Yuval Noah Harari; a Baboon, Dolphin and an Elephant.

Goebbells two

“How do you cause people to believe in an imagined order such as Christianity, democracy or capitalism? First, you never admit that the order is imagined.” — Yuval Noah Harari

All is imagined, all we are is imagination, the whole of reality is imagined, and created from that imagination. Creation and imagination are the two pillars at the center of an individual mind. We are, as Jung put it in a constant dream state, imagining and creating the universe. And the one, while conscious during a day is shared by the rest of the world. The other we spend alone and immerse in; a private universe of our own reality like in a cocoon in that sleep…

But does that not make them true — those ‘orders’, for God is, and in everything? To think otherwise is to be lost in a void. Even the Buddhist believes in God, actually many Gods. And that universe is a multiverse of multi-gods larger than the universe of one singular god.

Yuval Noah Harari mistakes manipulating human beings into thinking a certain thing, as proof of the non-existence of free will. He associates the ideas of brainwashing as the presence of a animal being trained…and therefor no different. He believes in all the woke neologisms of the minute and goes to no end to create even more himself. Endless babblings of a monkey for hire, throwing shit at everything.

This World Economic Forum (WEF) wing nut is advisor to the ‘de Fuhrer’, Klaus ‘I have a lot awards and honorary doctorates’ Schwab. The Bond villain and Nazi born of Nazis, director of the World Economic Forum (WEF) of the chronically perfect.

This funny farm of corporate elites, this clusterfuck of shoe salesmen and widget makers and the New World Order goof balls, are again becoming the flies in the ointment of common sense, with the forwarding and rewarding in media, the writings and thoughts of the schizo-autistic Jew, Yuval Noah Harari.

Call me what you will, a Jew hater, an ableist, a whatever….I think this guy is fucking crazy, and like a Greta Thunberg is being used as a poster child of forward-thinking and avant-garde intellectualism. The residue of the pallid mind of a woke. Trying to come to terms with the cognitive dissonance.

The WEF needs to be called out for its mate-crimes. It sad how they use autistics; Aspergian nitwits this way. It sad when autists fall for all this bullshit of a DIE cast and utopian Brave New World of the corporate elites at the WEF.

Yuval Noah Harari is a militarized Jew and Zionist, who does not believe in religion, even his own. He is in it for the shock value, a philosopher of shock troops, a spineless and admittedly soulless, hater and trans-humanism advocate fixed on the march of those that are self-entitled and above us all, to rule the world, and his words becomes new ‘gods’.

His father was an arms dealer and manufacturer, and his mother a subservient Jewish wife and secretary. Ordinary really, except for dad’s help in making the world a more violent place. Harari evaded military service because he is one of those, thin weakling types of Jews. The featherweight Woody Allen kind, that couldn’t hold a gun, because its far too fucking heavy, who are perpetually a pain in ass to listen to, because he always talking in a high pitched voice, fluttering his eyes in interviews like a wall flower at a local dance, and he’s always talking shit and doublespeak without the mayo with a kosher pickle on the side.

That these kinds people make to the forefront of the WEF ideology, actually make it to forefront of woke culture is a true sign of psychopathy and the ponerology it institutes, taking hold of our world in its culture and warping out of shape. While the money men destroy the economy of the empire, the Harari’s destroy the art, culture and intellectualism.

“History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods.” — Harari

I would prefer he used the word symbol, in this context rather than god. Symbols are deeper things within us than gods.

But this is the firebrand on Harari’s heart, the Zelda sword of this schmutz midget as he fights for the New World Order and acts to confuse and frustrate and instill, cognitive dissonance as true state of consciousness in this new culture. Those that pay any attention what-so-ever on what is coming out of his mouth, be warned!. He has been called a dangerous Jew, but that’s not right, he is trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame. But the modern internet has deflated Andy’s prediction and so its now down to seven and half minutes, and Harari is working as fast as he can to infuriate, as many as possible, including me, and tease out as much attention as he can in the time allotted, buzzing as he does in the ear of Schwab and the ears of his slave masters at the WEF as they purchase his time in the lime light. He hopes for the long echo.

Its a shame really, because in an otherwise more open situation this guy might actually add something, if he could only rise above his autism and learn to control the polyvagal sense of his life. Living viscerally is a pain in ass. To tear consistently at the world as it is, only profits chaos, which is his job.

Desire must be understood for what it is, a reaching for personal power. But to do so at any expense is to summit to the shadow side when that journey towards a thing desired, might become difficult, or possibly not in one’s cards.

And Harari is that… One of those Young Global Leader’s that is the new flavor of populism. The WEF as it struggles to stay in the declining populist view in the public mind; speaks to the youth of the world to invigorate a stale and ancient patriarchal politics going on behind the scene.

His first book, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” which seemingly glimmers with a Stephen Hawking kind of expertise, of a similar sounding title, it purports to respond to a writer who thinks he knows what he talking about, and is followed up with other brief histories in his interest. In brief, young Harari is blowing a lot smoke up the neither end for the WEF. Pure and simple he is a propagandist.

He is a soulless, atheistic and androidic transhumanist, who because of genetic flaws wishes to become a god. It is narcissism at its worst. And you, already knowing, he’s as gay as three dollar bill and as woke as it gets. He has the scientism disease, and the Technocracy Inc. logo welded to the back of his head.

The son-of-engineer and there is an unusual fact behind the knowing that many high-functioning autists are the sons of engineers. A strange query and technocracy is really about engineering. It’s a weird world man!

Harari is a obvious Russophobe and coward and anti-Putinist. He left out a number amendments in his Russian edition of “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” of his book, for what could only be presumed that he considers in his own mind that the Russians would actually take him seriously enough to harm him. To Novichok his ass. Really, he takes himself far too seriously.

He and his husband follow the Jewish version of global wokeness and flakey. No amount of insult can suffice the amount of insult this little rat fuck is capable of producing in a single sentence. He is a minion of his masters, not even as entertaining as a Woody Allen harlequinesque that bounces around Herr Schwab and lectures to its choir, and now takes to going to his own gigs lecturing to the puppets of the WEF and sponsored by those Cabal boys behind the curtain.

He submits to the ‘Internet of Things’, the ‘Internet of the Body’, the ‘Internet of the Mind’, and the ‘Internet of the Emotions’. He is okay with what Technocracy and it’s AI might do…and they wish to get under the skin, literally, under the skin of every human on the planet and control like animals their movements and habits and emotions and thoughts and purpose. Because from Harari’s POV, that is the job of this new rising Neo-Nazism that wishes to call themselves truly gods.

Harari is the Great Narrative in motion, and needs to be countermand by obviously more intact and profound and gregarious intelligence. His aim is to shock. And he does that!

Harari is a Bio-Fascist, a bootlicker who figures that if he submits to his masters they will allot a place for him in their new world heaven. The paradise of the gods.

We need to see this for what it is, a ponerology, a science of evil which has permeated and suffused every major human organization and tradition on planet earth and now confident enough to allow the open conspiracy, right in our face and Harari is one of their intellectual storm troopers. Who means to bully the weak and ignorant into that Auschwitz-styled Meta-Verse. To give up their identity and submit to the controllers.

Harari is a test tube baby, of sorts, brainwashed into believing; visceral in his pretensed admonishments, he is one of their making, he supports and is supported by the intelligentsia side of their particular corporate argument, which is,

We are right, and you are not! We will lead and you will follow, we hold the power and all the money and you are not needed unless you serve. And freedom is an illusion. So shut the fuck up!”

We are now augmented technologically; and they mean to further that.  A new set of wireless ear buds for instance shows their arrogance as it is now, not only a new type of wireless earphone but it speaks to the Internet of Things and Google’s Siri without your permission. Why is everything that we buy today, still their possession?

Humans are being made unnecessary and replaceable, easily culled as a useless members of society, as robotics and technology erase the need for humans, who built those infrastructure systems to begin with…

The aim is not eugenics, but dysgenic, the genetic modification of the human species as it is reduced to somewhere around or below 1 billion people. The dumbing down and genetically manipulating through biogenetics the human being to become what they desire. Something that is awakened at 7:15 am and is asleep at 11:00 pm. Designed for a task, and living in a meta-verse. And programmed to die when they choose.

On the other hand, the elite will have gene therapy to improve them and build in over generations a super intelligence with senses so refined, beauty and strength, longevity and controlled emotions.

The ‘Type 1’, civilization and that philosophy that has taken over the technocratic mindset, and probable is their genesis so long ago, aims to produce those who make the early 19th century millionaires look as if paupers compared to zillion dollar planet owners, or solar system owners. Elon Musk’s eagerness for a Mars colony speaks to the movement towards such ideas. Mars will be colonized with those who can afford it and they will stake out vast monopolies in size to control the resources and colonies that might take shape in such a planet. Or its moons.

The idea that it will take the control of a whole planet and all of its resources to achieve such a feat; a type 1 civilization step being the most difficult in the becoming, and movement towards a type 4 civilization which has desire to the control of a Galaxy and becoming, those Harari gods that he speaks of…

Harari fits into this pretensed ethos of a Brave New World, a great new narrative; a story for us all, who, in the DIE cast mindset, will be part a world of the unlimited power of the elite individual. And that is not so! This illusion of greatness is the externalized fear the psychopath has felt through so many millennium of history, were he was sought out and destroyed for the evil that he spreads and the human chaos that he profits from. And Type 1 civilizations as we should know them, are exercises in dark totalitarianism. The death of individulism and freedom.

The corporation as having the same rights as a human being is the main cause of global strife, of global hunger; war, chaos and the control and ultimate suffering. They possess mankind and turn him against himself through intellectuals like Harari who sold their souls in the beginning — into something that he is not naturally able to aspire to, and so a certain type of warping happens within the man and his own values become less that greater whole. He, because of this constant war upon himself and his senses; and his natural environment having been usurped by the scientism and the political and corporate control populists, causes the loss of strength at the size of their power and wealth, and so falls in line and is soon enslaved and shortly heard singing the songs of praise for the woke.

Diversity, Inclusion and equity are false terms for humanism. Intellectuals like Harari have polluted philosophical thought with the Marxist inclusion and idea that gayness is a right and a choice, it is the point that so many remained in a closet for so long because of the shame and fear of being discovered in a perverse act, rather than the fear that they would be persecuted or harmed; that gender is fluid, that conservatism is white supremacy and that all ableism is a sin.

There are certain tasks in life that those with disabilities cannot do, even with the added bodily corruptions of trans-humanism. Autism is a dysfunction of the vagal system. It is a dysfunction of the prosody of one speech, one’s personal language one’s reality. And I have listened to you Mister Harari, and you were chosen for a reason.

Desire is not enough, one must aspire to a society where talent, real talent, celebrated not envied. Where everyone is an individual and the collective is a cult. We come back to the joy of self knowledge and the discovery of purpose within that…

Harari is one of those little men who cannot achieve without that, which he does on a daily basis. Which is philosophically lie and abuse the truth to suit another need, to be permanently cognitively dissonant, an teach that as a normal… he is a Goebbels in the making, a man who suffers from little man syndrome.

In an opinion piece for the Legacy media — in the Guardian, Harari speaks of his hatred of Russia, his WEF opinion of the Russian Federation as an empire of which he knows very little. He uses the piece to flog out his book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” and to castigate the Russian and Putin as evil, but he dares not educate himself on the real history of the Heartland inside the World Island that has been coveted by his slave masters for generations upon generations. He throws gasoline on a dumpster fire and alludes to his intellectual prowess as the truth.

He is a warped individual who cares little of his fellow man, he sees them as animals and any notion of his belief in the Ukrainian individual is propaganda to the mass and for his betters in the WEF.

He speaks of Leningrad and Nazis as if he knew them, he wanders on about modern Ukraine as if he knows that too…he speaks only as a spin doctor in his opinion piece on the Guardian. Rallying those, rather than to peace but defiance and making Russia suffer, preconceived from Russophobia, to donating to arms shipments and fighting hard and killing Russians…

“We can all be inspired to dare to do something, whether it is make a donation, welcome refugees, or help with the struggle online. The war in Ukraine will shape the future of the entire world. If tyranny and aggression are allowed to win, we will all suffer the consequences. There is no point to remain just observers. It’s time to stand up and be counted.” — Yuval Noah Harari

Harari seemingly alludes to an end if the multipolar world arises, instead of his unipolar technocracy.

But what about free will, and are you speaking about freedom in that ‘stand up and be counted‘? You have said it before that freedom does not exist, it is nonsense and does not exist. Freedom is an illusion you state!

What I believe is that the Ukraine is the lynch-pin in the message of the Great New Narrative that the WEF and you propagandize. As Covid was the lynch-pin for the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. The race is actually about who will control AI and eventually the world.

And what about emotions? You have stated that they are not important and simply just…

“Human feelings and not just human also chimpanzee and elephant and dolphin feelings, are sensations and emotions they’re all just a biochemical process of calculation. Calculating probabilities in order to make decisions, uh feelings are not some metaphysical quality that God gave homo sapiens in order to write poetry and appreciate music. Feelings are, um, processes of calculation, biochemical calculation, shaped by millions of years of natural selection to enable humans and other mammals and other animals to make good decisions when they are faced with problems of survival and reproduction. What does it mean let’s take a concrete example, lets say you are a baboon somewhere in the African savanna and you face a typical problem of survival, in order to survive you have to eat, in order to survive you have to be careful not to be eaten by somebody else and lets say that as you walk along the savanna you suddenly see a tree with bananas on it, but you also see a lion not far from the tree, and you need to make a decision, whither to risk your life for the bananas or not, this is the kind of problem that baboons and like humans have been facing for millions and millions of years…” –Yuval Noah Harari

What about courage? It requires emotional fortitude does it not. By making emotions generic, you are one step closer to removing the individual and replacing him with the hive.

In Harari’s world there is no difference between a human and baboon or a dolphin or an elephant, they are all animals surviving through ‘biochemical process of calculation’. Emotions?

But why then in his Guardian piece is…

Each Russian tank destroyed and each Russian soldier killed increases the Ukrainians’ courage to resist. And each Ukrainian killed deepens the Ukrainians’ hatred of the invaders. Hatred is the ugliest of emotions. But for oppressed nations, hatred is a hidden treasure. Buried deep in the heart, it can sustain resistance for generations.”

Does the baboon hate the lion because he sits near the banana tree?

“If Ukrainians dare to stop a tank with their bare hands, the German government can dare to supply them with some anti-tank missiles, the US government can dare to cut Russia off Swift, and Russian citizens can dare to demonstrate their opposition to this senseless war.”

Are these the ‘biochemical process of calculation’ of the author of the Guardian opinion piece Yuval Noah Harari, or the ravings of a WEF Goebbels like propagandist eager to incite war and encourage the world to war on the Russian Federation, which when understood is defiance of the WEF, and aims only to de-Nazify a corrupted Ukraine in a proxy war for the west and especially for the World Economic Forum (WEF), and in the end to ‘FREE‘ the oppressed peoples in Luhansk and Donetsk in the Donbas.

In a word Mister Harari, you are involved in ‘warmongery’ like you father before you.