Justin Trudeau is purposely and callously fueling the discontent, in the ‘Truckers Convoy’ and the Canadian people..

Freedom Trudeau

Trudeau is trained in the ways of the pathocracy of his controllers. He is a self indulged, and was over-indulged by woke hippie mother, and is a tyrant at his work. This man is not a free thinking human with a “live and let live” motto on his heart. He is a careless and greedy psychopath who is only concerned with power. He was conditioned after all, by the arrogance of his father Pierre Elliott Trudeau. He is a well groomed, sociopath that is hell bent with his handlers; the WEF and the CCP (Chinese Communist party) on world domination; and a technocratic World dictatorship.

“In 1976, Trudeau [Justin father, Pierre Trudeau}, succumbing to pressure from the Chinese government, issued an order barring Taiwan from participating as China in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, although technically it was a matter for the IOC.[120] His action strained relations with the United States – from President Ford, future President Carter and the press – and subjected Canada to international condemnation and shame.”

The Trudeaus have always been in pockets of the CCP.

Justin Trudeau is one of those Political Technocrats dipped in the brainwash of the WEF Young Global leadership. The WEF a cluster of some 1000 major world corporations and companies that fund the WEF forum., and believe the planet is their resource and they are the rightful rulers of it all. In total.

Justin Trudeau knows full well,  that ignoring the peaceful protest of the Truckers Convoy and protest, will anger and fuel extreme emotion, that is its intention; he knows that ignoring the Convoy will fritz up the supply lines, as he well knows that the vaccine mandates are designed to do that exact same thing; he knows that ignoring the truckers will distract the opposition from even further looking into the scandals of him, his party and his family, and all that surround his government and their Machiavellian tactics to undue and gaslight a Canadian public, a Canadian people into submission and final surrender of their rights and freedoms that their grandfathers and great grandfathers fought and died for in two previous world wars; Justin also knows that he must obey his masters to remain remain in power, with that appallingly low (36%) voter base that the Liberals now hold on to desperately. But the Liberals are on the slide, as that voters base begins to see the light.

The end is near for this government and they know it, this period in time could quite well place the liberals in a back seat for a long time. They are corrupt and in bed with the WEF and the CCP.

Justin Trudeau is a pretender, he is not a natural leader. He has been groomed from a young age to be what he is now, blinded by the mind control of his owners. Subservient to the owners of the country the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who he sells Canada cheaply too; he will never make a rational decision on his own. Stutters and faltering as he searches for lies, and fumbles through some response or memorized piece of buzz, disinformation that this actor has rehearsed to narrate to the Canadian people from his overlords the creators of the ‘Great Reset’ and the ‘Great Narrative’.

Justin Trudeau is the narrator of this ‘Great Narrative’ in Canada, the storyteller who would have the country locked down forever and the economy in ruins; the populous ill and in constant mental strife; the children brainwashed into idiocy and technocrats to be in control of every single thing.

Technocrats want to do away with every thing traditional. demolish the voting system, nationhood and the need for a political system of democracy; place every citizen on an energy quota, surveil them constantly and punish them when they falter. Put them all on a Universal basic Income (UBI) and surveil them constantly.

What Is Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

Universal basic income (UBI) is a government program in which every adult citizen receives a set amount of money regularly.

As can been seen with the CERB payments which were paid to those who never worked; to criminals and people in jail, which is a beginning state for this type of control system.

The Justin Trudeau government even gave money to terrorists! Omar Khadr, an Islamic terrorist who murdered a US army sergeant, and put another soldier in a wheelchair for life. Trudeau paid this murderer, $10,500,000 to settle a $20,000,000 lawsuit.

“This week, the government officially apologized to Mr. Khadr for the role Canadian security officials played in the abuses he suffered as a teenage prisoner of the U.S. military at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The apology came days after Ottawa paid $10.5-million to Mr. Khadr to settle a $20-million lawsuit he filed over violations to his rights as a Canadian citizen.” — Globe & Mail

Another lockdown will be needed to install this UBI or a arranged collapse of the money supply as a permanent thing, and bring in a CBDC (Central Bank Digital currency) a fiat based currency that is dependent on the whole and has no real value but that which is assigned to it by the government. It will have a shelf life and will never appreciate in value, it is really only a token, a ticket.

Justin Trudeau who has been asked, pleaded with by many MP’s in power, amiably they have asked him to speak with the protesters, to acknowledge their righteous concerns for themselves and the future of Canada and it rights and freedoms.

The interim tory leader Candice Bergen has asked on multiple occasions for question period., the direct question to the prime minister of Canada, “What he intends to do about the growing numbers in the protest in Ottawa.”, only to be dealt with in a indirect way by the Liberal MP’s who smear and ridicule, propagandize and lie about the peaceful protest. Trudeau never answers the direct question. But that what this hand is trained for, to burp out a memorized scripted response to any confrontational query of the liberal government scandals and misleading Liberal government ways.

The positive in all this, is that it has exposed all those that are involved in the WEF Unity politics take over of government, that is not only happening here in Canada, but in all countries. the WEF Young Global Leaders are the sons and grandsons, the daughters and grand daughters, the woke and inclusive and DIE oriented from every major corporation on the WEF membership. Their aim is global technocracy and nothing less.

Sad to here even the GoFundMe organization is involved in this as they have through duress refused to co-operate with the protesters, even under legal binding. They have stated they will only refund the donations, but will never give to the truckers the money that was donated for their cause.

GofundMe just shot itself in the foot, the deluge of lawsuits that will now drown them in their own political hatred. They are representing donators who give to a valid cause. They have no right to bias and a political agenda. they work as a company for the donators.

So much is being unveiled since the beginning of 2022. the light and the end of tyranny is stating to show.