A Mayan Pyramid is sacred? Nazis, Autism and the woke will write anything to be paid…

“All the internet is noise…

We are all, flowing over the edge now and the exponential of chaos is deafening.

Something is released.

The light interrupts this thought and crashes in uninvited but always welcome, and turns my muted painting into a symphony in orange.

And turns my mind to another thing, other than just random thought.

I learn something from that; I am inspired by that.

Not much time left and as I would suspect with all men, I have far too much that is incomplete.

The painting brightens and the real lesson of light is never complete.

I had a dream of alien miscegenation and that off-spring told me were to find ‘the silver key’.

And faulted me for the world I had fallen into: ‘ennui in bustle and pretended usefulness’.

I am, and have always loved being, a dreamer.”


Again I start the walk toward the darkness. Geese crowd my wetland and the enslaving cold impresses a sliver of ice on top of that droughty slough. That in the end quickly melts by mid morning.

My world has become smaller and smaller, and I hear the echo of the banging chaos against that shrinking dome. I care to be left alone.

They will eventually get here…

Politics and the mess of the world seems to be in perpetual motion, is, turning online existence into something of freak show of talking cartoon heads, all vying for my attention and begging for money, as each undoes the last as sport; a pretensed notion of a  more informed knowledge of the pertinent. When did stupid take over the internet.

But I have no interest in that! Well sometimes a morbid interest that I chastised myself for — now there is an interesting word. Chastise.

To censure severely; taken to extremes it involves punishments. But I don’t go that far.

I am restrained in caring about the ‘Karens’ that are outed, or the copious abuse, dog piled on some soul who misspoke or is simply in for a bullying by the woke. Or those that like to poke with a stick at the tormented. What the point? A YouTube click and like.

Or the water dousing and verbal abuse of a female Mexican tourist receives for running up the stone stairway of Mayan pyramid and cheering and jumping. She was wrong?

I mean the irony, is beyond any speech. Considering that they, the Mayan, sacrificed; beheaded, disemboweled and cut the beating hearts out of multitudes of conquered victims including men women and children, all in the name of their gods and the Temple of Kukulcán is no exception.

They disarticulated and amputated limbs and publicly displayed this; they flayed the skin from victims of sacrifice. It was a orgy of torture and hyper-violence. Monuments to torture are not progression for these cancel cultures idiots. Those steps flowed with human blood. To throw water on the woman and a mob to hurl insult is rationale? Are these people brain dead? This mob.

The Mayans where the psychopathic elite society of savages with no real concern for human life. From my point of view we should bulldoze the fucking place to dust and put up a Walmart in reverence of old Kukulcán. History giving homage to psychopath is beyond what I think is rational.

The world has been burning since I was born, and will continue now it seems with the added mention, of information received at light speed.

It seems to me that there is no real escalation of normal current world affair, it is simply that the algorithms and its coalescing all the hundreds of thousands instances of horror and mayhem into a crafted narrative for each and ever one of us. My search in all this is an inner one, rather than the outer. If the truth is being told and I highly doubt it. We are heading for the end of mans time on this planet. And I do not care about that, for when I die, the world ends regardless of what I feel about it. The thought of a world continuing after my death is of no consolation. I really don’t care.

As a human species we allowed a few to take the most and scourge the ground of what was left, so that no one after them might have pleasure. Its the case of them finding an apple tree and taking what they can reach, and then cutting down the tree and burning it…

Technocratic materialism.

Everyone wants to be paid to speak their thoughts today, and internet begging has become a thing. I am disgusted and let down that those who I followed and read their work are now governed by money. Begging and appealing because, to be a writer, it to be paid. People I thought for decades who were liberal thinkers, and I mean that not as a political catch phrase. I mean free ultimately in their speech and who have honed their skills to watch for the bias that might overtake their voice. But everyone wants to be paid for what they think. And some are not capable writers. They do not give value for the money.

Many independent journalists and writers are the pejorative of what they write about. Old and hackneyed now, they don’t seem to be able to stop their constant scribbling everyday; nonsense upon nonsense. Regurgitating what they said a thousand times before. And those that turn the switches and levers of the civilization are constantly creating new grist for those little tiny mills.

Feckless writers outdoing the others because of  improper pronouns and enlarging space between left and right and up and down. Quantity over quality, seems a better compromise; and some things are not worth the effort, at all! Like, a woman running up the steps of a Mayan pyramid.

I have been reading a lot about autism, the histrionics and vying for lead position in the definition of such a thing in the early part of the twentieth century.

Leo Kanner was one of those; the Ukrainian jew, in despise and spite, to award any special merit at all to Hans Asperger, the autist whose research and gifted intuition and vision added so much to field of understanding of Asperger’s Syndrome. Forced to make compromise in a time of great despair and the Nazi occupied Europe. And now branded as a Nazi who tried so hard to weave his way around such violent extremes of a dictatorial oppression. Suffering under autism fierce gifts and many times terrible deficits, he was intentionally ignored by Kanner. A nasty little self-centered jew.

Kanner was riding on the coat tales of giants, so that autism might become a thing. Kanner, who was the start of this cluster fuck that is now called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Kanner who blamed the mothers for causing the syndrome.  And I could write a volume on what that is, but that is not the intent of this particular writing. Kanner is an example of how things are manipulated by the controllers to aid in their cause. They seem to only give grant to their own.

We pendulum between contrasts rarely if ever coming to middle ground and any issue at hand. Fights for equality and recognition are never for that acceptance, but in end strive for better than equal. The pendulum always swings in extremes…

Could it, or is it the fight of right or left brain dominance, if there is such a thing? Are we separate species, or separate psychoses in conflict? With the normalcy sitting back enjoying their lives while Rome burns loudly.

The US elections are coming close, and I am sure they will hold a new set of conflicts in the confluence from this to that, for ever strife and division.

Tamara Lich tries to find justice and is branded a criminal and hounded constantly by the storm troopers and jack boots of a dictatorial liberal government of Canada. Who at one point during the supposed ‘insurrection‘ actual considered bringing in the tanks. Are they mad? These people that are running government. The technocrats, the criminal government mafia.

I must say that here in Saskatchewan we have a pretty good government, Scott Moe as premier, I feel would make a fine and upstanding prime minister of Canada. They awarded every citizen; every adult of age in the province an equally allotted $500 each to push back at the insane costs rising because of the psychopaths that run world governments.

The world is awash in madness and World War Three is well under way.