The Twitter Verse and Roman buckets…

Wow, global meltdown or what?

I found this in a pile of old writing in my WordPress data base, read it and thought it might be a bit informative during these times of ‘Twittergate’…and so.



“I’m not going to comment on a specific transaction, what I can tell you as a general matter, no matter who owns or runs Twitter, the president has long been concerned about the power of large social media platforms, the power they have over our everyday lives, has long argued that tech platforms must be held accountable for the harms they cause.” –Jen Psaki

I made the mistake of googling the query “Musk buying Twitter?” and the number 2,310,000,000 (0.56 seconds) came up and that started spinning like a casino slot machine and the digits began piling up larger and larger numbers; I didn’t know there is eighteen trillion people on this planet? And then I swore I heard the computer gag and cough. But the screen froze and then pale Twitter blue, so I had to go to my wife’s computer and write this. The other is dead I think, its humming a weird sound. I’ve called Twitter to complain they broke my computer but there no answer just dead air. I know someone is paying for this, my gawd, my new computer has been Twitzed.

Can you believe the nonsense? Can you believe the outpouring of ridiculous?

Donald Trump once said he is not returning to Twitter, he is forming his own platform, the trade name aims to give a free hat with every subscription and MAGA. 

Trumps ‘Trump Media & Technology Group‘ fell some 9.5%. And there’s that acronym coming up again. SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company).

Biden Blinken & Austin are a part of one of those ‘Special Purpose’ companies, meant to engage in economic war with someone they don’t like.

But I’m wandering off topic, read an interesting take by the man himself Jon Rappoport, on his Substack, which I highly recommend. Another platform that keeps out of what you write and allows it to either stand or fail on its own. No censorship and Glenn Greenwald posts there since his leaving ‘the Intercept’. And I like Greenwald, he is a journalist.

Side stepping the ‘Poison Pill‘ strategy to stop the deal they in end folded to his offer. But the nightmare that he will undo the algorithmic bias in ranking and get the bot out of the equation and verify real humans is a good start, I would say.

The screaming and wailing and hand-wringing on CNN, those of the promise-threat to leave the country and move to Canada (god forbid). Why do they always pick us, “Oh that’s right I forgot we’re socialist and really woke and left…*gag cough*”

And the left legacy media is in near convulsions.

I dunno, its over stimulation. We crossed over into some other universe. The Twitter universe add the metaverse to that…*hold on a minute I have a nosebleed*…okay I’m back it was the thought, a Twitter like thought that backed up in my brain and caused something. The bleeding stopped. Maybe I need Neuralink to deal with kind of stuff.

Twitter topped the list of Twitter, above food shortages and nuclear war. It is the power that is lost to these idiots that flail and run around terrified.

Get a load of this…

The White house has done absolutely nothing to curtail the misuse of power of a social platform like Twitter as a former American President has been banned for life whereas the White house president @Joe Biden exists and will remain, eternally.

But sleepy Joe doesn’t really tweet, he’s more of LAPTOP guy and twitting is a cell phone thing. The White House stays away from letting Joe do anything with BUTTONS. Seems Joe can’t stop pushing buttons…

I wondered what Bill Gates would think about Elon’s purchase. He and Elon have been at it for while on who is the most important Billionaire? But Bill’s busy fighting fires convincing the world about how important it is to have a Roman Fire Bucket…

and putting out the other big fire in his life with Melinda, that might just eat half his worth of some $125 billion.

He and Elon have been at it bit since Elon accused Bill of shorting Tesla; somewhere in the range of $500 million. And Elon Musk and Bill Gates don’t seem to like each other; must be an ASD (autism spectrum disorder) thing, versus a Asperger’s syndrome thing as Elon is “underwhelmed” in conservation with the big guy.

I don’t know, but it looks like Bill is the guy to call if your house is on fire. That guy can make buckets. And hell, he a better blacksmith than I ever could be. Bill’s a smart guy, but I can’t understand why he is so quiet lately, could that shit storm of vaccines and the missus be at him. Nightmares, and  Epstein’s ghost. And then I found he was concerned about the next pandemic and spoke about the Ebola breakout in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Bill has invented another new vaccine agency with Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization (GERM) — catchy phrase wouldn’t you say? He had spoke to Elon about them becoming involved in philanthropic endeavors, together.

And Bill feels we,

“We need to convince the world to get ready for another pandemic while COVID-19 is still fresh in everyone’s minds.”

And who should know, right? Bill made a fortune during the lockdowns and the vaccine shenanigans. And I’m sure what is up his sleeve pertains to the “Great Reset” and the lockdown forever through a metaverse and social credit and the CBDC. The enforced vaccinations that have be corrupted the travel out of the country and job security and ability to interact within societies.


I don’t know when I wrote the above but it was before Elon bought Twitter. Interesting as preset to what I want to say…

Jen Psaki in the above YouTube was voicing Sleepy Joe’s concern about Big Tech platforms having control over our lives and being accountable for their malfeasance and the harm they cause, and their constant abuse of great power?

Will Jack Dorsey be held accountable for ‘Twittergate’ as the released Twitter files show of its wrong doing and political gain of a dopey president that can’t find his ass with both hands in the dark. The suppression of democracy, the suppression of voters, individuals voicing alternate opinion about Biden. The suppression of celebrities that opposed the lefty woke views of Hollyweird. And will in the end Jack Dorsey swing after shuffling, shackled into court in orange as the now arrested Sam Bankman Fried might.

Trump banned and his Trump supporters viciously suppressed. The DNC (Democratic National Committee) and its collusion will they, be investigated and the appropriate measure of judicial punishment.

The twitter Verse is abuzz and I predict this will distract the world from Ukraine till at least Easter 2023.