Neil Young: Not so young anymore…

Neil Young

Neil Young, an old Rocker, some seventy-six years old now — long past his shelf life and that   Laurel Canyon mindset, and control shitstorm that he was a part of, that invaded the sixties and  early seventies. And indoctrinated a generation into the Electric Koolaid acid test and MKultra.

Neil was part hippiedom’s royalty, that ruled through the culture, promoted through drugs and the brainwash of drugs misinformation, the fake reality and the Kool-Aid, the world of the controllers, operating through the culture. Those who are always out of the public eye, but run the largest and richest corporations and cartels of corporations in the world; the ones who run the age-old institutions of indoctrination and own the “Reality Manufacturing Machine”.

Neil is angry now… he is finally showing the public his true face, his true persona, not that manufactured one that he adapted too, and sold his soul for rock & roll for… his couple hundred million clams and hollow heart.

As a quality musician he was allowed; groomed to play at the top for the public for some many decades. And now, he sells his most precious possession — one would think – 50% of his music from over the years for some $150 million. A musician’s music is his soul, isn’t it? Michael Jackson spent so much money buying back music from the shit that runs the music industry.

Neil seems to have regretted this, as his search now late in life for something to stop the aging and hollowness, that is now the mainstay of that success so long ago. Sunglasses of very aged and worn out looks, that could use a neck tuck at least; a younger wife and now a child. And piss and moan about young guy Joe Rogan’s success,

Neil was never a genius like, Prince, or a David Bowie, a George Michaels or even a dead Beatle. A Michael Jackson or the king himself, Elvis. He’s an old, and aging fast, jealous and bitter hippie with a flabby neck.

He has that faithful lot that have never awaked to the nature of cultural control and its reasons for existing. They are still fast asleep, or have a high tolerance with “Celebrities that have a cause”. Still after all these decades and part of that wokeism that troubles all free-thinking people and possibly always will. They buy his music and frequent his meagre shows. Neil isn’t in the lime light much anymore, if it wasn’t for self promotion…but he hauls that heavy ass out there and makes them remember.

Neil sold his art for the money the material and anyone who has listened to anything that he created recently will understand that old Neil is long gone and dead and all that remains is this pastiche and dried up copy.

No more ‘Rockin in the free world”. Just pretend philanthropic work to invest in and appease the virtue signaling woke.


Neil Young was a Canadian born son of the Scott Young (April 14, 1918 – June 12, 2005) a writer, and Neil’s mother, Edna Blow Ragland “Rassy” Young (1918–1990) who was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

His mother was of American and French ancestry, as a Canadian she was connected by her lineage to DAR.

“Daughters of the American Revolution are a lineage-based membership service organization for women who are directly descended from a person involved in the United States’ efforts towards independence.

The daughters of the veterans that fought that War of Independence.

Now in order to gain a membership in the DAR one must prove they come directly from the family of, or more precisely a Veteran of the War of Independence in the United States. The American Revolutionary War (April/1775-September/1783). Which gained independence in 1776.

The War of Independence was fought for freedom from a tyrannical and dictatorial English monarch and produced, the United States of America, with her Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights and Freedoms entitled to every single citizen of that Republic. Life liberty and happiness if you could chase it…

How far one can stray from the teachings of a parent and an ancestry who believed in freedom. Neil is now, this woke fuck socialist activist who wishes to destroy the very foundation of America, her rights and freedoms. By censoring free speech! And towing the line of his masters, the corporation.


I was reading one of DAR’s blogs for Feb/16 2021. One by its president Denise Doring Van Buren, Van Buren is an old ancestry, and a Martin Van Buren was the 8th president of the United States… but aside that the blog? ”Today’s DAR Celebrates the “Voice of Freedom”

The piece was inspired by Marian Anderson (February 27, 1897 – April 8, 1993), a black American contralto who performed Opera — and was refused to perform — because of racial segregation — to play in  DAR’s Constitution Hall in Washington DC in 1939. Van Buren spoke about how glad she was that DAR had stopped being a racist organization. And now freedom prevails in America.

DAR membership is some of the oldest blue-blood lines in America: Laura Bush, Elizabeth Dole, Rosalynn Carter, Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Lilian Gish, Caroline Harrison, Grace Hopper, Grandma Moses and Ginger Rogers, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, and Sarah Childress Polk wife of the 11th POTUS.

All this among a list of blue blood names that goes on and is extensive, and Neil Young’s Mother was a member of such an organization. I think I understand Neil a bit more now.

His Father Scott Alexander Young was a writer, a journalist sometimes and sportswriter and the novelist who wrote about his famous son.

He wrote for the Winnipeg Free Press (WFP) and then wrote for the Canadian Press, which was created through an act of parliament, it was under a grant from the Canadian government from 1917-1924 when it’s finally established its sea legs.

Covering the war in 1942, Scott returned to Canada and enlisted into the Royal Canadian Naval reserves as a Communication officer. Eventually landing at the Globe and mail as a daily columnist.

The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national new paper, the voice of the government.

Scott Young was very much Canadian establishment, with hosting ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ until his run in with John Basset co-owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs ended that…

Neil Young is hidden in plain site in fornt of this history… he is establishment, through and through, he is an American blue blood establishment through his mother.

Neil is like, Jim Morrison, and Morrison’s father, Captain George Stephen Morrison of the “Gulf of Tonkin affair“.

He is like so many of those Laurel Canyon hippie actors and musician crowd that pushed a culture of leftist socialist politics and activism at any cost, even violence. Their coercive means of rallying round drugs and drug use and the pornography. He is a woke and left leaning Liberal by birth and his father lineage. He has played the part of one of us, but really is one of them. He has never been about freedom, but control and the establishment setting reality through its culture with carboard cut outs like him.

There are a million other artist who were/are just as good if not better than him, but he was chosen and they were not.

His recent squabble with Spotify and especially the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’, a podcast that has Joe Rogan is in conversation with controversial or celebrity guests. People with, and of interests. Anyone who has followed the podcast since the start knows, its about Joe and people getting together and simply talking, about all kinds of things, no conversation is stifled, even conspiracy.

There might be a bit of jealousy there as, Neil has never been on the podcast, but his recent whimpering about misinformation on the talk show — on a show about conversation and people’s thoughts and opinions that has ruffled this ole turkey’s feathers and he wants Spotify to cancel Joe Rogan or he will take his nickleodeon of the platform, well 50% of it anyway, he doesn’t own it all. He sold out for some $150 million.

And it seems he and other old and ancient rockers have followed in Neil’s heals…

I now understand that all that music he wrote was something that he didn’t believe in, something he was using because he was an insider, a chosen one. One of the ones allowed to speak for the culture, to create a false thing that kept the critical mind closed and the division intact. He was a chosen one. I find him and his followers fake and a cartoon.

Like so many, who have betrayed us, like many Punk Musicians, and burned-out old hippies like, the Crosby Stills and Nash clusterfuckey, Joni Mitchell, Nils Lofgren and India Arie (who ever she is?).


“Four dead in Ohio…” from the song “Ohio” written and performed by Neil Young about the Kent State University killing of four students and wounding of nine who used their power of “free speech” to oppose at a peace rally the expanding involvement and escalation of the Vietnam war.

Its not that we agree with what is said, it is about the right to say whatever one feels and thinks, the freedom to speak. The idea of valid conversation and the right to have it. We might hate or oppose totally what is spoken or presented in a talk show podcast. But we defend their right to say it…because the loss of that freedom of speech, is the acceptance of tyranny and dictatorship and its censorship.

The exceptance of the establishment and Neil Young’s of the world telling us who can speak and what can be spoken.

Personally, “Im tired of these celebrities who have shown their true face in the last two years — if anything its been enlightening to see how they sold out and fooled us all. And now babble on at concerts or awards ceremonies about what’s right and wrong.”

“Have ‘YOU’ and your ilk become dictators Neil Young, looks like it to me. ‘Old man take a look at your life?’”