Technocracy: The Big, Big Narrative (Part 2)

“As stated in Wikipedia…

” […] typically global enterprises with more than five billion US dollars in turnover – as well as public subsidies, views its own mission as “improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas”

“Authoritarians use great narratives to legitimize their own power, and they do this by claiming to have knowledge and understanding that speaks to a universal truth.” —Tim Hinchliffe

Slowly language is changed and weaponized to the language of a technocracy…

Secular Magisterium? A teaching authority. A claimed authority to be the authentic interpretation, the term originating in the Catholic church. And because of the period of its invention, the church was the only authority and therefor a magisterium was an absolute truth. A truth that could not be contested, unquestionable in its final and in definition to its faith.

A magisterium would be finalized and approved by the pope. The vicar of Christ. Who would be magister of a Secular Magisterium? A human or an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI),

Secular meaning, not spiritual but speaking of the material and physical world only as existing. Definitely not religious, but the term “Secular Magisterium” is a weaponizing of an old and ancient term referring to the unquestionable power of religion and the catholic church. A rebranding of an old idea that has lasted since medieval times.

And so that new church can only be Scientism. The technocratic mainstay of its power to rule through technocracy and technologically armed technocrats who are — not really politicians, but sort of like politicians made up of scientists, engineers, technologists in every field and especially the medical scientist. The social engineer who designs societies and people and the psychologist who interprets and aids that transition if becomes dysfunctional.

In Integrative and Comparative Biology, volume 6, pp 124-1234 Kevin Padian lays out the ideas of “Narrative and “Anti-Narrative” in Science: How Scientists tell Stories and Don’t”.

Kevin Padian U of C, Berkeley, a  professor of Integrative Biology, member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), he lays out his argument for/or against narrative, in a sly piece of how a secular magisterium is necessary in presenting the scientific ‘truth’ narrative. As science sees itself as ultimate truth, not to be contested, especially by the layman. A truth beyond all truths, unquestionable and permanent. He speaks to the narrative as, ‘manipulated’ for ulterior reasons, those being generally scientific.

He states in and sums up in the abstract that…

“The structure of scientific explanation seen in peer-reviewed papers and grant proposals obscures true narrative within a formulaic sequence of “question, methods, materials” and so on that is quite different from the classic narrative of folk-tales and novels, producing an “anti-narrative” that must be “un-learned” before it can be communicated to non-scientists. By adopting some of the techniques of classic story-telling, scientists can become more effective in making our ideas clear, educating the public, and even attracting funding.”

So elite of him, to place the language of scientists well above the normal human, in the region of those who are?…more intelligent, special, above the rest? This superior attitude that the average man/women is far too ignorant to read their nonsense and so a folk-tale must be used, a technique used on them to bring them to a scientific bias.

Poignant in all this is the fact that, “Narrative is not only natural but necessary.” And the real power of the narrative is hidden in that statement. It is necessary to the thinker upon hearing that narrative. Questions arise to be answered, and to support his own individual thoughts about it. The stakes are high he claims as decreasing funding and support “[…] for science and science education; increasing disrespect and mistrust for scientific methods, evidence, and authority, tentative as the last maybe.” As if this is not earned?

Science dollars have increased for 2021 to some $1.4 Trillion, along with some $900 Billion for Covid-!9 and related research. R&D funding has increased to some $165 Billion over 2020 spending according the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Of which Mr. Padian should be aware of this fact?

And the mistrust and disrespect? With how many scientists in the US selling their secrets to the CCP through the Thousand Talents Program (TTP) and simply outright thief, for a life and some false merit at a Chinese University. Corporate purchasing of science and the peer review process has reached a high water mark, and as corrupt as it can gets. Green politics dominating research dollars and those who oppose or have alternate theories of the goings on are marginalized and careers are ruined. To be have an alternative theory of climate change is to be heretic to be burned at the stake.

Leading one to think that Padian means to speak to us in an activist voice while appealing for science which is far too overrated. The practice of using action to achieve a result, for a few.

I prefer the alternate, voiced by David Gosselin in his piece “How to De-Program Greta Thunberg”. Gosselin a writer for the Canadian Patriot, a Russian think-tank voice of SGT Report. Thunberg is as you might agree, driven by the narratives of science, both by scientists themselves and their advocates on the left.

” […] we should state that this article is not about information, but about stories, and how we frame our stories using information. For, the stories we live our lives by and filter our experience through run much deeper than any amount of information. Information only sinks so deep into the mind. Stories seep into the “deep structures” of our psyche and soul. What’s important here is how we use information to frame ourstory.”

And the Canadian Patriot would know this, as that is precisely what they are about.

Is this what Padian getting to, the propaganda of science seeping in to the “deep structures”?

When faced with questions, like who owns narratives? He (Padian) states, we are faced with his conclusions of what people are concerned about, 90% of the time…” […] traffic laws, tax structures, schooling their kids, electing responsible public officials, what music to listen to, what movies to watch, how to find meaningful relationships, and so on.”

“[…] about 90% of what people are usually concerned with: traffic laws, tax structures, schooling their kids, electing responsible public officials, what music to listen to, what movies to watch, how to find meaningful relationships, and so on. These concerns regard neither science nor religion, unless you live in an extreme theocracy where everything recurs to someone’s interpretation of religious doctrine. The fact is that we need a third magisterium, and I propose that we call it the Secular.”

I would suggest alternatively that creative impulse and imagination, are more central to the concerns of most and its need to unleash the power of that individual into the world and change it, to the benefit of himself and his/her family.

Traffic laws? Taxes? Schooling their kids? Many parents are either trying to gain a common-sense education for their children and fighting the take over of school by cancel culture and the insane left. Schools have turned into battle grounds of left and right idealism, as secular ideology is jammed down everyone’s throats regardless of their own beliefs and personal narrative I would presume.

Unquestioning they must tow the line and fall in place even though a pandemic has been unmentionable in their academics as a danger to them or the destruction of their institutions. Has not science been at the center all of this? The reason for this? But is has destroyed a vital economy excepting those who sit in high places. Cancel culture and the formation of a magisterium of the secular is making it quite difficult for educators. When what is to be taught is counterman to their own wisdom of the world. Caught in a, cognitive dissonance many are retiring or leaving the occupation in droves only for those positions to be filled with the cancerous thought-forms and doublethink of the woke, know at at the heart of intellectualism.

What music to listen to? What movies to watch? Padian fails even to understand the normal working family of America and in the west with his shallow reasoning of what occupies 90% of concerns. Most are far too busy making ends meet. Far too busy trying to teach their children how to survive, and bring them back to some common sense in this gender fluid world of inclusiveness.

In truth, the public education has become the enemy of man and his children; the destruction of individualism and critical thinking — personal power and desire is considered a sin. Critical race theory over powers individual ethnicity with a crap shoot of who and what are important and who are not. Mr. Padian’s need to base education in phylogeny and ‘natural mechanisms’. The former simply being a still unproven hypothesis a greater narrative as part of that all encompassing metanarrative. Has a missing link been found or that a outdated concept that simply a matter finding the fossils. An incomplete fossil record. But still it persists nonetheless. Everything that is known scientifically is theory originating from a theory of a  big bang.

A scientist from the start is immersed a type of lexicon and thinking that promotes the end result, a science mind. Dogmatic and arrogant. The scientific method has be thoroughly corrupted beyond a doubt. As can be seen with Padian’s need for a magisterium.

“Give us one free miracle and we’ll explain the rest.”

In the final line he dares to understand what science and scientists are really after. By making their ideas clear, educating and attracting funding. He is pointing directly to one of the reasons why science can never be truly trusted. It values funding and money far too much. The worst of biases.

The central points of scientific study? These ideas of science are simple theories of the world in context of the ‘consensus of science’ a peer review, which is, an oxymoron in itself of the true use of the scientific method to find truth.  Science of the past has always been the bastion of fierce and powerful individualism, in seeking to go deeper into finding something new that informs us, but never to enslave us to an absolute. In the end that one who knows, what he seeks can never be, really, fully realized?

But nowhere in Padian’s critique of the narrative power does he propose any answer to the truth of modern scientific narrative as superlative to any other notion of how the world has become or might have come about. Only adding to the collective narrative of scientists.

His strong defense of the anti-narrative as something to be un-learned – I imagine he speaks to the quirky autistic natures of most scientists obsessed with their research and areas of expertise. And the need for more “classic story-telling” to define their absence from that, and to bring understanding of what? What they do?

A re-writing of the great narratives that have aided mankind in becoming as great as he has become in the twenty-first century and declining it seems in 2021.

But a narrative is still only story; a measure of truth might be woven within the context of it writing, but it still a story. And its true power and worth is only known later if it persists into the future. And we all have been writing the great narrative, not simply a few of us.

Science is, a reductionism that aims to find out God secrets and use them in the remaking of the world, and scientists have shown us how irresponsible they can be with that kind of power an knowledge of nature — how utterly repugnant and cruel in their eagerness to discover something? How much they have been central to the destruction of the world? How greedy and narcistic they can be, they are after all only humans? Trying to achieve something greater than that in their striving for control of nature and human nature to its finite. Of controlling great technologies to leverage power over the planet and the laws of nature. To be omnipotent in power over a planet and a universe. To control the people of the world for some greater ideal that they think presupposes anything else but their ideas.

Science Facts are cold facts, and simply data, separate and controlled by elitism, narrative breathes the air of purpose and timelessness of connection and tries to include all us. And asks us to all add to it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am neither for or against science, I am not a luddite. In fact, I would say I agree with a science that is seeking greater truth, than one that claims to have found it. Technology must absolutely and undeniably serve man kind always and forever, not the other way around. Technology should never have power over individuals, even a single human. I am against man becoming a machine, a post human. I do not agree that we are living in the last days of man and that science is leading us to a post-human future, a utopia were all are included if we only abide by and listen to scientists and the meta-narrative. I prefer to think of science leading down a pathway to a dystopia, and possible end of mankind, if it is not put in check.

This new world of the IoT and algorithmic control of information, of runaway technology that hints at that terribly dystopian future is not my idea of good science. Some science is delving into areas of life that it shouldn’t, like manipulating genes and plant life and now human life at a nano level. The ultimate goal it seems in all science is the post-human world of transhumanism and exponential technologies of control. The nano world is fast becoming, and could if not checked end us all. If not watched it could turn this solar system into something extremely dangerous to the universe.

Padian’s argument is narrow in its vision of what humans are, he states…

“We need this magisterium—or, as I would prefer to call it, a Domain—for the quotidian things mentioned above, which cannot conceivably be within the purview of either science or religion. But more fundamentally, we construct our governments in secular terms, unless they are bound by religious laws (contrast theocracy with democracy). Even if the Divine Right of Kings is accepted, that monarchy has to devise practical laws that are neither theological nor scientific (recognizing that the scientific was the same as the theological until the Enlightenment). This is the domain of the Secular. Yes, it marginalizes both religion and science, beyond what Gould conceived. But sometimes there is more than Heaven (religion) and Earth (science) in philosophy.”

In fact, what Padian proposes is the alternative; a Technocracy and a technocracy steeped in “Scientism”, a hybrid of religion and science. A magisterium that might inform that meta-narrative of which I speak. That meta narrative that would use the language of the classic storytelling to inform and teach a young ignorant global population of what the anti-narrative of science is actually saying. And prescribing it as truth, like a catholic magisterium did so very long ago. It would serve as interpreter for the masses. Pushing to the memory hole all other opinions and theories of reality. The anti-narrative is drowning in its facts and data. Sweetened by the narrative, it is data unleased, weaponized that serves to over power any reason of spirit. The technocratic conversion to scientific atheism.

Padian understands the mechanics of story-telling and is ignorant of its reasons for its existence. And by understanding those mechanisms, those techniques, he presupposes a scientist can harness those and make better their relationship with greater population.

Story telling is built in such a way that it includes the listener in the story. It reaches for the creative and individual, thinking of that listener, it dares to surpass any and all constraints and give something back that is eternal and can be carried on, something malleable and easy in its understanding of what we are, easily adaptable to the individual hearing it. Translatable.

In Padian’s world we are Darwin’s monkeys and the structure of narrative moves in a linear way from the hero to a problem followed by a quest to failure and then a gift which transforms and is tested again until triumph and a problem solved. So scientific, so cold and formulaic, but missing the secret sauce of the spirit. The soul inside of man. The whole reason for it all besides the cold knowing. A possible muse.

The hero is doing this for a reason – to know himself better. To know the inner man. To naturally transcend. It inspires the listener to rise above the story.

Those that wish to control this world in every detail must understand a way to submerse us all in their story, their meta narrative of what the future of humanity is going to be in the next thirty years to fifty years. A major transformation of civilizations to incorporate their fascist and elite ideals of power. Armed with oceans of wealth and power to purchase governments, they see themselves as separate from the rest of us who toil for our meagre pay, and they wish to control it to the enth degree. Societies will be separated into those who work for the system and those who don’t. Those who are more genetically important and those who are not, akin to, medieval Europe.

A rebirth of a new economy, based on those ideals and neo-feudal societies of special elitist groups, of which science would be one, but mainly the dominance of common people by that elite class of super rich. as something to be experimented on by their owned scientific and high technologies.

Unequal rights will prevail from those who are rich compared to those who are poor.

A neo-feudalism has no real politics except for the agreements those in control make for each other: class stratification; globalism; open borders; multinational corporation that are neither constraint by regionalism or a world court. Neo-corporatism, a new form of fascism.

The great narrative will be that last story of man, if allowed, spoken in a pretense of classical ways so all might understand the movement forward in to the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” starting with this “Great Reset” and a “Great Bounce Back’” after the vaccination program.

The Covid-19 pandemic has offered great and vast opportunities for those unity politicians who, funded by the elites of the world and the WEF lead by Klaus Schwab to introduce “Stakeholder Capitalism and steal our freedom?

January 22nd/2022, a book release by the WEF of the next 30 years — or until 2050.

I think it should be read by all!