Trudeau: “Such a little butterherzchen”

Canada. What the hell!

What’s to become of you? You are all its seems very slow little fishies…behind it all. Not able to catch up to your masters, who are much, much faster fishies than you. Why are you so slow Canada?

Yes as Klaus Schwab has spoken petting his white Persian cat on his lap and said…

“Achtung babies!”

“In the new world, its not the big fish that eat the small fish, its the fast fish that eat the slow fish.” —Klaus Schwab Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum (WEF)


Zo, all you slow little fishies…vat you gonna do bout dat…hmm? Swimming lessons? Too late for that, your too big and squishy…


And Klaus’s favorite little Young Economic Leader for the the millennium Justin Trudeau, and “Vee zo proud of himz, he’s my little butterherzchen, such a fine boyz, esa top of das class, I’m so proud my little French Canadian butterherzchen boyz….*sniff*.  Ants for us at the corporations ve tink that little Joustin will be avarded the trophy for ze “Youngs Global Leader of ze millennium” such a little poopsie…okie dokie,  Joustin vat do ya tink you little schnuckelhase?”

Yeah okay… ya spinless twit and brown noser.

2016’s Klaus’s favorite boy and sell out of his country Canada. A supporter of terrorism and a terrorist who gains $10.25 million in a lawsuit. Justin a pedophile and black face racist, a “butterherzchen” in jack boots who walks all over Canadian people and the rights and freedoms.

A thief and a fraud who has squandered $100’s of millions of tax payers dollars in his ventures for the inclusive. And pays he family members from government coffers.

A coward and a wimp who run for cover when the going gets tough…



He couldn’t even get the speech right, tripping over his tongue, too many big twenty-five cent words for little “butterherzchen”. What’s apparent about this ‘actor‘ in the role of the prime minister of Canada is that he is not very good at it, a buffoon that is laughed at behind his back at the meetings he does show up to internationally.

I see him in videos of grand meeting of nations and countries in global talks, and here he is, walking around looking for someone to talk to, fussing with briefcase, its pathetic because we are not taken seriously as Canadians when our leaders are such cardboard cutouts and buffoons and fakes.

Justin Trudeau is that flake asshole that shows up the party and just won’t go away.

The type of guy who practices everyday squeezing a rubber ball, so he might have a handshake when the real men come around. 

Canada, we are reduced to jokes an beliefs that we are communists here run by by a flake…


Justin Trudeau can’t find his ass with a flash light.

Can someone tell him to shut up and quit talking about Ukraine and ‘punishing a powerful world leader for his actions’, and the dissing of that man, Vladimir Putin, I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and find I’m glowing in the dark.

But there is other things as well…


Did you get that, not a single skeleton, churches were burned and a not single body found…but still the narrative persists and now other persons are digging up church yards and it all fake news…