Energy Crisis by Design

“I guarantee you. We’re going to end fossil
fuel,” — Joe Biden


“Putin knows that when I am president of the United States, his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern Europe are over […]” Joe Biden, September, 2019

“Russia did it, they always do it…it’s them! Every single time we try to go ahead they stop us, they stand in our way and are sowing evil and despair and hunger and rising energy prices; we need more sanctions. Sanction everything they do; Russia is an evil race bound on conquest, that must end.”

The United States and the West have been at war with Russia for 106 years. Yes that’s right 106 years; and what is the war about? The largest land base; some 1/8 of the world surface; the richest resource-rich nation on the planet with cheap access to markets in more than 16 countries bordering it. And after some seventy years lost in communism and waste, have learned the unique lesson as a once terrible and suppressive superpower. That it is better to get along that to try and conquer those around you. It better to be a multi-polar world than to reach for global dominance and a uni-polar ideal of democracy for all. That democracy is not really a viable solution to the communism they had abandoned. That democracy is a plan for global dominance and slavery. That was a hard and costly lesson for the Russian people.

Russia is rich in cheap and vast energy resource, and the world would prosper if allowed. The price would drop. But who cares to allow a new republic to control such vast energy resources?

The west covets the world Island.

Drastic “energy inflation” is purposeful and by design. It is purposeful and will cause more death, poverty and misery than bombs and bullets. And bombs and bullets are not an exception and will be used to enforce “designed energy inflation”

The West is experiencing its third energy crisis. The first, in 1973,
was caused by the near-quintupling of the price of crude oil by Gulf
oil producers in response to America’s support for Israel in the Yom
Kippur war. Their action brought an end to what the French call the
trente glorieuses—the unprecedented post–World War II economic
expansion. The second occurred at the end of the 1970s, when Iran’s
Islamic revolution led to a more than doubling of oil prices. This
again inflicted great economic hardship, but the policy response was
far better. Inflation was purged at the cost of deep recession. Energy
markets were permitted to function. High oil prices induced substitu-
tion effects, particularly in the power sector, and stimulated increased
supply. In the space of nine months, the oil price cratered from $30 a
barrel in November 1985 to $10 a barrel in July 1986. It’s no wonder
that the economic expansion that started under Ronald Reagan had
such long legs.” — Rupert Darwall

In his paper “Energy Inflation was by Design” Joseph Toomey lays out the evidence of this design. A worthy read at 36 pages — it needs to be consumed in small bites. It details the details of an attack on the global energy infrastructure that has been built at great cost and ingenuity. That has been a miracle of western civilization’s prosperity and comfort. And that it is systematically being dismantled and torn to pieces to suite an agenda of moonbat psychopaths bound on domination, power and greed. It is bound on a depopulation agenda, and a technocratic control of the planet…

And one world government.

Joe Biden has always been in China’s pocket, as Chinese businessmen paid $1 million dollars a visit with an afternoon with Joe at the White House as Vice President under Barack Obama (Mister “Clean Power” and “Clean Fuel). All this latest stuff is smoke and mirrors.

The recent desperate need of natural gas as winter knocks on the door of every household; the threat of the worst winter Europe will see in long time as the greens chant “Climate change , climate change!”

The Ukrainian war wages on in an almost complete darkness and France and Germany makes drastic cuts and threaten blackouts and shovel down the shit that their governments caused by their insane green policies in their undying allegiance to a mad and bound for hell in hand basket America. Supplying arms and training to Neo Nazis and the Clown King.

The re-routing of American LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) through China to Europe at huge profits for both parties as China’s need for energy and a new source of wealth increases to boost its flagging economy.

China will, become the leading refiner of gasoline in the future. That is a fact.

But a glimmer of hope arises as the most recent protests disturb and attempt for a moment even under vehement and cruel Covid lockdown, and practiced west media blackout of the events…its all theater really.

The usual suspects Trudeau and company cheer on the commies for their dictatorship, Trudeau’s version of an apology after being chastised by his better in China for opening his big mouth and actually speaking to the media about, ‘behind closed door conversations’.

Biden’s release of Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) of oil as gas prices soared, because of Covid and the start of the Ukraine fracas, all this was by design to use up that which was to be saved in case of peril.

Biden release of some 180 million barrels of the SPR was expected to end on October 31st. November 23rd saw a further release of some 50 million barrels of SPR. Biden is making sure there is no way back, but again, asks congress for more billions as a Ukrainian missile goes sideways and accidently on purpose and evaporates a farm in Poland and threatening article 5.

Over 90 billion dollars so far squandered and how many lives in the destruction of Ukraine, in a no prisoners proxy war of “If we can’t have Ukraine, we will make it unlivable with the clown king running the show for us?

OPEC+ announced earlier in the year to cut 2 million barrels a day…

Reuters November 30th, 2022 11:20 am CST:

“The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)pumped 29.01 million barrels per day (bpd) this month, the survey found, down 710,000 bpd from October. In September, OPEC output had been the highest since 2020.”

“Their decision for November called for a 2 million bpd cut in the OPEC+ output target, of which about 1.27 million bpd was meant to come from the 10 participating OPEC countries.”

Just when the need is the most, the plan engages, by design. And Christmas is coming and you know what will happen? Prices have dropped in America only because of the recent Chinese Covid lockdowns and protests, but those will stop as the CCP eases restrictions. Price will jump before Christmas.

One may ask will the 600 million barrels that were in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) be replaced at any time in future? The answer is…

“I guarantee you. We’re going to end fossil fuel, […]”  — Joe Biden

That SPR has risen from some 300 million barrels in 1982 to 700 million barrels in 2010 that is 28 years to roughly double, at today prices that would be near impossible to replace. Off sending billions (91 billion so far) of dollars to a proxy war in Ukraine would have to stop immediately to ensure a measure of possibility. And will not happen?

That reserve is being drained on purpose; the bridge is being burned so their will be no way back.

Rising costs for charging EV’s? On average about a 40% jump in cost, and in spite of the designed energy crisis, public oil companies have tripled, their profits for 2022, and that is second quarter fact.

The rise in EV costs? As usual the manufacturers claim rising costs are Russia, rare metals and a global chip shortage, but again its energy shortage by design…these costs will continue to rise regardless of impetus from the green initiatives.

It is, all by… design.

Mexico builds a new $12 Billion dollar refinery against the constant “…siren calls that oil is over…” and buys Shell’s 50% share of Deer Park refinery in Houston. Mexico aims to secure its energy future, and it has the great fortune of a better climate. Will America be at war with Mexico soon, as it is with Syria.

The US is draining some 80% of Syria’s daily output, some 66,000 barrel per day, which pours into northern Iraq and Kurdistan. Looted.

Syria produces 11.1 million cubic meters of renewable natural gas daily, yet Syrian people starve and freeze. Is China where the US is selling the gas as LNG?

Syria is in a oil crisis as the population suffer terribly, and the US destroys its means of oil production as ISIS did, and loots the wealth from the nation. The Syrian oil minister Khaddam stated that

” […]The indirect losses totaled $82.9 billion which represents the values of lost Syrian production of crude oil, natural gas, LNG, various oil derivatives, and mineral wealth. The decline in production of planned rates within the framework of normal working conditions, came as a result of the crimes of sabotage, destruction, theft and illegal trade, which are being committed by armed terrorist groups and separatist armed groups that exist and are active in the areas of oil, gas and mineral resources fields, under the cover of the illegal American forces occupation.

The US aim of stealing Syrian oil is to cut Syria from its own oil. […]”

The arranged collapse of America and the west is well on its way…

The attack on fertilizer — another energy need to grow food is under way as Canada’s WEF pimp in control tries to impose restrictions on farmers use of the needed resource. Costs soars as prices increase and it is about 36% of all farmers cost. Fertilizer, and fuel tests farmers, as many look now to cash in and to stop growing crops as prices soar out of control. Food shortages blamed on Russia and the war, but yet fertilizer and fuel quotas put on farmers as they are branded bad for the environment.

Feeding people is causing climate change?

Ottawa has even sets up the ‘fertilizer police’ to trespass on farm land to test how much fertilizer is in their soil and impose huge fines if it does not meet federal standards…Saskatchewan’s Premier Scott Moe has warned they will do this at their own peril.

All by design.

Putin gives fertilizer that was locked up in ports and sanctioned, away for free to poor developing nations, but then again he is the cause of our energy woes.

The Netherlands earlier in the year riots over the possibility that the government will shut down many small farms needing fertilize.

Energy is a weapon of war and a force multiplier in that technocratic global war against population.

This main focus of woke liberals is about clean and dirty energy, one opposing the other and one far better than the other, when in fact and truth, the whole thing is a lie to deceive a public’s conception of what energy really is…its either good or bad? Really?

There is far more destruction and waste; there is far more pollution and death in the green agenda for clean energy that exists in the present energy use and infrastructure and grid system. A system that has sustained and with ease benefited our lives greatly. It has supported great discovery and great art, magnificent invention and increased health and longevity. It has eased the burden of humanity and has done far more good than anything that the green ‘death cult’ religion preposes.

Solar pollutes, and clean fuel creates more Co2 as methanol is produced from coal; with Co2 as waste. And it steals land for growing fuel crops rather than growing food. The waste in manufacturing Solar panels, the rare earth can of worms, need for subsidies? This point needs an article in its own right.

All this is, a subsidized energy shortage by design. The replacement of a energy system that worked and is still being perfected, has been a gift of the life work of previous generations. To think of replacing it with green energy is a pipedream of idealism.

Wind power pollutes the sky and ravages nature, fails at inclement weather and would dominate the landscape with its towers if it ever tried to support the present need of a planet. It is unreliable and costly to maintain. It is a burden rather than a blessing. And would die in the dust without subsidy.

Cheap oil has made global civilization possible, and those that have made fortunes that would fill countless oceans are the very same people funding and promoting green energy and divestment from fossil fuel. They are the ones who finance depopulation and inflation, and the designed energy crisis. They covet, the whole planet, minus some 7.5 billion people. Subsidized energy shortage by design is part of the depopulation agenda. “Too many people using up energy when we need it for our personal private jets.”

The liberals in their green philosophy wish to control energy and in that, control life. They wish to put a quota on every single human being and one goal is the depopulation of the planet that will face a population collapse naturally quite soon anyway.

Naturally is wrong speak here, its a estrogenized environment and plummeting sperm production and count in modern young males; and the disintegrating of the traditional male/female family.

Breaking apart an energy system that has taken well over a century to create, takes a lot of effort and, a great amount of energy to achieve, and it wastes money and resources, it destroys economy and life; it is subsidized and in the end it will not create something that is greatly better than what we have. It is a beggar in paper clothes.

It will not create something cheaper and less polluting than what exists. It will in fact create someone worse as people in need of cheap energy clamor to survive cold and hunger. ‘Energy poverty’, the new catchphrase for a new normal.

Those people will be forced to steal and do what they must, burn down the wood in forests for its heat. And hunt those forests to extinction for what lives there so they might eat.

There have been strides made in lessening the pollution from cars and industry, much has to be done to further that endeavor, its a good motive, a cause, if one is inclined to support causes. It is far from over, more can be done in reducing pollution, but the green revolution are creating unique and new environmental problems that does not solve the old one. It simply abandons it. And creates a whole set of problems.

Europe falters as snow falls and temperature drops. Ukrainian women protest the streetcars still running as they have no electricity at home.

From high up Ukraine looks like a black hole in the middle of a Europe lit up at night. But as the winter takes hold, lights will blink out in the coming weeks in other nations as less and less is available.