I think Phillip K (kindred) Dick was right, and Nazis won the Second World War?




“The so-called ‘cancel culture’ has turned into ‘the canceling of culture’. [Composers] Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and Rachmaninoff are getting erased from concert programs. Russian writers and their books are also getting banned. Such a massive campaign to destroy undesirable literature was carried out last time by the Nazis in Germany nearly 90 years ago.”  – Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin 


I tried to access RT today, and it seems its not on the favored channels of Telegram, and I am, as a 67 year man, not allowed to view it and make my own mind up about this situation. I expect Telegram to be banned too as the censoring and book burning continues on a minute by minute by basis.

I have this weird thought that I’m doing their work leading them to the places that hold whole caches of writings and facts and data and knowledge about the decades and decades before we became one flavor. At one time humans had their very own opinions and identities that they were proud of, and now everything seems so cookie cut out. The worst thing about the dumbing down of the west of the decades of the twentieth century, has been how ugly ignorance is, how skin thin and pretentious it is at it core. The sneering arrogance of ignorance and the ornate within the phony. 

Its seems RT violates my local laws, I didn’t know we had local laws against reading watching or listening to information on a television station or a social media app from another country. I presumed and through past habit always have gone elsewhere for information about who we are, who I am, in the process of defining myself…

When did the Nazis take over Canada and the province of Saskatchewan, was I sleeping? I definitely didn’t get a memo or even any news on the regular media channels’ did we fight as a free nation against this takeover at one time and defeat it? It seems it was bloodless and immediate. And from what I remember; the myriad of photographs and conversations that people had about that bastard Hitler and my how uncles and brothers and fathers fought the SOB and defeated him.

This polarity that is the world now is leaving no middle ground, no grey areas what so ever. Black or white; with us or against us, good or bad.

And I don’t agree with that, it is the middle ground were common sense can be found, if its found at all — and one looks at both sides and find the truth in all of it. To take this away from the individual is to say you have no mind to make the the correct decision so we will make those decisions for you.

Russian literature being tossed from education curriculum,  Fyodor Dostoevsky? Russian studies being abandoned by brain dead kids in University, because, we are all in this together?

Philharmonic Orchestras cancelling Tchaikovsky, and the Russian composers, even the Russian ballet cancelled across the UK. WTF?

Russian culture is going through a kind of Nazi book burning and culture burning and super cancelling.

And those kinds of things happened back in 1933 in Nazi held Germany!


It was in the Opernplatz (Opera place) now renamed Bebelplatz (Bebel place), after one of the founders of the Social Democratic Workers’ Party of Germany.


There is a plague there to commemorate that long day and smoke filled night and there is a memorial inset into the ground of the plaza of the Bebelplatz. It speaks to 10th of May, 1933. The second largest book burning in a German city after the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, which took first, some 20,000 volumes; interestingly enough, it was unique collections on intersexuality, homosexuality and transgender topics and they burned them.


 Dora Richter, the first transgender woman known to have undergone sex reassignment surgery (by doctors at the Institute), is assumed to have been killed during the attack.”



The Opernplatz, the second burning on May 10th fueled the inferno with some 25,000 volumes of “un-German” literature. Poetry and Jewish literature, Jewish thought and intellectualism, intellectual filth was the call from the mobs. Although it was not limit to just that, anything that they felt corrupted the modern German mind.


And here we are again, only it is Russian and everything Russian.

Bars in America, pouring vodka down the drain, the International Paralympic Committee ban on a Russian athlete at Beijing? A man, and outstanding athlete in a wheel-chair banned from competing because he is Russian?

It seems the Russian remains stoic about the closing of MacDonald in Russia though, the positives in all this are becoming apparent, as MacDonald’s have killed more people than Hitler and Stalin together.

Food being banned in grocery stores, even Russian/English dictionaries are ripped from book shelves by cancel culture, like its black Friday at the end of the world.

My question is when did the top of the bell curve drop below 85?

What is gained in all this banning of information and culture.

The internet has been book burning for a while now, not just this recent event with the Ukrainian Fracas. Websites are being blocked that speak alternative points of view to what is going on in the Ukraine. Censoring and the silencing of a voice is a type of book burning, and if we stop talking, if the conversation is not allowed, or one sided, restricted or against local laws, then we are inspiring brown shirts. We are empowering them and they have become Nazis mand extremists. And this will not end well?

We have have been going through a book burning within North America even before all this. In Canada where I live “Mein Kampt” is banned; “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov is gone too amongst many others. Public libraries burn on regular basis.

From the book “Interpreting Censorship in Canada” we get the contribution of 23 writers and it could be summarized to point in stating,


“It has been part of the [liberal] tradition to decry censorship in all its forms, and to attempt to separate censorship from democratic forms of government. There has been as yet no real attempt to integrate censorship into political theory.”


And that was 1999, and the world was supposed to end that year too…

My, how times change, in such a short span of time; so quickly, as neo-Liberalism has debauched classic liberalism and turned all that in their politics into a ravenous beast that hungers incessantly for books to cancelled and burned , people cancelled totally or ostracized and pushed out of their occupations to the fringes and frozen and starved out of existence. Corrupted and bloated with power and money in its upper reaches, it takes care only of its own neo-liberal interests.

Never allowed to work in those chosen occupations again. Professors and writers, movie and television actors, artists and philosophers, politicians and the average man fall to this world onslaught of the affect.

What they and this government of Canada, which has purchased the legacy media with injections of $600 million dollars here and there to supplement their lies and propaganda machine which, sing-songs of the Liberals leadership in Canada all day long. The only place to find voices that say another thing is from the outside. 

Journalism as we knew it is dead and long buried here in Canada.

Is the world being primed for world war?

Texas State Representative Matt Krause has put some 800 books on a watch list. Then an Oklahoma Senator has filed an actual bill to ban books that he believes addresses “sexual perversion“.

And the whole situation becomes a tit for tat; you do this, and I do that, and soon Cold War 2.0 will be upon us, and again we will fall into that abyss of hatred and dark never ending fear.

I am astounded by how, now in 2022, anyone believes what a government says to them.