Justin Trudeau: A professional liar, and a coward and a fake.

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                                   “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.”  — Justin Trudeau

“For me, to represent people who represent the future of Canada and the great challenges we will face over the coming decades — this is where I wanted to start. … I’m a teacher; I’m a convenor; I’m a gatherer; [I’m someone who reaches out to people and is deeply interested in what they have to say. And people see that I’m not faking it. I’m actually genuinely committed to this dialogue that we’re opening up, and this understanding that needs to happen in order to be an effective MP.]”after winning the Montreal riding nomination April 30th 2007

Justin Trudeau made that above statement, when he was 35 years old, he had just won the Montreal riding and, he was acting, he was playing to the crowd, playing to what he felt they wanted to hear. A classic move by a sociopath, to play to the emotions of the crowd, and he has done that each and ever time he is in public or is confronted by a direct question. 

A drama teacher an acting teacher, a person who teaches students to act in dramas. A French language and math and humanities teacher at most. But, unlike his father who was a professional politician and a minister of justice and attorney general, gained from hard work in school and his influence on the political ranks, so his father had a lot of experience as a politician by the time he became liberal prime minister of Canada.

Justin on the other hand has lived since day one in his father’s great shadow, always compared to him, and the mark his father left on Canadian politics and Quebec namely. He is trying to mimic that and believes that is the way a politician behaves. But his father was tyrant, and evil at heart. 

Justin, is left to his acting skills with the usual Bachelor of Arts (BA) in literature. Not much of a degree when faced with the men that are educated at the greater political education institutions of the world. Trudeau withdrew from a master’s degree in… environmental geography at McGill (whatever that is?). He taught high school math and French…and drama

He has lived the protected life of the son of Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau PC CC CH QC FRSC.  He has never really come out from under the shadow of his father, always there, always, over him. Anything that was needed was gained easily bay him; he has no meaning of the phrase hard-work.

A mysterious MeToo incident went quietly under ground in 2000 and was disappeared. He was chosen for the an acting part, in a CBC (A government paid propaganda organization) movie “The Great War” playing his fifth cousin, twice removed Major Talbot Papineau, a Rhodes scholar who studied law at Oxford. Papineau was hit by a shell and his body, never was recovered. Tragic as it is, so many other young men ended that way and worse in the trenches and mud and blood during the WWI.

And Justin Trudeau, played the ‘Major’ in this failed attempt to give him a public image, he was unknown and never really did anything important, he was a self indulged brat, whom surfed.

It surprising he did not have more empathy for the veterans of the first world war, since he played the part of an army officer in the movie about it — he said during the November 11th, 2021 honours, “…we should commemorate the dead in those battles fought, by staying at home.” Something to do with masking and social-distancing and the lock downs, and in the open air if one can believe. He went to Banff.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau failed to show up and commemorate the thousands of Canadian men that laid their bodies in harms way to fight for freedom in two world wars.

And he released a statement, a cliché hallmark card of statement, with the ending “…lest we forget”.

“But you have drama teacher! You forgot, completely. And you never wanted to remember, you trust fund brat. You don’t associate with those who populated those trenches, and you see yourself as above and apart from the working man.”

He learned the worst from the Trudeaus frequent trips to meet Fidel Castro and his mother’s deep and feverish friendship for Fidel; his father’s submissive relationship with Fidel; his father’s studies in Moscow and communism and the legacy of polluting liberal politics and tuning it into some kind of communism, he shared in with both his whacky parents.

His father was Harvard, far above the possible achievement of young Justin. His father dissertation on communism and Christianity moved him around the world to finish it. Pierre Trudeau was rich, and could afford that and so he entered a doctoral program and studied under the socialist economist Harold Laski at the London School of Economics (LSE). Laski believed in communism and Joseph Stalin’s kind of communism in Soviet Union. Laski believed in violent democracy and ended being thrown out the chair of the labour party of England. Strangely in this matter he died of the flu in 1950 at the young age of 56, although always sickly and not of sound physical disposition. he faile the physical exam for the First world war.

This set fast in Pierre Trudeau the Keynesian economics and social sciences he believed would create the “good life” in democratic society. As we know now it is, its down fall.

Justin Trudeau is a failed world leader whose paltry bid at even gaining a seat in the CCP controlled UN Security council, was denied — the council is one of the six major organs of the UN. A laughing stock council of human rights abusers like China and Russia – two-thirds of the 5 permanent security council members. This ties up the remaining three in continual red tape and the bribery and unsecured loans that the BRICS partners delved out in their soft-power bribe antics to other nations, to gain more traction in the electorate and a reduction in democracy and freedom of the press. China’s growing role in the U.N. and lack of actual leadership; using the platform to export communism. 

And he Justin failed to be excepted. Well, he’s a pretend prime minister who does what he is instructed to do by China who he has sold us out too.

The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is a consummate and skilled liar, that has failed repletely to lead the nation of Canada as a fair and just and truthful politician, like his father before him, he is a woke lefty with has no respect for tradition and the spirit of Canada; he has sowed divisive politics to split Canada and separate what was once together and soaked in Canadian sovereignty. He squanders its wealth on the frivolous.

I think young Justin was reaching when he played the part of a major in the movie the Great war, but I do know he is avid about Quebec nationhood. A vision left over from his father’s indoctrination into that idea — who did much to divide English and French Canada.

Justin is in for Justin alone, and does not care a bit about western Canada — back then when he was first a MP, he earned some $1.3 million in speaking fees, $277,000 in 2013 in speaking fees as an MP. That is not allowed. But Justin has been corrupted since the start.

The SNC-Lavilin affair; the We Charity and ethics investigation of the Trudeaus and the corruption and nepotism and huge payments made to family members in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Justin Trudeau is by nature a criminal.

Voted in again he gained another minority government with 32.6%, the lowest percentage of popular vote for a governing party in Canada, in fact in all Canadian history. And he the second youngest Prime Minister with just the right name…

He is not representing the other 67.4% of the Canadian working population. In fact, they do not like him, and look constantly for ways to ridicule and mock his government, more than any government before him. He does not listen to opposition at all and is spiteful and bitter if he replies at all to a direct question. Droning on instead about what ‘he’ thinks. They know he dislikes them and sees himself as separate from the rest. He was raised that way, arrogant; his mother was hippie who followed the Rolling Stones after their separation, and might have slept with a few, and his father was that arrogant bombastic idealist communist who hated English Canada.

Justin Trudeau is that second generation of people whose parents/parent was an important politician, Hollywood actor or TV personality, Institutional leader, great author, or a celebrity athlete or rock star. They ride on their name, but are hollow inside from being mediocre and less than their paqrents or raised in such controversy and under the narcist egos of their parents.

Justin Trudeau would never have been voted Prime Minister if it was not for his name, his grooming and his father’s wealth and political affluence.

Justin Trudeau lived under the shame of his father and mother who were never out of the newspapers during their time. Scandals, affairs; separation and divorce; dividing the country; elite status and the arrogance of what that brings. A trust fund baby Justin has never wanted and never will, but his life and history has left us with this image and feeling one gets of the fake and phony. I feel it when I hear him speak. Does he feel it? Is he maybe sociopathic enough to shield himself from any feelings or public concrns? 

 Justin Trudeau is a caricature of a politician and a leader — he plays the part, whatever that part is for the situation at hand. If he talking about China, its one face, China is good. If he is speaking to women its another; women are never really appreciated, pretending to be a feminist. Of course, his mother was a first wave feminist, I imagine he is dipped in it.

When speaking about the Truckers and the peaceful Truckers convoy he is hate filled, and contemptuous of any communication with them, but claims to be a great communicator. He plays to virtue in his public address. He blows a lot of smoke up the ass of the voter.

When seen drifting around geopolitical gatherings, nation gatherings like the G20 or G8 he is seen alone looking for someone to speak with, fidgeting, fussing with himself or his things, looking desperately for something to do or someone to talk too. He is a shunned cardboard cut-out of a world leader, seen by other leaders as weak and ineffective, they sense his cowardice — he not well suited for the part, he dresses well but, he’s fake. Easily pushed out of the center by others. And not that interesting, with his “Ah… ah this, and um, um that”.

He was intimidated greatly by Donald Trump and constantly spoke about the POTUS without speaking to him directly, it was well known by the Whitehouse, that Justin Trudeau did not like the POTUS and would stay clear of him and at a distance. It was an inside joke. He listened and parroted the MSM. Never knowing anything else, and that is not what a world leader is, especially a leader who needs to keep the doors open with US/Canada relations…he was forced to relate to Trump.

Justin views on DIE (Diversity Inclusion Equality):

“The COVID-19 pandemic has [disproportionately affected women, amplified longstanding inequalities they face, and threatens their hard-fought progress worldwide.] The Generation Equality Forum is a critical opportunity for bold and collective action to align our global efforts, renew our momentum, and accelerate progress to achieve gender equality, so all women and girls can reach their full potential.”

The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Again its his audience that he speaks to, blowing smoke, but never meaning anything, virtue signaling and using his good looks, and chosen buzzwords as a weapons of choice against the naive.

In the above document he claims that women were hit harder than the rest of us. What about fathers and bread winners and small businesses? Divisive politics again to keep things stirred up and keep those away who would look at him a lot closer.

The document outlines his and the government’s tether to business and World Economic Forum (WEF) ideals of a “Great Reset”, and a “Great Narrative” and a “build back better” idealism after killing the Canadian economy and putting millions out of work, and the vicious and cruel medical mandates, and vaccine politics and lockdowns. Forcing a Canadian population into a physical and mental ill health. and suffering under impoverishment by a Justin Trudeau government. 

“It’s been over a year since a quick return to normal was promised once the vaccines arrived in Canada and were widely distributed and used. Where’s normal, @JustinTrudeau ? Why would anyone trust anything you say now?” — Jordan Peterson

Two weeks to flatten the curve has turned into two years of economic and national destruction. The psychologist and Canadian celebrity Jordan Peterson finds Justin Trudeau repulsive, calling him a “weasel”.

DIE’s only aim is to be divisive, and seed dividion and break up the culture and the country politically.

Divide the population and inspire squabbling over petty issues. Eliminating the talent and replacing it with inclusive DIE people, but meanwhile the truth is he sell the country cheap to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)… and wants a Quebec nation. He is not interested in English Canada at all.

The following are quotes made in public by prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada on terrorists; China, and oil. Racism and blacks in Canada, absurd statements for who he is dealing with — he has on numerous occasions been seen and photographed in Black-face and yet claims ignorance. I ridicule that with my artwork.

His quoted words in this written work tells his story…

“The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship … because I do, And I’m willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that.”

“You know, there’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say ‘we need to go green fastest…we need to start investing in solar.’ I mean there is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about of having a dictatorship that he can do everything he wanted that I find quite interesting…”

“I pointed out that globally Canada is up against big countries (China, for one) that can address some major issues quickly. It’s ridiculous for anyone to suggest that I of all people would trade our rights and freedoms for any other system of [government]. Some countries play by rules we wouldn’t and shouldn’t ever accept, but we still have to compete with them. We need to get better at coming together to address big issues, and that’s what I asked people to think about last night.”

“I’ve said many times that there isn’t a country in the world that would find billions of barrels of oil and leave it in the ground while there is a market for it.”

Anti-Black racism exists in Canada and we must do all that we can to end it for good. So as leaders and as allies, we must listen to, learn from, and work with every person who marches and posts and expects more than the status quo.”