AUTISM: Now it is 1 in every 44 eight year-olds!

So much is happening in our world on a daily basis it is hard to keep track of what is important. The squeaky wheel always gets the most oil, I’ve heard.

Covid and its side stories parry with the other things that might, should interrupt our day or seek our attention, as the little bots measure, weigh us and determine what it feels is important for attention.

Our curiosity for information. We have been taught to need it moreso than any other generation. And those who run this Reality Manufacturing Machine seek your input so they might tweak the solution, or simply informing you of Covid and sports; Covid and culture; Covid and travel; Covid and marriage and Covid and sperm count and the declining fertility of the male population of the world.

That Covid narrative can dominate a life and cause an illness that will take a lot of brain changing medication to rid oneself off.

It’s assumed that it will end, Covid that is, but presumption informs us better, of this state of the world not ending, yearly vaccines, endless boosters and entrenched Covid requirements for everything from jobs to travel, education and freedom — passports and QR codes to separate the faithful from the heretics in this new religion, to whom will be allowed to have children…maybe.

The WEF will lead the understanding of all this and its resolution with its release of the book “The Great Narrative” to be debuted in January 2022 at its annual meeting in Davos. A mere 33 days from now.

It is better than Christmas, isn’t it? Top of my book list for 2022.

Covid as part of Great Narrative, or Meta-narrative; a ‘should have been’ small story at best, has crowded out all other life topics and life problems that society faced before the start of this pandemic. And in one particle case, among the myriad, that is insignificant in the shock of the ramifications of a real and silenced epidemic that has plagued mankind since its discovery as a developmental and neurological affliction that interrupts a normal life and brings extremes of existing into tight focus.

That affliction is Autism!


It has risen in America to become 1 in 44 eight-year children identified as autistic in 2021. That’s a 19% increase over 2020, a 25% increase over 2018 and a staggering leap from 1 in 150 in 2000.

In the seventies it was 1 in 10,000. can you believe it,  and this relentless march forward has shown no decline no matter what is done.

It will be all the population, a population arrested in its development for life. Except for an elites who see themselves as lords above us all.

The fight remains as to it cause, from vaccination to genetics, toxins in the environment, but truly it is a affliction of modernism. Is it purposeful? Is that why the need to now vaccinate 5-11 year old children for Covid. More vaccination weight on the already burdensome numbers of vaccines they get to carry in their young lives.

Autism is serious and misunderstood, and affects the whole life of the individual that has it. There is no cure, only medications and dietary restrictions which speak to the anxieties and continuing mental illness they suffer all their lives alone.

Autistics, die younger and are less likely to achieve lasting relationships and friendships if they acquire any at all…they are prone to more accidents, and health problems. They are lonelier than the rest and many live on the edges of society, unless they are engaged in the phenomenon of Silicon Valley and its love affair with their geeky ways. As they are collecting in occupations in higher technologies and Internet technology (IT). But then again, they rank at the highest levels of the unemployed as well. They are more likely to suffer under bad employers and bad marriages. They are abused by spouses, friends and family more than the rest, and mate-crime is at a premium. They are harder to get along with than the average human. They could be called anti-social in their niggly ways

Autism is a Tsunami, a developmental disorder that will overwhelm the medical system in its need for counselors and educators in special education program needs; special schools and therapists depending on the severity of the autism. And for those who are seriously affected, special needs dogs and constant companions who ease the sailing through the neurological storms that are frequent most time cruel.

Autism is a spectrum, and a spectrum is multi-colored. This affliction ranges in tone and severity from the lightly touched to the those who are also blind and deaf; 19-year-old baby boys in diapers, melting down every five minutes and holding a baby bottle. Forever a baby.

It is a cruel affliction beyond belief and yet many of its higher functioning (ASD) hold positions requiring greater intelligence. On the average autistics are, higher in intelligence but lower on their social skills and cognitive ability, assets of maturity of emotion and prosody are difficult. Easily affected by noise and smell, food can be a nightmare and obsessions running deep.

Pedantic for the most part and antisocial. Tolerance is extremely difficult for them.

A article in “the Defender” speaks to the cost of autism by 2060, in a study predicting that sum will reach $5.54 trillion annually.

The study uses four criteria in its calculation of that future…

  • Historical autism spectrum disorder (ASD) prevalence with time trend data for both severe and full-spectrum rates.
  • A matrix of cost per individual for multiple categories applied to multiple age cohorts.
  • Projections of future size of ASD population.
  • Inflation projections by cost component.

But the study fails in a way to acknowledge the other costs involved besides money. The money costs in damages to property and human life; the damage to the American family in general as the likelihood for some to have autistic children in this escalating epidemic will reconsidered under the scope of this specific affliction to have children as the numbers seem to rise annually.

Autistics commit suicide more, and are shot by cops more, and murder more and mayhem and thief also increase. Their high risk nature, places them in more danger than the rest.

The lost in societal needs as many are not included in those societies but become a burden to be carried because of the number of comorbidities that they can have. Or their failure even to hold down a job. They are more prone to obesity and diabetes, heart problems mental health problems.

Autism is heart breaking; old autistics are pariahs living on the edges of towns and villages. They populate prisons and asylums. Constantly they are seen pushing shop carts of misery up hills in inner cities. They end in a specific type of existentialism, vacant and still trying to learn to adapt to the world. So much to be forgiven for and so much to forget, they do not thrive. Ableism is rampant in a society that secretly loathes them. They are bullied more, they make up the best and least of the woke. As gullible as a Greta Thunberg and as dangerous and all controlling as a Bill Gates.

They are actors and engineers, scientists and geniuses, but they are afflicted.

The measure of humanity and its value, the evolution of real humanity is declining as fast as autism is increasing. Autism is causing us to lose humanity as many indulge the worst that we can be.

Autism is a singular thing really, no two are alike and the symptoms and quirks vary from one to the next.

Autistics live viscerally and many are unaware about the importance of that one fact. A understanding of Polyvagalism will bring that point to reason. The reptilians brain dominates many times and I believe that much of the last ten years socially and in the news is autism quietly at work separating us all into categories and groups with polarized ideals determining outcomes. Autistics many times in their cycling emotional lives are in fight or flight.

BLM, and Antifa; gender dysphoria and the madness of social media owners and the crowds of that, that subscribe to that particular madness and censorship are symptoms of its quiet work.

The hypocrisy and institutionalism of beliefs about autism and the nature of the tribal ideology contaminated by writers who have no clue about what they are talking about. Writers like Steve Silberman who move the pendulum to the other end rather than to the middle. Whose empathy for autism gets in the way as a bias and serves only as a crutch for them.

“One of the most promising developments since the publication of “The Geek Syndrome” has been the emergence of the concept of neurodiversity: the notion that conditions like autism, dyslexia, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) should be regarded as naturally occurring cognitive variations with distinctive strengths that have contributed to the evolution of technology and culture rather than mere checklists of deficits and dysfunctions.”
― Steve Silberman, NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

Silberman couldn’t be more wrong, it is in the rare longevity of an autistic that the truth will appears, after decades of thinking about it, one fully understands what is actually lost in being one.

At one time considered a psychopathy because of the lack of empathy within autistics. that cold nature that seems unfeeling? Autism fails to include the socializing aspect to its list of anomalies.

I am not a neurodiversity, I am a human man, flawed like most but never special or larger than the rest. Not a human 2.0 as has been suggested by the loudest of the tribe.  ADHD and dyslexia are not naturally occurring distinctions, that are there to, “[…]  contributed to the evolution of technology […]”.

God forbid, but that only panders to the mad genius, the quirky autistic child scientist that is playing with matches and A bombs.

To think, that is to suggest that post humanism is simply an obstacle in the way of human evolution. The danger here, is technology; advancing exponentially and becoming extremely dangerous. The man that is an animal and has always been that, a flesh and blood mammal that has a time and a position within nature, not above it all. And that his mind is his failing, his spirit is what is important and autism is an affliction that separates the human from their soul.

The new world of autistics is a metaverse of imprisonment, a panopticon of solution driven minds to create a box for themselves stimulated by what elites want for humanity. The ultimate mate-crime, so that they may be the only ones that taste and own the fruits of the garden.

Almost bred for that concept, autistics will live out their lives locked away in a pretense of a real life. Happy as they think they may be in their Geekdom.

Technology is not to be admired; it is a flaw inside the human, a flaw that causes them to be weak and lazy and seek an easier way. We have been seduced by its method of taking care of the difficult, but it has crossed the line into becoming soon, our technological master.

And many autistics are enabling the speed at which that approaches. And have no fear, because they are risk takers.

So by 2060 the real costs will be understood a lot more than just some $5.54 Trillion annually. We will be 38 years into a future that holds 1 in how many as an autistic or ASD person.

Along with this is older autistics whose parents have died or are dying, a real serious lack of caregivers and facilities to aid them having some quality of a life. There will be a serious lack of adults in the room, who might have brought some reason to the fervor of all those, feelings. This will be a serious and affective thing on the economy of the United States. It is bleak looking at just this one thing.

Maybe nature has had enough of mankind, he is a failed experiment in the perfect. I mean that could be what the universe seems to be doing. Trying to create the perfect.

Or is it a Buddhist product of mind. If so the mind is fast becoming autistic.

We have come to a point were autistism could destroy us. Creating technologies that will eliminate the need for the human. Could autism be a silent viral thing that has infected us and requires a new type of “Transformer”, a passive component to carry information from here to there.

A transhuman.