The Collapse of Empire and the ‘dick’ removal business.

“Girls who are boys, who like boys to be girls. Who do boys like they’re girls, who do girls like they’re boys. Always should be someone you really love.” – Blur

The signs are everywhere. Written on walls by youth. Singers and playwrights warp the cultural scenes to incorporate its passing.

Its that beast that slouches. The evil of men and their technological and ugly purpose, which is the control of nature. All of nature and the universe.

In the words of C.S. Lewis…

“What is now common to all men is a mere abstract universal, an H.C.F. [Highest Common Factor], and Man’s conquest of himself means simply the rule of the Conditioners over the conditioned human material, the world of post-humanity which, some knowingly and some unknowingly, nearly all men in all nations are at present labouring to produce.”

H.C.F. [Highest Common Factor]? And, I would say in adding, the Lowest Common Denominator.

We are in a free fall.

I am a fan of history, or I should say, I like stories. I like the narratives told of history. History as fact I am not so sure. And one I am aware of, recently reminded me of the ‘fall of civilizations podcast’, the process of that demise in a few generations. The signs, that a civilization is nearing its final collapse.

The major of signs are obvious: the economy, the more obvious and the easily seen signs of decay of a civilizations infrastructure are another. Placing more and more, emphasis, time and money in war rather than the needs of a nation. There are other signs, more subtle or extreme as we filter down into the society.

Words have been spoken by many; prophets, seers, the poet, all on falling empire; written in past times at the ending of such great civilizations like Greece and Rome and the Egyptians. China and the empires of the far and middle east and ancient world. Of course China has fallen and risen many times.

But one is of interest; that is closer to home. You are are living in it, during its fall. America, more precisely the ‘West’ is collapsing, and like the Romans before them who saw the end and created an empire of the mind and spirit in the making of the  Roman Catholic church, America has moved online, taking up space on the great Web in hopes and dreams of gaining the longevity of millennium.

What made it great has moved on to other places and the small business is folding up shop as retail is a bust nowadays. Others are created in the new marketplace…globalism.


The great visionary painter, and inspiration for me, Thomas Cole laid it all out in five magnificent paintings in his “The Course of Empire” series.

The Course of Empire – The Savage State; The Arcadian or Pastoral State; The Consummation of Empire; Destruction; and Desolation

Cole a rare genius with profound insights about reality. He founded the Hudson River School of American painting. A giant of an individual who could look deeply into what was in front of his eyes. A self-taught man with awesome gifts and he would never have polluted his own mind with lies that one often can tell to self about the world. His awesome and natural clairvoyance made him raw and to the point, seemingly cold to strangers, but to those painters who knew him he was the one they always wait for. A Picasso of his time.

The Hudson River school encompassed many generations of artists; painters like the tremendous visionary George Inness and Jasper F. Cropsey, Thomas Doughty, Asher Durand; the great Frederic Edwin Church who studied with Cole at Cole’s Home in Catskills. And was taught the finer points of the visionary art, a genre in its own right.

These artists painted solely as patrons of a similar vision, resisting impressionism, and recorded and captured an America in its dawning, fresh and just entering the 1st industrial revolution. The beginnings of a civilization.

The air was clean, and water could be drank from stream. Land was still available, mono-culture had yet to plague the landscape and the weather was not being controlled. The creative individual was everywhere, flooding in from other places with an idea and a vision and entrepreneurs engaged in building of an empire and the tools to empower it.

Cole was not only a great painter, but a equally great teacher and deep thinker.

In the fourth painting in the series “The Course of Empire: Destruction” Cole unleashes his vision of a coming future for America, he could see it and he was there at the beginning. He easily saw the subtle signs that point the way to destruction and end.

The war against traditionalism and rising of this new modernism. Isolation of the individual as vapid corporate minds coalesced and take hold. In his painting; the destruction of the city in fire and filth, sacrilege and ransacking. Debauchery overtakes morality as the normal, and there is a sick splinter in the mind of the mob. Foretelling the now gangs and soon to be mobs ransacking the high end stores of now modern San Francisco.

Cole stated:

“The picture represents the Vicious State, or State of Destruction. Ages may have passed since the scene of glory — though the decline of nations is generally more rapid than their rise. Luxury has weakened and debased. A savage enemy has entered the city. A fierce tempest is raging. Walls and colonnades have been thrown down. Temples and palaces are burning […]”

Empires have come and gone in the past, but this is different, because it is the fall of the old and traditional for a new world void of nation states, a final world war to bring in the global dictator, to bring in technocratic transhuman and his ideal of perfectionism..

There is no heavy weapons, and men dying in the thousands in an industrial meat grinder; sons laying on distant battle fields. It is a war subtleties, of nuance, a war of the mind and soul; a war against ‘your’ own body. A war against the spirit.

Transhumanism aims to mutilate and corrupt the human body, to end it, with all sorts of things from nanotechnology to vaccines interfering with its immune system and genetics. Elective surgery to remove and replace what is natural with the unnatural, the invented, the desired. The making of a Chimera, an individual, organ, or part consisting of tissues of diverse genetic constitution’.

If one looks close enough these signs appear in stark reminder of the coming end and a final collapse, and they are far closer to home than you can put of and avoid, or even imagine.


Saskatchewan Health Authority is the largest organization in the province of Saskatchewan. It employs well over 40,000 employees and physicians. Delivering health care for the whole province and it is paid for by the province fully with tax payers dollars.

And those costs are rising exponentially as healthcare becomes a luxury. A corrupted system and mob rule is a parasite thing that sucks the blood from something that is good.

Crowded medical clinics, few doctors and impossible waits on lists for needed surgeries and cancer treatment, a rising unwillingness by physicians to see patients in person, but rather through a ‘Zoom’ meeting online.

Except for some members of our society…

For over a decade now the Saskatchewan Government has be paying for the cost of gender re-assignment.


Yes that’s right the full cost of; hysterectomy, mastectomy and penis and testicle removal.  Vaginoplasty and Phalloplasty. Although some of the more complex surgeries and new experimental treatments are under advisement, and some procedures will require patients going out of town, out of province.

“Several surgeries may be required as part of the gender reassignment process. The most common procedures, such as hysterectomy and mastectomy, are provided in Saskatchewan. More complex procedures may require sub-specialized training which may not be available within the province.”

A list of medical authorities are given on the Saskatchewan government website, but certain cost like travel, accommodation and meals are not cover by the Saskatchewan Health plan but may, and will, likely be considered by Canada Revenue Agency as medical expenses on their tax deductions.

Hormone therapy for children. Besides what the Atrazine polluted environment is doing itself there is what the Mayo Clinic describes as, Feminizing Hormone Therapy, along with Masculinizing hormone therapy

All this paid for on the tax payers dime.

The end is near.

That supposedly qualified medical people can’t tell the difference between what the Saskatchewan government will pay for, and has been paying for, now, well over over a decade, and subscribed too as normal operating procedure is no more relevant that Joseph Mengele, the “angel of death” performing horrendous surgical mutilation of Jews in Auschwitz in 1944.

“But these people are willing participants Michael!”

Are they?

Most are children confused by a TikTok world cluster fuck of authorities marching in the parade. Authorities who are hell bent for a global government, authorities who are themselves under suspicion. Technocrats that hate nature and mankind.

Transhumanism in action.

This is now a protected category of the human rights code, and proof of gender re-assignment surgery is no longer required for birth certificate amendments in Canada.

“In March, the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench ruled that proof of gender reassignment surgery was no longer required for birth certificate amendments.”