 for ‘its’ anti-trust violations and monopolizing.

The settlement did little to stop Microsoft, and many have stated that it created dangerous precedent that might just rise its ugly head in the Google case.

Hopefully the prosecutors will not allow Google to use evasive and non responsiveness language to evade the truth at Googles criminality in this matter. Bill Gates was allowed to be far too autistic and a liar in his responses to questions asked back in 1998.

Technocrats feel it is their right to rule the planet by technocracy, engineering and science.

Google uses its vast wealth to buy influence and preferential treatment for its search engine, creating a constant cycle of continuing monopolization.

Google has got far too big. And believes it can do what it wishes, even violating the inalienable rights of free democratic people and the free rights of other democratic nations and individuals and individual companies.

Tulsi Gabbard sued Google for blocking her ads and censoring her presidential campaign. And this did her very serious damage. It cost her the run at the presidency.

Google is choosing who we vote for, by manipulating the search results. In a study conducted in 2015 through the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology…

“The search engine manipulation effect (SEME) and its possible impact on the outcomes of elections”

In the last presidential election Google manipulated between 2.6 and 16 million votes in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Robert Epstein a senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT) and former editor-in-chief of Psychology today has stated that Google is one of the biggest threats to Democracy in his 2015 study he showed how it is done.

In an article posted in the subliminal is still alive and being orchestrated by Google as it manipulates the search for data it is asked simply only to retrieve. It places what it thinks at the top of the list and suppresses what it does not like, its algorithms are design just so that action will happen.

Robert Epstein likens the search engine to be in effect, the most powerful mind control machine ever invented. Although that study was in 2015 it should not be taken lightly here in 2020, and coming close to another federal election. The methods have only become more complex, more refined and exacting. With a greatly improved algorithms and AI controlling the search findings.

The European Commission imposed Google with a $1.69 billion fine from preventing rivals to compete. And Google was sued in 2018 by the European Commission and fined $5.13 Billion for breaching anti-trust laws — so this is not the first time it has been accused of these violations of public trust. This is repeated behavior throughout Google’s history, and it uses them them ion its foreign markets.

The Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL) fined Google for a violation of the general data protection regulation.

Mozilla has accused Google continuously of sabotaging Firefox slowing down YouTube videos on the browser.

There has been a growing resistance to Google’s dominance in the market and willingness to manipulate markets in keep its monopoly — in 2017 Google entered a deal with the United States Department of Defense (DoD) on ‘Project Maven’ to improve the accuracy of drones strikes. Google employees and engineers signed a letter of disapproval, and Google because of the backlash did not renew its DoD contract in 2019, but, hypocritically works for the Chinese Communist Party’s military and, is creating an alternative search engine for the CCP which abides by China’s censorship laws and the new search engine Dragonfly will be compatible with the State censorship provision and that secret work by Google employees. Enabling the CCP to spy on its citizens, Google giving up important information that would endanger human rights and their freedom and especially their lives.

Dragonfly would never be tolerated in America, by the public and the government. In the end, the company said that Dragonfly was scrapped, but insiders say, secretly it is not — the China version of Google does still abide by the censorship requirements of the CCP.

The Chinese version of Google censors inquiries into Tibet and the Falun Gong, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Uyghurs and the Mongolian Autonomous Region anything that the CCP does not wish to have seen, heard or spoken about.

“On 14 August 2020, following the enactment of the Hong Kong national security law, Google China stated that it would no longer directly respond to data requests from the Hong Kong authorities, and would instead have them go through a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty with the United States.”

— Wikipedia

In fact, Google is quite at home with these sorts of ways and it is in that monopolizing and censoring that it has got itself into trouble with the US government.

Google has been changing very fast as it gains vast wealth and online power…

The continuing and present and uncalled for censorship of complete channels it deems unfit in its subsidiary YouTube, censoring Alex Jones and Infowars, among many many others, and the ongoing ‘Great YouTube Purge’ shows how much it is learning and being influenced by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Google’s investments into Chinese companies — and lately its $800 million dollars into vaccines are questionable enabling it to stifle any anti-vaccine information and information hurting those companies. Favoring its own position, where there are hundreds of millions of dollars of investment at stake.

Quashing the vaccine debate which is far from over.

In a Chinese state-run internet conference, a couple years back Google and Apple were there for China.

“Cook [Apple] told the event that “the theme of this conference – developing a digital economy for openness and shared benefits – is a vision we at Apple share” adding that Apple “is proud to have worked alongside many of our partners in China to help build a community that will join a common future in cyberspace”

There is no common future in cyberspace, the CCP is heavily into censorship and control, and opposed to the western version of that is openness and freedom and the protection of human rights.

The CCP is bound on world dominance and governance and will steal everything and share nothing. It does not want to be part of any community an as the most evil entity on the planet, it aims to conquer the world, conquer the Universe.

At the conference Cooke agreed to the CCP requests to remove dozens of virtual private network (VPN) apps from its local apps store, but then in February of 2016 as requested by the US Department of Justice and a federal magistrate Judge to allow them to circumvent the phone’s iOS firmware to gain access to Rizwan Farook’s iPhone 5C, he declined. Cooke stated publicly in an open letter that he denounced the governments demands as ” […] constituting a ‘breach of privacy” with chilling consequences.”

And Google’s Pichai said at that China conference…

 “[…] a lot of work Google does is to help Chinese companies. Many small and medium-sized businesses in China take advantage of Google to get their products to many other countries outside of China.”

The Chinese government used the event to pursue its argument that its censorship and regulation of the Internet do not interfere with business as usual. Because business as usual is with CCP permission only. China is a large market for Google and it seems that it will do almost anything to gain that one-fifth of the global Internet users. Hundreds of millions of users.

Google has gone too far and its recent purges and censorship rules are only showing how much the Internet is closing down to competition and new and innovative ideas, the censorship only shows how far Google will go to keep its monopoly as the leading and only real choice as a search engine, as others must obey Google and, other search engine choices are ‘enhanced by Google’  according to it’s needs and beliefs. Google is, in control of  all internet searches.

Google has, become a communist…

In a worrying piece published in Dec/2017, it spoke to Google’s opening an AI center in China, although Google’s free world version of its popular search engine is blocked in China.

It is opening its knowledge of AI to the CCP? Do they know how dangerous this is…

 “The center will be headed by Fei-Fei Li, a Stanford University professor who is chief scientist of AI and machine learning at Google Cloud, and Jia Li, head of research and development at Google Cloud AI.

The tech giant’s AI push in China comes amid growing recognition of the country’s rise as a major contender in the space.”

Google cannot be trusted, it thinks like a communist and acts like one, overlooking human rights abuses it caters to the needs of dictators and regimes. It has no allegiance to its home nation, the United States of America, and would allow a nation that cares little of human rights, and only seeks global control to gain a foothold in a vital technology that would offer unlimited power to its possessor if it gained the upper hand.

In the court document, titled under “Nature of This Action” it started with…

“Two decades ago, Google became the darling of Silicon Valley as a scrappy [startup] with an innovative way to search the emerging internet. That Google is long gone. The Google of today is a monopoly gatekeeper for the internet, and one of the wealthiest companies on the planet, with a market value of $1 trillion and annual revenue exceeding $160 billion. For many years, Google has used anticompetitive tactics to maintain and extend its monopolies in the markets for general search services, search advertising, and general search text advertising—the cornerstones of its empire.”

“Google will continue executing its anticompetitive strategy, crippling the competitive process, reducing consumer choice, and stifling innovation. Google is now the unchallenged gateway to the internet for billions of users worldwide. As a consequence, countless advertisers must pay a toll to Google’s search advertising and general search text advertising monopolies; American consumers are forced to accept Google’s policies, privacy practices, and use of personal data; and new companies with innovative business models cannot emerge from Google’s long shadow. For the sake of American consumers, advertisers, and all companies now reliant on the internet economy, the time has come to stop Google’s anticompetitive conduct and restore competition.”

In a time when we need entrepreneurs, new ways of doing things, new ideas, a stop to the division and polarity of civilization, a need for many ideas to combat the darkness that wishes to take over and turn the planet into a technocratic dictatorship, Google stands there with only ‘its’ ideas and its versions, it is too large and like Microsoft before it, it is deluded into believing it is untouchable.

It has been corrupted and contaminated with communist ideas and ways of doing business. It is either naïve of the CCP, the Chinese Communist party, the cruelest and most evil of dictatorships, and human rights abuser on the planet. Or, it does not care about it and so is therefore, a danger to a free and democratically open society which learns and competes and never censors ideas or abuses human rights or monopolizes and manipulates choices.

I think it is the latter.

Google’s time has come and gone and we are in need of something fresh and new. Something to wake up that spirit of innovation. The world has had it fill of dictators, we do not need them online.