“Delivering for Canadians Now”: The formation of a new political party of Canada and the merging of two socialist entities!

“Voters have given this Parliament a clear mandate and do not want to endure needless delays in this important moment. They want to build a growing economy that supports their families with green jobs and climate action, more housing and child-care affordability, and stronger healthcare.” Justin Trudeau


Couldn’t be further from the truth…common sense and the real facts. Goes over this guy’s head like lead balloons.

Interesting thing about psychopaths, they project a lot. Because they have no feelings, feelings are something used like a tool to get what they want. And so what is stated above — those are his thoughts, well his masters thoughts, but certainly not the Canadian public’s thoughts. And clearly not mandated, only he mandates!

I know this; that Justin Trudeau has never wanted for anything. He was pampered mama’s boy. He was allotted a trust which gave him some $22,000 a year by his father back when he was 16 years old. That was 1987, and the average family income was $25,000, that $58,000 in today’s money, if you call it that?

Trudeau’s inflation seems to have made it pour through our hands like sand.

As of 2011 Justin’s Company had assets of $1.2. The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation had some $67,000.

And as put down in print by Claire Brownell & Zane Schwartz of the National Post Money began to rain on Trudeau Foundation once Justin took over Liberals, analysis shows”.

This man has be groomed since childhood, living under his father’s shadow to this, a corrupted and evil human eager for power and money.

It is obvious what has happened here in Canada, we have been taken over by money interests and elite interests, which are WEF interests as many, if not all of these rich people invest into those companies and corporations that make up the WEF.

There is no democracy.

In 2002, the Jean Chrétien government allotted some $125 million to the Trudeau Foundation. Now remember this furthers the liberals and liberal causes and definitely profits the insiders of the foundation who are cronies of the liberals and were close friends of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

And this is in and above the other scandals that plagued that, Chrétien Liberal government of the time — the $100 million in Liberal party interests in the ‘Sponsorship Scandal‘, with any accountability?

Shawinigate  and that cluster? But I am wandering into grounds that deserve a write-up by itself on the corruption of the Liberal Party of Canada through the years since 1960.

“In 2002, the Government of Canada endowed the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation with $125 million CAD, to fund the creation of a program for advanced studies in the social sciences and the humanities.[1][2] An agreement on the Advanced Research in the Humanities and Human Sciences Fund was signed March 2002, between the Government of Canada and the foundation outlining the obligations of the foundation in handling public funds in regards to investment strategy, governance and program delivery. The foundation also solicits private funding for targeted projects.[3]”

In one of the debates of Feb. 20th, 2002, Allan Rock, Minister of Justice in the Jean Chrétien cabinet of the time said, and I quote:

Last week the Minister of Human Resources & Development [Jane Stewart] and I published our innovation strategy. In the strategy we spoke of the need to create a Canadian program similar to the [Rhodes scholarships] to promote excellence, encourage those who seek it and [reward those who achieve it].

I am honored to announce today that the Government of Canada will endow the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation with $125 million allocated in the budget to enable the creation of a truly world class program for advanced studies in the humanities.

The Foundation will award internationally competitive doctoral fellowships, similar in value and stature to the [Rhodes], so that Canadian universities will continue to attract the very best students from our own country, and around the world. And all of this, in the name of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.”

And so $125 million of tax payer’s dollars was hand over to a cash strapped Trudeau Foundation of which two, Trudeau brothers have served on the Board of Directors, and friends and cronies wallow up and the pig trough and it was filled to the brim.

What is true in all this is that Rhodes Scholarship is an elite thing for the chosen. Rhodes was racist slaver and a greedy misanthrope to believe the English Empire of the time should rule the world. And he set in motion, things that are still being put down.

“This is the sorry legacy of successive Canadian governments, from the time of Pierre Elliott Trudeau in the late 1960’s, which has created a society much like Animal Farm; where all the animals are equal, but some animals are a little MORE equal than others. -Howard Galganov “

Since Trudeau became leader and took over the Liberals money has literally rained down on the Trudeau Foundation. That along with a manufactured and marketed global image of Justin himself, since his beginning using gullible teen age interest techniques to further his and WEF agenda for Canada and the Trudeau foundation. Which fills the coffers along with huge government injections of money. Each year successively more and more money finds its way and increase this foundation’s wealth and power, which favors ‘only’ liberal interests Trudeau’s personal wealth.

Never mind the persistent scandals of the Justin Trudeau government, SNC-Lavalin affair, WE Charity…

This all is a direct conflict of interest. Leaders of democratic nations are not this way.

Canadians want peace and freedom; they want their privacy, and the money they have in the bank to be secure and fucking untouchable by the banks and the lowest percentage of voters, of a minority Liberal government in the whole history of Canada.

32.6 %!

Who cares about climate action when the Canadian government is escalating it war relationship with the Russian Federation and foreign politics is governed by a war hawk and hatchet lady in the Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

This known Nazi from a family of Nazis is talking constantly out of both sides of her mouth.

Trudeau with his balls in Freeland’s purse is listening and obeying this woman and her interference in Ukraine and supplying of both money and weapons to the Neo-Nazis that run that country…

“Canada’s military aid to Kiev includes portable anti-tank systems, rocket launchers, hand grenades and ammunition, as well as body armor, night vision gear and field rations for soldiers.”

“Joly said on Monday that officials “have exhausted inventory from the Canadian Armed Forces,” and were studying “additional options” to send more weapons to Ukraine.”

Canadians want the government to stop the regulating out of existence the oil industry and to tear down the wall it has built around Alberta; and the trucking industry which it has be plagued with uncalled for restrictions and mandates against working truckers.

Impeding and restricting the flow of goods and services throughout the nation. And adding to price increases in food and fuel through their support of Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

The Canadian people are actually sick and tired of the corrupt and kowtowing attitude of the Trudeau liberals for the World Economic Forum and that their government are all stooges for corporate and elite interest. And service only Liberal needs.

Off course…

The Trudeau Liberals are now in a joint effort against Canadians by a merging with the NDP party, lead by the weak and gullible and impotent party leader Jagmeet Singh, they have no money and under the Liberal party and Canada’s, first black face Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau might gain some well needed cash!

We might move to rename the new party the, New Liberal Party (NLP) of Canada. A big injection of power and cronyism into Liberalism which is dying and cannibalizing the woke.

And the real opposition has been froze out. The Conservatives and the Bloc are outsider now, as is the Green party which has more of an interest than the Liberals in Green politics. Which the new Supply and Confidence Agreement, speaks to directly.

All this from a News release today from the Prime Minister of Canada website.

Both these, Young Global Leader alumnus’s have come together in an agreement of “Both parties believe strongly in Parliament’s role to hold the government to account.”

Now once you have stopped laughing, understand this is an active dictatorship.

Ah yes, just what we need, liberalism and the socialists flooding the political arena with absolute fake and double fake.

Now both are under one banner, and of the same agreement, with the ‘Jagmeet’ at the poker table, and all in on this one, in hopes of winning the big pot from the corrupt Liberals. The NDP are almost bankrupt, 2019 showed they were some $4.5 million in the Red, and that has got worst since Trudeau 2021 re-election. They have no more money for future elections and they like the Liberals are fading fast.

Would be nice to be a fly on the wall for some of those unpublished back room concessions with that neutered feminist Justin Trudeau.

And the agreement?

“[…] to Delivering for Canadians Now: A Supply and Confidence Agreement from March 22, 2022 until when Parliament rises in June of 2025 […]”

No longer in opposition of each other, Jagmeet Singh and his co-leader Justin Trudeau will move to  have special groups and meetings that are cared over by an oversight group. No mention of the legal opposition, of Conservatives and the Bloc…

“[…] limit government to minimum standing meetings:

  • Leaders meeting at least once per quarter
  • Regular House Leader meetings
  • Regular Whip meetings
  • Monthly stock-take meetings by an oversight group

and also deal with a mirage of more liberalism.

1. A better health care system

2. Make life more affordable for people

3. Tackling the climate crisis and creating good paying jobs

4. A better deal for workers

5. Reconciliation

6. A fairer tax system

7. Making democracy work for people

And so the regular government will be reduced to what the technocrats want; less government!

“Both parties agree to identify priority bills to expedite through the House of Commons, including by extending sitting hours to allow for additional speakers, [if needed]. The NDP will support a [limited number of programming motions] to pass legislation that both parties agree to.”

In essence the way is cleared from any opposition and a complete roll over of the actual democratic process. The liberals will get what they like with a guaranteed majority and Singh gets what he wants and money too, he has been whining on since his start in Canadian politics with his sole position of the aboriginal voter, and aboriginal needs. He like Trudeau does not represent the whole of Canada as a sovereign nation, the old Canada that use to be, before technocracy moved in.

What is apparent is that there is no more Canada, no more Canadians, only special interest groups separate from the Canadian populous. Canada is now an dictatorship and center for Neo-Nazis.

Yes Canada has a serious Nazi problem!

The agreement speaks of a failing and neglected health care system.

” […] by passing a Canada Pharmacare Act by the end of 2023 and then tasking the National Drug Agency to develop a national formulary of [essential medicines] and bulk purchasing plan by the end of the agreement.”

Bill C-213 has floundered continuously since it first reading Feb 24, 2020, passed completely through the Senate without any fucking notice at all, it was defeated in a second reading in the house. The Liberals want to resurrect this beast for Big pharma only, as they don’t want the federal government to pay for public drug insurance, to pay its agreed share…the drug companies are not making enough money, man!

“The Canada Pharmacare Act set out a series of criteria and conditions that would have been required before a federal cash contribution could be provided to a province for its public drug insurance plan: public administration; comprehensiveness; universality; portability; and accessibility.”

One of the big ones that comes from this ‘confidence agreement‘ comes from the fakery of tackling climate change, as if that was a brand new thing here 2022. The one thing you can be absolutely sure of, is, that climate will change.

In the agreements “achieving net-zero emissions by no later than 2050”, and that means no gasoline consuming cars, electric only, and with trillions needed to services that, it is a impossible state to achieve. No natural gas used in homes and business; electric heating and water heating. And every body has to stop breathing and hope the wind turbines are not built near them.

What astounds me is how he has the ability to pretend constantly — I guess its his back ground in acting — to understand what he is saying, or what ‘they’ are talking about. I watched him the other day in Munich at the Atlantik-Brücke security conference, and he looked weak and submissive and young to be talking to the controllers and the Atlanticists and the governors of Allianz — and they were major supporters of Nazism and Hitler.

Hitler’s first cabinet had an Allianz’s cabinet member. This history goes way back. This is a endgame.

“On June 30, 1933, Kurt Schmitt, Allianz Director-General, was appointed Economics Ministers for the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler.[16]”

It was after the war that Allianz moved to Munich, from Berlin and it is, an arm of the WEF.

It is one of the world’s leading insurers and asset managers, with business and handling more than 92 million retail and corporate customers. And Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are that façade of democratic government in action in Canada.

But back to the agreement…

“Developing a plan to phase-out public financing of the fossil fuel sector, including from Crown corporations, including early moves in 2022.”

…and phasing out public financing of fossil fuel? And they wish to move on that immediately. the ramifications of this are beyond any thinking logically. Alberta might just simply collapse as a province and they can be assured that no money they have sent east from the huge oil royalty payments over the decades will ever return in any kind of aid. Alberta’s economy is bad and its ability to do business in a Liberal mire is impossible. It seems its only solution would be, separation?

In the end this agreement supports only special interest groups and liberal interests; government workers and drug companies and freezes out everyone else, more taxation for the average Canadian and less for their purchasing dollar.

Expanded election protocols that aim to increase more fraudulence in the federal vote and maintain Quebec’s political interests. Outlawing fossil fuel investment and the fake green politics of climate change.