This might just turn out…

“2022 is turning into quite an interesting year. Feel Lucky, with three two’s?”

“Numerology number 2 is an interesting number one that represents grace and power and the feminine. Not feminist! It is a number cooperation… always focusing on peace, and balance brought back to a relationship or situation. This number is very sensitive — of all the numbers, two has the strongest intuition. It is able to sense feelings instinctively, then try to use these clues to connect with others empathically. Its a very empathic number.

AIt always represents partnerships — the coming together, balancing of two individual people, two concepts, or two things. It holds great power over any situation, and wields it with diplomacy and tact, and the result is not control or authority, but harmony and teamwork. It is a mediator, able to see two sides of a situation. It is an unbiased number and can guide the middle road.”

Two is a good number, two is in a Tango, two to marry too; two to start a relationship, and, two wheels on bicycle to peddle in the sunshine. Peanut butter and starwberry jelly, two things to make a good sandwich. Smores and a campfire on a summer night, and cookies and a good tea, onions on a sardine sandwich, and macaroni and cheese.

Justin and Truckers is that a good two, eh?