A response to…”An American city is burning on television.” – Jon Rappoport

Jon Rappoport has got to be the finest writer on the Internet. This man’s versatility, in all the legitimate columns of news reporting is beyond a doubt. His prose, magnificent and drawing in, even those who do not normally read poetry are drawn to the genre. His ability to use a narrative to break down a complex social problem.

An investigative reporter, one of the pioneers within the internet of that form of journalism.

Jon has an outrageous sense of humor, an over-the-top ability to take what is real in the world, what is very complex and translate it easily to a written word, which excites the visual. It is spoken in a way that eases you into a calm way of listening to what he has to say. His voice is strong and clear in his work and has a timbre. A value easily obtained at no charge.

I have been reading the man’s work for some ten years and it never fails to establish a sense of self respect in myself for reading his words. I am not talked down to, or he is not telling me what to feel, or what to think.

And there is a understanding that Jon writes from a sense of decency, a respect for the word and in the words for the readership — who he knows are intelligent and smart enough to understand that there is a great con going on 24/7. We know who are the fools in world. We know what is wrong, and what is be foisted upon us as a human species. We know where danger lies, and it is not necessary for him to point that out…

Jon is a natural leader, who never was allowed to be — even though he ran for office in California. His site NoMoreFakeNews has been consistently putting out a post every single day I have read it over those years.

In his recent post “An American city is burning on television.”, Jon reaches for a higher understanding of the state of the union. The burning city an icon of the modern era and the destruction coming from a cancer within the body of a nation. Appealing to the misaligned factions of that tragedy, or translating for his audience the complexity of the business of the Great Reset’. The down-in-trenches view of a disintegrating America.

It pushes through the ‘Fog of War’ that I feel we are all immerse in; the endless fear that clouds our judgement of the world; and that forever Reality Manufacturing Machine is constantly putting out the propaganda of the *you know… wink wink*.

In the words of Neil Gaiman, an old-fashioned sort of writer — you know the ones that can really flesh out a tale in the Chesterton fashion…

“Fiction is the lie that tells the truth.”

In the destruction of empire, power vacuums are created. It is part of the process of the fall, it is a side effect as politics becomes muddled and corrupted.  Democracy, scrambling confused, liking too self-correct itself incessantly. Great wide holes appear, as regional leaders fall; sock puppets for a central authority, an old an immature ideal about freedom and republic is absorbed by a collective.

Disaster to those individuals falling, but great opportunity to those rising. Especially when the fix is in and regional politics is governed over by a industry that is financed and supported from inside the WEF (World economic Forum)

The exercise of nation rising is now turned against itself for embrace of a technocracy. The machines are allowed to make decisions and are tweaked and tweak themselves along the way to…what?

And a vacuum as we know sucks big time – sucks up anything within the vicinity of the fall.

So, when you have Antifa and BLM at the center of all this clusterfuckery — I see it as terrorism, terrorism of the body politic and they see themselves as revolutionaries – little Che’s and Fidel’s ready and willing to fill the empty spaces as the righteous throw up hands and give in to the monkeys throwing shit in the hood.

The cancel culture, and #MeToo movement, used like scalpels to surgical remove an impedance to the flow towards world socialism and control by the WEF.

Speaking of vacuums Harris has gone missing sucked up into some alternate universe. They even put her face on a milk carton. Are the cartels holding her for ransom? There’s a joke in there somewhere!

Back note: It seems sleepy Joe actually tasked her with the job of coming up with a solution to the border problem. To find the reasons for such a terrible crisis. That’s a fucking lie, a big goddam lie, Joe is playing with his coloring book, he and Ozzy are BFF in the same coloring book club.

The border crisis? Well, that easy isn’t it, a few Google searches will correct that ignorance within a few minutes. It has been going on for a long time now and has evolved into a sizable monster of a problem — it’s another power vacuum. When you have no authority in a region, or you take away the authority in the region via federal means, well, someone is going to lead.

Since the criminal cartels have so much drug money and can’t launder it fast enough – and the Great Reset is moving everything forward and fast to a system of digital money with a shelf-life, and into a angrier world.

The cartels have taken over everything from Avocado production to making masks and those cute fuzzy little migrant camouflaged carpet slippers and shirts and pants camouflaged and necessary in their highly profitable migrants/drug mules’/sex trade/slave industry.

You see they have been watching the Arab migrant crisis over the last how many years and figured it out.

You have the regular old insane and been to gladiator school mumble rapping street gangs with the tats and pants on backwards, the cartel cannon fodder of the Northern Triangle Countries (NTC) who are driving the exodus of people out of their homes. And then the government of Maduro in Venezuela who hates and vows vengeance on the US for Chavez, his spiritual father. Who he believes they assassinated with a galloping cancer? He is feeding the NTC with his problems; poor broken and battered humans which Chavismo caused and ‘he’ still follows to the letter.

But, pain the arse Maduro is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Filling that power vacuum hole since Chavez has moved to hell and is now Satan’s janitor. The bus driver (Maduro) hands over the running of gas stations to the local cartel captains, and military cronies who sell drugs and liquor and prostitutes out of them, and for that fact, a major chunk of the oil industry has been handed over too them as they scramble to clean their dirty money in a vacuum of an un-green industry Oil, which the establishment is abandoning fast. Inflation in Venezuela is a rocket heading to Beta Reticule at half light speed. So, the people leave in droves…

You wouldn’t believe the misery. A million children have been left behind as parents migrate out of Venezuela to central America and then, along with those dispossessed in that region are pushed further north by the mumble-rappers.

And all the NTC countries which are run by drug dealers and military dictators and have been for quite some time are making millions of this…

Has anybody been paying attention to who runs these shit-holes for the last few decades? They are not Banana Republics anymore, that’s all going or gone east, and really has been on the slide for quite some time. Honduras declined quickly in banana production and simply is maintaining what it has, as long as the wages are very low. And now, the country’s main industry is gangs, crime, drug trafficking and growing cocaine. Seventy percent of the country live below the poverty line.

And so, like the Jews in the Exodus, migrant peoples are badgered out of their homes and villages and cities, no infrastructure left as the corruption steals everything and abused and beaten and raped, and sometimes die in the desert of exhaustion or dehydration, on a pilgrimage to America. That Caravan of Hope, heading to the promised land. A dying Eden. And all along that trail of misery they are drained of their water and money and personal effects; their self respect; their dignity and anything else that can be rendered down to some form of fucking energy?

And here you thought money was some form of a gift, it turns out it’s the best way to control the value of the work of a slave.

But now we have out-bound states and in-bound states as migration within America is taking places an cities burn and people are badgered out of their homes by crime and criminality; Antifa and BLM well funded and escalating it to the level of a Venezuela or NTC.

BLM and Antifa, the fifth column shock troops of a Technocracy rising.