Canada Falls to a Dictatorship!


Trudeau uses ‘Emergencies Act’, illegally, to bludgeon the Freedom Convoy out of town. Seizing trucks, bank accounts and false arrest of 190 peaceful protesters; using Stasi style tactics to pepper spray and beat horse whip the protesters. While the MSM stays silent.



“It’s been two years of fear, fear, fear from my brother and the media,” said Kemper. “He is representing a pharmaceutical agenda, a World Economic Forum and Bill & Melinda Gates kind of agenda, that is decidedly un-Canadian and has never been voted on.” – Kyle Kemper


The free country of Canada has ceased to exist. It died today, peacefully without fighting, and caged in, smeared and castigated. Beaten and ignored, propagandized and called names; pepper sprayed, and run over on horseback by the Liberal government of Canada’s shock troops.

They were brought into the city of Ottawa to intimidate and abuse the peaceful protest. They had a script; intimidation, incite riot.

And those protesters were never violent or abusive. They cleaned up after themselves in a well organized protest. That arranged for such things. Plants by other agencies of dissent; tried to turn the narrative, but the protest stayed true to its intent and they remained peaceful and under their right in Canada to protest; they feed the homeless and shoveled snow. Took care of the garbage and they helped and fed anyone who came to the protest. But they were smeared by a liberal dominated Main Stream Media.

The illegal use of the ‘Emergencies Act’, enabled the Trudeau government to supersede Quebec law and bring busloads of storm troopers to bulldoze over the rights and freedoms of the protesters. Justin Trudeau, a prime minister of Canada who is supposed to represent all Canadians and not just a chosen few. Failed to lead his country, he failed as a man and as a human being. He has joined the ranks of the global dictators.

His party loosing faith in his ways and afraid. Liberals staffers reported anonymously and in confidence that Justin Trudeau was panicked, worried, afraid and bruised, unsure about the outcome and at first he fled to a secret hideout, wounded like an animal, he coward in fear faked the dreaded Covid as an excuse…I wondered about what his family thought, his peers and his friends as he hid away…bruised and blinded in power and his masters,


“This is all new territory for them [Liberals], and not something they ever saw coming,” said one party insider. “They figured that these COVID measures would continue as long as needed, but yeah, it was a shock to the system when they saw the convoy and the number of people cheering them on.”

…finally seeing what the other 64% of the population felt about this abuse of power.

Canada is now a totalitarian and run by a tyrant and corrupt nepotist, Justin Trudeau, the son of a previous corrupt and nepotistic Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

Justin comes by his demerits; his deficiencies to lead threw his father; the apple did not fall far from the tree and, like all bullies and arrogant virtue signalers, he was taught well to become what his father envisioned for a future for Canada. And for what Pierre Elliot had envisioned for his son.


“It’s really telling that those who speak and cast hate onto other groups, are themselves representing hate and division. But the Canadian public, they’ve woken up – they all see this as a house of lies.” – Kyle Kemper


His father disliked fiercely, conservative  English speaking Canadians. He wanted Quebec as a separate nation, and the French language to become first; he formed Petro-Canada as a means, a way to rob the west of its vast oil wealth and disparage western Canadians as backward and as hicks.

Justin Trudeau, was the second youngest prime minister of Canada — the first, Joe Clark was under mined and undone by Justin’s father Pierre Elliot Trudeau and the Liberals in a non confidence vote and did not finish his term as prime minister. Pierre Elliot therefor rescinded then, his resignation as leader of the liberals to run again as leader of the party in the subsequent election and win. Pierre Elliot Trudeau was a communist who was educated by communists and befriended them.

Justin the shadow of his father, was voted into office with the lowest voter base in the history of Canadian politics with only 36% of the final vote.  Justin Trudeau a representative of the WEF (World Economic Forum); an Alumni of the WEF’s Young Global Leadership program, and a pawn and puppet of that organization of some 1000 global corporate giants.  Headed by the man Klaus Schwab, who wants to ‘penetrate’ free national government ‘cabinets‘ around the world, the inner workings of those nations and control them from within for the WEF members, an elite class of corporate billionaires that believe the planet is, their rightful property.

Schwab, the creator and writer of the “Great Narrative” the “Great Reset” is the one who is pulling Justin Trudeau’s strings, because, Justin Trudeau is far too much of a coward and scoundrel to make such decisions as he has made. He is woke, a fake feminist, shallow and hedonistic, a racist at heart a corporate stooge and bootlicker and limited in his capacity to see down the road, To have a vision of his own. He takes orders and pretends to have a vision for nation. He quotes the people of Canada as if he knows them, as if he he knows what is going on at the grass roots. He has never wanted and has never suffered in his over-indulged and fake life.

Justin Trudeau is an actor, not a Prime Minister!

Trudeau will put the liberals into a funk in Canada for the next twelve years. He is a death blow to their meagre voter base. Even diehard liberals are turning on the party as they see the future. MP’s jump a sinking ship.


“He’s not dealing well with it – he’s definitely panicked and bruised,” the source said [Liberal insider]. “I can’t say much more, but it’s not looking good. We’ve never seen him this frustrated or worried about something…yeah, it certainly feels like he’s a deer in the headlights right now.”


The rise of the Truckers and the inspired rise of millions of supporters across Canada, has shocked a world and put a scare into the Liberal Party of Canada and Liberals across the nation.

The supporters call for freedom again in Canada after a two years of lock down, and the scandalous outcome of the liberal party forced and coerced vaccination program and its outcome of corporate corruption and lies.  Fixed Covid data, with the Liberal government loosing some 100 million dollars in a vaccine deal with a company owned by the CCP.  The vaccines were never delivery or the money spent on them returned.

The control of the liberal government by Beijing and the CCP is astonishing.

The Trudeau dictatorship has many scandals, and with Justin paying his family from government coffers, the 64% of the voter base and those disgruntled liberals have had enough of this loser Prime minister.

It is time for him to go.


Liberal Staffers Reveal Trudeau “Panicked, Worried, Bruised”

Justin Trudeau; the Paris Agreement, Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Cannabis Act, United States/Mexico/Canada Agreement, Aga Khan, SNC-Lavalin affair, Canadian Pipeline and railway protests, WE Charity Scandal, the Emergencies Act. The Freedom convoy?

This is a corrupt and dictatorial leader that needs to stand down, who took away the freedoms of all Canadian people, not just those Freedom protesters who were abused, arrested and beaten, their money stolen and their lives wrecked?

How much more Canada?


“Canada’s economy lost 200,000 jobs last month (January-2022), according to Statistics Canada, as COVID-19 shutdowns forced many businesses to close.”


The misuse of MSM and the police services to enact a dictators rule: the GoFundMe scandal. How far do we go with a government, that I say is much more of a non-confidence government than the one that Justin’s father undermined and removed in 1980, before it finished its term?