Zelensky a comedian, an actor, but not a president…

When the world starts listening to a comedian, to the harlequin we have crossed over into a new form of madness.

Zelensky is that new type of politician, the virtual kind, the puppet with a shadow government’s hand up his ass, his strings being pulled by the self appointed, masters of the universe at the WEF a clusterfuck of Universal proportions with all there other ilk  like, Justin Trudeau and the Ukrainian hatchet lady Chrystia Freeland, Macron, Olaf what’s-his-name, the neo-Hitler…

All this name calling, I should ashamed of myself for falling so low in the descriptive.

But I am right.

These test tube babies of the political technocracy; these Manchurian candidates that are assassins of the good and real. Play with the system and are a danger to mankind.

I ask you how many votes would Justin Trudeau have got if he hadn’t played into the hands of those who wanted Cannabis legalized. Who felt that Justin was sincere when he said black lives matter, who didn’t believed that this West Point Grey Academy teacher preyed on “She was much, much younger than that,”.

Macron’s re-election has protests erupting all over France; the EU is showing chinks in the armor of their technocrat solidarity. Getting consensus of some 28 countries pre-Ukraine was tough enough; now there is oil, natural gas and raw materials for an already struggling EU as its tried to come to terms with a green and digital future. No sooner than it had a plan , COVID hit, and struggling from under that, ideas by some of warring with Russia and the return to a cold war 2.0.

What become obvious is that Ukraine is a now a big garage sale of all the pre-tech weapons, the old cold war era weapons that are no longer are used and have become easy targets for determined Russian military. Its like watching aboriginals fire wooden arrows at conquistadors. But if your gonna make a really big fire you have to start with lots of kindling.

Washington is now sending Howitzers and somewhere around 200,000 artillery rounds, some with depleted uranium in them and experimental armed drones, Canada and France send in; long range artillery. The United Kingdom sending tanks to Poland. Germany are sending heavy weapons.

NATO, is testing new tech and using the live action as data, and the Ukrainian conscripts that find themselves abandoned by their commanders as cannon fodder for the war plan of a possible world war III.

Everybody is making money and much of the material and weapons is ending up on the black market, being bought up by terrorists and general shit disturbers who always want to see the world burn.

This endgame is seeding the future for chaos and destruction. And ultimately population control trudges on while they reach for the big prize the immense resources of the Russian Federation, and taking down one Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Andropov’s ‘golden boy’ and probably a bit more propitious than we are accustomed. A benevolent dictator.

The Russian military in this de-Nazifying operation have found storehouses of obsolete weaponry and abandoned weapons and arms. After the Ukrainian forces have surrendered, deserted or been beaten.

And large caches of these are disappearing as the fog of war and the operation moves quickly on…materiel and arms are flooding in from all kinds of places and from all kinds of organizations. Go-Fund-Me types of operation raise tens of millions; one in particular some $50 million raised in the war effort and it is never traced as to where it ends up, or who its comes from.

A neo-liberal Canadian cabinet worried about the donors to the truckers protest. And froze it’s efforts. But the money pours in from some 350,000 donors and pours out to exotic accounts.

NATO has been building up materiel for years, almost a decade now since the Maidan Coup, now being called the “Revolution of Dignity”  — and that is the whole point to the Russian operation. This is the Cuban missile crisis all over and last time is brought the world to the brink of ashes.

With the limited and precision range/damage and of modern ‘tactical nuclear weapons’, or as the United States cares to call them, ‘non-strategic nuclear weapon’. It is only a matter of time at this point before they are used. America believes that tactical is a wrong term as…“The use of any nuclear weapon would fundamentally alter the nature of a conflict.”

The weaponry, is, being used at present in the Ukrainian crisis minus the easily refitted nuclear wars heads, which can range generally from 10-100 kilotons with an upper limit of some 300 kilotons. And “300 kilotons (kT), equaling 600 million pounds of dynamite” upping the explosive power of standard battlefield ordinance. And this is, a city killer.

Treaties are falling left and right, missile treaties and bio-weapon treaties, and Russia and the U.S have abandoned or ignored even more smaller agreements as the Ukraine crisis escalated towards…

The Russophobia is rampant as the world falls back to an Cold War stance. Book burning; cultural events cancelled, great Russian composers and writers ignored and victim to cancel culture; athletes denied; vodka flowing down drains and the amped up fake news throw gasoline on this fucking dumpster fire.

Angelina Jolie had to duck and cover — I’m being facetious! In an obvious piece of theatre that was not her best performance as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) visits the Ukraine. Warning sirens whined out upon Special Envoy Angelina Jolie (USA) and actress, arrival by train.

Hillary Clinton like in its scripting, reminiscent of Hillary’s landing under sniper fire. Angelina was escorted by a lovely looking group of well dressed extras hired for the scene as they duck and cover under a very shaky camera. Slower moving bystanders witness the scene impressed by the actresses work, stop her for smiling selfies and a quick signature.

Sean Penn was not that effective in his appeal, and his crazy hair and no teeth during his shaky voiced interviews working for the Ukrainian re-branding, didn’t quite get the numbers high enough. Angie can sell product, that’s assured, an ocean of money should flood in, enough to pay exorbitant Raytheon prices for modern weaponry at ten times the price.

The actress was seen later, unharmed and schmoozing with the locals at a Lviv coffee house. Jolie with a few cute kids is a magic moment, always a good photo op; Penn’s CIA tough guy was a failure to convince, extols the PR side of this war to bring out the ‘really big guns’.

Angelina Jolie

Maybe Ms. Jolie should pay attention to real hunger and strife and the genocide in the Donbas. Or Yemen!

Somewhere around 100 civilians have been evacuated from Mariupol with more to come and the truth that they witnessed and experienced is being overshadowed by this limited hangout reporting on this by the New York Times without the addition of what those people went through and to the operation that has been asked for weeks by the Russian military in control.

The last remnant of the infamous Neo-Nazi Azov battalion still remains under the steel plant. Speaking publicly cannot harm those that remain it only affects the the grand tale, the ‘Great Narrative’ quality the west and the U.S. tells about the Neo-Nazi regime of Volodymyr  Zelensky.

You can be assured that the media quality of this will be exploited at Zaporizhzhia and to the maximum in the next few days as staging and professional propagandist script a tale for the world to see and hear. Already they ask that the remaining fighters, using still other human shields keep their arms and surrender to a third party. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been contacted and it is a suspicious of who is hiding down there with the Nazis; maybe some NATO or foreign government officers got caught in a tricky position and that would surely strike a match.

The comedian:

“The October 2021 Pandora Papers revealed that Zelenskyy and his chief aide and the head of the Security Service of UkraineIvan Bakanov operated a network of offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, and Belize. These companies included some that owned expensive London property.[245] Around the time of his 2019 election, Zelenskyy handed his shares in a key offshore company over to Shefir, but the two men appear to have made an arrangement for Zelenskyy’s family to continue receiving the money from these companies.[245] Zelenskyy’s election campaign had centred on pledges to clean up the government of Ukraine.[245] In a 17 October 2021 interview with ICTV, Zelenskyy did not deny that in 2012 he used offshore companies.[246] He claimed he did this to avoid (his then satirical TV shows) being “influenced by politics”.[246] Zelenskyy stressed that neither he nor any member of “Kvartal 95” were involved in money laundering.[246]”

Zelensky is a liar, a crook and a puppet. A fake and phony president whose acting has clearly breached the fourth wall and he is listening to his own bullshit now.

He was financed by Ihor Kolomoisky his key ally, in his campaign and made agreements and shook hand with Neo-Nazi of the Azov Battalion leadership and other Ukrainian neo-Nazi military outfits. Pinning medals on these assholes, Zelensky has been weighed and measured and found wanting, and was owned by Kolomoisky and is owned now by the Secretary of State and his under-secretary in Victoria Nuland, the Ukrainian hatchet lady of some three presidents that has waged genocide of Russians and Russian culture in the Ukraine. And they are the real architects here, using NATO along with Raytheon’s new representative in Ukraine, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Zelensky is, part of the Pandora Papers and his run for power was financed by Kolomoisky. He played as an actor the part of the president of Ukraine on television, and now what is necessary is the truth. He has helped Kolomoisky gain control of Ukraine’s banking and the making of money. He has helped Kolomoisky along with others with their money laundering operations, in the United States and England. He knows where the bodies are bury and is bound for a bad ending.

Now owned by Blinken and Nuland he only stays on top by their means.

It’s about money laundering and corruption on the highest levels of the U.S. government. It is about bio-labs and chemical waste, and “Ukraine Is in an Environmental Crisis Too”.

The Donbas is in serious danger, and millions are made by crooks who are turning the place into a country drowning in toxic garbage.

Toxic waste

This man Zelensky is a clown, a comedian, a ridiculous harlequin character, a virtual and cardboard phony of what is real. The Ukrainian people need better that this, they need to be release from this, but I am afraid it is only beginning. A Tragic start to years of pain.

“One less traitor”: Zelensky Oversees Campaign of Assassination, Kidnapping And Torture of Political Opposition — Puppet Masters — Sott.net

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  2. Dear Michael

    Hello from the UK. Many thanks for your post, excellent. I wrote myself about Ukraine/Russia situation, although as I consider the whole thing more political theatre than reality I have used humour to try and diffuse the situation.


    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson
    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.


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