Canada’s Liberals giving away money; $115 million they don’t have, to repair Kyiv’s power grid, increasing the numbers in ‘Energy Poverty’…

“Putin and his henchmen are war criminals, and they are attempting to use the cold as a weapon to break the spirit of the remarkable people of Ukraine. They will not succeed, and this support will help ensure that Ukraine can secure its energy infrastructure and make it through the difficult winter to come.”

— Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

Michael Chomiack
But that’s not true is it?
That is an outright and bald-faced lie by the deputy prime minister!
That is the worst of lies because of Freeland’s support for neo-Nazis in Ukraine; her outright support for the Bandera Movement in Ukraine and her grandfather’s Nazi past.

Chrystia Freeland is a liar.

The West, including an overly eager Canada sanctioned and has sanctioned Russia continuously, before, and during the SMO (Special Military Operation) to rid Ukraine of its post coup Neo-Nazi regime and corrupt elites.

This has become a western funded proxy war.

European countries refused to purchase and sanctioned Russian natural gas along with other sanctions, during the summer of 2022, and now fail to regret, making those decisions.

But their populations now appeal and protest those decisions as the cold brings some sense to the propaganda.

Germany in particular under a delusional Social Democrat Olaf Scholtz. Who wants gas but won’t pay for it; sanctions it and steals Russian funds in other industries. Sends high tech weaponry to fight Russia.

Sweden’s refusal to share findings of their investigation of the explosion.

Liz Truss and the mysterious tweet, “Its Done?”

All that and along with the undoubted co-operation of the Anglo-Americans sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipeline.

Canada’s part in whole affair was the refusal to honor a Russian contract with Siemens Canada to repair vital natural gas infrastructure. Then Siemens refusal to do business with Russia and decides to leave Russia after some 155 years.

The lying and cheating in this whole business it beyond belief.

Global business leaders and politicians are technocrats involved in this whole fracas, having no concern for their populations. In fact they hate them and use any means to weaponize a response against those populations.

Ukraine is a meat grinder supported by the West.

Energy Poverty, its a new term descriptive of seasonal poverty, occasional poverty, inflationary poverty, forced poverty. Poverty used as a weapon, and as a tool by global technocrats.

“” a private Canadian company gathering and giving for… ” free and impartial energy-comparison services to residential, commercial and industrial energy consumers. We compare over a hundred energy retailers, products and plans across Canada to find the best deals in electricity and natural gas. Using our rate comparison tool, energy consumers can simply fill in their postal code to compare and find the lowest rates in their region.”

Part of CUSP (Canadian Urban Sustainability Practitioners) Which is part and a partner of the USDN (Urban Sustainability directors Network)

This is all good? No? A service that people can use and so… its Diverse, Inclusive and Equitable in its altruism. Aiming more for the engineering of energy use and society. Restoring climate justice.


CUSP is in every major city in Canada, through that, it claims to represent 18 million people, that’s 50 % of the population of Canada… but don’t mistake that for consent. None was given.

Their work is mitigating climate change, through ‘Deep GHG (green house gas) reduction and decarbonization, building resilience in a population and as I have said, ‘tenacious (persistent) climate justice‘.

“At its core, a just transition represents the transition of fossil fuel-based economies to equitable, regenerative, renewable energy-based systems.” -Centre for Climate Justice

And that climate justice in co-operation with the ‘Green New Deal’ aims to irradicate fossil fuels permanently to sustainable energy in the form of wind and solar power. Which is a pipe dream, something that cannot sustain the present energy grid system. And it is not meant too, it represents, neck deep red tape and regulation and the technocratic dream of the engineered world.

These mad bastards have tied climate justice to an unproven theory of climate change and to the social and racial and environmental issues, of which it claims it is deeply entangled. claims to be free and to navigate the market to help you find the best deal, it is supported fully by EPCOR, Atco Energy, Hudson Energy, Summit Energy, Direct energy, Easy Max. Spotpower, all the energy companies, who are in the business as corporations to make money for their shareholders and raise their stock price. Thinking anything other than this is at stake is ridiculous. stated  that some 1 in 5 Canadian households are in energy poverty. That a new term for us as of 2022, and is proving to make this term come to forefront of human experience. Energy poverty does not fit into the overall word simply as poverty. It is a specific kind of poverty, that expands the enlarging numbers of poor and poverty stricken people.

Energy poverty (EP) signifies those that cannot afford both energy for their homes and food and the other necessities of life at the same time. Compromise is necessary, and can be strict.

In Canada as the season changes to winter and freezing temperatures and snow, take hold, the need for more electricity and the seasonal demand for natural gas which fuels the majority of household furnaces in Canada is tested to its limit.

The elderly in Canada on fixed income, the forever struggling poor and the greed of the gas suppliers? As that season increases the demand, puts energy many times in forefront of household expenditures. It is not a choice when temperatures plummets to tens of degrees below zero, and in many places within Canada that is from 20-30 degrees below zero.

Energy poverty is when the price of household energy is greater than 6% of a household’s annual income. And that number grows as energy prices increase.

EP household caregivers are now going without food as energy cost start to rise and overtakes many times, limited budgets. Wearing a winter coat inside. Children’s needs always are forefront of such concerns, so the adults go without food if necessary.

In Canada that number, is some 3 million homes.

The need of the EP to improve their energy consumption is way out of their means, things like increased insulation in their homes to better its heat loss, a better, more fuel efficient furnace and better appliances that are energy-star rated are out of the question for households that energy poor.

Here in Canada we are far from energy poor as a Country, we are the fourth leading oil producer in the world. And number six in the world for production of natural gas behind, in descending order, US, Russia Iran, China, Qatar.

Natural gas we have plenty of, Canada is number six in the world in regards to production, but with a woke neo-liberal dictatorship, penetrated by Klaus Schwab’s WEF political puppets in Canada, that has built a wall around the oil and gas producing provinces in Western Canada. This wall has burdened and crippled exploration and production and even transportation and selling of a resource that Canada is rich. It has drown that production in Liberal government bullshit red tape.

Urban Sustainability Practitioners and Directors are purposeful corporate funded interference and red tape, meant to further confuse and police a fossil market and infrastructure that has worked for decades and is being dismantled because of the green religion of climate change and the mandates of the UN and WEF (World Economic Forum) despots. A evil that aims to control the world.

That being said, I find that Canada under the leadership of Justin Trudeau and his second in command the Banderite and supporter of neo-Nazism and deputy minister Chrystia Freeland is now transferring some $115 million to repair Ukraines’s power grid. While in the same breathe, it is and has been dismantling Canada’s energy grid. Over-regulation and controls on everything from the sale of fossil fuels and electricity to the growth of food in the fields of the western provinces in its Malthusian policies of reduced fertilizer an electric and natural gas usage.

Blaming higher prices on a propagandized campaign to cripple the Russian Federation.

And how do they aim to pay this $115 million to Ukraine? Tariffs on Russian imports. Not in such a coincidence, those high tariffs some 35% on such things as fertilizer is the money used for that $115 million to Ukraine. But Canadian farmers who use that fertilizer get nothing but heartache and increased costs because of those tariffs. But the tariffs don’t add up to the full donation of 115 million, so were is the rest coming from…you guessed it?

This Canadian puppet government that supports Nazis in Kyiv care less of the environment, as it supports with its environmentally damaging and polluting weapons, a proxy war the unanimous west is waging on the Russia Federation. The second highest natural gas producer in the world. Whose Nord Stream pipeline ‘was’ sabotaged by western allies.

Whose is this war really against?

Siemens is refusing to do business with Russia and refuses to repair what they were contracted to do.

Manufactured by Siemens Energy AG, they need regular servicing at a facility in Montreal. But a return shipment was halted when Canada unveiled sanctions in June that prohibited companies from providing services to Russia’s energy industry. –Bloomberg

In a report today in Reuters, Canada to bring back sanctions on Nord Stream pipeline parts – Bloomberg“, Justin Trudeau’s government will revoke its decision to waiver the Nord Stream 1 pipeline turbines — that are made and repaired in Canada — from the sanctions on the Russian oil and Natural Gas industry. Further hobbling the repairs and crippling Russia from supplying needed energy in the NATO countries and Europe as a whole.

But as they all state in a collaborative conspiracy of hate filled lies, Russia is to blame here.

The adage ‘Charity begins at home’ is not at all on the mind of the granddaughter of Nazi collaborator Mykhailo Khomiak, who changed his name to Michael Chomiak.

Chrystia Freeland who is not guilty by birth of being his granddaughter and that is a fact, but it is because of her incessant, and increasing, support of Nazi collaborators in Ukraine and her part in collaborating with a neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv. Her lies to the Canadians she has sworn and supposed to support as their Deputy Prime minister Canada. The lies she tells Canadians as a whole. Chrystia Freeland is unfit to be a minister in Canada.

Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 8.37.07 am-1645742331694

Trudeau meeting Andriy Parubiy, second from the left, all smiles with neo-Nazis.

Canada has spent $2,000,000,000 in direct financial aid to Ukraine in the 2022. On November 29th, 2022, the “Ukraine Sovereignty Bond” was created to further supply $500 million  to Ukraine over the next five years.