Wali the sniper…



I thought I’d get in this quick note before the internet scrubs it, the usual life of information has been around a 100 days. Lately it dropped to minutes if not possibly seconds as the censors work non stop.

The cyberwar is the most important war in fight for hearts and minds, or what is left of them after the last few years.

Its constant from one fear to the other, as they drag your heart, and mind around like they are a rock on the end of a rope.

It is heart warming to hear from Natasha from Russia, the news from inside the dark world of Mordor that Russian people are getting healthy as the MacDonald’s “[…] all 850 of its locations in Russia.”  and KFC’s and Wendy’s, and Tim Horton’s… in fact many U.S. fast food outlets have jumped ship as the western sanctions are applied in great numbers. MacDonald’s continues to pay its employees but shuts down its restaurants Russia loosing some $127 million in the first quarter. I guess it’s one of those WEF insider deals, you close your restaurants and pay you staff, we give you …?

No more quarter-pounders for Russia. No more Tim-bits for you Ruskies! No more fat asses and spastic intestines. The question I want to ask, is why does the WEF want the Russian population healthy?

Scores of letters have deluged Tim Horton’s main office as bovine Canadians are angry and don’t want the Russians to even have coffee and doughnuts. Starbucks suspends operations in Russia and it’s sad the measures this war has gone too. A Russian nation without their Frappa Rappa Pumpkin Spice Latte, a nation of jittery coffee addicts with guns, that a good idea!

But there are no Tim Horton’s in Russia, but there is a Timmy’s at Russian Consulate General, Avenue du Musée, Montreal, QC, Canada.

Quick somebody organize  a protest.

Monday was Victory Day and all Russians were celebrating the day they beat the Nazi scum right back to Berlin and pulverized the Reichstag building, which was a second time in less that a decade the building suffered a tragedy. Once with Soviet flag atop its ruin and of the Nazi false flag fire of 1933 and the rest is all history.

Poor Nazis, they don’t seem to know when to give up, now they are in Ukraine and taking an unbelievable ass whooping if we listen to the front line accounts of the ‘Great Wali’ and his Shadow in the Van Doos.

Wali is the world’s most fearsome sniper! This guy makes other snipers shake in their boots. Two tours in Afghanistan earned this mofo the title, “World’s Deadliest”. 

There was an American Sniper, Chris Kyle, there should be a Canadian sniper. And Wali is his name. Chris Kyle claimed 250 career kills. And was murdered along with a friend at a shooting range, And so the saying “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

Wali on the other hand has bragged some 40 a day in Afghanistan.

An ex member of the Canadian Royal 22nd Regiment, the “Van Doos”, a bastardization of the term Vingt-deuxième, or 22 in English. Wali has the longest confirmed kill at 3.5Km or 2.174799 mile.

My bullshit detector goes all weird when I contemplate that for a few minutes; the distance, the wind. Gravity. Is it snowing; because if he tried that in Canada, the bullet could accumulate a half of foot snow on top of it by the time it reaches the target… But what the hell do I know, maybe he made the shot in moving truck stark naked with a nose full of coke.

Well… Wali marched off to war in the Ukraine, threatening to pick off as many Russian soldiers as he could — his antics online before, jeering and taunting and ridiculing the Russian military every chance he got for a month and half before leaving. 

So off he went to the Ukraine, invited by a friend and that weird comedian’s call for help from world from anybody even mercs. Wali stated “”It’s like a firefighter who hears the alarm ringing,”.

Yes I see.

I am not sure what has happened here, Veterans Today reported that Wali “a backshooting coward” — and I protest that kind of language, if you are going to make 3.5 km kill, then you need a larger surface than a head to aim at, and a back is a broad and larger surface on men. Anyway, they reported he died in Mariupol with his Nazi buddies.

Wali had boasted some 40 people a day, and that would make this man the…no I don’t think I will go there otherwise I never finish this piece.

In another RT post; and we know they are Russian disinformation right? The Canadian sniper made his way back home, he alleged looting and incompetence. It was a “terrible disappointment”…

” […] telling local media that his experience there was a “terrible disappointment.” He claimed there was inadequate weaponry, poor training and heavy losses, as well as profiteering and desertion in the ranks.”

He said the command was confused and did not know what to do with fighters like himself. He joined the Norman brigade and ended up sniping a few windows and left and went home. He talked of desertion and understanding others at a schemed steal of some $500,000 worth of American supplied weapons.

“Moscow has reminded these foreigners that, as mercenaries, they are not afforded the status of combatants under international law. “They came to Ukraine to earn money by killing Slavs. Therefore, the best that awaits them is criminal liability and long prison terms,” “

And knowing that the threat of Russia as it gains greater ground; getting it hands on mercenaries and those who wish simply to kill someone. They would be criminally liable. 

Ukraine is attracting all kinds of people from the mentally disturbed who are deranged in their thinking; the untrained who wish to help in a situation they believe is unjust and are easy prey for the veteran Russian/Chechen soldier. And the Wali’s of the world who like sitting in a sniper nest picking off 40 a day. Off course its hard making 3.5 km kills when others are shooting back at you from a closer range.

“And I was like, bro, we need to get the hell out of here … there’s nothing we can do. We need to get out of here,”  — Shadow

In a piece called “Shadow’s War“. A very young Canadian veteran describes his accounts of first time battle, with the great Wali under fire in the Ukraine. Shadow, and his fellow Van Doo were engaging a Russian tank with an American made Javelin when the shit hit the proverbial fan and two of their squad were killed — going for a smoke if you can believe it?

Tasked with carry ammunition and watching Wali’s back, Shadow as he is known goes on to describe being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Describing in detail his missions in Ukraine.

So much for the fog of war. 

In the end Wali listened to the voice of self preservation and hightailed back to Canada, it was the precision of Russian tank fire, the too many close calls. And the Russians having their morning coffee. If peace is to prevail ya gotta let them have their coffee.

Courage it seems, failed him or maybe it was soldiers shooting back and…

“My heart feels like going back to the front. I still have the flame. I like the theatre of operations. But I pushed my luck. I have no injuries. I say to myself: how far can I roll the dice? I don’t want to lose what I have here.” –Wali

It is not fun when people, snipers, who are competent or superior to your ideas of yourself are shooting back. When that false bravado that you live by, shows how much of fool you truly are and that naïve sense of bravery no longer supplants the ego that you are, and trips up the narcissist.

Guys like Wali are what is wrong with this world, full of themselves, eager to kill other humans in a self-righteous nature of right and wrong. But psychopaths know about self-preservation.

To kill 40 a day is nothing to be told to anyone even if it is true. To brag about 3.5 km kill is small and extremely vapid, and insignificant in regards to true bravery in a just battle.

Wali is another one of those cardboard heroes, like a rocking horse winner, all paint and gilding on the outside and rotten and dust on the inside. Wali is a fake, a phony, a poster child for a NATO and American proxy war and killing.

As many misguided young men they see this all like a video game. But the reality of war will steal you very soul.

War turns men into dogs.