Pneumonia, Influenza and COVID (PIC) conflation of the numbers is weaponized medicine.

Justin Trudeau Canada’s preaches for the Great Reset forming a new trading bloc with the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. A pillar of Commonwealth Nations in the image of the WEF (world Economic Forum).

The Great Reset, and the World Economic Forum is the main issue and not a phantom virus. The virus is a politicized medical idea, a weaponized idea, that if looked at through clear eyes and an unbiased mind will show the errors of those who purport it to be a possible world ending event.

The reverse is happening, it is being used to undermine your faith in life and living. Life has always been about risks and risk taking. It was never meant even the time before all this nonsense, to be lived in a cave hiding, or presently locked up in your house wearing a mask in the shower. teaching your children the fears of physical contact, and obsessive notions of hand cleaning and mask wearing.

Every year for a million years the flu virus has come and run through the human population, serving two purposes, one, to take the weak and to strengthen the rest against an environment that is teaming with more bacterial and viral lifeforms that we can count; there are trillions and trillions of these lifeforms. We as humans navigate our way through this great universe of life, and aided by an immune system that has evolved over millions of years enables us to do this. There is nothing better.

We don’t need vaccines, we don’t need lockdowns, we don’t need a government and global cartel that wishes to imprison every human in a thought bubble of despair and misery.

You are a free human, so stand up and stop living on your knees. If you are sick stay home and take care of yourself and your family. Do the proper things use your common sense. You are not a walking virus; you are a human being. You are not a some super spreader if you have been found to be asymptomatic. You are a healthy human being that has fought of a bad seasonal flu.

The normal influenza season has kicked in already and the CDC is no longer counting influenza cases and, now has folded the numbers into a new number of combined respiratory illnesses, Pneumonia, Influenza and COVID (PIC) and so with rising numbers of purported COVID cases, which are the result of increased testing and the conflated numbers from a regular flu season (H1N1pdm09) and Staphylococcus aureus infection along with a host of other maladies that are tied into the numbers.

Children have a 99.9% chance of shaking this off as a cold or mild flu and they are forced into lockdowns and are not allowed to go to school. Healthy individuals have a plus 99% chance of shaking this off as a bad flu, but they are locked down and, in many cases, have lost their jobs or are in the process of losing their business.

They are relying on handouts and government dole, that suddenly has produced vast amounts of wealth, that was never available before the…crisis. Money that was needed before this Great Reset.

In Saskatchewan it has been reported that the COVID numbers are on the rise, but yet the deaths and death rate have not risen proportionally. In fact it seems to be falling as in Saskatchewan we have experienced few deaths in the significant rise in testing.

As of November 23rd, 2020, there have been 324,060 tests for COVID in  Saskatchewan, a near tripling of testing since August the 30th, 2020, where there had been some 137,991 tested to that date.

The numbers of deaths on August 30th were 24, and as of today that number has risen to 37, not triple the former number of 24. They have risen an additional 13 deaths. And yet other forms of death have risen considerably.

Fear of hospitals has been dissuaded, and so the reluctance to go to a hospital is heightened, maladies that signified on coming heart or circulation problems, stroke among a myriad of other possible ailments including drug overdoses, and suicide prevail.

Many government and NGO’s have stated publicly that the masks and lockdowns are causing more deaths than they are saving? The cure is worse than the disease?

Deaths from hunger, deaths from suicide and overdose. Depression, anxiety and mental health problems are rocketing out of control. Child abuse, and home violence is rising to unheard of heights. Suicide, and drug overdose it moving into an extremely dangerous position and has moved into the ninth position of the leading causes of death in Canada.

Poverty is again on the increase. With the number of people going without food about to double in the world in 2021.

Homicides are up, car accidents are up, as people are tense and irritated. Enraged and living in terror and deep vagal fear of the future.

Although the COVID deaths in Saskatchewan have risen 13 deaths since August the 30th. That death a week has been overshadowed the death a day from drug overdoses. But no one is paying attention to this, and with liberal media driving the pandemic and the defeat of ‘bad man orange’.

And these are not what you would think, these rises in overdose. They are people, many old people who have been living in despair and do not see an end to this. Locked away in nursing homes; young people seeing no positive future, families stricken with unemployment and a dire future for their family.

2020 has set a record in Saskatchewan of some 296 deaths by overdose, that roughly a death a day of overdose. There has also been an increase of overdose in general, a total of 3000 in the year 2020. 3000 people have had to go to the hospital for an accidental or on purpose overdose of themselves.

9,720 people died in the province of Saskatchewan in the year 2020. But we have gone bat shit crazy over 37 flu deaths, and many of those are old people, people who have had cormorbidities. Who were terribly ill or late in their years.

Cancers deaths took some 2,450 deaths so far this year, of some 6000 cases of cancer this year Saskatchewan.

There have been roughly 139 suspected suicide by overdose and other means, and 107 confirmed suicides. And it’s a month till Christmas and approximately six weeks left in the year and the darkest season upon us with Christmas probably suspended and now in a lockdown in Alberta,

Saskatchewan is looking in a similar direction.

Christmas has always been a terrible time for the lonely and broken hearted. For the despaired and disenfranchised, the poor and ignored.

With ‘Dark Winter’ unleashed on the world and the ‘Great Reset’ benefiting only the 3000 rich and billionaire powerful elite that have engaged this totalitarian condition for the world. The rich and powerful, have profited vastly from this hoax, some 40,000 small businesses in North America alone have gone or are a heartbeat away from going under in 2020.

Billionaire wealth in North America has increased as 643 of the wealthiest have gained some $845 billion since March/2020 to September/2020. What?

“That’s a trade-off society’s making because of very, very high medical costs and a lack of willingness to say, you know, ‘Is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient—would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade off in medical cost?”  -William Henry Gates III

Bill Gates has increased his wealth by $18 billion in 2020…do you think he cares about you during a hoax he has had parts in manufacturing of it…the Obama White house Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel’s adage is, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Gates aims to gain tens of billions more for his vaccines, and, online education programs which he has invested heavily into…

And the billionaires have taken advantage of this crisis. For profit gained and reset and economic destruction to gain further monopolizing of an economy, the elimination of work and the entrance of new digital currency and social credit system of control.

A technocracy taking control.

How about Jack Dorsey?… and that twit Zuckerberg, Google and Apple the great enslaver, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, Jack Ma of Alibaba and infamous Ant Group, and George Soros who has be fueling subversion and dissent, and should be charged as a global terrorist?

How about all that clusterfuckery, the 3000 elite business owners of the WEF (World Economic Forum) that engages in this kind of skulduggery.

Gates sponsored the Event 201 through the WEF. The ones applying the pressure and sowing the fear, division and discontent.

Small businesses are closed because of COVID and the usual Christmas period which for some businesses made enough money for them, and for the following year. This year will only add to the many small businesses that have fallen each day. In fact, it should spike it to a new unheard-of level.

Restaurants and restaurant owners some who have been in business 25 years will suffer under the lockdowns as chain restaurants are able to continue under the pressure, as they close. And the Christmas parties cancelled and wealth that could have supported a continuance.

What is astounding about this is as the case numbers rise and many, many are false positives as the number of cycles in a PCR test is risen to an unprecedented 45 cycles — the death rate by the CDC, early this year was reported to be only 6% of the COVID John Hopkins dash board.

The death rates are flat lined and dropping. It is the elderly, who are aged and comorbid that after so affected greatly, it is Bill Gates and the death panels that has made a decision to save money. Locking the old away from their families, and the survivability of COVID-19 is greater than 99% to the healthy.

Covid has taught us a very important lesson and that lesson is the quality of those who lead you, those who are vapid soul less things that parrot the Billionaire overlords, that are biased to their politics of globalism and control. Technocrats eager to usher in a new reset of what was for a brave new world of control and burn all bridges back to the past.

Do they think the families of the old in nursing homes and not capable of taking precautions with their elder folks? Do these despotic leaders of the world think we are not capable of taking care of out own lives?

But I will bet dollars to bullets, they will have a very good Christmas. Bill will definitely have a jolly good $18 billion Christmas.