Freeland, Singh and the Emperor of Virtue Justin Trudeau and 215 pairs of shoes…

“Around the world, [liberal democracies] have been facing serious and sustained threats. We have learned over the past two and a half weeks that Canada is not immune to such threats. These illegal blockades are doing great damage to our economy, to our democratic institutions, and to Canada’s international standing. We will not allow [Canada’s privileged trading relationship with the United States] to be compromised. We are today serving notice: if your truck is being used in these protests, your corporate accounts will be frozen. The insurance on your vehicle will be suspended. Send your semi-trailers home.”

– The Honorable Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

*My emphasis*

Trudeau and JagmeetChrystia Freeland is speaking as a fascist, representing a fascist state in Canada now!

The WEF which has ‘Penetrated’ our halls of politics.

Note: Everybody has moved to the new interest, the Ukraine and all that distracting clusterfuckery to change the focus and establish a new new narrative to rally on. The world loves war; war is peace.

Freeland claims in that above quote that the peaceful protest in Ottawa has caused great damage to the economy and Canada’s standing as a trading partner. That she as a representative of the democratic and free nation of Canada will freeze the corporate accounts of the truckers and suspend their insurance. And have them cancelled.

A Liberal government said two years ago that it would be two weeks to flatten the curve. We are now two years into it and many, many businesses have been lost and put of out of business for good.

This is the greatest job loss in the history of Canada is in the provinces of Newfoundland, Labrador and P.E.I. The liberal government has been waging war against the west and the oil business for a while now, decades, and has single handedly built a Trumpian Wall around the province of Alberta, shutting down the greatest source of wealth in Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s father a number of generations ago designed a national energy system PetroCan to exploit and rob the west of its vast wealth, greedily chasing after royalties from the resource, never being satisfied always wanting more and more, greedily for Ottawa and the eastern provinces and when Alberta hit a bad bump, and needed a dime for a cup of coffee, nothing ever returned.

Pleading with the federal government, Justin Trudeau turned a deaf ear. And would not allow them to find alternate means of selling their oil. In fact he has made it illegal to sell oil. But yet will purchase from the Saudi’s.

While we all were locked down, the truckers were working as hard as church mice to make a living, if not harder than the health care workers to keep it all going. Keep the country feed and supplied with its needs. They were driving and delivering food and the supplies needed to run a country in Covid lockdown.

People need more, their locked in and afraid, they been told this is serious and could wipe out untold millions globally, they eat more and consume more and fretted… And those truckers did not need vaccine mandates then, over 85% were vaccinated it was only at the end when the government placed such strict border measures and restrictions on the truckers. Threatening their jobs and livelihood and well fare, increased costs and more red tape nonsense, surveillance!

But Ms. Freeland who was feed by those truckers as they work tirelessly were heroes at the beginning of the pandemic and are now what? Criminals damaging the economy and damaging…

…Canada’s international standing.

Ms. Chrystia Freeland and the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau; the Emperor of Virtue for the world and the NDP leader Jagmeet Singh; cabinets ministers of the “Young Global Leadership” Special Club of Canada; representatives of the WEF have colluded to bring this to a head, a crisis, they as Klaus Schwab’s ‘penetrators’ of government cabinets have turned what was a peaceful protest in a crisis they could manage and exploit for political gain.

They have spun the narrative into that crisis to enforce draconian law and illegal acts of seizure and punishment for the rights as a Canadian citizen to protest when its government is fucking wrong. They seized bank accounts and vehicles and hailed and trampled Canadian citizen with horses. They had bused in storm troopers of the thin blue line to beat and jail the protesters. To make them sorry for what they had done.

Imagine it, its winter in Canada, not exactly the best time to start an occupation, wouldn’t you say? Twelve feet of snow outside, in one of the worst Canadian winter in history, and frigid -30 weather. But they put diesel in those trucks and drove across the country on their own dime, in the middle of a Canadian winter to do great damage to our economy and occupy the national capital and over throw the government.

These elites have lost touch with the working class people. If with reality as well — they are living in some Liberal metaverse, I know the emperor is… They see themselves as above all of us. They used the truckers to declare an emergency which was what? A bigger emergency than them shutting the country down; the lockdowns, masked six feet apart and troubled by the Covidian mind virus?

The trucker’s protest was a celebratory event for Canadians after being locked down for two years the truck protesters represented a growing mistrust with what the public are being told and forced to do…all along the trail to Ottawa, tens of thousands came out and cheered on every overpass and bridge across the nation, all along the major highways going through cities and small towns, tens of thousands showed up and cheered.

The first positive sign in two years…

Justin Trudeau is trying to be his father; his father enacted the ‘War Measures Act’ during the October Crisis which could/might have been well warranted. Two men were kidnapped and one was murdered.

Justin is not his father, but he tries to make such monumental marks like his father, he over reacts more like his mother…he lives in his father’s shadow so easily motivated as Klaus’s little ‘butterherzchen’. Klaus’s special boy.

The Liberals have bought the press in fact legacy media is theirs to control, it is now a propaganda appendage for the federal government. Some $600 million have be issued in the last two years to support businesses that are no longer relevant as journalism; the chosen media darlings of liberalism. The ones who bang the drum the most.

The PM is a virtue signaling flake who even took in the hogwash of the Kamloops Residential School fracas, without any evidence.

A big lie created for effect and to create narrative.

Jagmeet Singh, used the situation to drum up support for himself and his NDP cause, to stir the aboriginal populations of Canada, stir up animosity and hatred and aboriginal polarity with the rest of Canada and Canadians. And that’s all we hear from him is the aboriginal was an abused person in Canada and the DIE (Diversity, Inclusion and Equity) woke virtue signaling byline of both him, and, Trudeau and Freeland.

“Singh choked up as he described walking near a burial site detected by ground-penetrating radar and holding what are believed to be the remains of 215 children.

“This is where it happened … 215 little kids,” he said. “I’m struck by how hard it is to be here, a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

To date: not a single body has been found, not a single skeleton or trace of human remains, there has not been a dig, in the area, to exhume purported remains. The ground penetrating radar that was used to convince liberal media and the world MSM that a crime had occurred, was misread by the anthropologist and later revealed it was twisted roots and tree stumps. There was an apple orchard that was overlooked in spite of knee jerking woke individuals.

The Vancouver Art Gallery place some 215 pairs of little shoes out on their steps in front of the Gallery to commemorate the ‘children’. Flowers and candles arrived from the passers by, the story went viral.

“In 2021, Dr. Sarah Beaulieu, an anthropologist with “about a decade of experience searching for historical grave sites”, surveyed the area with ground-penetrating radar and observed [“disruptions in the ground”] which she [concluded] could be 200 unmarked graves, based on [“their placement, size, depth, and other features”].[39][40][7][41] The indigenous community had long [suspected] that unmarked graves were located at the residential school, but [no proof] existed to support this.[1][42] Kukpi7 (Chief) Rosanne Casimir of Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc (TteS) said that work was underway to determine whether the Royal British Columbia Museum [holds relevant records].[27] Preliminary findings announced in May 2021 by Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc [speculated that 215 graves could exist at the site.] In July 2021, Beaulieu revised her estimate to [200] and noted that they should be considered “[probable burials]” or “[targets of interest]” [because only with an excavation could they be confirmed as burials of human remains.][7] Beaulieu also noted that the [apple orchard ]she surveyed constituted only two acres of the 160-acre residential school site, and [speculated that other parts of the property could be potential burial sites].[43][40]

[No attempted exhumations have yet taken place]. A press release issued by TteS erroneously claimed “[the confirmation of the remains of 215 children who were students of the Kamloops Indian Residential School]“.[44]” -Wikipedia

Dr. Sarah Beaulieu is a supposed specialist in such findings, she is working for the ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC)’ organized by the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. It was established in June of 2008; it has a mandate like all government funded agencies. It had at last count some 94 “calls to action“. And more coming in — somebody’s dog find a bone in the backyard…

So, what you are looking for, you will find!

On the Simon Fraser University web page Beaulieu has stated that the ground penetrating Radar search of the grounds, ‘highlighting [ 200 “targets of interest”] of what are likely to indicate human burials.’, ‘…Beaulieu as a collaborating researcher whose work confirmed the [probable unmarked graves on the grounds of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School] (KIRS). She believed the ‘remains were described as belonging to children as young as three.’

And she saw all this from undisturbed ground, walking along with a computer device on wheels?

Habeus Corpus? But first bring us evidence that there was actually a crime committed?

She also in a interview with Globe & Mail stressed that her findings could only be confirmed with ‘excavations done at the scene‘.


“Which is why we need to pull back a little bit and say that they are ‘probable burials,’ they are ‘targets of interest,’ for sure,” 

“A lot of people are working to fulfill the call to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that says we need to do this work,” she said. “I was the one on the ground in Kamloops but I am part of a community fulfilling this mission.”

Beaulieu reluctance is noticeable and I believe the whole thing was about creating a stir, the narrative is what is important, the story, but no evidence of wrong doing, the story itself ‘is’ what is important.

She has bandied phrases like, ‘have multiple signatures that present like burials,’, the investigation has, ‘barely scratched the surface’, “we do need to say that they are probable, until one excavates.”.


Beaulieu is preloaded, she expects to find what she wants, she is not sure except for what she reads in scan of the ground penetrating radar, determining what is beneath her is like looking at shapes in clouds or the landscape and believing they are animate.

She states: “All residential school landscapes are likely to contain burials and missing children,” she concludes and provides some ‘spatial specificity’.

I have personal knowledge of a native woman who walked across Canada. in “The 77 day Walk of Sorrow” and arrives in Ottawa.

News agencies and Legacy media ran with the whole and side stories and it became what it is, and it damaged Canada. It damaged good Canadians.

“On June 22, 2021, the Chinese government demanded an investigation into the human rights violations against the Indigenous people in Canada at the UN Human Rights Council, which was supported by Belarus, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Russia and Venezuela.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke as if the situation was real as well, no evidence, no concrete evidence, no bodies or bones, everything he states is his conjecture on the subject, spouting that it is “a dark and shameful chapter”.

NDP premier of British Columbia found he was “horrified and heartbroken”, Jagmeet Singh sobbed and cried when he walked the site.

But still no bodies or skeletal remains! Not a single one.

It is like the all priests are pedophiles scenario; when the church admits it has about 5% of its clergy are pedophiles, which is, the same as society in general, or for that fact any other religious organization and institution or organization on that scale. I’m not justify the behavior, and I do not wish to do so, but painting all priests with one wide brush is wrong.

The other Catholic clergy that work as nuns and priests, in hospitals and orphanages, feeding the poor and educating and feeding children all over the world and taking care of the sick; they run leper colonies, and mental institutions and are the second largest hospital system in the world. The second largest school system in the world. Universities and colleges…the list go on, and so how many of those 495,000 clergy worldwide are guilty…

The wicked nun going around killing children in residential schools is ridiculous.

This is all about killing religion, and specifically Christianity in the west. It is about creating narrative what was before, and its a lie a big fat ugly lie.

I owned an old convent and ran it as a bed and breakfast, I did not do well and 2008 and that did me in. But I did get the old clergy who came back to the place, some old priests and older nuns who started out their as young novices. And they would tell of the valiant deeds of taking care of reserve children. Giving them a place to learn and be educated and taken care. Yes their parents lived on reserves but they were not isolated from their children they could see when they came to town, but the children were being educated, and were free after the school week was over. They were being educated for a new world that was coming. And those nuns and priests wanted those children to have a chance; many were poor and had minor and sometimes major illnesses and health problems or were abused and starved. They suffer from head lice and some lived with incestuous family, yes they got ill and were taken care of, and helped by Catholic nuns who were nurses and teachers and went to the reserves and also checked out the children in convent.

That convent I owned,  had a little school in the basement and the children were taught kindergarten there. Eventually the nuns donated land that was part of the convent and built the school behind the convent that now exists. They also established school rooms on the reserve for older mothers who were not educated. Their lives were about devotion and charity and love.

But the idea of the wicked nun doing in, reserve children, mean wicked nuns killing babies is far fetched and not true. It is a lie.

Christianity is under attack. And still there are no bodies or skeletal remains in Kamloops.

I’m tired of the woke generation of virtue signalers who mouth off and cause a scandal and now we find it is a hoax of grand proportions. And no redaction, and the tale is added too and continues to grow.

The government ran flags at half-mast and dedicated a new holiday, churches were burned and clergy assaulted. Statues were spray painted and toppled, not that I like Queen Elizabeth or Queen Victoria, but its the point.

John A MacDonald the father of Confederation in sovereign Canada, his statue was beheaded.

The story has amplified like polar bears starving on ice flows, because of climate change, its complete bullshit and it is not going away.

Wikipedia has a page on it, and every major newspaper in the Legacy media did a piece on this, and its all built like a house of straw. And still no evidence…

“The hurt and the trauma that you feel is Canada’s responsibility to bear, and the government will continue to provide Indigenous communities across the country with the funding and resources they need to bring these terrible wrongs to light. While we cannot bring back those who were lost, we can – and we will – tell the truth of these injustices, and we will forever honor their memory.” – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

I am not going to let this go…I don’t want to. It is the most important thing that has happened in Canada in my lifetime. I worry for the future for young Canadians and my own growing family and grandchildren.

Justin Trudeau and his government is a fake and a false front of something else. He is a liar and a fraud, a destroyer of Canada, like his father.

This craziness that has possessed Canadian politicians and the insanity of the institution and their selling out to the WEF and the corporate fascists who have their YGL minions throw gasoline on these fires.

The cognitive dissonance of the ruling parties in Canada that hold these separate ideas as ultimate truths to the world and it looks on as if we have gone mad in Canada.

Freeland speaks about Canada’s standing in the world, while the real people see her and this twit government as a disaster in the making and waiting to happen.

It is a great injustice and I am shocked that there is not more being said about all of this… that more are not standing up to tyrants and bullies and a big narrative been constructed and told to the masses.

Jagmeet Singh of the school of Young Global Leadership, slandered and smeared at every chance the protest that was peaceful he said…

“Many people are rightfully concerned that using the Emergencies Act now, will mean a crackdown on protests in the future. This is not a protest. It is not peaceful. The organizers of this illegal occupation have been clear from the beginning. They came here to overthrow a democratically elected government.

It is funded by foreign influence. It is fed on disinformation. Its goal is to disrupt our democracy.”

In an investigation into the funds donated for the protesters, of which they are substantial, millions of dollars raised in that effort.

The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) investigated the funds to see if terrorism was a part of this protest, was the funding part of a plan to over throw the Canadian government to tear down government in an act of terrorism and Barry MacKillop the deputy director of FINTRAC stated it was not. “It was their money.” it’s had nothing to do with terrorism.

But Jagmeet Singh stated that, precisely in his speech on the enactment of the Emergencies Act in the House of Commons.

Mr Jagmeet Singh purposely lied and fanned the flames of discontent and panic with his bed fellow in the elite, Young Global Leadership club of Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

They colluded together to disparage and smear, peaceful citizens, they, by enacting the Emergencies Act, were fanning the flames to create an emergency, that did not not exist, they took control of an incident making it a crisis and then exploiting it for its gain for the WEF.

By helping to enact this Emergencies Act they made it illegal for a trade union to protest. They were able to freeze bank accounts and confiscate personal property. Circumvent and destroy banking laws and place Canada in a position of jeopardy with other financial institutions around the world as well as placing doubt in the minds of  the people of Canada, to mistrust in their banking system. But maybe that was the point all along.

Jagmeet Singh does not represent his constituents, he represents ‘…foreign influence…’ by an agency, that has penetrated Canadian politics at its cabinet and party level. That agency is the World Economic Forum (WEF).

I was shocked to find that that no one in the government, none of the back benchers or opposition contested what was done. The conservatives stay silent, in the enactment of this crime, Candice Bergen was a voice, but no one contested the liberal government that out reached its power and sought absolute power. Normalizing what will be used again and again against the Canadian people.

Even the Conservatives could have gone out into the streets and talked and asked what the solution would be, conversation was what the Canadian way is about.

This is government by fiat, government by opinion polls and they are not the truth but biased and suspect of partisan politics.

Shame on all of you.