“[…] an important part of China’s overseas propaganda set-up.”

The CCP and its ability to use soft power in areas that it considered of extreme importance and highly sensitive are growing as the political landscape and the polarity in the west separates and divides people…as the Internet and communications technology advances quickly.



Soft Power: the ability of a nation to use cultural coercion, to co-opt, to attract an adversary rather than use hard power. Political values are exploited fully, and as has been seen in the west, the CCP giving candy to babies, the exploitation advances in on younger and younger audiences.

TikTok and We Chat, apps created in China use soft power to coerce very young people, slowing changing their values, prohibiting truth about human rights abuses in China, the persecution of the Falun Gong; the terrible human rights abuses in Tibet, Hong Kong, India, Xinjiang Uyghurs in the Mongolian Autonomous Region. Using the lowest common denominator to gain a vast audience and through technology gather mountains of data on their choices, their culture, their likes and dislikes, what motivates them emotionally, how is their love, their views on life and conversations so that might turn them and be used against them. Causing division in them, and nurturing subversion. And use them against their government. Furthering the views of a socialist collective and the soft cheese glob of a global China Technocratic collective.

As has been widely stated, gullibility and the naivete posts of young people are used against them, their openness and concern for a justice and a fair world, that their government is the cause of strife and inhumane, that their government enslaved their ancestors, and is causing wars abroad is a nonsense belief and a weapon to be exploited …

“Idealism in youth is the fuel for China soft power.”

The electronic addiction is keeping them online and using these social network apps for long hours; this affects young people greatly and only under complaint have apps like TikTok put a warning and shut the app down after 90 minutes of continuous use.

The app violates privacy and there are cyber-bullying concerns. TikTok shadow bans, its suppresses information it feels puts the CCP under scrutiny for its constant human rights abuses and violations. Blocking videos that speak to these terrible abuses.

Many countries see the use and content as immoral, obscene, vulgar and encouraging pornography. Posts are suppressed that are deemed too ugly, poor or put up by the disabled.

These can only be described as brainwashing techniques; keeping the user constantly occupied while something else is going on — with one billion users and 40 languages, this is a enormous soft power tool used by a CCP regime to hold that power over other nations with free and open Internet, while the CCP hypocritically keep China, controlled, strictly censored, under constant surveillance using their 200 million cameras across China and keeping the Chinese people ignorant in the darkness of the truth of the western world.

Thirty-nine nations have slammed down on China and voiced their complaints about the CCP constant human rights abuses in the United Nations Council.

China holds soft power influence over some 40% of EU companies. These companies eager to be part of the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, which aims to influence some 70 countries and their international organizations — and this is not being done fairly. China’s exploitation of a global economy which it has demanded some $900 billion a year in infrastructure investment over the next decade, resulting in a debt instrument that is extremely powerful and exploitative. Giving massive amounts of money to small countries as it has done recently with Vanuatu, who can never ever pay back such vast loan amounts, and these can only be seen as bribery, with the nation eventually having to give up something critical later on, like a military port.

Vanuatu has been corrupted into selling citizenship at a 150,000 apiece, and its passports allow free travel into Europe. The demand from China is booming. The CCP gave a $65 million loan to this little country of 300,000 people so they might use it to upgrade the infrastructure of the country; primarily the port, which is its real purpose and so a deep port was put in, something that Vanuatu did not need. The country is mainly a tourism resort and fishing is 71% of its economy, for local consumption. It is a tax haven and is exploited by China for this, along with its “Flag of convenience” which is sought after by Merchant vessels which allow concealment of ownership among other things.

“The four mainstays of the economy are agriculture, tourism, offshore financial services, and raising cattle. Vanuatu sells citizenship for about $150,000, and its passports allow visa-free travel throughout Europe. With demand from the Chinese market booming, passport sales may now account for more than 30% of the country’s revenue.[132]”

With China in a trade war with the West namely America, and constantly undermining any real or potential new growth, selling cheaply in western markets using oceans of CCP money paid to its new and upstart corporations to kill any competition. The CCP aims for absolute global communist control of manufacturing and consumption.

Huawei had to be put under restraints with their connections to the CCP and some $75 billion in investment by the CCP in the last three years — enabling them to sell their products at ridiculously low prices as they strive to dominate 5G technology and western markets.

“Man follows the earth, earth follows the heavens, the heavens follows the Tao, and the Tao follows the natural.”

— Lao Tzu, Tao-Te Ching

But not the Chinese Communist Party, they have no use in the contemporary liking of Confucius, or use for Confucius himself, although they do take his name to support their soft power in the Confucius Institutes around the globe. They have no belief in what the great master wrote and philosophized in his lifetime. He is a brand to be used for an alternative process. If he was alive today in China he would be persecuted for his philosophy. He would be grabbed and dragged off to some secret prison to suffer re-education, or he might end up on his back on a gurney with his organs removed to supply the 3000 organ transplant centers in China, and the growing transplant tourism that has quickly taken hold under CCP support. But he would not speak freely as he did in his own time.

The Chinese regime has waged war on Confucianism ever since Chen Duxiu and the founding of the CCP, the co-founder of the Communist party tried to bring it to communism — his expulsion shortly after its founding, his persecution and expelling for his beliefs and the 15-year prison sentence and his exit into obscurity and Confucianism demise.

The revitalizing and political re-branding of Confucius only aids China’s soft power approach to politics, in the form of ‘Confucius Institutes‘.

 The Confucius Institutes are one way of using soft power by giving and supporting the use of the Chinese language and China’s culture as a mechanism of propaganda.

There are some 400 institutes around the world with the aim of having some 1000 by 2020. The CCP has invested $158 million into them with most receiving somewhere in the range of $100,000 to $200,000 a year. Free trips to China for administrators; they speak to a touchy-freely version of Chinese culture, which the CCP does not believe in, but it does sell everything Chinese and is a classic use of a soft power tool. They wish to sell the idea of a wise and good China and normalize that kind of idea of China in the classrooms of the young and the minds of the next generation in the west. Aided by traitorous and leftist educators in the many Universities and K-12 schools that have taken on this dangerous program.

“Li Changchun, the 5th-highest-ranking member of the Politburo Standing Committee, was quoted in The Economist saying that the Confucius Institutes were [“an important part of China’s overseas propaganda set-up”].” — Wikipedia

*my emphasis*

Confucius Institutes (CI) are ‘Trojan horses’ for subversion and polarizing a democratic society, for disillusion of youth in their American values, CI are the propaganda machinery of technocrats aimed at a global technocracy.

A number of countries are taking steps to shut down Confucius Institutes (CI), many have — Sweden is one country that has shut down all Confucius institutions. The last one closed April/2020 as the Wuhan virus was the last straw. There are some 86 remaining in the United States, but Trump has been taking steps and been waging war against Beijing and unfair economic practices along with host of other things. They are now required to register as foreign body institutes and under arrests of China nationals spying, PLA arrests in universities and colleges. Contracts are being suspended worldwide amid China’s sweeping terms and fake news and fake Wuhan virus data.

CI are trying for integration into western universities and they are spy centers, propaganda centers and the money that they pay is tempting to take by cash strapped colleges.

Confucius Institutes are controlled by the CCP directly, under the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (UFWD) and Liu Yandong who served until recently as the Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China.

The United Front Work Department has expanded and intensified its occupation since Xi Jinping took office. It has some 40,000 personnel and an undisclosed budget, in fact, it is a reality manufacturing machine that works tirelessly to influence elites and elite organizations with power and clout in the democratic world outside of China. It was run by Liu Yandong, but now she puts her time into the expanding need of the Confucius institutes in a global setting.

Liu Yandong is considered to be a Princeling, a Party’s Crown Princes and inheritor of her father’s power and prominence and influence as a past party member. The UFWD runs the Confucius Institutes and expands that soft power influence.

China has now become the most popular Asian nation to attract foreign students the numbers of enrollment are rising from a number of some 36,000 a decade ago to now since 2010 rising to 240,000 a year. And the CCP the UFWD takes a close watch on this to normalize a China in those fertile minds.

‘Face Mask diplomacy’ has taken over in the west, as the China influence of the WHO drives more soft power to gain a normalizing of that initiative needed to expand a massive lie that was instituted to break a western economy that was threatening China with tariffs and fair wages and competition and the end to CCP deep pockets bribery. This is all part of that major economic plan for China to be the economic engine of the planet distracting western nations and individuals as a whole from addressing massive human rights violations and its monopolizing of global markets by the lowest of economic methods and ways. In the west, it is fast becoming vaccine diplomacy supported by the Chinese propaganda spun constantly on social media, always threatening the censorship of online media, citizen journalism which is the only truth left as MSM is owned, bought and paid for by the left and global technocrats and China.

Interesting to note is the massive amounts of money being paid to television media by the Joe Biden campaign and the quickness to upend and squelch any truth about the Biden family corruption; Hunter Biden selling White House influence to the China Entrepreneur Club. China Joe and his being influenced by the China Entrepreneurs Club.

The Biden campaign has paid some $600 million, in TV ads for his run for the 2020 presidential election to unseat Donald Trump who seems to be the only one calling the CCP to admit its crimes. Sanctions and tariffs against illegal trade practices, the banning of TikTok in America only to have it overturned — who has that kind of power?  China Joe has some big and very deep pockets behind him, and it is easy to presume that those pockets are CCP.

Biden is China’s candidate. They want him as President of the United States of America.

He signifies an opening of America to the final rape by China and CCP by its China Entrepreneurs Club. People like Jack Ma the Chair of the board and founder of Alibaba Group and Wang Zhongyu the president. There has never been a group of such criminals before, a group of such evilly conceived bastards of the CCP.

The CCP supports BLM (Black Lives Matter), and Antifa and numbers of other subversive activist groups that undermine American and democratic interests.

China’s soft power can be seen in its economic rise, and now more so in African nations. Its willingness to hand out vast unsecured loans without any interference into internal politics, always seeding socialism of those small nations — holding back until it truly needs something vital; its willingness to turn a blind eye to things like child slavery, environmental degradation, water rights and human rights.

China seeks resources and buys up everything in its wake, only to show its face recently pushing its untested and unproven vaccines on these nations, who are now in terrible debt fault. It looks to dominate vaccine manufacturing and the western Big Pharma giants will kowtow to those Chinese companies that can do it for less. Or else!

China uses CONGO‘s (Government Organized Non-Governmental Organization). It is soft power influencing education, foreign aid, and African development. It uses it’s vast propaganda machine against the west souring relationships that were hard fought for and nourished after years of negotiations and willingness to aid and help in development, the “teach a man to fish” ideology rather than the soft power version and money bag diplomacy of China to operate like a loan shark and hand vast amounts out into hands that have not seen such great wealth, corruptible hands, only when it needs to walk in later with uncalled for demands and ownership of…a resource, or a port.

In conclusion, COVID-1984 has changed the world, and not for the better, a New Normal is being purported and a Great Reset and threatening of no return to what was, and what fades to memory, assisted by the great library burning to what was normal, we are forever changed.

The old are being killed off by COVID and so their memories are lost, like I said before, all bridges will be burned, there will be no way back.

Social distancing and masks are that normal, we are seen now as carriers of disease; and if we are asymptomatic, spreaders possible biological terrorists because of our refusal to adhere to their rules. We are being separated from what was, towards something that feels and looks like totalitarianism, global technocratic fascism.

China is changing us, but I do sense and see the numbers of individuals rising and saying enough of China’s influence. They cannot say one thing and do another. We are on an edge and I am sure that this recent surge in blow back will continue to gain power and momentum against a regime that will end humanity and replace it with slavery never seen before on planet earth, where humans are reduced to the value of their organs, in dirt squalor, masked and a bowl of rice unless you obey, and those that are not wanted will be sterilized out of existence.

Suppression and lies and brute force. The CCP will replace freedom with class capitalism and a immense corrupt and global criminal class. Bound on the domination of nature and the conquering of all life, anti-individual, anti-universe, anti-freedom… anti-god.