Putin as the devil?

Putin and the TrudeauNazis-Zelenskyy

So you think Putin is the devil…

Well not as how the story goes. Antony C. Sutton spoke about “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development” in three volumes.

That’s goes without saying that Wall Street was involved with making of the machine called the Soviet Union. But the Politics are something above and beyond the mere marketplace. Wall Street and the Grand fathers made a killing…literally. But then the is the soul of a country?

And the Soviet Union does-not-exist-anymore!

The Masonic ordeal is money among merchants, usury and the creation of it, they are always in a win/win. That’s the whole point of control for the ponerology crowd. Death and mayhem for its own sake, control and power, never so enjoyed than when Caligula set games each and every single day. And made accusations on individuals, so he might fine heavily or irradicate and seize their property and assets to fuel even more death and mayhem every single day.

But there is something else above all that ephemeral bullshit!

You’re missing the point of Russia, Putin isn’t playing that old game, never was. He isn’t the enemy! That the point that baffles the Clintons and the Nuland’s and all the fucking Neocons. The woke is in a fall down a rabbit hole of perpetual stupity.

Putin was one Andropov’s boys. The Golden ones. They are playing a different kind of game. And the west and western intelligentsia is still stuck on that old dark Soviet Union shit. The United States is that dying old superpower that was once the other side of a coin called the Cold War. They still are living in a “once upon a time in the past”!

And nostaglia and a lack of imagination, has cause them inspired by a WEF to state that shit all over again. Cold War the remake. Why is Hollywood and politics so vacant for new stories?

Now Andropov was an unusual kind of fellow, he had a heart and a soul, and was much further along than any of his US or British counterparts who kowtowed to their higher masonic hierarchy. Or pedantry of what their fathers told them

A very likable guy, who knew full well all this shit than ran the world and the clusterfuck of Jews and ass wipes that were greedy for money and their fucking religion. The spinners and CIA media controlled useful idiots that painted him black.

A one God in Yahweh — an absolute prick, and really it comes down to he was probably one of those…

Antony Sutton was allowed.

You think he was separate from all this; you think he found an Island and went and wrote his three volume book and published it on Stanford Press. They know all, that’s the whole point. The many degrees of what? The alpha pecking order?

Stanford has always been CIA.

Now back to Andropov, he was an interesting fellow, the CIA were investing billions to busting the Soviets balls, and there was widespread corruption and truancy in both office and industry. The people of the Soviet Union were tired and worn out at twenty years old.

The US spent some 5 trillion dollars breaking the Soviet Union. Only for it to manifest its greatness, or should I say zenith in the communist idea of perfection, in the CCP. And they reinvented it.

Agents. Double agents, triple agents, independents? Contractors now.

Andropov was one man alone, and had been there at the beginning of the KGB and couldn’t solve the mounting problems of the degenerate USSR, he hated dissent, its like pissing against the wind.

He knew it was dying anyway from a political and social cancer, with or without America constant attention…a philosophical wasting was occurring.

It was financial war by the west, who reported that a pair of jeans could cost $500 in the USSR, when they were sold for $9.99 here…they couldn’t get Beatles albums there, and they were selling for hundreds also. Russian cars were shit and everything they made crap… Soviet people were living slaves — it depends on how you define that though, as American label whores shuffled back to the mall… Even their art was shit and so the U.S. marketing of Jackson Pollack and that lot and load of horseshit.

Jack the dripper was a terrible drunk! No matter what they tell you, Jackson Pollack was not an artist. He was like all that goofy beat generation, twisted and drinking the Kool-Aid.

But Andropov was a true Russian, an old Russian from way back, he knew the end was coming he knew for a long time, the end was near. He was a forward thinking and took the chairmanship but had many ‘irons in the fire’ and, there were seeds planted even in the Soviet Union, spies within a nation of spies.

He was encouraging a new line of reformers and dedicates…those who cared and wanted to see the end come as painless as possible, and he knew that there would be a phoenix from the ashes. He knew how close the world was to nuclear destruction.

With these new reformers, purged of all this Soviet/West bullshit. Purged of all these Jew corrupters and usury experts. And the endgame mind fuck.

And so, his Golden boys, were trained in the highest levels of philosophy of humanism, three-dimensional chess, and how to out a bullshitter in one easy lesson.

The zero-sum gain and all this at the Andropov School. They came from a very unusual type of scholastic thinking, young boys were chosen for their hearts, they were required to discipline their bodies and their minds, not governed by what you would think? The Russian learns through pain and the adaption to it, they embrace it, whither that is mental or physical, it is, natures way. Not survival of the fittest, but survival of those who can greatly imagine, those that can find the individual within and make his weaknesses his strenghts.

The CIA is Disneyland and 007. They are bullies and are caricature cut-outs of real men of reality, hanging round titty bars and playing the fool They are ridiculous and they are owned. They are owned by money lenders and the World Economic Forum.

Andropov hated Nazis and Neo-Nazis, he had seen their cruelty and the destruction they had cause for its own sake. Just burn the world down and and ‘Great Reset’ the whole thing and eliminated anything that stood in their way and used what ever they could use as fuel for their dopey cause and system thinking — the only good Nazi is a dead one, including that bald twit at the WEF and his ilk.

He is 83 and has not much time left, he will never see transhumanism.

Andropov was respected highly and was the one who appointed Gorbachev. He was there in the ending — a miserable decade and a half of shit – he managed the future and was the longest running KGB official in their history he knew everything. he knew it all. It was a great loss for Russia, to loose him at 69 years old?

The old Stalinists were decrepit and degenerating and he was responsible for the new blood, younger blood, replacing the old ones, and he knew the seeds of the future had to be planted for the sake of the Russian Patriot, and he knew the West would send the Browder’s in like financial vultures at a dying corpse to steal what is left. And destroy all semblance of old Russia to stop it rising again. But the west unestimated the Russian heart, it like the Irish heart, it will not stop until its stopped. And the west was foiledin  its attempts to gain the heart of the World Island. And so it tries again, using Ukraine as a proxy.

Russia had to survive and the phoenix had to rise form the ashes.

And that is where Putin and the Golden boys among others come in…first rid the country of the corrupted and degenerate and those that, will reform, are allow to stay in a renewed sense of a Russian Federation.

And so in the beginning, oligarchs ran for cover and were exiled to America.

Andropov saw all this coming, he was a very advanced thinker, no matter what the west has painted him as…he had the remains of the Goebbels and 8 others and probably Hitler and the missus in that lot, ground up into dust and thrown into the a Russian river to stop any rise of Nazi symbols.

Antony Sutton was right for his time, but we are in a different place, a new place.

And Putin knows, Klaus Schwab and his lot are Neo-Nazis wanting to rule the world and continue with that 1000-year Reich.

The whole idea of a European Union is a Nazi idea, and NATO is the reformation of that idea, the militarization of that idea. The rise of the the real Neo-Nazi.