“Birth control is not contraception indiscriminately and thoughtlessly practiced. It means the release and cultivation of the better racial elements in our society, and the gradual suppression, elimination and eventual extirpation of defective stocks— those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization.” –Margaret Higgins Sanger


Ink, conte’, Ink wash on 75lb paper — Michael Burns

There are two main issues to this de-population side of the coalition of an ascending Technocracy. One is eugenics and the other is dysgenics also involving cacogenics the ability to produce hybrids that are fertile and in many cases chimeras; fusion of egg and sperm of different species. And don’t ever doubt that this not going on as I speak?

Would I lie to you?

The one thing that can be sure is that when, their, mouths are moving, they are lying.

The idea must be excepted that the science of bio-genetics is a wild west show of exploration and discovery of what is, possible. New GMO’ed foods; condiments and new synthetic foods, lab grown meats and genes encapsulated in PEG molecules in food and as pro-drugs and lotions and potions.

With the implementation of all this and complex gene structures in the producing of new species that have never existed before, in part these ideas and methods has existed for a long time with mice and rats that are created for specific types of research.

For instance mice that are highly susceptible to cancer, so they may be used in research and finally the treatment of cancer. And these small mammals are designed genetically to be what is desired, in some cases naked without fur, to avoid contamination of samples taken, and content in a specially warmed living in laboratory conditions on special food and prone to all kinds of cancers. They were genetically made for this purpose. Their genes are designed and owned.

But if they are designed to get cancer, is this not an unnatural situation, therefore polluting the research from the beginning that uses such animals in their labs? As slanted, and biased towards an end. Its like betting on the case of rocks not falling off mountains. Of course it will happen, the matter is when it will happen not if… Let that sink in for minute.

Such traits as heritable intelligence and IQ, beauty, freedom from congenital disorders. Longevity and the resilience to adaptive pressures of habitat and environment and I would say a toxic world. Devolution is a partial study as well as in the eugenics side of the equation in regards to selective breeding.

“We’ve got this weird dysgenic situation where we’re basically just paying idiots to breed and taxing intelligent people to stay away from each other with anything remotely resembling fertility.”― Stefan Molyneux

Hollywood might be considered such a accidental operation as well as any and all of the dating sites that appeal to breeding specifics. PHD dating sites? Or others that are based on ethnic dating, religious or faith dating. Genetic manipulation is what this is all about, even though the technology to now speed it up has only existed in recent times. Monarchs have inbreeding for hundreds of years. Look what happened there?

But I would go a step further to the individual that chooses or is selected or is coerced to impregnate a egg with multiple genetics pieces of information from different sperm/egg donors. Or to take away certain familial genes is quite certain.

Such a situation has happened already in China with He Jiankui, a bio-physicist and at the time an associate professor, who made the twin girls Lulu and Nana, less their ‘CCR5 gene’. His research was into the CCR5 gene in regards to HIV and genetic resistance and its transference via HIV positive fathers, and the process of induction in breast and prostate epithelial cells. And all that came to light later, which leads to cutting edge cancer research.

Blocking CCR5 is detrimental in the inflammatory response to stroke. Although the host was put in a detrimental position with other infections as well. I find that interesting, it seems like a step towards a programmed death.

In light of new information and documents it has be found that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may have helped and fully funded the research. But it is an illegal activity in the end, and ‘He’ was tried and was found guilty of forging documents and unethical conduct and was jailed in December, 2019 to the full extent of the law in applying legal justice to this, abominable act, and He spent three years in some golf jail, or mad scientist jail and a $400,000 dollar fine. Which I presume the government paid for, because pokey wages are about $15 dollars a day.

In the end it was discovered He and Zhang Renli and Qin Jinzhou, the three scientists involved in the research and application of the CRISPR technology… “The three were found guilty of having “forged ethical review documents and misled doctors into unknowingly implanting gene-edited embryos into [two women].”

And is that the truth as well, He withheld information for a long time, it was thought only one woman was involved? Could there be more? Maybe He is a real life Bond villain and there is a secret Island somewhere in the South China Sea where the Chinese keep building islands; a island maybe with clones of him and his homies and the Princelings of China.

But He succeeded, and it seems the risk was worth it as many are eager to gain access to his research and corporations would/will spend, and stand to make billions of such a discovery and the discoveries its leads to… Has the research continued, off course it has, and He Jiankui is only the tip of the iceberg. The one that broadcast his criminal behavior and will be the one who is cited most in future academic papers.

This is CRISPR technology and that alone has made it easier and cheaper to perform such monumental tasks. One thing has lead to the other and the process will continue. Pandora’s box has been opened now and one might understand that COVID was a case of this technology being released on an unsuspecting public. By another maniac…or maybe it was just a bad flu?

But it all seems planned in way, I mean three years in jail for such an offense is tantamount to a slap on this hand. It was admitted that he was fired, but that simply is PR for the public, a man like this will be picked up in heartbeat by greedy unscrupulous corporations bidding for his services and research. They will snatch this guy up and build him a lab with all the lab assistants somewhere imagined in his dreams.

Now if one can undo a genetic flaw, then one can reproduce one as well. With the knowledge of genetics, knowledge doubling exponentially each year and the technology needed in gaining such power of genetic manipulation becoming cheaper and cheaper each day, it seems as if the field is being encouraged rather than policed. Or restricted. It is only a matter of time. Chimeras of all kind will be populating the planet, and with those in the know, that seems okay. We will quickly loose our way and the results might backfire and wipe out the whole planet or a single species. But what da fuck, no pain, no gain.

The genes in the gene drift equation have caused some severe issues environmentally with volunteer Canola popping up all over the place, and threatens to wipe out natural canola. It was not suppose to do that is was supposed to be a sterile seed. But as we know, nature finds ways. Soon all that will grow will only be the GMO. And one could apply this to other cereal grains. Food would be impossible to grow and would be owned and with the Monsanto and Bill Gates cluster able to access to those supposed sacred seed banks around the planet?

Bill Gates is manufacturing the first lab grown meat and of all things mother’s milk.

Boy, did the the guys who started the seed bank sell out! Now governments have usurped the whole idea.

Curiously, governments have been gathering DNA on populations around the world, and the knowledge of haplotypes can easily lead to genetic cleansing. Say…under the guise of a terrible pandemic. Just supposing?

Is it getting scary? Stop me if I am going to far!

The future will be pandemics used in all kinds of ways. At present China has some 400 million people on a very long lockdown. They have that kind of power? But that was a New York Times article and we know the CIA owns the Times, they haven’t had a public editor in a long time and that “reputation for thoroughness” has be a vapid declaration of trust. The times is gossipy fat cats behind mahogany desks.

Dysgenics is the end result of the nations gaining control and integrating the digital and biological world. With the movement towards transhumanism and the take-over of cabinets in world governments by organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF). American biolabs in Ukraine and around the world, gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China. Does China have biolabs in other countries? Does Russia?

Dysgenics would enable those who seek a Technocracy run by elites, those who agree that the population of earth is far too high and that immediate intervention is necessary for life to survive, and most importantly that the civilization on planet earth is able to reach and become a Type 1 civilization moving to control the solar system. A type 1 civilization being in control of the resources of its own planet and capturing fully, the energy of it own sun enabling the absolute sustainability of that energy source.

Population control feigns to allow for resource efficiency and climate efficiency, food sustainability and rids the planet of useless eaters. Lifespans can be shortened. As these types are a detrimental to that Type 1 world. Super-spreaders and disease carriers. The gene flawed masses is their lies.

We are approaching a time of the genetic superior, a new form of racism and prejudice.

Dysgenics would allow those who control, to create a human for the occupation, genetically dulled to a slave race, without the inclining of a revolutionary; obedient and adaptive to harsh environments, generically inferior to the master race. Shorten lifetime as it seems to be leading too and genetically made for the environment, possibly, on other planets and moons.

These ideas are not new, but have been applied for thousands of years in prehistory. The Romans and Trojans breed strong warriors and farmers. Royalty as I’ve stated have been in a breeding program since well before and after the fall of the Roman Empire.

The power of the gene is now put in the hands of wealthy ego driven parents who wish for perfect their children and will spend millions in that endeavor, to give their child a step above the rest, by editing their eggs before inception. The best of many individuals can be edited into a healthy human egg. And wealthy parents will have no problem with this…

Dysgenics is a disguised ideal, hiding behind an altruism that can take away that which is flawed in mankind, but it also can add to that case, and as all the greater technology that has been discovered and exists, it is, first weaponized.

The idea of Eugenics/dysgenics is part of the WEF idea of technological superiority in a new world, the race is on for the first place and there is no second or third in this race. Advanced digital technology can only speed that transhuman bio-genetic transition along. Its a winner takes all, as the one who creates AI first establishes the global technocracy. And the first who owns it and controls it, if that can be said, becomes God?

The west seeks a singularity that favors it hegemony and a unipolar globe whilst the east favors a multipolar world it seems.

The old world is rising again as Russia has tied its Ruble to a gold standard and moves around and beyond the sanctioning by the disintegrating democratic west. Putin’s response to Ukraine is only a signal of his frustration and abandonment of the west calling it an “Empire of Lies”. And so by de-Nazifying Ukraine he is saving the world, and strengthening that multipolar version?

Ukraine is a war of money!

China is the technocratic model for that new world that the WEF, becomes after the Great Reset. But even China, is not going along with the Russian sanctions and adding to the move to that, BRICS world of gold backed currencies and the destruction of the empire of paper debt and fiat currency.

Dysgenics moves along with these ideas as labs in the Ukraine have been working with Pentagon knowledge on genetic research for the United States, Russian DNA has be gathered and research into gain-of-function allows for ethnic plagues and pandemics of the future to become real. One can only wonder when the next one happens, and it will.

What is being lost here?

Programmed death is not far away, a new medical program arises in socialist Canada. The euthanasia of the mentally ill if they wish it.

And add to that the social credit score that will be applied to all of us and allotted carbon credit and energy of a single human. One will be allowed so much waste and so many breaths.

Crime and punishment will change in a future that is run by these people. Eventually being eliminated, by absolutely controlling population that becomes second and third generation chimeras.

Bio-dysgenics is the other side of the coin called eugenics!