Watson, Trudeau Declares State of Emergency!

What? Is that different that the constant state of emergencies we have been in in the last two-years??

On August 17, 2019, in an op-ed to the Ottawa Citizen, Watson announced that he was coming out of the closet, becoming Ottawa’s first openly gay mayor.

I’ve always wanted to know what they do in those closets, I mean its so…darkly secretive, hidden and bordering on illegal it could be presumed?

I mean why would you go in closet if your honest, why did you need the closet unless you thought you where doing something wrong.

Gays have been free in Canada for as long as I have lived, but I do know they have a cruising lifestyle, mixed with drugs and a rate of STD’s and  saturated in perversion.

But he’s out now and so legitimized because he has a group to cling to, the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer LGBTQ. A group that questions even others who are ‘Questioning’ their…gender/purpose/role/identity???

The LGBTQIA: lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer/questioning (one’s sexual or gender identity), intersex, and asexual/aromantic/agender.

Far to complex to remember and hinting at a possibility of adding some more capital letters as, others join.

Anyway he/she/it is out and now that he has some courage, and he seems to call a lot of emergencies now. Trigger happy, and now dictatorial that he has found his freedom to express his perversion. everything is an emergency.

Emergency he says!

The Truckers, the ‘Peaceful’ and ‘Compassionate’ and “Free Truckers’ and all those who prize ‘Freedom’, and want an end to this dictatorial state of Canada, the mandates and of course the constant state of constant emergencies, are causing a state of emergency. They are in Watson’s words…

“…a danger of major proportions that could result in serious harm to persons or substantial damage to property.” — James Alexander Watson, Mayor of Ottawa

Watson has a lot of emergencies…emergency in an emergency.

Covid Emergency!

Watson declares state of emergency in Ottawa over COVID-19

Flooding emergency, and there was two of them!

City of Ottawa declares state of emergency due to flooding concerns


Environment Canada: 6 tornadoes hit Ottawa area last Friday

And it sounds to me like God does not like Ottawa and has been helping us all along. The place seems like Sodom and Gomorrah. With the inclusive wanting special rights and and freedoms not given to the rest of us.

When they suddenly gain public office or an academy award or invent some NGO, make it in the music industry, the LBGTQ shout it from the rooftops about their inclusion.

Am I tolerant of Gays? Yes I am! Am I sticking it to the inclusive, yes I am. When they use their identity to virtue signal to the world of the woke, I’m, not for it. I am not for it when any minority wants freedoms that are superlative to the freedoms that others have in an ‘democracy’. When their freedoms are more important than the rest and infringe on others and society .

And with Watson and Trudeau, they go too far as puppets of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

But I’m not hear to bash this weirdo Watson for his sexuality or the weirdo Trudeau for his stupidity, its their politics that counts, not the way they lead their lives.

It is of no concern to me, as long as Watson is competent and does not allow his sexuality to affect his politics. Which he does…  The protests are okay if they are inclusive, BLM,  or if they are DIE: diversity, inclusive, and equity.

“Since his re-election, many councillors have expressed concern over Watson’s apparent strangle-hold over several other councillors.[66] The urban-suburban split between councillors[67] sees Watson siding with more-suburban councillors, whom he appoints to Chair every committee.[68][69]

Watson has a dictators heart, he the longest running mayor of Ottawa since Stanley Louis who held the post some 12 years. Watson surpassed that going for terms and intents to run again in 2022. He has gaggle of councillors around called the Watson Club, and they tow his line. Off course Ottawa is the Canadian capital and so federal politics rules the city and has since its start, Progressive and woke to it core, pro-government and now it is having a tough time with what that ‘pro-government’ is propagandizing as “an Insurrection”. Really!

But the mayor (dictator) of Ottawa wants the honking to stop and considers it grounds of assault by the protesters, along with them helping in any way, like keeping the emergency lanes open.

But yet the bastard fixes his council to suite himself, running a corrupted city council of the woke. And that’s okay.

Ottawa councillors speak out against mayor’s committee picks, Watson defends appointments

And the question is can Watson keep that power he covets as a dictator of the city of Ottawa.

ANALYSIS: Can a councillor make ‘Watson club’ stick during the fall session at city hall?

Well, there is, no basis for a state of emergency this time Jim, it’s you being so sensitive and all, and so, the Justice Centre fo Constitutional freedoms (JCCF) are taking the mayor of Ottawa to court. To oppose another kind of mandate being imposed on the city of Ottawa. The police department have no reason to acost the protesters they are polite and clean up after themselves, they feed the homeless and anyone who needs a meal. They are sup portative of the police and report any criminal instances among the crowds. Maintaining a peaceful protest.

This idealism of ‘states of emergency’ are the liberal and woke idea of keeping a hand on the freedoms of all Canadians. Watson, Trudeau, in fact the liberal party in Canada in general are dictators at their center, they have traveled as far left as one can go as a liberal and now it is by definition socialism and communist in its ideals. They represent the WEF and globalism. They represent technocracy and continuing this ridiculous Covid nonsense, they are zealots to their cause. And do represent the people of Canada.

No basis for “state of emergency” declared by Ottawa Mayor

Watson is in China’s pocket he lead a 2015 economic mission to China, to Beijing the sister city of Ottawa, the city where Ottawa receives its marching orders.

Have you noticed any Canadian actors speaking out about the truckers, or any Canadian celebrities.

And now Trudeau has joined the state of emergency crowd by declaring another state of emergency and wishes to have the banks freeze the accounts of the truckers and anyone wo donated to the GoFundMe, a corporate owned entity that has confiscated the ten million in funds and spread it around to other charities like BLM…

The tyrants are showing their faces for what they are and now their own are turning against them, MP’s are jumping ship and his own party has turned against him. I don’t think he has much time left.

I imagine classic liberalism is gaining some courage and is now siding with the truckers. He will, make a critical mistake if he declares the ‘War Measures Act’ like his father did, but off course he is a product of his father and the WEF (World Economic Forum). He has stated now that Emergencies act is now enacted.

Justin Trudeau, heading for a fall…it won’t be long now. The liberal party is talking as I type, they are are looking at the end game and Trudeau is putting the party in a funk, they are loosing MP’s, as they jump ship. Some in riding that are split and not so dominantly liberal. And if they wish to keep their jobs. They need to split with Trudeau now!