Tok-tok and Right Sector and the ‘Ministry of Truth’…


Much can be said of Biden’s new disinformation office or I might say ‘Ministry of Truth’.

The Disinformation Governance Board (DGB); and I give you a Wikipedia link to gain an overview, but as I have stated before, don’t ever believe that is the real truth of the subject, many times they can be smears and most are limited hangouts and straight out bald faced lies. Think of it as the history of the world for the last 100 days.

But it never the truth, and it is a start.

The DGB is a board of Homeland Security meant to try to combat the absolute deluge of information and disinformation that is drowning the internet. And mainly in this condition of which I write; Ukraine and the Russian invasion. Its not that the these ideas are born of the internet, its the internet as medium has given voice to these ideas.

The fake and the deep fake, and now a government board of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that will tell the difference. It will authenticate the right think, and de-authenticate the wrong think.

The Washington Times describes the board as a Ministry of Truth” in George Orwell’s novel “1984.”

Headed by bright and peppery Nina Jankowicz a Mary Poppins type TikTok’er. Advisor to the Ukrainian Foreign ministry as part of her Fulbright fellowship in Kyiv.

Mary Nina in her MIT Center for International Studies video of Oct/2020 suggests we practice ‘informational distancing’. As well as the still relevant social distancing when dealing with disinformation online and its resultant fake news. Meaning; it is best to keep your mask on, your head down and never question, stay at home and don’t comment or read anything, that gets you emotional. And when it does get up and separate yourself from your device and breathe. In and out, in and out, and keep that distance until the bad media goes away and stops you from thinking.

I would care to say that Nina is a dog-paddling in a Tik-Tok swimming pool of disinformation. If this useful idiot is the best they can come up with; but then again, she is dealing with younger people and a more immature audience and less critical in their thinking; Mary Poppins was one of the first influencers in media. “A spoonful of sugar helps the propaganda go down…”

Jankowicz has trouble spotting misinformation and has been accused of promoting it herself. Inexperienced in this role which has no operational authority, for now, other than to find best practices, superior alternatives to combat the losses in the cyber-war. But they mistake the enemy as Russian.

An unbeliever in regards of the Biden laptop from hell, Nina believes Russian propaganda is even in old show tunes. The laptop is a Trump political product, manufactured in the USSR Russia and Nina has a sheep’s view of her government and believes they would never ever tell a lie. Against Fakebook’s that bastard Zuckerberg and his metaverse, and wants no part of it, she is, ah okay with CCP owned Tok-tok and is a true believer. And Jan 6th was a storming of the capital!

Pro-censorship and a intersectional waste of time, she will be dangerous because she can’t think. Her job will be to monitor and cry foul, the information or disinformation of foreign state actors like China, Russia and Iran. And is not interested in monitoring American citizens, but know that, that is, the first lie.

Without saying, Nina Jankowicz is left, way left and a radical and activist woke-bot, a Fulbright scholar in Kyiv who studied for this operation and is far from any kind of neutral in this new role as ‘Minister of Propaganda’ under Sleepy Joe Biden.

Fulbright is the U.S. government; funded solely by congress, some 1600 grants a year. A product of the war surplus of the U.S. after 1945, and we have been seeing a lot of that war surplus in Ukraine lately.

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State sponsors the program. with additional value and funding coming from the partner governments, American foundations and corporations and host institutions of the Fulbright Program.

Of the 325,000  alumni — and excuse me for being pedantic but some, have risen to the highest levels of civilization…

  • 40 Fulbright alumni have served as heads of state
  • 61 have received  Nobel prizes
  • 78 are MacArthur Foundation Fellows
  • 89 have received Pulitzer prized

…which makes me wonder how the fuck Nina the Tik-Tok lady made it in.

And Tik-Tok has influencers, many influencers that the American government has become aware of, and the new Goebbelsian disinformation Czar in Jankowicz can influence those influencers. That some 70 million U.S. users on Tik-Toc, and the need to control that information, and find out what they are saying and thinking is a deep seated need of the Reality Manufacturing Machine of foreign policy on Ukraine.

It is not a coincidence that Nina Jankowicz was chosen to head the new Ministry of Truth. She is pro Ukraine and a Russophobe. Ideal and like so many other woke=bots seeing Russians under the bed. And lurking on every street corner of America and influencing everything we do.

The movement from the mind virus of COVID to the now Russophobic virus hails a new round of nonsense in the next few months if not more. The slow death of neo-Liberalism and the cancerous consumption of itself as the more it tries to control, the more it looks like the enemy within.

America is losing the cyberwar as a Nazi regime in Ukraine is losing the ground war. The public is far too informed and information flows; about what is going on over there, but they will try through the DGB to filter out the information that is exposing the U.S. and its shadowy decades old operations there. Exposing those people who write independently about this madness.

And there are many that have been operating in secret within Ukraine since the 2014 Coup. DGB will try to filter the numbers of individuals that are speaking out about this U.S. provoked confrontation of Russia. And the U.S. further attempts to extinguished Russian culture in Ukraine and to surround Russia completely with NATO countries and it polluted policies of a unipolar world.

Along with military and materiel build up, a Phoenix Program styled operation has been active since 2014 under the SBU, advised and run and trained mainly by the CIA, that cluster of bent and broken minds who cannot seem to stay out of other people’s business and in the end I believe want to the kill the Russian idea of a multi-polar world. I am talking about the fountainhead of evil in the world. From this organization evil, that pours it, unchecked into the world.

And on that point, it must be stressed that the usual suspects, are not going to be of help in the de-escalation of the Ukrainian crisis. War hawks since the beginning, since before the beginning of the Russian Federation, these evil people can not help in diffusing a march to ultimate nuclear war. They want it, they feel the implosion of a dying empire and would rather blow it up than step aside and allow a new world to rise.

Biden-Blinken-Nuland-Austin-Zelensky must go if this is to be resolved. A new administration and its secretaries of war will never cease in the move to destroy Russia completely. And kick start a American economy nurtured on war profit.

The ideas of “Right Sector” nationalism in Ukraine have polluted the political field since the beginning, wishing only to rid Ukraine of any Russian identity and any cultural value that would keep it alive. The burning of history; Right Sector is a Nazi style purge and purification of modern Ukraine. It is corrupted and panders to money interest in the west. Driven by a corrupt oligarchy.

It was responsible for Odessa and the Trade Unions House fire of the 2nd May ,2014.

“The events resulted in 48 deaths total, 42 of which occurred in the Trade Unions House fire, as well as an additional 200 injured.”

Right sector is a coalition of ultra right-wing organization and militia, drenched in the pure blood fascist ideologies of Nazism and its methods. They where the snipers in Kyiv on February 18th. 2014. They want war, so they may hide that slow moving genocide they have been enacting since 2014.

“According to the report by UN Human Rights Council on 4 May 2016, Right Sector is one of “potentially violent militias that acted seemingly on their own authority, thanks to a high level of official toleration, and with almost complete impunity, both in the Donbass region and in wider Ukraine” that “use violence or threats of violence to exert pressure on persons holding dissenting views, the judicial system and other mechanisms of accountability”

Nina from Tok-tok will only add another layer to the clandestine reduction of the world to a technocratic 1984 and ignorance in the ‘War is Peace’.

She will claim what I say is untrue, Big Sister of the Karaoke is a determined CIA cut-out of the worst kind.