Are We in Next Year Yet?

2020 is heading to end: A year to remember. A year to not to remember maybe — it never really happened, the reality was taken into the hands of dark artists. And the forever flowing and continuous narrative of day to day life was tweaked and changed to suite a blueprint. To keep you all tied up in fear and loathing about life.

About how life has become cheap and worthless and you are a virus now, and if you don’t wear a mask and social distance and take you vaccine shots — yes there will be many, many shots and Biden darkness and infamous Dark Winter that they long for…because human are biological terrorist now.

It is one of those years, that when your old, and, on your porch rocking thirty years from now; your grandchild — if you are allowed to have one, about your knees, six feet apart, playing with their cellphone implant on their wrist and, the little one will say through masked face… “Grandpa what was like when you grew up. Remember Grandpa?…when people drove their own cars, and thought it was crazy to to be vaccinated? Tell me that story?”

And you will get a twinkle in your eye and quickly interject and say “Well I remember back in 2020…man that was year, when the COVID narrative first came to us, and sucked the fun out of the first nine months of the year and the presidential election that turned into a soft coup, an election thief by the Biden/Harris dictatorship that took hold along with the corrupt Democratic party in cahoots with the Big Tech China clusterfuck that drained the blood out the what was left of that rest of the year. And nobody was allowed to celebrate Christmas. It was declared turkeys carry coronavirus.”


No!… but seriously folks! what happened? When did we go through the portal and end up in this alternate universe where ‘Zombie Joe Biden’ (200 million deaths from COVID) and his band of renown; the chorus of main stream media mouthpieces, creating a “Digital Iron Curtain’ and some tens of millions of voters who believe or might not believe they can control a democratic voting process and interfere with a 2020 presidential election, and keep counting votes until they can declare themselves the winners of that 2020 presidential election? For the simple fact they don’t like Donald Trunp?

Let’s not talk about that he can still walk instead of shuffle, and that he can choose his own words and speak them and doesn’t need a teleprompter and earpiece with someone yelling into it, “READ THE PROMPTER, DON’T SAY ANYTHING ELSE JOE!”

Or is it just a few, that have corrupted the process and the rest of the voter population amounting to tens of millions think their candidate has won the election. And really don’t care what the Trump administration and democracy wants…

At what point did those that count and manage that counting clearly loose it and say, nooooha!… No!….noooh!…we don’t care about the democratic process, and we are allow to keep counting votes until we make it…fake it till we make it, and we are all in this together and Trump has to go, no matter how we have to do it.

And Kamala, is so quiet, have ya noticed — is she in on it? Are they all, in on it. Was that the whole point? Getting this particular woman into the White House. The left’s need to get a woman in the White House. Revenge of the Hillary?

The first black-Asian-woman-democrat-vice president of the United States of America. Soon to become also the first-black-Asian-woman-democrat-President of the United States. If the Democrats are allowed to ‘STEAL’ the election.

“We must continue to speak up, today and each day, to guarantee equal pay for equal work, protect women’s right to choose, and help build a society with the spirit of aloha where people are treated equally as human beings”

-Tulsi Gabbard

And yet Google, a search engine that is a global monopoly sabotage’s the one and only qualified female candidate Tulsi Gabbard, who personally I thought would have been the one… But Tulsi Gabbard thinks for herself and does not tow the line of the socialist left, she does not use her gender as a victim card or race as a talking point, to cover personal flaws and corruption; she is not cancel culture and supports ‘human rights’ and common sense thinking. She is not absurd wanting to rip apart an American infrastructure to make a point.

Her problem was she supported campaign finance reform. And campaign finance reform enables the control of Super Pacs and massive political financiers like Big Tech, and Big Tech billionaires and an the elite — who couldn’t care less about America — and those who are super rich who think they can purchase or steal free elections.

New York Governor Cuomo says it’s “bad news” Pfizer’s Covid vaccine came during the Trump Admin; says he’s going to work w/ other governors to “stop” distribution “before it does damage”

How deep is their dark and destructive hatred of the President?

And campaign finance reform, is the very thing that is the problem here in the 2020 election. To much voting power in the hands of the corrupt state governors and election committees.

The Democrats for president candidates raised some $3.09 billion, whereas the Republicans for president raised some $600 million.

Biden was working with $938 million, and Trump $596 million.

How did Joe gets such deep pockets?

The hatred of Trump personally, has been the diversion in the Democratic run, they have nothing else except but hatred and a a dark agenda of slavery and lockdown. They through gasoline on the democratic population’s hatred of Trump. And they have poured mountains of cash into disparaging of Trump, of slandering and creating a media of madness. On ever turn speaking wildly and opposing everything he says, even when he is right.

Censoring him on Twitter and his media is censored on every social media platform — Conservatives in general are censored on the Big Tech platforms. And the main stream has been in constant fight against him since his election win in 2016 and only has been ramped up during this run for a second term.

But really it about a corrupt and a pointless Democratic party that has gone mad and lost its way and does not know what it believes in, but placates to the growing tide of communist influence on the politics of democracy. Using a COVID scare to frightened voters and keep them stressed and constantly blaming Trump for it…And it panders to the absurdity of victimhoods and special needs minority rights. Which has become superlative of all other basic human rights.

Tulsi Gabbard against Trump would have been reasonable democratic run for the presidency. We might have seen a better president in Tulsi Gabbard.

As a friend has said, “With Trump there is glints of light; with Biden it is absolute darkness and medical slavery.”

I am not for Donald Trump or against the Democratic party, but the election process from my point of view has clearly run off the track, into the woods and across the field to the little town and a huge train is coming down main street.

Freedom and choice is being subverted by cheats; a Chinese style soft power coup is in operation; a clearly demented and corrupt old man who can barely put his sentences together through a cock-eyed face has taken to believing he has the oval office, and believes he is the next president of the United States of America. And everybody is going along with it…WHAT da?


Zombie Joe is shuffling and with a squinty look meanders his way through ridiculous motions of the absurd. Barely able to keep to the teleprompter beat, he is long past his shelf life and anybody of integrity and human empathy should save this old man from the future guffaws and laughing behind his back ridiculousness he will face if allowed to continue on this path of shuffles. It not fair to mate crime the disabled. Joe, has a resting tremor and is clearly sun downing…

Joe is in some form of dementia, being used because he was in the Obama administration and that the last time the Democrats felt any joy, am I alone here? 

Or, is the fix in and three months after he is sworn in, Joe is quietly put out to pasture and the menace comes out of the Trojan horse. Is that the real plan? Am I close? The real president is the ‘hatchet lady’. And now we will have to build a whole new White House, cause White House is a racist house.

Joe’s whole game has been paid for by deep pockets and I would presume the Chinese have a huge amount invested in this election, and even the Nevada bookies are wide-eyed at this, declaration of independence the democratic party has made from the United States Election .

Joe is the CCP man, and Big Tech’s man and they have dumped well over a $1 billion into this venture of his becoming president of the United States.

Far too much heat on Big Tech, and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and the tariffs and restrictions imposed on a totalitarian communist Chinese party; the calls by the Trump administration to confront their violations of US national laws, their Confucius Institutes trying to censor speech in the classroom and colleges; the Thousand Talents Plan that subverts and corrupts western science and innovation; their clear thief of intellectual and corporate property, their human rights abuses and willingness to corrupt and bribe their way through tested and tried economic practices that have taken decades to instill and establish between nations over the decades. On a thoroughly corrupt Chinese economy and banking system that has been keeping Donald Trump fairly busy in its dirty dealing. And now wants Joe.

You actually believe they are capable of buying an election? Of course theyt are able!

Trump is a business man, a successful one trying to bring life and success back into America after COVID-1984, and Joe Biden, sold meetings to the Chinese Entrepreneurs Club and the then President Barrack Obama administration.

“Hunter Biden’s business partner played key role in meeting between Chinese businessmen, Obama staff”

Hunter the shady off-spring of that corrupt old democrat who’s elevator obviously does not go to the top floor, has caused the old man some real strife through the last part of the election, and though his mom keeps stating “Hunter did nothing wrong”, he’s a good boy.

His deals with dark and shady characters and a laptop, now possibly two laptops, carelessly ignored, and lost, is showing how truly dark and corrupt the Biden family really is…Zombie Joe Biden will open the doors to the CCP in America.

Hunter demanded $10 million from a Chinese billionaire for introductions alone and 10% for the ‘Big Guy’ as seen in email on that first laptop, And the big guy we know now is Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is in this for his own gain and he is aided by his corrupt son and his cronies who will undue all that the Trump administration has done to try and protect American industry; American innovation; the attempted monopolizing by Chinese IT corporations and communist billionaires and their double standards of doing business with the America.

Chinese bribery and unsecured loans delved out to nations unable to repay them, but are now easily allied and moved against the west and America.

Biden will allow Google its monopolizing ways and its aiding the CCP. Biden will undue the broken connections to a corrupt UN and Climate policy, he will waste billions in boondoggles to convert the US to a clean energy. Side with a one sided and Chinese biased WHO (World Heath Organization).

Soothing the unreal expectations of a socialist following, wasting billions on Solar and wind, which can never supply the demand for energy in America — unless, it is put into a social credit system and stipend to each and every individual.

Converting to green everything they can and creating a green task force, and a COVID task force of brown shirts that will regulate America out of manufacturing and force the medical slavery system; mandating vaccination and masks on everyone. And handcuff every individual on their energy use according to what?

A plant food that circulates in the air at a present deficit of roughly 400 ppm and which has been causing the world to become more lush with vegetation and a greener planet to supply more oxygen to the atmosphere. 

Climate changes, it always has and always will and no amount of regulation will stop that…we are presently in  a lowering solar cycle. And Joe Biden cannot change the sun. He cannot change his own son.

In the end, Zombie Joe — Jill’s husband, stands for nothing but corruption and a highly possible election thief. He will not add a thing, his administration will take and take and tax the crap out of an already suffering American nation.

Zombie Joe will take from those who work hard and do a day’s work and are taxed to death and give it to those who do not deserve it; he will placate and condescend; he will schmooze and whisper lies; he will dirty deal  under the table while pointing you in another direction; he will blow smoke up your ass on a daily basis and sentimentalize your suffering; he will steal your power and further the victimhood. He will, create new parasitic ways to waste you tax money, lessen your individuality and steal your freedom. 

Zombie Joe is a puppet. He has been measured and weighed a long time ago and found corrupted and lacking as presidential material, as can be seen in his working in the Obama administration as vice president.

He is a sad old man who is loosing touch with reality, as he shuffles around, cursing and fumbling with words on a teleprompter.

He is not allow to stream of consciousness a speech as he is likely to say the wrong thing and he is in need of constant female handlers, there, to move him to the next like a puppet.

Joe has had a aneurysm and many other health problems; Joe is unfit for office and is being drugged and used as an insult to Trump, as the shadow side and Deep State tries to wrangle a soft coup. 

They think the fix is in, but it is not over yet…not by a long shot. It is far from over yet.