FROZEN: A new chapter…


“But here was introduced a Machiavellian twist: By playing both sides of the equation: i.e., linking the [rouble] to gold, and then linking energy payments to the [rouble], the Bank of Russia is fundamentally altering the entire working assumptions of the global trade system (i.e. by replacing nominal fiat dollars with a solid commodity-backed, currency).” — Alastair Crooke, Strategic Culture Foundation


Canada froze the bank accounts of protesting truckers and now joins the G7 partners and prohibits Russian Central Bank transactions within Canada; with any and all Canadian financial institutions in the country in general. And freezes Russian assets.

The Trudeau/Freeland Liberal government has also added to the west’s proxy war on Russia, February 22, 2022 by,

  • Impose new sanctions against Russia, including new prohibitions on direct and indirect dealings in Russian sovereign debt;
  • Send additional military contributions to support the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) through Operation REASSURANCE, including up to an additional 460 personnel to the approximately 800 currently deployed in Europe in support of NATO; and
  • Authorize approximately 3,400 Canadian Armed Forces personnel across all branches of the service to deploy to the NATO Response Force should they be required by NATO.

Involving Canada in a war it should not be in, and escalating the world to a dangerous war level not seen since the Cold War.

And the fear rises to new heights again, as the world is plunged into a New Cold War.

Canada’s involvement in the Ukraine since 2014, has cost the Canadian taxpayer some $890 million. This massive pro-war fund, sending matériel and weapons and the training of Ukrainian military people. As well as sending 3,400 Canadian servicemen to deploy with NATO.

Chrystia Freeland in her new Budget 2022, aims to supply ‘more than’ $8 billion to equip the Canadian Armed Forces, contributing more to NATO an NORAD. Propagandizing animosity and the build-up to war. Further supporting Ukraine, by up to $1 Billion in new loan resources, given to the corrupt and Neo-Nazi Ukrainian government. Tying it to the IMF and an additional…

“$500 million in military aid”.

While the country (Canada) flounders in 2022 in rising interest rates and a record inflationary rate; a Liberal government’s destruction of the economy and its draconian measures during the lockdowns — regardless of its propaganda by its favoured and financially rewarded Legacy media who will say nothing against a Trudeau government of nepotism, but always against anyone who protests what they do.

April, 2019 shows a 17.0% decline in Canadian GDP; April 2020, a further 11.6% decline in GDP and a meagre rise of some 0.1% that following December. The debt rose to enormous heights and now Freeland spending like a drunken sailor releases the 2022 budget. Where will they get all this money? Not from a tax strapped public beyond the point of any more government tax. They will attempt a large one time tax aimed at the banks, good luck with that? The banks have never paid tax.

The lowest voter based minority government in the history of Canada — some 36% of the total vote, has succeeded in polarizing the nation and moving the economy in the direction of irrational and destructive green policies, while the rest of the world is gearing up their economies after Covid, using coal and gaining oil via whatever means it can. Including ‘Oil for Rubles’.

That the liberal government of Canada have built a high wall of regulations around Alberta and stifled the most important natural resource asset that Canada holds; oil. Which in the past, has spurred a recovering economy and ignited a positive move forward; is purposefully sabotaged by those who claim to own Canada. The WEF. Along with their woke and terribly inclusive and penetrated Liberal cabinet stooges.

“Putin’s assault has been so vicious that we all now understand that the world’s democracies — including our own — can be safe only once the Russian tyrant and his armies are entirely vanquished.”

Vanquished? Over come in battle, defeated in conflict, to master over. Is Freeland talking war, is Freeland talking about an escalation of the already ridiculous state that the Russian/Ukraine situation has evolved too since 2014. Ukraine failed Minsk II.

Off course it is Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s deputy minister/ finance minister that leads the way, to all this; the consummate WEF stooge and Neo-Nazi supporter, and warmongering liar, who puts even more money and weapons in the hands of the Neo-Nazis who have been responsible for a slow motion genocide in Ukraine since 2014. Resulting in the deaths of some 14,000 people in the Donbas region, and the number is rising quickly during this war. Ukrainian Neo-Nazis hide in apartment blocks and public places and hold citizens as human shields. The comedian uses them for fake news and pleads his case to the world. In the regime in Ukraine is making money out of death in the Donbas.

Freeland blinded by a hegemony of hypocrisy as the U.S. fuels the disinformation and constant cyberwar, the censorship of independent journalism and lies.

Freeland would have you believe that, Canada, has actually rebounded, she wants Canadians to believe the economy has rebounded to a higher level than before the pandemic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their own Legacy media, the CBC reported some 200,000 forever ‘shuttered’ businesses during the pandemic and insane federal government mandates. The U.S. reported some 600,000 businesses closed permanently, reminiscent of the Great Depression and signifying the largest wealth transfer in the history of mankind to billionaire elites.

Prodding the Russian bear, in her above statement Freeland wants Canadians to believe everything is alright and that Canada, with a military no bigger than security detail for a mall and without NATO’s help is capable of backing her threats to Putin. NATO is pro war, it is the largest arms dealer on the planet.

The facts are: Freeland wants a world war; she is prompted by a Nazi background; she has been a war provocateur since she was a young student activist studying in the Ukraine and at her Mother’s side. Her hatred of everything Russian inspired and repeated to her by her maternal grandfather, Michael Chomiak drives this insane belief that she holds and that pollutes her politics, and makes her a dangerous politician.

Instead of working for peace in the Russian/Ukrainian war, as Canada has always excepted as peacekeepers and rose too as a nation, she throw gasoline on what amounts to a Ukrainian genocide in the Donbas. She hates the people of the Donbas.

With her fierce green and anti-oil and anti-coal politics, she aids only those that suit the Liberals and WEF agenda. The DIE (Diversity, Inclusion & Equity) cast woke left, environmentalists and green movement  which is crippling economies and killing humans around the globe.

On February the 28th she instructed all Canadian Financial Institutions that they are prohibited from engaging with the Russian Central Bank. This so called sanction and personal financial war she wages, furthers the eroding faith in Canada as our trading partners see what has become of a once free Canada. A Canada that aimed for and inspired peace in the world. A common sense, and world loved place loved by all nations. A place where many peace loving people could a find home and prosperous future; but no more. We are disliked and considered evil, as propaganda about residential schools fuel the absurd.

Transactions and investment in Canada has become unsafe now, as investors who deal with Russia, can and may be sanctioned and have their assets frozen, because of that relationship. Stifling further, an economic recovery and foreign investment. And an even further decline of the economy since the Liberal party of Canada took control in 2015.

Canada has never risen above the pre-2015 high in GDP, its Liberal measures has been well below that and fails to stimulate a healthy economy, and plunges the country further and further into debt. A trillion dollar debt.

And… “If they can do this to their own people, and the democratic Russian Federation, then they can do it to anyone.”

“Canada and its allies continue to take concerted action to ensure that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will be a strategic failure. This has never been done before at this scale – today we are taking a historic step by directly censuring Russia’s central bank. Canada is firmly on the side of the heroic resistance of the people of Ukraine and we will continue to take further action to ensure President Putin does not succeed.”

– The [Honourable] Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

Freeland is a Banderite and works for the WEF and follows along with their disgraceful woke policies and a hypercritical Biden run U.S. government, that also sanctioned the Russian Federation. “Russia paying for anything in the world with American dollars will be stopped, he says, thus setting the ground for “Oil for Rubles”, and the ruble is as a solid currency, gold backed.”

By pegging the ruble to gold and asking for ‘rubles for oil’ ends with the U.S. and the G7 shooting themselves in head as Russia sails around all those sanctions. Nations lose trust in dealing with the United States and Canada. And the west degrades to an even lower level of destruction. Russia will only take rubles for oil and so a new oil market is created.

Gold is back, and with the BRICS nations finding an alternate to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) system of International payment and transactions which has been violated with the hypocritical G7 sanctions of Russia; now those BRICS nations can finally use what they have working on for a few years. A second system and a second economy get a foot up…

“An efficient BRICS payment system can encourage payments in national currencies and ensure sustainable payments and investments among our countries, which make up over 20% of the global inflow of foreign direct investment,” 

China releasing a gold back crypto-currency and holding the #1 spot in gold reserves of some 20,000 tonnes, and opening the door for even more in 2022. All the BRICS nations have been purchasing gold for a decade or more as the BRICS bank, the New Development bank of BRICS nations plus 4 developing countries hold great gold reserves enabling them to ride any kind of fuss the fiat dollar and sanctions kicks up.

For Russian financial transactions to be seized and frozen gives very little confidence to those nations who wish to transact with Canada and the U.S.

Inflation and the spiking and mistrust and once cheap commodities will be hard to access and adding all the other problems of supply disruptions and container issues with China. Products that have come from Bangladesh and Uruguay will cost more, oil from UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Egyptian products.

The world is about to experience a diesel fuel shortage greater than anything experienced. And diesel fuel, not gasoline, controls economies. Delivery trucks and farm and construction machinery, even power plants…

New Covid mandates slowing logistics and cross border purchasing, furthering the inflationary rates. Rising gas prices and a global diesel shortage only adds more to the arranged problems. And a Trudeau government that is blind to any direct questions or its green politics. Bent on the destruction of North American economies for the WEF elites.

The sanctions are already affecting the fuel prices and with Biden and Trudeau’s dangerously top heavy green government policies that have been under-budgeted and will eventually collapse under a financial world going completely sideways. Underestimated cost and effects of green energy can not support such large economies.

The west sanctions Russian oil and the need for the IEA countries of which Canada and the U. S. are part of, to release the collective stock of some 120 million barrels of reserve oil within two months. Which amounts to some 9% of total IEA reserves — the last time that happened it was the Second World War.

At the start of the Russian/Ukrainian fracas, there were some 1.5 Billion barrels in public reserves. On March the 1st/2022 the first of the IEA members (25 countries) release a total of 61,710 million barrels. On April 1st, a second collective release of 58,290 million barrels added to the total of some 120,000 million barrels to date.

It furthers the need to look to a likely, start of the month released amounts, equalling a 2 million barrel a day increase; to hold gas prices at what they are; fuel prices were already angering the working population who continue to see their wage dollar shrink even more.

OPEC+ and the Saudis have refused to increase daily outputs and have refuse to lower prices to $100 a barrel.

“The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies including Russia, a group referred to as OPEC+, has so far ignored Western calls to increase output to try to lower oil prices of around $100 a barrel .”

Biden purposeful and arranged neglect of oil leases in the U.S. and increases of money into green policies have placed him and the democrats in the lowest approval rating — and that, the government of Canada as well, under the Trudeau/Freeland regime gamble big on green policies in a failing North America economy and their new 2022 federal budget.

The cancelling of pipelines in the past and encouraged and imposed government divestment from oil, rising inflation and burgeoning national debts, rising interest rates that will stop in its tracks any kind of North American recovery.

This bubble is about to burst. Giving rise to the elimination of money.

The Trudeau government in its dangerous politics is driving away any lucrative investment in Canada instead of attracting it.

A China purchased Jean Charest, sees an opportunity and thinks to become leader of the Conservative party and a next Prime Minister of Canada, hoping we will ignore his corrupt ties with HUAWEI and the Miss Meng Wanzhou case which resulted in the arrest and detainment in China of the “Two Michaels”, the Canadian nationals held until Canada released Wanzhou.

China’s deep interest in Canadian resources and an all to free, Liberal government and Charest if he succeeded, allowing them to succeed and buy even more of what’s becoming a Chinese owned Canada…

HUAWEI spyware trying to get a foot hold in Canada and take hold of Canada’s 5G networks was the issue at hand. HUAWEI is directly connected to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and so is the corrupt John Charest. To vote for Charest is like having a Conservative Trudeau.

As European nations grumble about rising costs of fuel, as the dollar’s inflationary rate soars to 8.54%. All this sanctioning is hurting only the west in the end it threatens Europe deeply. The conservatives in Canada about to up end the Liberals, and Le Pen about to dethrone the WEF Macron. Or is it France will have neither one.

And the real climate politics which was so urgent and world ending, suddenly takes a back seat as reserve stocks of oil are released and coal production and purchase rises and in some cases soars quickly to rebound a energy need.

China has approved in Feb/2022 the Zhejiang, $1.1 billion coal fired power plant in a series of 43 new plants to combat its rolling blackouts in an economy that never really slowed down during Covid; except for a few short weeks in the beginning it has continued, business as usual. But aids the WEF with pretensed container ship problems. Which have rose to some 4 to 5 times since the beginning of the pandemic.

China has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2060, a Herculean feat to say the least.

Hydro Dams have destroyed the free waterways of China and the only new source of electricity ‘is’ coal fired plants.

“China is leading the world in new coal power plants, building more than three times as much new coal power capacity as all other countries in the world combined in 2020.”

Australia is seeing  a great increase in coal mining and coal sales in Eurasia and India and China. But suppress that news. And although professing the new religion, refuses to cull back on the money made from ‘new coal’.

India has increased it coal purchasing and need for the cheap fuel. And the realities of life once again take hold of the green pipe dream and absurd woke philosophy of life. Green politics is technocratic politics, is global dictatorship politics.

Thriving economies need solid dependable energy sources, and coal is a cheap and solid source. Oil need to flow again in Alberta. Does all this need fixing, in regards to pollution, of course it does. But what doesn’t? And CO2 is plant food!