Bono and all those other loser Hollyweird celebrities for Ukraine…

HollyweirdCelebritiesand Bono

The latest in a dumb gray line of Hollyweird and the celebrity made its way to the Ukraine.

Bono the Irish wet sock of wet socks, performed in a Kyiv as it is now being called; in a subway in support of Zelensky and the Nazis, the most recent world pains in ass.

Bono a dried up and flaccid rocker from long long ago who knows less about Ukraine as he does about Ireland and it past cause. The perennial activist pops his head when the the puppet masters call on him. A sell out from long ago who used poetic words to achieve success but no long understand the muse that might have touched him, back then and long ago.

The singer who sung the song “Sunday bloody Sunday” about a terrible time in Irish history, when its government in Northern Ireland turned against its poorest citizenry and called in the army to, put down the catholic Irish in the “Battle of the Bogside” a three day riot as those Irish fought against the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC).

30 were shot down and about one thousand reported injured as the British army came in and slaughtered battered the protestors with real and, rubber bullets those fighting against the terrors and atrocities committed by Protestant Ireland.

The Irish army set up field hospitals near the border to help with the wounded.

The electoral wards gerrymandered to give majority rule to the minority unionist and protestants which at the time equaled some 18,000 to the catholic vote which was 36,000. Protesting the unfair, they were shot down.

But Bono is so far removed from that world of the real. The joke is…

“Bono, whilst playing a gig in Glasgow, got the whole crowd to be silent and then began slowly clapping his hands. He got the crowd to clap along for a while, the stadium quiet except for the rhythmic clapping…

After a short period Bono spoke, saying that every time he clapped his hands a child in Africa died …

Suddenly, from the front row of the venue a voice broke out in thick Scottish brogue, ending the silence as it echoed across the crowd, the voice cried out to Bono “Well stop fucking doing it then!!” 

It was claimed false, so I guess its false; or is it?

Bono another one of those wankers who does not walk the walk, a James Delingpole exposed tax evader and part of the Paradise papers leaked that included him and others like the Queen and major companies and corporations.

This false premise of philanthropy and activism is a ploy to keep the audience numbers up but these people do not believe what they profess, they are stand-ins when called by the puppet masters who control them, as they blurt out the words of the revolution. As they parrot what has been told to them.

This preachy bastard who uses emotional blackmail like a blunt instrument is a hypocrite. He talks about industry and big oil not paying their fair share of taxes which help the poor and the unfortunate.

Worth well over 500 million pounds, Bono made shitloads of cash by evading an already low Irish Tax.

But the latest for this perennial flake is Ukraine and a 40 minute mini concert in support for the comedian and Nazi collaborator and “I played a president on a TV show” president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

The mini acoustic concert played in a Kyiv subway by this Irish retard is bound to reach nobody. Not far away from pretense, this pretender never was…

The one thing I cannot stand is the hypocrite, I don’t care about his money, its the thing he does to keep it, the prostitution of his soul so they don’t take it away from him if he refuses to not go were he is sent by his controllers. If you don’t do what you are told they cancel culture your ass.

The absolute shit that come out of his mouth now, when he once knew the real game and wrote songs about it; I threw his CD’s out long ago with the false and fake BandAids and Geldof menagerie of collecting money and the “Do they know it’s fucking Christmas” sang to starving Muslims in those African countries.

“Look, I’m sick of Bono and I AM Bono.” — Bono

War has changed so much over the decades, not like the old days, when I was a kid, back when war was war, and blood lay in pools on the ground and I wonder if bards and singers and actors showed up at the Peloponnese during the wars of Greek heroes to sing a few songs and raise a flag or collect a few coins and sell their autographed togas or the blood smeared clothes of the heroes.

The Trio of Bono the singer and bozo the prime minister of Canada and Jill Biden stepping in for sleepy Joe “I need another $33 billion?”

These are becoming weekly affairs as they put it all in, to dissuade the world that Russia is wrong and Ukraine is righteous and not run by despicable fucking genocidal Nazis. But we the corporation should rule the world and that prick Putin is standing in our fucking way.

Bono, Jolie, Penn and Trudeau and Joe’s Jill Biden? What up for next week?

Maybe Bono and Geldof can hitch up again and have “War Aid” or “Nazi Aid” for the comedian and his regime, they could raise an ocean of money for weapons. Of course if the Ukrainians would actually fight and quite giving up and turning over bunkers full of antiquated weaponry, or selling them, they wouldn’t have to send so much money and weapons which, are, finding their way into other markets.

Even the best, an elite Canadian sniper, and best Canadian sniper in the world, gave up and high-tailed it back to comfy Canada.

Once lauded by the international media, a Canadian sniper known as ‘Wali’ has returned from Ukraine to Quebec, telling local media that his experience there was a “terrible disappointment.” He claimed there was inadequate weaponry, poor training and heavy losses, as well as profiteering and desertion in the ranks.

Professed as the best sniper in the world, “they” he said, had “inadequate weapons” and “poor training” and here I thought he was the best. All that talk and no action, he went back home, he shot was a couple of windows. All that trolling from back in April and

“In the end, Wali said that he ended up firing two bullets into windows “to scare people,” …”

Scare people? They have been fighting this war in Donbas since 2014 Mr Wali, the Zelensky government trying to exterminate them. And they have been under constant shelling, scared they are not.

I think Wali’s bark, is worse than his bite. Chechens are mutherfuckers and they don’t like snipers and if they don’t get you then the Russian military will and its…

“They came to Ukraine to earn money by killing Slavs. Therefore, the best that awaits them is criminal liability and long prison terms,” Russian military spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov stated…

Bono could come up with new war song, as long as they don’t try to rip off the whole thing like they did last time with Bandaid. They could could invite Raytheon and Boeing, Northrop and Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics.

They could get the Beckhams to sign soccer balls and Mila Kunis and Bruce Willis’s son Ashton Kutcher could do a scene from “That ’70’s Show” in say the subway again and talk about that $18 million GoFundMe, they, kickstarted.

UN Messenger of Peace Leo DiCaprio could a talk to us about the $10 million he donated to financing the war effort and he who has an electric car and solar panels, and is green, well, sort of/kind of, but he can’t find an electric Gulfstream or an electric yacht. He still looking though…really.

Weeknd is up for something and he has donated a mill.

Kit Harrington is signing Game of Thrones gifts, posters and whatnot and they are auctioned off and sold at Etsy for the Ukraine effort. Meanwhile British supplied Brimstone missiles are falling from the sky like dead seagulls complete and utter duds at $120,000 a pop… or it that bang or… maybe fizzzz and a poof.

And even our own Canadian Ryan Reynolds is matching up to $1 million for Ukraine, unfortunately he said absolutely nothing and donated nothing to the “Truckers Protest” at home in Canada back at the beginning of the year, but ah… he was really busy during those troublesome and trying times of the OCCUPATION OF OTTAWA by the nasty and bearded truckers in bunny-hugs and giving tree pizzas to the homeless and cleaning up after themselves and taking turns monitoring the “bouncy castle” and the kids.

This virtual war played in the media and by CIA owned celebrities will go on until we reach the new optimum of Cold War 2.0. It the propaganda reality machine whining up to full speed. “Can you hear it?”

Its pathetic and a big laughable and phony and fake joke.

And it is a horrible and unjust and shameful parade of nonsense, and celebrity woke idiots while real suffering and starvation and pain goes on daily by the people of the Donbas, and legacy media does not say a word. And Yemen is starving.