Technocracy: The Big, Big Narrative. (Part 3)

Science is a collective process. And all that those collective scientists do, is add to that greater collective of information and theory. Yes, there are those on the fringe, with alternate theories of reality, those who are suddenly canceled because they rival Scientism, the religion of technocracy. And they have concluded through the same metadata and collective process of experimentation, and have arrived at alternate conclusion. Contesting the greater narrative of science. But its still all dogma. fast becoming that new religion.

Modern science has been bought long ago, it is owned.  The art has been financed by those with an agenda, a principal goal for all mankind and deep within it lies such milestones as eugenics and a finite population on planet earth, transhumanism and the move towards becoming a God, domination over all plant and animal life on earth and wherever it reaches out to into space.

And they know now, because of the vastness of space, and the multitudes of things that can interrupt a journey to another star, ending permanently and becoming a wasted effort, if a human man was to take that trip. They must succeed in transhumanism as that is the only way there. To become post human.

They have no qualms whatsoever about terra-forming planets or moons to suite their needs; to explore and harvest for what ever purpose, they have to support the meta-narrative of a few. 

Elon Musk has desires to colonize Mars, a first step in leaving earth and acquiring another piece of cosmic real estate. A space transportation system will allow him to ferry and transport back and forth whatever is necessary in completing his task. In the end much of Musk’s desire is driven by his fear of man’s extinction. Or is it?

Scientism is, the religion of the WEF technocrats and all that green and inclusive corporatism. The natural assets that are fuel to be consumed in its final goal. Technology and Transhumanism moving to that Omega point

Man has become a conqueror, long ago and he needs a adversary, if not here then in space. If not human, then a thing, or idea, nature and the very planet itself.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) as author or writer of this new grand Meta-narrative. Is in itself to be questioned and contested by all free humans. An institution of some 1,000 member companies who fund this, along with the countries they reside in I would presume. And I make that presumption in light of the enormous power that the WEF wield over those nations, in that many of WEF graduates from the ‘Young Global Leaders’ are aided immensely by the WEF and its efforts, to advance into those institutions of governments and society around the world; science, media, culture, education, health and the list goes on. By coalescing regional powers, on a global level they aim to make change swift and in line with the goals of the WEF. A burgeoning state of enormous corporate power. A collective of global technocrats.

When one looks at the state of the present world where corporations and ‘big tech’ dominate the internet. To understand that the WEF global leaders are now ministers of cabinets and shadow cabinets, powerful leaders of industry and management, and technology of countries, deans of universities, lead management in corporations and in media organizations. Leaders in NGO’s that have tremendous lobbying power.

They self described as…

“[…] a diverse community of responsible leaders across borders and sectors to shape a more inclusive and sustainable future.” – Vision & Mission, Young Global Leaders

Eventually leading to borderless global governance and inclusive of all, diverse and inclusive leadership at what cost? Qualifications and Merit. All are falling inline with global Unity politics. Race, gender or non gender, LGBTQ, BLM, and the disabled, all must be inclusive and inline with global numbers. Groupthink pinned to the collective ideal.  And all this and more the WEF will weave into its Meta-narrative which really only will favor in the end, the rich and powerful in their endeavor to dominate life on earth and possess everything square inch of it. The planet is becoming one singular empire.

The WEF and its Meta narrative is a plan to copyright everything including life, to possess the global commons and plunder and steal its wealth, use it to their benefit and in the end create an unbreakable panopticon via surveillance over earth’s people.  Land restriction, and movement, forced medical procedures and a credit and carbon ticket system that can be aptly compared to medieval feudalism.

The WEF is a club for the rich and entry fees are high and getting higher. And the majority of earths people are not included.

The Davos meeting in 35 days will put futurists, scientists, and philosophers, transhumanists social engineers and the rest in a position to lay out their visions and goals for the next 50 to 100 years.

The lead topic will be the Meta-narrative, Stakeholder capitalism and the future of mankind. The later being a pretense of concern by corporations that will do — on their road to maximize profits, to Maximize Shareholder Value (MSV) anything necessary. Including the violation of sovereign and nation rights and least of all  and their concern human rights.


Stakeholder Capitalism

Stakeholder Capitalism (SC); one who has a stake, a share or interest in an enterprise as in the corporate capitalism.

Relating to ethics and the morals and values of a corporation to include responsibility and the concerns for those who they do business with, placing profits least in the investor or corporations concerns. This all presuming that the collective has a concern that is unified. SC is concern with all the stakeholders involved: the shareholders (owners), lenders, economy, state and society, the employees, suppliers, and the customers.

Sounds all rinky dinky but it is not, a total ocean of bullshit and propaganda to sway more of us, a public relations scam using the latest buzz words and phrases towards the idea that we are ‘all in this together’. We are not, we never have been, we are separate individuals with our own sets of problems and concerns, individuals who have their own power and desires that is the real gain in a life lived. And not living this life because of a government of corporation or stakeholder capitalism concerns?

And if allowed no-one will be allowed to step outside of the rules brought in by these stakeholder capitalists. They will make it difficult for anyone who is not in their club. This will be a process of bullying and condemnation, red tape and unjust laws to stop anything, but their plan. 

This whole idea of governments and corporations has been thoroughly corrupted to a pale complexion of what was once proposed. Corporation as a person with rights has taken over the conversation about the humanist. You do not vote, you are given a choice from two sides of the same coin. Democracy is dead really if it was alive to begin with — the same people have been running the world for a long long time and the only concern they have and have show time after time, is the future of themselves and their prodigy. Trust fund foundations have been created for well over fifty years to protect their wealth and future power for their children, some families greater than others, but it is a club and you and I are not included. They have taken possession of the global commons and Stakeholder Capitalism is a PR means to explain and justify that acquisition of such vast global wealth of global resources and the land. And they aim to take it all and you will be a slave, a serf on their land and you will love it.

This new assets class working tirelessly like an Al Gore after carbon credits seek investors to transform wealth into natural assets. These names; natural assets, Eco-assets, resource assets its all the same thing,

“Natural assets are assets of the natural environment. These consist of biological assets (produced or wild), land and water areas with their ecosystems, subsoil assets and air.” – The Organization for economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Add to that the minerals and resources beneath the ground of those land assets, the water and weather and climate above those assets, the micro and macro of those assets.

A new natural assets class of investor has arisen, investing in the sustainability of those assets, a $125 Trillion annual global ecosystem services market.

“The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced the launch of a new asset class, jointly developed with Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG), for Natural Asset Companies, sustainable enterprises that hold the rights to ecosystem services produced by natural, working or hybrid lands. The new NACs will be listed and traded on the NYSE.”

Doug Eger the CEO of Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG) has said…

“This new asset class on the NYSE will create a virtuous cycle of investment in nature that will help finance sustainable development for communities, companies and countries. Together, IEG and the NYSE will enable investors to [access nature’s store of wealth and transform our industrial economy into one that is more equitable].”

IEG received a grant of $1,000,000 in November/2021. New green money to put efforts towards more green assets…

IEG is pioneering a new asset class based on nature and the benefits that nature provides (termed ecosystem services). These services include carbon capture, soil fertility and water purification, amongst others. “

Enabling a platform, as they call it to list companies for trading, converting “natural assets” into dollars — financial capital that can borrowed on and invested in.

All this is business as usually, with a thick coat of green environmental friendly paint and with the WEF Meta-Narrative as the guiding principal, in hand, and with the UN behind it as it tows the line of environmentalism as well as every sell-out government politician on the planet selling the future of the world’s nations and their people and their lands to these investors. It is a corporate take-over of the global commons of planet earth.

The Vatican

The Vatican is even involved as the Council for Inclusive Capitalism.  A Vatican created council in collaboration with CEO’s and global leaders under the moral guidance of a pope to rope in, a sort of rope-a-pope type business practice for the good. Too promote, reform, inspire, drive, and engage the development of inclusive currency.

$10.5 Trillion in assets, $2.1 trillion in capitalization, representing some 200 million workers in some 163 countries. That is a handsome portfolio of natural assets. All lead in the new faith of Scientism.

And that council, is representative of the concerns of major corporations OECD, Estée Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, BP, the California State Treasurer, Bank of America, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford foundation, Ayala, Mastercard, DuPont, International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), Mark Carney the former Governor of the Bank of Canada, the climate Czar to the UK prime minister Boris Johnson appointed to the board of Stripe a financial services company and Software as a service (SaaS), Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) for e-commerce. Carmine Di Sibio from Ernst & Young Global limited (EY), TIAA Bank, Lynn Forester de Rothchild of Inclusive Capital Partners (ICP), and last but not least Big Pharma’s man of renown Kenneth Frazier of Merck & CO, ranked 69th in fortune 500 and did Merck have a zinger of a year. *Corks popping* 

Infamous for Vioxx and Celebrex, the cancer vaccine Gardasil, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr and attorneys file their twelve lawsuit against Merck over their defective and dangerous HPV vaccine Gardasil. 

Covid drove Merck stock through to the stratosphere with a revenue of some $50 Billion in 2020 and 2021’s numbers yet to be released, that enabled Merck to go on a buying spree that is reminiscent of a drunken sailor. They acquired some 10 companies in genetics and the Bioscience field in that short period.

All these pretentious corporate do-gooders usher in a neo-feudalism that will have the people of the land standing on the master’s property.

These corporates genuflect, and cross themselves as they state…

“Our members are inspired by the teachings of Pope Francis who has challenged leaders to bring concrete ideas and take decisive action to extend the benefits of the economic system to all people while protecting the planet. We are rising to this challenge and taking action”

And here I thought the pope was the Vicar of Christ, now he heads a council on Inclusive Capitalism. Nice choice of words, inclusive.

Stakeholder Capitalism, and now Inclusive Capitalism. Inclusive of all the madness of the mob, the multicolored smoke blown up the asses of Catholics and the woke of the world.

A rebranding of an old thing so they may feel better at taking rights and freedoms from those they represent. deprecating our values of freedom for humans and freedom of planet earth. Now the earth will be surrounded in a corporate border.

They believe, that we all, are useless eaters, and as populations demand quality of life and use of the planet they were born to, the elite has other plans and sees the resources of this thing that we live on as theirs and theirs alone. 

In an article put out by Steve denning about a year ago in Forbes, Steve a leading strategist stated…

Stakeholder Capitalism As A PR Front

What’s going on here? Cynics have concluded that stakeholder capitalism is nothing more an elaborate public relations stunt espoused by big business to get through the current PR crisis. Business, they say, will go on doing what it has done since time immemorial: making money for itself.” — Steve Denning

Precisely. All this smoke and mirrors for the inclusive, the young investing their lives in this PR stun. Their values are inclusive of minorities and the environment, taxes to be paid by the rich, and a fair and equal playing field for all. But that isn’t going to happen. As they have converted everything to foundations that circumvent tax laws.

Consider this if corporations are changing their tone and way they does busines, and care for the planet and environment then ‘…why don’t they make a commitment to reduce lobbying and make it more transparent? -Luigi Zingales.

How about better laws to govern corporate structure and an effective laws of taxation? How about the ensurance that the corporation will support in full the systemic changes necessary for equity in opportunity in wages and position? Or maybe the assurance that the corporation, will, protect democracy and the wishes of majority in those democracies. That the vast wage gaps between employees and the higher management executives are addressed. 

As been stated this is a land and power grab only. They will remain doing what they have done for the last five decades which is, maximizing the shareholder value MSV.

MSV is the reason for capitalism, it is the biggest idea in business and rules it all, for the WEF to admit any less is pure lies. Green has been invented and hijacked to further Maximize Shareholder Value (MSV).


Davos Manifesto 1973: A Code of Ethics for Business Leaders:

A. The purpose of professional management is to serve clients, shareholders, workers and employees, as well as societies, and to harmonize the different interests of the stakeholders.

B. 1. The management has to serve its clients. It has to satisfy its clients’ needs and give them the best value. Competition among companies is the usual and accepted way of ensuring that clients receive the best value choice. The management’s aim is to translate new ideas and technological progress into commercial products and services.

2. The management has to serve its investors by providing a return on its investments, higher than the return on government bonds. This higher return is necessary to integrate a risk premium into capital costs. The management is the shareholders’ trustee.

3. The management has to serve its employees because in a free society leadership must integrate the interests of those who are led. In particular, the management has to ensure the continuity of employees, the improvement of real income and the humanization of the work place.

4. The management has to serve society. It must assume the role of a trustee of the material universe for future generations. It has to use the immaterial and material resources at its disposal in an optimal way. It has to continuously expand the frontiers of knowledge in management and technology. It has to guarantee that its enterprise pays appropriate taxes to the community in order to allow the community to fulfil its objectives. The management also has to make its own knowledge and experience available to the community.

C. The management can achieve the above objectives through the economic enterprise for which it is responsible. For this reason, it is important to ensure the long-term existence of the enterprise. The long-term existence cannot be ensured without sufficient profitability. Thus, profitability is the necessary means to enable the management to serve its clients, shareholders, employees and society