“The Talented Mr Trudeau”


Freedom Trudeau


“Canada will always be there to defend the right of peaceful protest.” 

Justin Trudeau


Psychopaths start out in similar ways. Patterns of behavior can be noticed at an early age. Behaviors, like obsessions of the individual. Manipulation of others emotions for selfish reasons, a charming disposition and the constant lying; a pushing at the social norms and taboos. The self centered behavior and an unwillingness to compromise with others. They are liars. Professional liars.

Jefferey Epstein the sex offender and sex trafficker who hung himself in prison, started early in his life with his perversions. His psychopathology.

He attended two colleges in the US; two years at Cooper Union in the east village and  from September of 1971 to June of 1974 at New York University (NYU). Its motto “To persevere and to excel.”

Both were expensive and elite schools.

Jefferey never graduate from either school but went on to teach Math and physics to young teens at the Dalton School in the upper East Side of Manhattan. Hired by  Donald Barr the headmaster who had served in the OSS, and was running the Dalton School. Questioned and quitting the Dalton school in 1974, because of board of trustee interference.

It was never understood why Barr if he had hired Epstein, and he did so without Epstein having any credentials. Epstein started there 7 months after Barr left — four Math teachers had left so it might have be an urgency.

But, the talented Jeffrey Epstein was like “The Talented Mr Ripley“, handsome and liked by the girls, he was charming and arrogant, self-centered and misused his power position, he pushed the dress code at Dalton and was seen wandering the halls in fur coat, gold chains and opened shirt that exposed his chest.  

The Dalton school was a progressive school not unlike West Point Grey Academy (WPGA). Another elitest school, a Canadian progressive school, and Arts and Athletics driven. Posh and very pricey.

When one goes to the website at WPGA it is not mentioned at all that it is the school where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau taught Math, humanities and social studies and drama, it was there that he was unwisely photographed in black face during his time as a teacher there…charming, handsome, manipulative. Showing “those patterns of behavior”.

Strange that an Academy like that, would not use that information of a Prime Minister teaching at the school as a badge of honor.

“The prime Minister we are proud to say taught school here!”

But no, something else is afoot. His name brings scandal and curiosity seekers.

And it was there that he was accused of having sex with an underage student of the academy. It went on for a prolonged period of time. It was reported that she was 17, but her father a wealthy Canadian business man said…


“She was much, much younger than that,” the wealthy Canadian businessman told The Chronicle yesterday. He was not a party to the [$2.25 million mutual non-disclosure non-disparagement agreement] that she signed, in exchange for her continued silence, on the Wednesday evening of October 9th.


And Trudeau and the below age accuser were not to disclose any details of the settlement, ever. That is both sides, were not to speak of it. But that does not include the reason why he was asked to leave the school.

Trudeau was fawned over by his young female students and the student body as a whole. And the whole affair was several months after his father’s death, an event that was used to to make him a rising political star. Arrangements had been made long ago.


“The two engaged in a long and steamy affair on- and off-campus while Trudeau taught drama and French at Vancouver’s prestigious West Point Grey Academy.  [He was discovered by his accuser’s father at their family home, which prompted private demands to school administrators that he be removed from his position immediately.]”


It is strange that he has denied the story by the Buffalo Chronicle.

 Never sued them or asked them for a retraction of the story.

Trudeau has used the story of teaching for a brief period at the WPGA as a talking point so many times, it forged his own personal narrative, he used it to create his own political brand and he seems to like those kinds of things. Manipulating the truth that he was teacher, a good teacher, who liked kids; and the story of his relationship with an underaged student has been mostly buried and never spoken about, dropped down the memory hole. He avoids the question of his dismissal from the school every time he is questioned on it.

The teacher as a pedophile.

Some $2.25 million changed hands in the settlement of the affair, she was described as, “the daughter of a wealthy Canadian businessman,”. Who did speak to the Buffalo chronicle about the whole deal, he was not obliged to be silent and received the agreed upon, document by mistake. It was never to be duplicated or put online.

Justin Trudeau was 29 years old at the time.

Justin left the school abruptly, numbers of excuses have be cited as to why he left, everything from his wanting to make speeches and furthering his education to become an engineer, to a school article he wrote about some female dress code nonsense at WPGA. Too many ambiguous reasons, hidden behind that something else, meant to confuse and dilute; lead the story astray as being rumor. Spin into something else.

But what is the real reason. Why did the school ask him to leave. Why will he not answer a simple question on it, why the avoidance of the issue. Since the school became center of his personal brand, wouldn’t he be proud as hell to talk about it being about female dress code in the school and his article about it? He is such a virtue signaler after all?

Men like Epstein and Trudeau have peculiar idiosyncrasies being in there late twenties and attracted to younger school age girls, hidden racist tendencies, sociopathic tendencies and fear driven personalities. Charmers, finding out and using others emotions against them; overindulged and pampered with absent, or fawning  parents.

Trudeau after all this time has become a tyrant in Canada, a lying dictator who does not wish to hear from the voting population of whom he is supposed to be serving. The highest public official in the land, it would seem he would want to listen to their grievances, iron them out.. But he sees himself as an elite who can commit sins of debauchery and corruption and have them covered up by money and arrangements.


“Canada will always stand up for the right of peaceful protest anywhere around the world. And we’re pleased to see moves toward de-escalation and dialogue,”

Justin Trudeau


With the woke media in his pocket he is sure he is safe, a fake feminism and phony virtue signaling and political correctness twat. The prescribed fake activism of the corporate run WEF.

The man got voted in on a 36% voter base, the lowest in Canadian history, the bare minimum I would suspect of a minority governments , that is now making deals with the NDP when he needs them.

Trudeau needed the NDP to gain a vote of 185 to 151 to enact the “Emergency Act”.  Socialism raises its ugly head. As the Socialist NDP aids and abides the crimes of criminal Trudeau.

But of course Jagmeet Singh Jimmy Dhaliwal is another like Trudeau, shallow, pandering to the ails of the aboriginal population a pretender who care less about them, and more about his career, gutless with no vision, another one of those who knee jerks and services the ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” (DIE) crowd, another chosen woke robot of the politics of his Young Global Leadership under the WEF.

The penetrated cabinets of Canadian politics.

When questioned on the WPGA affair, Justin Trudeau dodges the questions of why he left, like he always does, he avoids any direct question, because he is not listening to anyone but his masters. He leans back onto his script, his WEF script of talking points that he has be taught to rely on and fall back on as they weaponize politics against us.

Justin Trudeau has always been shallow and fake, but now he has turned into the worst scoundrel that Canada has ever had a as a Prime Minister. And is heading into the column with names like Chavez and Castro, Maduro and Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand another YGL.