Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum: (Part 1) the minions…

Klaus Schwab: a Knight of the Iron Cross of Germany and the Commander’s Cross of Germany; holding the Golden Cross of Austria; the Medal of Freedom for Slovenia; the Highest Order of Friendship for Kazakhstan; and Knighted the KCMG (Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George) of Queen Elizabeth II; interestingly an Honorary Citizen of the PRC (Peoples Republic of China), Order of Polar Star of Mongolia; the Grand Cross of Germany, the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle, the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun; also the recipient of the China Reform Friendship Medal of the People’s Republic of China and the Guggenheim Humanitarian Award; he received the Freedom of London Award, the Transatlantic Bridge Award, the Global Economic Prize from the Institute for the World Economy…*gasp*…nominated one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine and a front cover of the magazine recipient. Holder of no less than 17 Honorary doctorates of everything from philosophy to letters, from Technology and Social Engineering to plumbing; from green studies to Chinese friendship and citizenship. And a expert on how to roofie’d the whole world, in one easy step…


Klaus is the man…he is a bald and ordinary man, and boring, an old German relic, an aspirant of a James Bond villain and a bootlicker of Jabba the Hut, ole Henry, his brother in arms at the WEF and his initiator into the world of clusterfuckery. They have been friends for a long, long time — well if you call it that, Henry is always on top in this marriage. Klaus remains to be the beta in the relationship.

And he is very closed minded technocratic, who sees only a technocratic future and is married to Hilde Stoll-Schwab.

In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish. — Klaus Schwab

Klaus is a fast fish and on the steering committee of the illustrious and special handshake and “Wink, wink, know what I mean?” Bilderberg Group. A quasi-Nazi, technocratic, and transhumanist club for the usurpers of world governments and of the technocratic dictatorship of the complete planet for the benefit of some 3000 business leaders and billionaire Big Tech owners. Subscribers and leaders of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

They have been planning and tinkering and arranging since 1971. They have used culture and celebrities, and a weaponized reality to bring about our end; such names as Bono, Angelina Joly, Sharon Stone to fix the cult of DIE (Diversity, Inclusion and Equity) in the minds of the public they wish to dictate over in a Global Technocracy. A global slavery that will be a jack boot on the throat of the 99% forever.

They ‘penetrated’ — Klaus’s words — the cabinets and government of the whole planet, with their Young Global Leadership (YGL).

21SP-TIMELINE-INYT-16-superJumbo (1)A two-faced Leonardo DiCaprio has stated at his awards ceremony of 2016, “We simply cannot afford to allow the corporate greed of the coal, oil and gas industries to determine the future of humanity. Those entities with a financial interest in preserving this destructive system have denied, and even covered up, the evidence of our changing climate.” — Leo flew 8,000 miles there, to receive his WEF Crystal Award on his personal private jet and has since been outed a number of times for his hypocrisy in many occasions of flying to climate conferences and speaking engagements in that cognitively dissonant consciousness and pointing a finger attitude while living in glass house.

And speaking of jets the COP 26 conference took over a complete airport with the private jets of the corporates and celebrities that arrived for that climate conference.

The shear hypocrisy with these people is beyond belief.

Many have spoke at Davos; their chosen Mecca for their annual meetings and one becomes an ‘Davos Man” almost immediately upon invitation for a speaking engagement. The club is diverse and includes all that pretend and profit from a corporate world, driven, to become a global empire that dictates to consumption and the control of all the wealth and natural resources on planet earth, using climate change and the myth of overpopulation as a reason for their gluttony.

They will arrange what is necessary to gain that control, make concessions with tyrants and pull down strong moral nations to gain its own end. They will cause and enact war, and plague, economic collapse and strip long held freedoms and rights from the public’s hands to gain the world. As was seen in the recent truckers protests in Canada and a Justin Trudeau Liberal government which exercised dictatorial powers.

“A report on avian flu published at Davos stated that the disease’s “impact on society might be as profound as that which followed the Black Death in Europe in 1348. That plague caused a fundamental transformation of socio-economic relations in Europe.”

Klaus has some books for sale, his; The Fourth Industrial Revolution (2016), and; Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution (2018), both written by an employee of the WEF, Nicholas Davis.

Schwab is far too busy to be writing his own books. Klaus is poster boy and idea man, spokesman for the corporate agenda. His recent  books, ‘Great Reset’ by Thierry Mallaret, and the just released The ‘Great Narrative’, which will give us the story, the narrative for a new world and new normal for the next 25 or so years initialized with the Great Reset itself. Which is what we are in the midst of…

Klaus is a very busy fellow, busy getting into, meddling into all kinds of things. He has been on the boards of many organizations and NGO’s, and has influenced through his and the WEF ideology, many groups of companies and media corporations. The legacy media in Canada for instance and an arranged $600 million dollar, tax payer funded gift; the Globe and Mail Group, a number of newspapers in England, Ireland and some 40 other countries. The WEF has access to oceans of money!

Klaus and the Swatch Group, a watch conglomerate, holding some twenty brands, formed in 1983 and having a great understanding of Swiss banks and Swiss investment. Electronic systems and ‘Swatch Internet Time’

Swatch entered the venture in 1994 with Daimler AG to produce the Smart car. They are into green politics and green clean fuels.

Klaus can find time to be involved in the Peres Center for Peace, in Jaffa, Israel. Which has activities in agriculture and water, business and economics, civil leadership, medicine and health, social media and technology, culture and on and on…sustainability and also green.

The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship can only stimulate the imagination in the saying of it. Seeding the need for more and more technocrats and technocratic thinking and technocratic investment. In robotics and technological control. Genetics and bio-technology.

Klaus Schwab’s main work is with his foundation the WEF (World Economic Forum).

“[…] committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.

The Economist wrote: “Europe’s industrialists are never happier than arguing with such folk what is wrong and what is right with free enterprise. After all, any economic system that gives you a tax-deductible week in Davos at the height of the ski season must have something to recommend it, mustn’t it?”

Meeting in January every year in Davos, Switzerland, an alpine resort. It brings 3000 business heads together to pow wow about cutting up the world in equal and right pieces. Discussing ‘Global Issues’ and measures and weighs society, for global future councils; the future of work; new young leaders (Young Global Leaders (YGL)) and social entrepreneurs; society and the environment and the UN agenda of sustainability and of course a ‘Great Reset’ and the ‘Great Narrative’ coming from that reset. Changing the human story from now on in; a change to a technocratic global dictatorship, a medical dictatorship and panopticon metaverse to keep the kiddies happy. Transhumanism, AI, biogenetics and nanotechnology. And were life is in all that, it beyond me.

And the most important aspect; human depopulation to roughly 500 million people, a bold and terrible step towards a Type 1 Civilization of the Kardashev scale. On that endlessly march to controls the very heavens above us.

And the WEF foundation has through YGL, and, its education programs found some 1400 young global leaders; upstarts that aim through Schwab and associates, to influence politics and economics; social engineering and sustainably; global government and the technocratic solution to a engineered world both materially and a engineered population — in the form of leaderless countries run by technocrats, societal engineers subservient to the master race of elites. Scientists, engineers, Medical experts and all the experts appointed experts by Davos and the WEF.

You might know some of these ‘Young Global Leaders’, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and half his Liberal cabinet, Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and Chief executive Officer (CEO), Facebook, USA. Jack Ma of Alibaba, Alex Peterson Zwane, CEO of Global Innovation Fund a hot bed of investors, economists, and developmental experts, innovative and market driven by large sums of money like a $1.1 billion form the BMGF (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). Bill Gates of Microsoft!

Along with a seemly endless list of world billionaires and billionaire companies; the Kellogg Foundation, the World Bank, National Geographic, Global Philanthropy Alliance, Bristol Myers and Soros Open Society Foundations, the UN (OCHA), WWF, Dell Inc, NIHS, NSF, UN population fund, Facebook, Microsoft, Ford Foundation, IBM. UN capital development fund, MasterCard, Shell, the EU commission, Omidyar Network and I have barely scratched the surface.

These organizations and cartels do not work for the betterment of all mankind, but for the chosen few. The conquering despots of long ago that litter history with the misery they cause have spawned this psychopathic class that has immersed the whole world in a system of ponerology — a systemic evil.

And those ‘Young Global leaders’ will eventually be many the times Chinese Communist Party (CCP) membership of some 22 million. And they dominate the consumer of the world. a

And all the innovators in IT and Neuroscience, Bio-genetics and the International monetary Fund are scooped up and join in…

Harvard Professors are in the mix, Zou Hao of the People’s Republic of China and his TSimage Technology’s an AI technology innovator; John Zimmer Co-Founder of Lyft USA.

Those who are representing Bain and Company Inc, Samsung, and Biotech, even the Center for economic Policy Research (CEPR), those who represent the environmental idea of National Geographic and of all things, sustainable shopping with Amazon.

Shu Wang from the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) a lead consultant for ICF International who does work for Obamas’ Clean Power Plan, a misnomer for energy monopoly and the impact of coal fueled electric power, which needs to be fixed but not outlawed.

It is also food scientist like Wang Wen who works for Nestle R&D, it is Mark Vlasic Professor, Georgetown University. It is Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and private investors and the chosen ‘Alphas’ of the world.

Eugenics is, important here and breeding and heredity, blue bloodiness is at a premium. The sons and grandsons of the founding companies of WEF like Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, DOW, BAYER and Monsanto, Cargill and the big pharma houses…the trust found babies who have grown to adulthood and cannibalized their parents.

They are the reason the cull is happening and they are everywhere one looks, a secret society of sorts, a new capitalist class, the largest that has ever existed, that are Congress women, and singularity experts they are CEO’s of private banks, feminists of NGO’s and the Senior Counsel of the Supreme Court of Canada.

They are DIE; Diversity, Inclusive, and Equity.

You might recognize Peter Thiel of the Founders Fund, Hadia Tajik of the Norwegian Parliament, Norway.  Mustafa Suleyman of Artificial Intelligence at Google.

Health ministers and Jagmeet Singh of the leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party of Canada, which now it seems has merged with the Liberal Party of Canada.

Or, Master card’s Inclusive Growth Center president; the Rockefeller Foundation is represented, even the National Bank of Cambodia. The Israeli Green Party and Keith and Nicole Schwab, children of Schwab and Schlesinger’s’ and formula 1 drivers; Michelle Rempel Garner member of the shadow Cabinet and MP in the Canadian government of Canada. Players in the Clean Energy Fund. Which picks who should remain…

Journalists and the Director of Amazon India. The founder of the OneChild Network, a population control organization; and Support Inc of Canada, the United Nations High commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) for Switzerland; trust fund babies and scientific directors of Molecular Biotechnology.

Food companies and the Australian labour party Rio Tinto and Cosmetics, Aerospace and the head of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the Russian Federation, the CEO of Rubicon Inc.

Body architects and the shady and unethical BLackStone Group, the Climate Change Investment Foundation, a preferred list of liars and control freaks — and green is good, broadcasters and bloggers, the Washington Post, managing directors and a Buddhist monk, sustainable development for the Brookings Institute. Facebook and planet labs, the Prime Minister of Finland, American Express and the Minister of Economy and finance in Ecuador.

The Senator for Jamaica, the Global block-chain Policy Centre, Emmanuel Macron and the Omidyar Network, the BBC News, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, an MP for India, a Wikimedia Foundation star. An editor from the China Morning Post, and an anchor from the China Central Television (CCTV) of the PRC. CITI Bank and the University of Sydney have their candidates from the WEF.

The director of the China Office of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in the People’s Republic of China. Yes, Bill has a large office in China, Bill in his eugenics beliefs has enslaved millions of Chinese.

Artificial Intelligence, Stanford University; the DCEO of Yandex in the Russian Federation and the MP of parliament of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, the White House and a Congressman, Kennedys’ and Kerrys’, Kern and the Arctic Initiative and an artist and author and Saudi Arabian Prince, HRH the Crown Prince Haakon of Norway.

Lieutenant Governor of Washington, Washington State, a YouTuber and novelist and Professor of Physical Chemistry for the University of Japan, a Goldfinger and Goldman. Rothchild and Crenshaw from Texas, Crockett from Yale and Amal Clooney and two Chin Moody.

Aspies and Savants and Quants and genius, the Clean Fund sportsters and Argentina’s Secret Police, Microsoft research and Columbia Law school, the Miracle Foundation and IBM.

They are all involved…every single one. They believe in the Great Reset, and they have been chosen and sponsored by an ocean of money and a old guard with a new way forward, that is ancient and that are now passing on the reins of the Great Reality Manufacturing Machine to the new breed of android.