Operation Dark Winter: Begins in Canada…

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Operation Dark Winter is being rolled out in Canada as the normal flu season silently kicked in as well, as it does each and every year. Tens of thousands die from the flu yearly and millions catch the flu. Large numbers of those that catch the flu are hospitalized for weeks sometimes.

The rise in seasonal illness from the ‘seasonal flu’ enables a Trudeau government to conflate the numbers as, new COVID cases. Trudeau who is looking for a public distraction from the shit storm of dirty dealing politics that has plagued (excuse the pun) his government and has been the norm for his left leaning, and highly corrupted liberal government agenda for Canada.

It seems he no longer believes in the path of, and course of, democracy in action, as he has recently congratulated the widely purported, ‘President Elect’ of the United States of America, “Zombie Joe Biden”, as Joe is an old man caught in dementia, and socialist hoopla of his criminal life.

Although the march of hundreds of thousands on Washington in protest of a fraudulent election and in many protests across American cities and the world — even in a China, people protested — has brought attention to the corrupted Democratic election. The “Stop the Steal” march that took place on Saturday to the Supreme Court building calling for a thorough and truthful investigation into the allegations and daily, mounting evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. By the Democrats, placing the election in uncertainty and still to be concluded before Christmas and Inauguration Day: January 20th.

Even the CCP supported BLM (Black lives Matter) and Antifa thugs showed up, harassing the old and people with young family who support an election investigation.

But Justin Trudeau — the topic of this written work and American democrats and the CCP supported BLM are birds of a feather.

Speaking of Christmas, which it seems has been cancelled by Theresa Tam, the Chief Public health officer of Canada for the Trudeau government, a physician who claims, there will be no Christmas gathering and parties. And echoes and stimulates the Trudeau warnings and new measures to combat COVID -1984.

Ten thousand cases per day by December if new restrictions are not met. Trudeau offers to invest another $1.5 billion into work training programs. Where is he getting the money?

Tam: scientism at work in Canada? Who was part of that cluster that claimed SARS was a pandemic, although it only claimed few lives globally, some 8,422 cases in total. With an unproven diagnosis, mostly diagnosed by X-ray and by the faulty PCR test, which has no business being used as a diagnostic tool for an unproven virus? And which most ethical scientists see as a flawed diagnostic tool.

The quick test, is only testing for coronaviruses, if you have had a cold, then you carry coronaviruses.

Recently the PCR test has been raised to an all time high for cycles used in the amplification of a virus, by the CDC, to some 40 cycles. Never actually concluding the truth, of the true viral load; obscuring the asymptomatic and downplaying those who had it and beat it with strong immunity – of which these are firstly becoming the greater COVID numbers.

Experts in the field claim it is not a tool of diagnosis of disease, and ‘amplification’ is the key word here, in the PCR test. Anything above 35 cycles is scientifically ridiculous. But if they don’t test, they can’t up the numbers of infected, can they now? And further the fear in an already terrified anxiety ridden west.

But why the rise in numbers? Its seasonal flu season and so conflation of numbers.

Has anyone noticed the roving bands of contracted mobile COVID testers, contracted and not medically legitimate. A gathering of medical human material to PCR pool test the collected material.

Theresa Tam, is on the IAOC (Independent Oversight and Advisory Committee) part of the highly corrupted and tainted, CCP controlled WHO (World Health Organization). Which has been under investigation by the Trump administration for the WHO’s subservience to a Chinese communist government. And the organization is under the influence of the hundreds of millions of dollars given by the CCP to the WHO, along with the hundreds of millions of dollars given by the technocratic Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations (BMGF), jointly controlling the internal politics of this global health organization, with board members overseeing the use of millions for the sake of massive global investments into vaccines; global vaccine manufacturing and distribution; and massive vaccine profits.

The WHO are no longer an Institution of global health altruism, but is an arm’s reach organization of the global medical industrial complex. Controlled by the Big Pharma cartel of vaccine and drug companies and corporations. And, by the way are experiencing an influx of oceans of money from global governments combating COVID?

Bill Gates’s lockdown income for 2020 is $18 billion, how much did you make, how much deeper in debt are you? How much better is your life?

Trudeau who slighted the Trump administration — the liberal left that has disliked him since the beginning in 2016. Trudeau a left leaning black-faced liberal of that kind who has an ancestry of communist connections, from the Trudeaus frequent trips to meet Castro and his mother’s deep friendship for Fidel; to his father’s studies in Moscow and the legacy of polluted Unity politics in Canada that he shares with both his whacky parents.

Trudeau a failed leader whose paltry bid at even gaining a seat in the CCP controlled UN Security council. A laughing stock council of human rights abusers like China and Russia – two-thirds of the 5 permanent security council members. That tied up the remaining three in continual red tape and the bribery and unsecured loans that the BRICS partners delved out in soft power bribe antics to gain more traction in the electorate and a reduction in democracy and freedom of the press.

China’s growing role in the U.N. and lack of actual leadership, using the platform to export communism. The CCP is the greatest human rights abuser on the council and in the world, matter of fact. China uses the council to bribe, and aims to take further control of the UN steering it away from its founding human principals and too, a more eased access to the ‘Belt and road’ Initiative. Which is a global Chinese Technocracy.

The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau is a consummate and skilled liar, that has failed repletely to lead the nation of Canada as a fair and just and truthful politician, like his father before him, he is a lefty with no respect for tradition and the spirit of Canada; he has sowed divisive politics to split Canada and separate what was once together and soaked in Canadian sovereignty.

Trudeau has consistently run a deficit government from 10 to 26 $billion a year that is escalating in its numbers, as time moves forward. He is hiding some very dirty and corrupted politics in the WE Charity scandal, the SNC-Lavalin affair; his pro TPP agenda, which is bound on lowering global wages and adding green and socialist controls.

He is pushed and coerced by China; selling off bits and pieces of Canada to them, and his failed UN security council bid shows how much that push is working, as China gains more UN power and puts him in his place.

Trudeau is a liar’s liar, and his 2020 federal deficit has plunged the Canada into a 252-billion-dollar deficit for the year. Which he lies about. Trudeau does not know the truth, why would you listen to his COVID warning? The man does not know the truth. He is a professional political liar.

His ‘Operation Laser’, another scare tactic against a seasonal flu with, again, a 99% recoverability is disgraceful for a politician to push as a danger. He is supposed to tell the truth and fight for the nation of Canada, to bring it together and not to waste the hard earn taxes collected from an over taxed Canadian people who are at a breaking point with this lying cheating, corrupt Liberal government. He is supposed to be for freedom for Canadians and real health.

And veterans.

November 11th, Justin Trudeau failed to show up and commemorate the thousands of Canadians that laid their bodies in harms way to fight for freedom in two world wars, saying, ‘…we should commemorate the dead in those battles fought, by staying at home’. And he released a statement, a cliché hallmark card of statement, with the ending “…lest we forget”.

But you have drama teacher! You forgot, completely. And you never wanted to remember, you trust fund brat.

Trudeau has no respect for veterans or their rights, as his past associations with them can be seen.

“As best I could, I followed social distancing measures, wearing a mask, keeping distance where possible. But I recognize that it is a difficult situation where we are trying to balance [very important] competing interests.” – Justin Trudeau

*my emphasis*

But it was okay to be out and about at mass protests against the police and undermining law enforcement with accusations of “systemic racism”, and taking a knee at a BLM (Black Lives Matter) protest on June 5th shouting “Amen” in agreement with the protesters.

And at that CCP supported BLM protest with no social distancing and worries of a virus spread. What a hypocrite you are…like the democrats on the night of their decision to carry out this soft coup of an American election, collecting and celebrating a media driven president elect, but have to, stay inside and mail in unsecured and questionable votes.

BLM (Black Lives Matter) a CCP supported organization that is divisive, subversive of democracy and is racist in its stance against anything white. And Justin Trudeau is a lying lefty hypocrite who now preaches about a new lockdown and 10,000 cases per day?

In a CBC news release yesterday orated by Ian Hanomansing — the mouth piece of the liberal establishment; the government the Canada. Trudeau expressed his news that some 10,000 people a day would be becoming infected with the COVID-1984 virus, a number based on, of all things ANOTHER-COMPUTER-MODEL. If his new measures were not met by the public.

Trudeau’s warning is a complete pack of lies echoed only by another political hack in the Ontario government; Doug Ford, saying the same thing, and who has not shut up about this since the start of the COVID-1984 scare — another predator elite that couldn’t find his ass with a flashlight, and ignores scientific study and the real problems of Ontario and I would imagine has sucked the fun out of being a citizen of the province of Ontario.

Lockdowns, restraints, laws, imposed restriction of life and liberty. Squandered Federally collected taxes given to parasites, losers within our society; inmates in prisons and drug dealers, unqualified freeloaders on CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) those that do not deserve it, who do not work, and the Trudeau government throwing money around like a drunken sailor. And what next forced vaccination and COVID concentration camps Justin?

It seems we have gone back in time to the misleading computer model predictions of a Neil Ferguson who claimed some 500,000 deaths for the UK and threatened some 2 million deaths from COVID in the USA — although not adhering to his own advice about how dangerous he purported the virus and its fatality rate to be, and was, ignoring the lockdown for an adulterous affair across town, going against the lockdown.

He was embarrassed publicly because of his fear-mongering and lies and so called ‘expert opinion’ and finally had to resign in disgrace his post as British government epidemiologist at Imperial College, London.

Trudeau who relies on the more vague data and GIGO (garbage in, garbage out.) conclusions of another computer model, threatens the public once more as ‘Operation Dark Winter” begins in Canada, and the conflation of seasonal flu numbers and any COVID data?

And the Canadian military is instructed by Ottawa and ramps up the propaganda and tests the integrity of this on a unsuspecting Nova Scotia public.

Wolves in Nova Scotia?

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been asking the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) for an original sample of the SARS-CoV-2 virus since Oct of 2019, without any prejudice and is yet to be satisfied in that request. Only for the CCP to admit after his repeated asking, that they destroyed them all — destroyed all the original samples.

There is no virus? There is no evidence of a virus, except a transcript of some 27,000 base-pair code of a supposed SARS-CoV-2 virus genetics.

Are Canadians now heading into the season of vitamin D deficit – lowered winter sunshine, the return of seasonal flu and being set up for sickness, after a lock down and masks and social distancing and a restrictive year away from the sunshine and happiness and health? Plagued only by, worry?

Little money has provided nutritionally poor food?

Parks and gatherings and family and concerts are taboo and higher fear and cortisol levels in their bodies stress their immunity.

Living under stress and anxiety and debt, leads people to become physical weak, and sick? Stress and attrition, it has always made societies sick. A society becoming more Vitamin deficient and nutrient deficient as poverty takes hold?

Unemployment and disillusionment rise quickly; relying ever more on the increasing tax burden on the backs of a lessening and lessening working population. Moving ever closer to a totalitarianism and global Technocracy and the Great Reset.

But first, a ‘Dark winter’.

Who will pay the great deficits; the drama teacher? Do they care this predator class?

And those deficits are not simply money, but emotional, and spiritual. They are deficits of community, and family.

They are deficits of trust, and trust in Institutions and total lost of trust in a constantly lying and fraudulent government and its liberal politicians and the failing free future of this planet earth.

The aim in ‘Dark Winter’ is to conflate the regular seasonal flu stats with the COVID-1984 cluster, which has proven to have, as I have stated, a 99% recoverability rate, totally recoverable. Except to a population of seriously ill and aged people, who have comorbidities. Who have neglected their health.

President Donald Trump has recovered — and millions of those who were infected have done the same?

As recent studies showed and are showing that the populace has gained considerable herd immunity and it is found that some 30%-50% of people who are positive, are asymptomatic. Not asymptomatic carriers; humans are not viruses. They are not super-spreaders; all this is fear mongering by a left gone totally mad.

This flu will become the normal seasonal flu like H1N1. Which if you remember in 2009 was the infamous “Swine Flu Pandemic” which never happened. And it became the seasonal flu…

There are 200,000 dead in the U.S. because hospitals are being paid handsomely for COVID diagnosis and COVID treatment and so a conflation of death numbers from all illness.

The more COVID testing the greater the numbers, and in truth, the higher the rising of numbers of those who are, asymptomatic and who shake COVID off as a seasonal flu.

This empty warning by the government of Canada, by the lying liar Justin Trudeau, could have been predicted easily months ago as this operation to install a “Great Reset” which aims to bring in a medical dictatorship and expanded government surveillance and control; the UN agenda of sustainability and digital currency and social credit system of green and banal, centrist fake Unity politics. Socialist politics. Global technocracy politics without spirit or morality. A technological communist machine to grind us up.

Yesterday the CCP introduced their digital currency to the Chinese public for the first time, a necessity it is said since Chinese banks are mired in uncontrollable and runaway debt in the billions, as China’s economy implodes; hundreds of companies are going bankrupt and closing, leaving the country for Vietnam.

And attached to that digital currency is a social credit system that aims to restrict and curb even further freedom, and instill greater controls and greater slavery. To use as a stick to censor and bring into line anyone who strays from the party line.

This is the start of the Great Reset.