“Penetrating Cabinets”: Sounds like a weird form of political rape!

“Going forward it’ll be important that we gain a fuller understanding of what gave rise to this kind of disregard for our laws and threat to our democracy. We need to make sure our institutions are prepared and ready in the future,” Trudeau told reporters in Ottawa Wednesday.

“While the immediate emergency situation is over, this issue won’t just go away.” — Justin Trudeau

Yeah, okay Mister Young Global Leader, ‘disregard for law and democracy”? So you use the peaceful protest, and use the ‘criscis’, as a means to instill ‘Great Reset’ mandates by thje WEF. Instituting abnilities for control and CBDC clusterfuckery.

The democratic rights of the protesters were viliolated by your regime, that it was legal for them protest is the wrong done on them by your measures under the Emergencies Act.

What was ‘illegal’ was your and your governments’ response; you violated the freedoms of tax paying Canadians and their civil rights, the laws protecting those rights to, peacefully protest. And you brutalized them with a UN Police Force…


The WEF, tries desperately to undo the damage from the quick draw, of a Trudeau government. Justin and Freeland impose freezes on bank accounts, credit cards and confiscate private property, use the banking system as a weapon against the peaceful protesters. A test for future dates and installs new rules for peaceful protest in Canada.

Anyone who donated or collected funds to assist the protest, had their lives place in the hands of Stasi like operations that shut down their money and ability to get it. Even mortgages investigated that those that shouldn’t have that kind of power.

And the Canadian people and the world see a Trudeau government and the banking system of Canada as something that should not be trusted and they in middle of trying to enact a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), that if put into full operation would give the banks and the government unlimited power over not only, peaceful protests, but the all canadians individuals who use such systems.

A social credit system whereas if one wrote the wrong thing, in a blog in the governments eyes; or attended a rally or a government or institutional protest, even in so far as being photographed in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the list goes on — would have their bank accounts shut down, they credit cards and identification revoked or block, labelled as a non-citizen, a domestic terrorist.

During the ‘Emergencies Act’ people of Canada were taking large sums of money out of their bank’s accounts. trying to secure their wealth and investment in banking institution and that sent a shock wave through the system.

The government of Canada quickly rescinded that Emergencies Act to try and undo the damage inflicted to not only Canadians, but the world, which has now lost faith in Canadian banking system which can be controlled on a whim by a Prime minister and the government of Canada. circumventing banking laws and civil laws of due process and the civil rights of Canadians.

I would imagine it was Justin masters at the WEF with their hand on his leash, that tugged him back as his exposed too early their master plan of control, control, control…the quick decision to undo what had been done illegally sent a shiver through the WEF master plan of a “Great Reset” and a new narrative with the release of the “Great Narrative”. That ultimate plan that you will own nothing and shut up, you will be forced into a social credit system that evaluates what you do as an individual; everything from your taxes to your carbon foot print; you beliefs to your opinions will be monitored and will affect that outcome.

And a brand new Metaverse is being created to keep you entertained and in control.

Liberal leader Trudeau and the leadership of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, are cut from the same fabric and just showed their voter base how despicable they truly are in their craving for power and dictatorship in Canada. And, that they are not individuals leaders of political parties in Canada, but a tag team that works for the WEF.

Jagmeet Singh is too busy stirring up problems in minorities within Canada, to be a leader of his party, he is not a problem solver but instigates animosity in this time of global crisis. His constant pandering to the aboriginal population as a power grab; his defends the police rhetoric and action on one side of the protest, and the willingness to apply the jack boot to a peaceful protest of truckers in Ottawa the political capital of Canada.

“Jagmeet Singh, leader of Canada’s left-wing NDP Party, emerged over the past week as a strident supporter of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s unprecedented invocation of emergency powers against peaceful protests – even though he once postured as a supporter of Black Lives Matter and the “Defund the Police” movement.” — Breitbart News

Jagmeet, it seems has not been paying attention, a socialist who craves power he will say anything to justify himself and his agenda set by his masters.

“Many people are rightfully concerned that using the Emergencies Act now, will mean a crackdown on protests in the future. This is not a protest. It is not peaceful. The organisers of this illegal occupation have been clear from the beginning. They came here to overthrow a democratically elected government.”  — Jagmeet Singh

The Trucker’s protest was not a protest?

But of course, it was a protest. Politicians and celebrities stood behind it, intellectuals and academics, experts in geopolitics and senators in the US and the rallies of Canadian people were in agreement on every bridge the convoy went under on their way Ottawa understood it was a protest. The cheering and flags, the population from the other 64% of Canadian that didn’t vote for a Trudeau government understood it was a peaceful protest.  The inspired protests in other countries and the world proved the validity of the protest and the support of the millions around the world proved it was a protest.

The $16 million and the $100,000’s by other individual means that was raised proved it was a peaceful protest. The confiscation of the money and illegal red-taping of the GoFundMe funds proved it was a peaceful protest. Or are you saying Mister Jagmeet Singh, that all of those people, those millions of people are domestic terrorists?

The comradery, the feeding the homeless the merriment in a just cause, prove it was a peaceful, the assistance by others to clean up and take care of the garbage, assist those in area proved it was peaceful. The well wishers and the media stir in other countries proved it was peaceful.

Except those with a thin blue line that is significant of the problems of the police, the over militarizing and extreme elites forces they employed and bussed in to incite violence. And are those who are welcoming of unified police forces globally. Who represent something other than local police?

The caging in of the protesters, the incitement by constant smearing by a Canadian Main Stream Media. The bad mouthing by you and the prime minister and the NDP and Liberal caucus to inciting violence. The lies and innuendos that you and PM bandied about.

It is funded by foreign influence. It is fed on disinformation. Its goal is to disrupt our democracy. — Jagmeet Singh

Disrupt democracy? But that is the whole point of you and the prime minister’s YGL’s and WEF politics, but to undermine Canadian democracy and replace it with a global dictatorship controlled by WEF technocrats.

You should be ashamed of yourself!

“I have been at many protests and strikes. I have witnessed the full and brutal power of the police used against peaceful protesters. Indigenous land defenders, climate change activists, workers fighting for fairness. And any Canadian using their voice to peacefully demand justice – should never be subject to the Emergencies Act – New Democrats will never support that.” — Jagmeet Singh


You were at the BLM protests which turned violent and burn down buildings and destroyed public property and inspired vilence and hate. A $70 million dollar fund which is in suspicious hands and no one running the ship. You are a hypocrite and a subversive, and a stooge for corporate masters!

Both men. Trudeau and Singh are unfit to rule as leaders of their parties and should be forced to stand down as representative of their political parties.

The non confidence of a Trudeau government running Canada is beyond refute. The prime Minister should resign immediately and a next election should be inked to date in the near future.

Both men are Young Global Leaders of the WEF globalist school; they simply do not work for their constituents and the people of Canada. But are in the hip pocket of the corporate membership of the WEF and its subscribers to the WEF and the chairman of that organization Klaus Schwab.