False patriotism and the Russophobe.


False patriotism is a neo-Liberalism and is a disgusting thing to watch someone express. Its pretense of the knowledge of what they think they know is both sad and terribly disturbing.

Free speech by those patriots is not the free speech that an Elon Musk would claim and is willing to put his money where his mouth is; its not the free speech that allows for even those that one does not agree with.

False patriotism is a disease of the mob, an affliction of the left, to rally around the most illogical of patriotic concepts.

That Donald Trump kind of false patriotism, that whole purpose is to put down those leftie cucks that are screwing the whole thing up, and get us back to Making America Great Again, “Remember those days? Those; it seems such a long time but it wasn’t, it was..it was last week.”

Those false patriots even cluck together on a new Twitter like platform sponsored by the Donald.

The diversity, inclusive and equity crowd that are having the worst time with a changing Twitter-verse — and the Russians. And who knows maybe Elon is a Russian spy, he’s from South Africa (SA) and SA is a BRICS nation, and that means Russia, and Russia means communism, and those commies are trying to take over Ukraine.

And he putting the “coke” back into Coca-Cola


I watched a interview with Sergey Lavrov on RT and it summed up most of what I feel myself about this world situation. And the United States.

I guess I am a Russian then…


…because I favor a multi-polar world. I don’t agree with the ideology completely; but I definitely do not want a uni-polar world dominated by the insane sleepy Joe America. The America, of Pax Americana a peace through doing what we tell you and supplying us with what we want when we want it. And obeying and paying.

An America that will never share and is a self-centered psychopathic thing that will make money for any reason. Is there shame in making a living? No. But corporate thief by a WEF policies of lies and deceit. The propping up of a cancel-culture as the apex of human consciousness in the occupation of altruism is a bit much. The laptop guy that can barely get the adult diaper on in the morning without help.

America must go the way all super powers go, ridding itself of the corporate scum that owns its government, and owns the money that is printed nightly, and its perverse use of political power.

The Russophobe is that old cold warrior that has not come in from the cold and refuses to except anything other than Russia’s absolute defeat. They are the ones that sent the Browders and Wall Street gang bang looters to Russia after the Soviet Union fell. They are the old cold warrior that have thrown hand grenades up and down main streets all over small and large nations throughout the world.

America is a country that was built on pain and suffering of others, industries left America for China and cheaper labor; slave labor. The illusion it purports as its beginning is pure theater in lite of all the skullduggery that has occurred since its independence as a colony of England.

Too many unanswered questions about America: Did the shadow government kill the Kennedys and did they kill Marilyn because of of how close she got to the brothers and what they feared she knew? The coups and wars started.

Its unwillingness to look in at itself, but otherwise blame the world for its problems. America is run by corporate psychopaths. An institution of madness as a world nation.

This Ukraine/Russian affair is about someone finally standing up to an American bully and is willing to go to the wall, to play this hand out, regardless of the United States and its cardboard generals’ threats of nuclear escalation. America is a spiritually bankrupt nation, atheist and technocratic, being taken over by schizo-autistic types that want their cake and eat it too.

Russia has warned those that would try to kill her, that every single Russian would fight for mother Russia. All we, can come up with is Nazi betas that give up in droves after they find out that war is not a first person shooter video game. And that war turns men into fucking dogs. And it is final.

The latest from the UN as the UN chief asks for a civilian corridor for those captive in the Azovstal steel complex in Mariupol. Putin has agreed to ‘Citizens‘ leaving; those that have been used as human shields by Nazi cowards, but there are doubts that, that will happen out in open, in front of the world. As this call by the UN is suspected in the need for those last remnants of the Nazi Azov battalion and Mercs who have joined the fight from all over the world. And, possibly NATO officers, and that would be embarrassing, of those still remaining in the mazes supposedly below the steel plant.

This Russophobia that engulfs the woke and a brain washed and propagandized west into believing that Russia is still the Soviet Union. Mr Laptop himself Joe Biden, finds the need in protecting what he knows about Ukraine in a proposal to seize assets of oligarchs, expanding its scope and allowing income to flow to Ukraine.


Myriads of Go-Fund-Me’s for Ukraine but that would not allow the support of the peaceful truckers protest in Canada against another insane and dictatorial neo-liberal Trudeau government.

In fact, as of March 14, more than 350,000 donors from 140 countries have generously contributed to a GoFundMe related to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Together, we’ve raised over $50 million to help those in need.”

Do I have a problem with helping financially the Ukrainian civilians in strife and the long suffering in the Donbass region of Ukraine. No, it is the principal of the thing, of choosing one thing over another based on false patriotism and Russophobia.

The Donbas people have been persecuted since 2014 for their Russian culture and a slow genocide of its people is at hand, and the recent torture and assassination of some 11 mayors in the region. That the civilian population is used as human shields, slowing the Russian operation of de-Nazification. So civilians are not caught in the violence only frustrates those who wish to do good. Those killed by western Ukrainian military forces and used to stage fake video’s is terribly sad. A white helmet form of propaganda.

I do not condemn any support for these suffering Donbas people, but the neo-Nazi regime under the comedian and neo-Nazi Volodymyr Zelensky, an idiot sponsored by the United States and pushed along via the ways of Biden-Blinken-Austin-Nuland and neo-liberalism must end.

Someone is making a lot of money on keeping this war going, keeping the Russian tensions high and keeping the main fight which is the cyber-war advancing.

Austin as representative of Raytheon inspires the use of more sophisticated weaponry as old cold war weaponry supplies defeat the Ukrainian side. Why are so many Ukrainian conscripts and western volunteers giving up, because they know they are cannon fodder? Because they know they are no match to high tech.

But virtue-signaling is the way is it not? The appearance that I am concerned about the war and not just practicing my Russophobia. I will condemn peaceful protests about rising costs of living and inflation, the price of fuel and other things including food that are rising because of horrific sanctions that are only affecting the west, the unfair and unjust mandates relating to Covid theater. The continuing stressing of a general public as American leaders speak about escalation to nuclear war. And that bad Russia. As the U.S. starts in for a New Cold War.

These are strange times and stranger still is our over-concern of a social media platform that might just start allowing free speech according to ‘what the law provides’ will at the same time never seeing a peep out of any western legacy media journalist of the massive humanitarian crisis in Yemen. A real horror.

Young girls in a displaced persons camp near Marib city in Yemen.

Yemen has been in war since 2014 and always the women and children suffer.

Saudi Arabia leads the way to a nine nation coalition to support a Yemeni dictator whom should be shot and pissed on, now under house arrest.

The Obama administration with Joe Biden as Vice-President sold some $115 billion in arms to the Saudis as they pour that pain on Yemen.

According to UN estimates, some 10.3 million people are in “acute need” of immediate, lifesaving assistance. As of January 2017, at least 2 million people remained displaced by the brutal fighting. Another 1 million have returned to living in difficult conditions with limited access to food, water and healthcare.

The UN estimates that 14.8 million people lack access to basic healthcare. Only 45 per cent of health facilities are functioning, and as of October 2016, at least 274 health facilities had been damaged or destroyed, largely due to Saudi-led air strikes.

This development is especially impacting the women and children. About 3.3 million children and pregnant or lactating women are malnourished.

Donald Trump and his deal from the United States totaling US$110 billion immediately ( May 20, 2017), and $350 billion over 10 years. Burdens Yemen with hunger and starvation and shock and awe suffering an child death.

We are a population addicted to being voyeurs and are over run with false patriotism, Russophobia and a host of anxieties relating to the wrong politics. We ignore the obvious, and have no heart or courage for a real fight. Souls are left out in hells of realities and have not been sold on the idea of the post 1945 Pax Americana which spent some $13 billion in those dollars, fixing Europe and after the Pax Britannica from roughly 1815-1914 doing roughly the same thing.

America has spent some $4.5 trillion fighting the Soviet Union over uni-polar ideas of U.S. hegemony and fighting communism. The lies that are America which claims it deserves special privilege in the world and is the white hat fighting the evil of the world and that lie is the largest of lies, the largest ever lie, an Goebbelsian size lie that must come to an end if we are survive this decade. This old kind of America must fall. Its a fake.

The west sends weapons instead of peace, hatred instead of friendship, animosity instead of a new beginning of trust and truth and solving real world problems.

NATO is an old idea, an old entity, an old cold warrior that refuses to die, to surrender to the fact that it is no longer needed in a multi-polar world. It has been bought and paid for by corporate interest and does not have an cold-war adversary, as the Soviet Union no longer exists. And so it became a war monger.

This is its, last gasp I would only hope, but then again how is the west going to hold the European Union together without a NATO; how will it continue to harass Russia as it wishes to dominate as corporates drool looking to the vast resources that is the Russian Federation? How will a corrupt and lop-sided United Nations police its green and world government policies of sustainability?