The HeartLand: So you think you know about LPR and DPR…the Donbas?

“Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;
who rules the World-Island commands the world.”
— Mackinder, Democratic Ideals and Reality, p. 150

download (4)The Russian Federation a vast area of land — and this is after the dissolving of the great super power the Soviet Union, it is some 17.1 million sq/kilometers. The landmass is at the center of the World Island and is easily twice the size of Canada. Governed by president Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and populated with some 145.5 million people, including the Crimea.

The place is immense, and with its vast untapped resources, and on that standard alone it is the greatest country in the world. It spans two continents and has some 11 time zones . It is bordering 16 sovereign countries.

The shire size of this vastly unexplored land is awesome…an untapped wealth that would fill the seven oceans with money and the absolute power that goes along with it.

In Halford Mackinder’s — a London school of economics director, father of geopolitics and geostrategy — essay “The Geographical Pivot of History” he speaks to the unbelievable size and the vast resources at hand in this great country and never so much as is known today in the modern world. Mackinder spoke for his time, but he was insider and knew the endgame. He created the London School of economics, and the despite what may think, they know their economics.

Vast untapped resources of oil and gas, minerals and metals are there in this large country, the immense steppe which crosses some ‘4000 miles’ of the continent makes the prairies of Canada seem small and insignificant. The potential for the growing of wheat and grains is immense.

Although landlocked except for the route through the sea of Azov to Kerch Strait and the Black sea and eventually the Dardanelles and the Mediterranean. That piece of land called Ukraine is the gateway to the it all…

Rail passages have left some 6000 miles from eastern Russia to Vladivostok and the Pacific. It is only the third largest in the world after China and the US. Much of the country still lives as it has since the early twentieth century. And the north is still mainly uninhabited. These areas were left unattended during the Soviet era, and it is only since the 2000 that any real growth has happened.

Mackinder called it the pivot point of the ‘Heartland’ a massive Eurasian continent that holds a some 21 million sq/miles, 55 million sq/kilometers. Holding in 93 countries, some 75% of the world’s population. A vast market and really very ripe for the plucking and the harvesting. A necessary event if the US is to survive, but it won’t. Its experiencing an slow motion implosion like Canada. And the serious entrepreneurship has left the country long ago for other parts. America invests in investing.

This whole notion of the Ukraine and the war is about precisely this; that gateway to the sea through Ukraine.

The West and the UN, the WEF, and the G20, NATO and the Globalists are bound and determined to over-throw Vladimir Putin and his ability as a great politician and one could admit he is a benevolent dictator to hold together a Russia under constant attack by the west mow and since its beginning as the Russian Federation. Under much adversity. He still is able…a man to admired for statesmanship, his clear talent as a natural leader, those who are close to him respect  highly he is one of the last real great statesman as the world falls to Young Global Leadership’s hand puppets.

The betrayal by the west at the breakup of the Soviet Union  and subsequent looting and rape of the country. The agreement to work for peace in the world. And the assurance that the west and NATO would not “step one inch eastward”.

The Covidian mind virus has passed and just as we are gathering ourselves together and trying to break out from two years of lockdowns. Protests against the insane who have manipulated us in the last two years; the real truth on the three dimensional reality of this hoax, and you say to yourself, “Never again”, I won’t be lied too I know these bastards now…” You are presented again with new enemy, god knows we have to have enemy? What would we do with ourselves if we didn’t have an enemy to fight constantly?

The whole smoke up neither end begins again. And the Reality Manufacturing Machine starts churning out some brand new tech fakes and the limited hangout responses to the stupidity and lack of insight into the endgame and world history.

And the Heartland is front and center of all this… The next step in the WEF Great Reset and movement forward in their wet dream of one Global government steeped in a technocracy and all controlling and owning every single thing on this fucking planet. And Russia, represents a massive horde of untapped resources and markets. The oil and gas alone changes the whole equation of peak oil. The metals, the control of the Arctic.

Vladimir Putin stands in the way of that singularity and his adamancy in restoring pride to a Russian nation, the people of the Russian Federation that formed from its defeated superpower position during the Cold War as the Soviet Union. From without and from within, the failed experiment in Communism, now taken up by the CCP and hybridized into some strange totalitarian Commie/Democratic machine.

The goal is not expansionism for Russia, but restoration and protection of what it is, and what it has to the qualities of a pre-Soviet Russia. Putin is not a pure globalist, there is a patriot there, he believes in the sovereignty of Russian, and the Russian a distinct and individual citizen of the world. Unique in their vision of the future as Russia and its position in the world that is becoming digital. Not dominance or the hegemony, but back to that vision of Russia before 1917. The Russia inspired by Peter the Great, that brought the country out of the dark ages.

Those who awoke to the nonsense of this New World Order or a few elites controlling it all, the UN, WEF nonsense of the collective and ‘we are all in this together’ seem to have fallen back to sleep and along with incessant stupidity of the borg, banging the drum the most, against Russia and for a NATO dominated and thoroughly corrupted Ukraine.

So let us get it straight. If you think you know what is going on and are clearly a Russophobe better to ditch now than follow through with this reading…


The now situation that has developed and is ongoing in Ukraine and the DPR and the LPR which have confederated together to form the Donbas. A Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), and Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) joined as the confederation of Donbas. Want their lawful independence and a security they recognized with the Russian Federation and a leader who leads his country in right. Not the stage for NATO and WEF and American Hand puppets and comedians. Not some toxic wasteland of stored chemicals industrial chemical sites and biolabs fracturing rat brains and bats; not some corrupted backwater to the world as one the world’s largest money launderers. Not the ground zero of a US wanting a war with Russian. Not the battleground and real site of a possible Armageddon?

Russia’s acceptance of the region as a legitimate republic, legally ratified. Established on April 7th, 2014; through an Independence referendum, which overwhelmed the vote  by 90% of the people of Donetz who considered themselves Russian speaking and culturally Russia. In May of that year;  the Minsk agreement and Minsk II agreement and then formally recognized by Russia in February 22nd, 2022 and so…

In December of 2021 Russia drafted two treaties to try to avert the ongoing crisis that is now in our midst, and a possible slow motion genocide which the areas are in at the present moment…the pressure and persecution by the Ukraine and it Neo-Nazi ideals. The Neo-Nazi military forces slaughtering Donetz citizens, financed and supported militarily by Canada and the United States and probably a GoFundMe, and the NATO forces who’s mandate is a technocratic global government with no republics, no nations, no borders and definitely, no Russia.

The treaties were “security guarantees” and, including a legally binding promise that they would not join NATO, as well as the reduction of NATO forces and materiel (supplies, equipment and vehicles, weapons including missiles and military supply chain management, and the typical supplies used in military build-ups for…war) that have been collected over the years and now stationed in eastern Europe within the Ukraine. And on that border of Russia.

The Missiles and immense forces are as threatening to Russia as the nuclear missiles that were at the center of a crisis that brought the superpowers of the United States and the Soviet Union to near apocalyptic war during the period of “Cuba Missile Crisis” of October 1962.

What did Kennedy say to Khrushchev?

“[…] In our discussions and exchanges on Berlin and other international questions, the one thing that has most concerned me has been the possibility that your Government [the Soviet Union] would not correctly understand the will and determination of the United States in any given situation, since I have not assumed that you or any other sane man would, in this nuclear age, deliberately plunge the world into war which it is crystal clear no country could win and which could only result in catastrophic consequences to the whole world, including the aggressor.

At our meeting in Vienna and subsequently, I expressed our readiness and desire to find, [through peaceful negotiation], a solution to any and all problems that divide us. At the same time. I made clear that in view of the objectives of the ideology to which you adhere, the United States could not tolerate any action on your part which in a major way disturbed the existing over-all balance of power in the world. I stated that an attempt to force abandonment of our responsibilities and commitments in Berlin would constitute such an action and that the United States would resist with all the power at its command. […]”

Kennedy and Khrushchev toe to toe and the world in the greatest level of fear it had felt to date, and possible nuclear annihilation and the end of the world.

Putin now becomes Kennedy, in this modern reversal and reenacting of what plunged us into the depths of the Cold War. But that is the whole game. Joe public must never be out of the condition of living in fear, because fear is a killing thing. Dare he start thinking for himself, against these dark artists of reality that spin these tales and the corrupt the world.

So the question is why is it not pertinent now, that the newly found Russian Federation, a democratic and free society; no longer a Cold warrior — while the west specifically the United States has remained in a Cold War footing; planting seeds early in the independence of the Ukraine so they might grow what we are seeing, and the constantly provoking the Russian Federation to a confrontation?

I might almost presume an be sure Vladimir Putin knew this when those phony words of peace were overwhelming a drunken Yeltsin as he exits his political career, back at the beginning of the newly forming Russian Federation.

The Russians stole the election and were behind Trump? The Russians and interference into Hillary Clinton’s email. Hillary’s branding of him as the New Hitler. The Russians, the Russians, the fucking Russians.

The growing animosity in the Athletes village against Russian Paralympians? Are you serious? Cancel culture refines even definition of ableism.

It astounding how stupid the average person is regards to this growing situation. I am so sick of the eternally stupid fumbling through life with a cellphone computer in their hands — people pouring vodka down the drain and gaming companies like EA games taking Russian game characters and players out of their sports video games. The west is so plastic…Sean Penn on Anderson Cooper, talking about his cousin and he with without his teeth in and hair disheveled and sounding like he has been on a bender, are ya serious?

The WEF has dumped it’s Russian “Young Global Leadership” and deleted web pages relating to Alumni Russian members. Not that they got that far… Putin has been all in on the game and has been very thorough with curtailing their flooding the Russian political arena with fake opposition parties in his country. So we might see what is actually at play. Their attempt at stimulating a ‘color revolution‘ in the “we are all in this together” the clusterfuck that fouls up the senses that seems to be the fade, a revolution has to have a favorite color, didn’t ya know. Get your tee-shirt and marching mask?

God safe us, from this mediocrity and lowest common denominator.

The quick change from Covid mind virus to the threat of World War III is a plan, enacted by those that would have Globalist ideals of one world government; the WEF and its military in NATO and its center of world politics within the UN and EU clustery of fornication.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) an illegal organization, now defunct of its ‘Cold War ‘mandate. It was formed under the North America Treaty’ of August 24th, 1949. A relic of the Cold War that has now been turned into the military mechanism of the Globalist idealists. NATO is now a tool of the WEF and Globalists. It is and probably always was, NATO for hire.

“By signing the North Atlantic Treaty, parties are “determined to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilization of the peoples, founded on the principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law.”

The Atlanticists all those separate from the World island.

NATO came out of that North Atlantic treaty, an arrangement made by some 30 countries to stop any advancing on BOTH SIDES, against the other and this specific piece of politics is precisely what had started the Cold War. And continue to abate it.

Did the Cold War simply become a Tepid War for a little while there , while we played the cyberwar, and now is becoming cold again as the US has for decades been breaking the rules agreed upon; missile build ups, missile treaty violations and interference into the politics of Iran, Iraq and Syria, and a myriad of other nations institutions and organizations, and influence peddling by the corporation and that closet of spooks, ‘who live for hate’. And live to be shit disturbers. The puppet masters in control of puppets in power around the world.

The violations and treaties broken in just the shire number of biolabs in the Ukraine producing who know what?? Even China has asked what America is making in the Ukraine as Victoria Nuland the consummate Hawk does her congressional backstep.

America has been interfering with Ukraine since it independence, it has used Ukraine to militarize the Ukrainian/Russian border, to constructing and doing genetics experimentation at bio-labs constructed around Ukraine, gathering Russian DNA? Why? Work that would not be allowed any where else in the world. At least not in the democracies.

“Russian biolabs in Cuba, gathering American DNA. Ya don’t say?”, in a pigs eye that would ever be allowed.

The Neo-Nazi puppets that are placed in power, in the Ukraine by America and the corruption of those politicians like the ‘comic’ to get the country involved in massive money laundering and sex trade. Can anyone say Hunter Biden’s Laptop?

Storing and the improper care of some of the most toxic chemicals and pesticides on the planet. Pesticides that would not be allowed to exist in North America and the west for that matter. We are talking about accidents waiting to happen, serious environmental accidents, minutes away, just a couple years away, maybe, definitely in the future. And then that brings focus!

And is this not what Donbas wants, they want the safeguard of freedom. The common heritage with Russia, individual liberty and rule of law. But when republics separate, because they do not wish to abide by a Nazi leadership, an oppressor who will not allow them to be a culture, then the story changes.

“Declassified documents show security assurances against NATO expansion to Soviet leaders from Baker, Bush, Genscher, Kohl, Gates, Mitterrand, Thatcher, Hurd, Major, and Woerner”

“Washington D.C., December 12, 2017 – U.S. Secretary of State James Baker’s famous “not one inch eastward” assurance about NATO expansion in his meeting with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on February 9, 1990, was part of a cascade of assurances about Soviet security given by Western leaders to Gorbachev and other Soviet officials throughout the process of German unification in 1990 and on into 1991, according to declassified U.S., Soviet, German, British and French documents posted today by the National Security Archive at George Washington University.” – NATO Expansion: What Gorbachev Heard | National Security Archive (

Referring to the above quote from the National Security Archive Dec12., 2017. The complaints by Russia that they were being misled by America all along, were true, as…they had hoped for a partnership of peace and a de-escalation of weapons on borders. The Cuban missile crisis as I’ve said, brought us close in global nuclear War and no one wants to go back to that again…besides the Russian outgun with that high tech and hypersonic. America is lucky if can manufacture a Covid mask, or a vaccine or even computer chips for the cars that are not making here anymore?

But that is all gone now, or is it? Hidden under piles of documents, no one is old enough to remember the false nature of America then and now. Of course we were living in ignorance then, as we have now learned.

And so the build up of armaments on the border of the Ukrainian border and Russia signifies a situation that Russia was faced with in its beginning as Federation after the fall. In a way the Donbas region acts as a buffer zone between Russia and the West. And the Ukraine has always been a part of Russia, a central part, so to see it like this is troubling to all of Russia. But its independence was a willingness to see it separate and not a pawn in any others game.

The Ukraine is a wild west show of greedy oligarchs and American puppets that will do anything for money and power, being a whore to the United States by allowing its NATO mercenary forces into the Ukraine to build up its forces.. and that has been known and those seeds planted since the peace talks back then in the 1990’s.

“The documents reinforce former CIA Director Robert Gates’s criticism of “pressing ahead with expansion of NATO eastward [in the 1990s], when Gorbachev and others were led to believe that wouldn’t happen.”

The Russians at the fall of the Soviet Union were lied too, by so many that said the eastward expansion of NATO would not happen. As Gorbachev agreed to pull the Berlin Wall down. He expected honesty as did Yeltsin and others.

Boris Yeltsin’s belief led on by US officials in that “Partnership for Peace” was the alternative to NATO expansion, stressed by Warren Christopher, a despicable bastard on Bill Clinton’s team. More smoke up the ass and more lies. And the subsequent rape of everything that was Russia, as the Wall Street financial hitmen, the CIA and the Bill Browders’ of the world crept in like vultures to eat from a dying superpower and a newly struggling Democratic Republic.

Browder was/is one of those specialty workers, those corporate raisers that swoop in and collect for pennies on the dollar and then sell it for massive profits, caught in an illegal $230 million embezzlement by the Russian federation he had to run by his masters who ran a a false story about Magnitsky.

A Ukrainian born tax advisor, who worked for Browder in Hermitage Capital Management he had something and Bill Browder what it, bad. He got caught and suffered for it. Hermitage is a Guernsey Island operation in the Channels Islands where little tax is paid and  CIA appointed financial hitmen like Browder can rest assured.

Its a long story and I should write a piece, since Browder and Obama stated a world campaign about Putin before he even got a chance. And Browder has be mouthing off about cutting off Putin’s money supply. If anyone ever needed a bullet, Browder surely does , one of those weasels that you just, love to hate.

The shit disturbers and company men moved in and sabotaged any advancement of peace by their gluttony and greedy espionage. They built an relationship of mistrust and constant lies. And through it all Putin tried…

The continuing and unabated propaganda, lies and deception as the newly formed Russian Federation as a positive, moved forward to nationhood and freedom and peace with the world at last, and all that had been in the stagnation of a Soviet superpower for decades.

A renewed sense of nationhood under Vladimir Putin, a proud patriot, one of Andropov’s Golden Boys. Who knows the deceit of the corrupt west. Putin, who keeps the fruit flies of liberalism at bay, the insanity of woke ideology and flakey pretensive political opposition that can turn the whole affair into a circus filled with endless charade of the schizo-autistics, and shit disturbers nihilists flying flags with color and special hats.

NATO is, the paid for, foundation force of a one-world global government, the military forces that will not tolerate sovereignty or sovereign military forces of other nations, but require assimilation, co-operation and familiarity with what it wishes for the future of the world. One of its goals is to eliminate all borders and all others militaries forces. Its whole point is to oppose other military forces and other nations. It has been taken over long ago by those who run the WEF, these are paid mercenaries and a corporate paid military force.

The UN and technocratic globalism are preparing the world for a Global Reset and a brand new Great Narrative for the future with them in control, and you will love it and obey.

But now the bear is angry. And I say what was, ‘zero sum’ politics has ended and he won’t take it.

“not one inch eastward”

That what Baker said, and yet!

Russian president led to believe Partnership for Peace was alternative to expanded NATO

Documents show early Russian opposition to “neo-containment;” more U.S. assurances to Russia: “inclusion not exclusion” in new European security structures

Bush assured Gorbachev; Baker promised to not advance ‘one inch eastward’. Bush was pushing for his New World Order his ‘thousand points of light’ and knew he was lying, and he should know well what the endgame is he was director of the CIA.

An insider into the workings of those controllers who covet the entire world.

“Putin is the New Hitler” how long do we put up with that nonsense. Never peace, the west does not want peace, war ‘is’ peace for the west. The Clintons and Nulands’ and neocons in the constant charade that the world is in threat by Russia. And who gains financially?

The corporation does not want peace they want to dominate, a one technocratic world under their control of a few. And Russia wants be Russia, independent and free, and will aid any others who break away from the clutches of the clawing Borg. The WEF clustery of Diversity, Inclusion and equity, a phony triad of principals to use as a slogan for fake virtue filled sentiment for androids. going through the build back better via a fourth industrial revolution.

Ronald Reagan promised that the US would not make one step east when the Berlin wall came done. He said this to Gorbachev, as they both worked towards the end of the cold war. And world peace.

But here we are with the failed results and betrayal by the west and America causing another crisis. Of a long line of crisis.

The United States of America cannot give and keep a promise, bound always to hegemony and it special privilege in the world. Its broke and busted and war is money. And they want the Heartland with its immense resources.

The NATO driven UN will not recognize either the LPR or the DPR or the Donbas region as legitimate republics and never will, because that threatens NATO’s expansionism, corporate expansionism, and the globalist wetdream of a global technocracy. But the peoples of the LPR and there are, 1.5 million consider themselves Russian. The people of DPR, the 2.5 million consider themselves Russian and both republics have formed a union, a confederation its legislation based on Russian law.

And they have a right to survive and be recognized as independent and individual.